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His Bride. Episode 24

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 23b

We pack our loads into my Ferrari. One of Hunter’s men is driving us since I can’t drive yet.

I didn’t pick many stuff, just the necessary ones and few clothes. I really need this break. I think.

The car stop at a small bungalow and I sigh. My mum and I get out of the car and took our laugages out .

I turn to the guy that drove us.
” thanks you can leave now ”

Ma’am Hunter ask me not to leave until I make you guys are safe ” he says with his head down, bowing slightly to me.

I rolled my eyes.

Just then a woman ran out of the house, coming towards us.

OMG Heather you are back ” she says and hug my mom she then turn to look at me and smiled.

“Oh my bad, Hanna this is my daughter Lauren ” My mother say.

Hi Mrs… ”

Just call me Hanna dearie, no need for formalities ” she says and pull me into a warm hug. I smile.

Oh come in now, Lauren come let me show you where you will stay” she says and I pick up my bag, then follow her.

She stopped by a door then open it. We both walk in.
“So dear this is going to be your room, make sure you make yourself comfortable”
I smile.

“Thank you so much Hanna for allowing my mom and I to stay here. I know it is uncomfortable for you and your family but you still have us. You are a great woman ” I tell her as tears stream down my face.

It’s okay, I’m happy to have you two here. Your mother is a nice woman, she has done me a favor before and now I’m repaying her” she says with a smile.

“Did I tell you, Hanna has a son about your age? ” my mother says behind us and we both turn to look at her.

“Yes you guys will be about the same age and he will be so happy to meet you “Hanna added.

Of course i’m sure Lauren is happy too she’s going to meet a new friend “my mom say .

I smile and reply “I am ”

Let me go and prepare dinner “Hanna say about to leave the room.

Oh I’ll join you soon ” My mother tells her.

After Hanna left, I stare at the small room.

“I know this is not so cozy but we have to manage for now ” my mom say.

It’s okay mom. I’ll go back in two months time, before then we’ll have gotten an apartment ”

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I don’t have any money to get a place to stay Lauren ” my mom sigh.

You said you have my savings with you we can use that ” I told her.

She nods.

Let me go back and join Hanna. Go and rest I’ll call you when dinner is ready” she say and walk out when I nod my head positively.

????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]
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Episode 24

The next day *

I woke up early, take my bath and dress up before going out of the room to meet my mom and Hanna at the kitchen.

Hanna was the first person to see me as she greeted me with a smile, making my mother to turn back.

Good morning mom, good morning Hanna ” I say.

We are all sitting at the dining eating when I decide to ask.

“Hm, Hanna where’s your son? ”

“Oh he should be here soon. oh here he comes ” she says and I followed her eyes to see who she’s talking about.

I gasp out when I saw who the person is.

“Lauren “Matt? ” we both called.

So it’s you I’ve been expecting ” he says and I stand up to give him a hug.

“It’s me ” I say and laugh.

“How do you guys know each other “Hanna says as I sat back on my seat, my sat beside me.

She’s my bestfriend ” Matt answers and I nod.

(Fast forward)
It’s a week and I felt really happy. I was was back to my normal life with the same people that I’ve been with before. And also Hanna, she is a very nice woman, I wish she can just be my aunt.

But.. I think about him (Hunter )every day in as much as I don’t want to, but I found myself smiling at our memories.
And Matt, seeing him now makes me guilty for leaving him that day. Even though we have not been able to talk or spend time due to his work, I know he’s going to ask.

Someone knock on my door and I stood up to open the door.

“Matt ” I called “You are not going to work ?”

No, I rest during weekend ” he says and I nod

“come in ” I say opening the door for him.

No, come with me. I want to show you around. I’ve not been able to do that ever since you came ” he says and brought me outside their house.

Wow you have a poultry ” I say as I stare at the small poultry Matt build for himself at the back of their house.

“Hey Greediness come back here ” Matt said as he catches one of the hen that tries to run seeing us.

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“Wait you gave them names ” I laugh.

“Yeah, this one is called greediness because it’s so greedy and this one is smallie it never grow since the day we brought it ” Matt explains and I burst into fit of laughter.

“That’s so hilarious Matt ”
Matt and I had fun all day, we went out visit the park and other places before heading home late in the evening.

Hanna and my mom persuade us to ear but we rejected saying we already grab some food before coming home which is true.

“Come let’s go and see the stars “Matt say dragging me outside.
We sat on the big table which was in front of the house.
Truly one is able to see the sky very well but there’s no star.

“The Stars are not out yet Matt ”

“I know, it’s 7:0 clock already it will soon come out. Let’s watch them come out together ” he says and I nod.

We both stare up to the sky.

“Do you do this everyday?”

“You mean Watching the star come out? Yes if I go home early from work ” he says.

He has not stopped working. Matt is very hardworking and intelligent. He loves his mother so much, he always talks about her even though I don’t her. I already like her.
Matt and I are from the same world, we are alike and that was why I chose him as my bestfriend. Unlike Hunter, who we are completely different from each other, I’m a simple girl who wants a simple life, but Hunter is opposite, he’s a violent and dangerous. He’s dangerous aura shows around him. But they say opposite attract.
Well then if opposite attract, ourswill be different cos I’m putting an end to whatever feelings I have for Hunter right now, right here before going back. With Matt.

“Lauren “Matt calls breaking me out of my reverie.


“I said, I think it’s time you explain to me, why you left just like that after I proposed to you ” Matt grimace and I sigh.

It’s a long story. My dad.. He.. ” I swallow and continue.
“He sold me ”

“What!! ” Matt squeaked.
Why would he, that’s unfair. ” he breathed. “But thank God you are free now ”

“I’m not free ” I tell him.

Then what are you doing here if you’re not “he questioned.

“Listen, it’s complicated, you won’t understand. All matters now is that I’m here ,okay ”

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He nods. “You’re right, all that matters is that you are here. Lauren I couldn’t move on after you left even though I did go out with Lisa for sometime but trust me it didn’t go well ”

I sigh “You dated Lisa?, I actually thought you despise her ”

“Yes, but you know how desperate Lisa is. Let’s.. forget about that Lauren. I just want to know we still have a chance to be together without interruption. Oh dear, you have no idea how happy I am to see again. Can we just try it out ” he pleaded as he move his head closer, staring at my eyes.

I stare back in to his brown eyes and sigh “Maybe ” I say and our lips met.
The kiss was slow and boring, I felt dissapointed because It didn’t feel like when Hunter kissed me. There were no spark, I no butterflies in my stomach, it was just a kiss and I was already tired like we’ve been kissing for years.
With Hunter, I use to pray it doesn’t end.

I breathe a sigh of relief when Matt break the kiss. I look at him to see him smiling happily at me. I forced a smile too.

“Finally, we kissed. This is what I want Lauren, for us to be together, go out in the day have fun just like today and kiss under the stars at night ” he says grinning from ear to ear.

Yeah…how interesting ” I say and fake a yawn.
“I’m really tired right now, I have to go to -”

“Oh go and rest, we’ll talk tomorrow ” he says and I ran off to my room after bidding him Goodnight.

I lay on my bed staring into the darkness as I keep thinking of what happened minutes ago. Kissing Matt made me realize I couldn’t get rid of what I feel for Hunter no matter what. It made me realize how much I miss him. I just wish he’s here right now. I regret leaving him, I regret not coming with my phone it could be atleast the only way to communicate with him.

But I was blinded with anger, I was so angry. I wasn’t thinking straight. I feared he’s just going to end up like my dad. I was angry at him because I think he’s foolish to the same route that leads to his father’s death. I was also scared for what is about to come in the future ( the dangers ). I actually don’t want anything to spoil our happiness.

I sigh and toss to the left side of the bed.
“Poor Matt! I led him on ” I mutter guiltiness eating me up as I drive off to sleep.