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His Bride. Episode 23

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 23

You don’t need this now Hunter ” Ryan says trying to stop me from drinking.

I do cuz that girl is driving me crazy. Can you imagine all what she said to me ” I retorted angrily.

Ryan laughs.

“What? ” I say angrily.

“Seriously, you have to understand what she’s going through. She just learnt the truth about her family. She would freak out ” Ryan says.

I scoff.
“So how I’m I involved in her problems, why is she taking it out on me ”

She was dissapointed that her father is a mob and you also. Her father isn’t alive for her to get angry and scold him, but you are. So she take her anger on you “Ryan says

“Really? Is her mother dead too? All this things doesn’t make sense, she’s just.. She’s crazy”

Ryan sigh and stay silent while I just continue smoking and drinking.

I look to see Ryan looking at me, he shake his head when our eyes meet. I ignored him and pour my self alcohol. I don’t get easily drunk or else if I drink much.

“You are acting weird Wayne (My second
name,which only my family knows about though)” Ryan breaks the silence.

“What do you mean? ”

“Look at the way you are acting up just because a girl refuse to talk to you ”

” I am not acting up and not because she refuse to talk to me, but because she disrespected me”

“Then punish her. You always punish does who disrespect you, do the same to her ” he says.
I didn’t give him a answer, surely because I can’t and I seriously don’t know why.

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“I know you won’t agree or maybe you don’t know it yet but.. Dude I think you’re in love with her ” immediately he finish that, I slam my cup on the table hard as I stare at him with bloodshed eye.

” What did you say? ” I ask making sure he just said that.

“Listen Bro, you’ve never been disturbed for someone as this ”

You know how much that word ‘Love ‘annoys me. So don’t you dare say such thing again ” I warned him and he let out a heavy sigh.

I suggest you let her go away for now, let her sort out herself and calm down. If she stay here, you guys will never stop fighting” Ryan suggested.

No I can’t let her leave, she’s staying here until after a year. It’s just six months left ”

It’s just a suggestion though, I think she needs space. She might miss her normal life you never know”

I was about to say something when her voice interrupt.

” Ryan is right, let me go ” I turn to to see her at the door.

“How long have you been there ” I ask.

Long enough to hear something ” she says pompously.

This is not my Lauren, she’s different now.

You know I won’t let you leave ” I say and Ryan tap me and whisper “don’t start an argument now, just let her leave if she wants to. She’s still your wife no matter what. Not like she’s not coming back again”

I sigh angrily.
“Okay fine leave, but remember we are married. You can’t stay out for long”

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“I know and I’ll be leaving today ” she says and sadness struck me immediately.

I nod my head.
But.. Where are you going to stay? ” I ask.

I’ll be going back with my mom ”

I raise my eyebrows at her.

“Your mom? She doesn’t have a house, she stays with her friend in a small house are you going to stay in that place too ” I say and she glares at me.

You don’t need to worry yourself about that, I know what I’m doing ”

I pick up the glass of my alcohol and began to walk out.

I paused and say without turning back “As just so you know Ryan. I am not in love with anyone. No woman except my mom is worth me loving “hoping she doesn’t get the wrong to what Ryan said earlier she must have heard.

I walk out after that leaving the two of them.


I roll my eyes as I watch him walk away.
I faced Ryan.

Thanks so much Ryan for making him agree to this ” I told him and he smile.

I’m going to miss you Hazel come back soon. And just know you are giving Hunter a tough time, he’s really not happy about this”

I laugh ignoring what he says, then bid him goodbye before leaving.