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His Bride. Episode 19

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 19

Are we there yet? ” I ask Hunter as I was blindfolded with a piece of cloth so I can’t see where he’s leading me.

We will be there soon ” he says and continue to walk me there.

Okay here we go! ” he breathed and release my wrist.
I hope you like it ” he says and remove the cloth off my eyes.

I open my eyes slowly to adjust to the light. I look around for the Suprise, but I couldn’t see anything except two cars in front of me. Which one I recognize as a Pink Ferrari and the second I think it’s black Bentley.

(A/N: I don’t know much about cars so Pls pardon my description)

Turning back to look at Hunter.
I raised my eyebrows in confusion.
So.. Where is the Suprise? “I ask him.

He points at my front and say ” it’s right in front of you princess ”

Okay don’t fucking tell me he got me this cars worth millions.

For what?

Just then I sighted a balloons with different colors at the back of the car. I move closer to check. There is a piece of paper between them and I pick it out.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS ” was boldly written on it.

I cover my mouth with my palm bewildered and tears started to fall from eyes.
He actually knows today is my birthday and got me this.

Hunter! Oh my goodness ” I say and I look at the cars then back to him. He was watching me keenly.

Why is he doing this. I don’t think I deserve any of it.

You really don’t have to do these much ” I told him and clean my tears.
I can’t accept this ” I added.

He sigh and move closer to where I am. Holding my hand into his he said ” come on princess, you have to accept it or I’m going to smack you ”

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I chuckled at his words
Really, you are really going to smack me on my birthday Huh ” I tease .

He laughs.
I can whip you too and make you cry ” he says and wink.
I blush and look down sighning.

You said…you are buying me a Bentley after our divorce. Why the change of mind ” I ask him.

Nothing, I just bought it for you as a thank you ”

Why will you thank me? Or you mean to say as an apology? ” I huffed.

Yes ,as an apology for taking a valuable time of your life, keeping you here and a thank you for agreeing to marry me. I know this is for us both but it means a lot to me than it is to you. I mean , I don’t plan on getting married or having a family all my life and I can’t let my father’s past decisions destroy that for me. ” he says and my heart sank.

I should have known he has no reason than this. And why was I hurt with those things he just said.
Because I figured out I like him.

I fucking like Hunter, damn it!

But you know something I it’s between me and you, nobody must know about it especially Hunter.

He already said we are having fun no feelings attach. And I’m doing just that.

I’ll try all I could to let my feelings go and enjoy this while it last.

Come on, I still have another thing to show you ” Hunter says breaking me out of my reverie.

I followed him as we step in to a dark place.

So what do you want to show me in the…” before I could answer, a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY ” Is what I heard

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I gasp and as stare at the people, the maids and some other of Hunter’s worker. Each of them holding different alphabet that say Happy birthday.

Happy birthday Lauren ” some Says from the crowd and I shouted “Mom ”

Oh my mom is here, Hunter you found my mom ” I jump with excitement as I grip Hunter’s shirt. I run to my mom as I pull her into a hug.

I miss you mom ” I cried.

It’s okay sweetheart, I’m just glad you are save now ” she says.

Huh, save? I thought you said they will hurt me? ” I say.

Alright I’ll leave you two now ” Hunter excuses himself.

Oh thank you so much dear ” my mom says with a smile.

I look from hunter to my mom.

What’s going on ” I ask her when Hunter left.

She smile.

Come sweetheart, come seat with me ” she says and pull me along with her to a chair.
The party is going on as everyone is enjoying themselves, as for me nothing matters than bonding with my mom.

You see, Hunter told me everything I know you two are married now. I understand. I know things should not be kept from you again, you are grown up. That’s why I’m here to explain everything. But not today, its your day, and you are going to enjoy it ” she says and I nod.

Right now, Hunter and I are in my Ferrari.

Where are we going?” I ask as I buckle my seat belt.

My penthouse, we need to have a private time do you think? ” he says and I chuckled shaking my head.

Soon we stopped at a enormous building. Hunter parked safely in the parking lot and open the door for me. I stepped and let out a wow at how beautiful the place his.

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Wait until you see the inside ” Hunter says and pull me towards the lobby. The security open the door and greets Hunter politely.

I could feel everyone’s eyes on us as we walk to the elevator. Some with jealousy and some are smiling at me
I don’t blame them, I blame Hunter for holding me possessively like I’m his girlfriend.

The elevator door pinged and it open. We both step in and it closes back. Hunter press some button on the elevator before looking at me.

I was shifting nervously in his hold.

What’s wrong? ” he ask.

What are we doing here ” I ask pouting like a two year old.

I don’t know, what do you think we are doing here ”

I don’t know ” I answered

We are just here to have fun okay ” hunter says and claim my lips with his. I responded to the kiss and I wrap my arms around his neck. I grab his shirt pulling him closer as he rest my back on the elevator.

I moan as he tease my nipples through my clothes. He then kissed my neck to the back of my ear. I cling to his chest, kissing him back with so much pressure.

We didn’t notice the elevator door opened until someone shouts “get a room bitches ”

We break the kiss and stare at the guy who was about entering the elevator.

Hunter scoff at him.
Get a girlfriend bastard ” Hunter tells him back as we step out of the elevator.

Duh, I don’t do girls “the guy replies

Woah, he’s too cute to be a gay though.

Then get a boyfriend to fuck your ass ” Hunter replies as the elevator door closes.

I chuckled and follow him.