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His Bride. Episode 15

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him ????????]

Episode 15

I put on a black short gown with a brown sandal. I pack my hair up in a bun and a a nude lip gloss on my lips. Satisfied with my look, I pick up my brown leather handbag from my vanity before walking out the room to meet Hunter at the door.

He stare down at my body with a neutral expression, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking about.

Nice ” he mutters.

What? ”

Nothing let’s go ” he says and began to walk away while I followed him.

We got to a black Bentley and I gasp. This is the first time I’m seeing a Bentley in real life, I only see them in pictures.

Wow is this yours ” I ask Hunter.

Nope, it’s yours ” he says and I look at him confused.


Get in the car if you want to go ” he says and enter the car.

He ignite the engine ready to take off.
Lauren are you coming in or not” he shouts breaking me out of my reverie.

I ran to the door, opening it before entering, closing the door back.

He chuckled, when he sees my reaction.

This and many more of my property is going to be yours after we divorce, I’m only joking now “he says and my cheek flush with embarrassment.

Really? ” I ask getting interested.

Didn’t you read the contract I gave to you dummy “he says and laugh.

Omg Hunter just laughed and he look so cute. I wish that could happen often.

You look more handsome when you laugh ” I say smiling at him.

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Is like I shouldn’t have said that, his face became stoic and cold again.
He stayed silent for like ten minutes while I sigh.

You…erm…think I’m handsome? ” he says breaking the silence.

Wait! Did Hunter just stutter? What’s happening today.

Before I could say my answer, he already said ” Know what, never mind ”

I roll my eyes.
Then I realized we are going on a different route to our house.

This is not the route to our house? ” I voiced out.

Why would we go to your house” he says.

But… I thought we are going to see my mom? ” I protest, has he changed his mind now.

Why will I bother when I can tell my men to do that “Hunter says and I sigh in relief.

Then where are we going?? ” I ask, turning my head to his side.

Not breaking his focus on the road, he answers “Don’t question me Lauren, just seat down and watch ”

But you can just tell….. ” I tried to say.

Lauren “he growls cutting me off.

Shut up!!! He yelled.

I sigh and shut my mouth.

We soon reach a place that look like a cemetery, Hunter packed his car and we got out.

What are we doing here ” I ask.

We are here to see my parents “he says.
Ohh ”

And…your dad too “he added.

What? You mean you brought to my father’s grave. Why didn’t you tell me ” I shout.

Calm down princess, I know you won’t agree. Probably because you are not ready. But.. We need to let them know, just like you want your mom to know ” he says softly that I almost didn’t believe it was him talking.

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I sigh and walk to my father’s grave. I trace the name written on it with my finger as tear fall from my eyes.

Dad ” I called between sob.

I’m sorry, I haven’t come earlier to visit you. Do you forgive me? It hurts that I don’t have any memory of you, I’m sorry for forgetting you so easily ” I cried.

I glanced at Hunter who was staring at his parents grave with his hand in his pocket.

Was I close to my dad, when he was alive ” I ask him.

I seriously don’t know, all I know is that you are his precious jewel. He’s always love and protect you” he says and I nod.

Oh my God!! I shout as I stare at the date written on the grave.

2nd December 2004.

It all makes sense now, I’ve always wonder why my mom use to insist that we wear black on every December 2nd. My goodness!
I do ask her but she will tell me it’s our family tradition.

More tears well up in my eyes.

They were identical twin, it’s not easy to differentiate them. You must mistaken since you were still a kid ” Hunter says.

How come you know so much for a 10 year old ” I ask looking at him.

My father and my brother use to call me small boy, great brain. I was sharp, and do observe a lot about things around me.”

Where is your brother’s grave? ” I ask.

He clenched his fist and began walking to the car telling me to wait.
He came back with three bunch of flowers.

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We place them on each grave before going home in silence, both of us in our own thoughts.