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His Bride. Episode 17

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him in ????????]

Episode 17

Lauren ~
What are you making” Hunter’s voice say behind me making me stiffen.

Shit. I’ve been avoiding him ever since our wedding night.

Erm… I’m just baking ” I replied shrugging my shoulders.

And what are you baking ” he ask, I could feel him moving closer.

Chocolate cake ” I said and turn to see him standing beside me, leaning against the kitchen island.

You can bake? ”

Of course, my mum taught me “I say with a smile.
He dip his finger into the chocolate and lick it off. ” it taste good, just like my mom’s ” he mutters.

Really, your mom bake too ” I ask with my eye widened.

Yeah, I could give you some of her books if you want ” he says and my eyes widened more.

Excited, I nod my head.

But before that…. Why I’ve you been avoiding me? ” he ask and the smile on my face fell.

What? Me? I haven’t ” I say and I push past him to put the chocolate inside the oven for it to bake.

He grab my hand and pull me closer to him.

“yes you have Lauren, for almost a month ” he says.

I tried not to look into his eyes as I answered. ” you could have look for me then, if you ain’t busy”

Wow you think I don’t, when you lock your door every fucking day, refusing to go out”

I scoff, “Like you don’t have a spare key or something ”

He sigh “admit it, you’ve been avoiding me because you are scared that I will touch ” he says.

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I..i…i… No, that’s not it ”
What is it then, princess ” he says and wrap his arms around my waist.

Don’t you miss me? ” Hunter says staring down at my lips.

My eyes also swept down to his and I let out a heavy sigh.
My heart has started reacting weirdly again. And I feel butterflies in my stomach.

Before I knew it Hunter close the gap between us and his lips met mine.

He placed me on the counter ravishing my mouth with his which I let him without hesitation. I wrap my legs around his torso pulling him closer. I could feel his erection.
I wrap my arms around his neck tugging his hair as our lips fight for dominance.

Within a flash, we are both shirtless.
Hunter grab one of my boob’s and squeeze them still kissing me.

He sent his hand down to my pussy. He use his fingers to pull my clit apart before entering to my hole. I moan as he go in and out of me, my pussy stretch with his fingers.

Oh my.. “I scream as he plung another finger making it three into me and increasing his pace until I release my juice all over his fingers.

Lick it ” he says referring to his fingers which i did before he kissed me.

Wear that type of pant often princess, for easy penetration ” he says referring to my G-string pant.

I blush.

This is the only one I have ” I told him.

Then, I’ll will get you more…and I’ve been looking for something, is it with you ” he says.

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What is it? ” I ask sending my hand under his boxer briefs. He stopped me holding my hand

I pout.
Why do you always stop me when I try to touch you down there ” I complained.

He look at me suspiciously.
“Lauren have you taken that novel ” he ask and look down shyly.

Okay, you got me ” I say raising my hand up in surrender.

I just want to pleasure like he use to do for me. And surprisingly, I wasn’t scared anymore. I want him to do things to me, things I read in that novel and more.

You know, I’m starting to regret getting them for you. It has turn my innocent girl in to a bad one ” he says staring Into my eyes.

I smile and grab his hand.
I don’t regret it Hunter… ” I pause. “And did you just call me your girl? ”

Yes you’re my girl ” he says and kiss my cheek.

I grin.

Okay daddy. I promise as from today on I’ll be loyal to you, I will do whatever you want me to do ” I say with a toothy grin on my face.

He laughs and pat my hair.
Good girl! ” he cooed.

And you will enjoy me too ” he says and smirk.