February 2, 2023

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His Bride. Episode 2

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????His Bride ????

Episode 2????
I woke up late today, cos it’s Saturday. I use to have enough rest before going to work.

I did my morning routine and put on a pair of jeans with a black shirt. Pack my hair up in ponytail. I stare at my self in the mirror before going out of my room.

I was walking downstairs when I heard loud chattering coming from the living room.

What’s going on?

The voice is not my dad’s neither my mom’s.

When are you getting the fucking money ” a deep voice yelled and I cringed.
I quickly rush down to see what was going on.

Please, we will pay, just don’t hurt us ” My mom’s say with tears in her eyes. She was on her knees begging some two hefty dangerous looking guys. One is blonde and the other has a brown hair.

If you don’t give the money now Ryder, we are going to hurt everyone you care about and then kill you ” another man says this one is bald headed but he looked dangerous too.

My dad’s expression got scary. He look like that when he’s angry.

Hunter, you know what I’m capable of doing. You know you can’t threaten me , none of your threats move me ” my dad say looking somewhere.

That’s when I notice a good looking guy in the room. He was sitting on our couch with so much authority and power. He looked fearless. His face void of any emotions.
He has a brown black hair which was brush perfectly to the back.
His cold eyes met mine and I quickly look down, I couldn’t meet his eyes. It was so scary so I stare at his face instead. His eyes rake down to my form and his pink lips turn into a lopsided smile.(I couldn’t get the colour of his lips cos it kinda looks red too).

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No one has noticed me in the
room except him.

I know what you are capable of Ryder and I believe you know what I’m capable of doing just to put you down ” his raspy voice came out loudly and staring at him, it will be hard to tell he was the one talking as his body and posture still remain stagnant and his cute lips move gently like he was talking in whisper.
Every word of his came out with so much authority and he isn’t saying it just to make an empty threat, he sounded like he meant every word and will take action without hesitation.

This scares me, but I was busy staring at his handsome face to care.

But, I’ve found something that interests me, and I will have to keep it till you get my money, so if you value your daughter. Bring my money to me as soon as possible, for now she will be in my care ” the guy who his name should be hunter says and stand up.

My eyes widened, what the hell is he saying.

No, no, Pls don’t bring my daughter into this, she has no fault here. Please she’s innocent, we will pay you your money just leave my daughter alone” my mother shouts as she begs with tears.
Seeing my mother in tears got me angry.
I rush to her holding her shoulder.
Come on, mom stop crying. I’m fine nothing has happened to me ” I said trying to stop her from crying.

No Lauren, Run away, you shouldn’t be here. They are dangerous, they are going to hurt you ” my mom say holding me tightly.

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Why… ” I tried to say.

Don’t worry Heather, we won’t hurt her ” Hunter says Sacarsm dripping from his words.

Fear gripped me.

Haha, you think taking her will hurt me, I don’t care about her. You can buy her in exchange of the money I owe, so I can be free. But…you have to watch your back hunter, I won’t let you go “my father said and my heart shattered at his words.

Dad? ” I called in Suprise.
No this is not my Dad.

No Ryder you can’t do this to me, you can’t let them take my daughter “my Mom cries and grip my father clothes.

Take her !!” hunter says and two hefty men came to my side and grip my arm each.

Hey! let me go! What are you doing, let go of me ” I yelled as I tried to release my self.

Calm down princess, you don’t want your mummy cry more just because I slapped you for disrespecting me. ” hunter says and my mom’s wailing increase.

But did that move me? No it didn’t, instead I start to insult him.

Hey you piece of trash, hypocrite, heartless bastard. Let me go or I’ll call the police on you ” I yelled and one of the men holding chuckled and the other muttered “let’s see you try ” with a scoff.

Shut up you waste of sperm ” I yelled at them.

Put her in the car booth ” hunter ordered.
What? Are you crazy, I’m I some sort of animal to you? “I yelled as he entered a red car in front of the black car this idiot are trying to get me into.

Hey I’m talking to you ” I yelled as the driver drove away

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Lauren Pls stop ” my mom yells.

Don’t worry mom, I’m fine and I’ll come back home soon. Just leave me to deal with this idiots.” I said as they stock me into the car booth.

I was hitting the booth and shouting as the car moved.

Just then I noticed it open slightly. I guess they didn’t lock it. An idea popped to my head and I grin.

Well it’s better, I fall from a moving vehicle than let this idiots torture my life. That was what I was trying to do that I didn’t notice the car has stopped moving.

Hey! what are you doing ” The brown haired says and I glare at him.

Fuck ” I mutter and manage to get out of the car booth before giving him an answer.

What does it look like I’m doing brownie ” I said and raise my eyebrows.

Jax get her inside the car ” the blondie said to the brownie.

Come on ” the brownie, Jax, says pointing to the door opened by some rough looking black guy, he looks African.

But… I really need pee ” I whined.

You will pee when we get home ” the blondie says.

What? You mean you are taking me back home “I ask with a grin. Which I already know the answer already, I just want to frustrate them maybe they can let me go.

They ignored me and sigh.
I know they are trying to keep up with my attitude because I’m their bosses property. If not I’ll be half dead, half alive right now.

I looked around, we were in the middle of nowhere, even if I tried to escape, I can’t find my way back home. So I just seat obediently and accept my fate.