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His Bride. Episode 25

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him ????????]

Episode 25

I wake up and walked into the small bathroom to take my bath.

After wearing my clothes, I decided to pull of the window cotton as it was a little dark.
I sigh and was about to go back to bed, I had no intention of going outside today.

My eyes caught something and I went back to see very well.
Well I thought I saw Hunter’s car outside the house.
But I wasn’t mistaken as I see the man that I couldn’t stop thinking of all night talking to my Mom outside.

What is he doing here?

I put on my flip flops and run out of my room. I saw Hanna and Matt in the leaving room.
We all exchange greetings.

“Who is he? Your mom and him seems to be arguing about something and I heard them mention your name “Matt ask.

“Excuse me ” I say and walk out to where they are.

“What are you doing here ” I say to Hunter.

“Lauren go back inside, I’m talking to Hunter” my mom says but I did move.
Hunter and I keep staring at each other, it was an intense gaze and I don’t want to look away from those captivating eyes of his.

“Go back in side Lauren ” my mom say again and turn heading back in.

Immediately I entered, I drag Matt and led him to the back of the house.

“Lauren what’s wrong, who was that man ”

“Listen I’m sorry for yesterday, I really am ”

“You don’t have to. It was wonderful isn’t it? It was what the two of us wanted. ”

I run my hands through my hair.

“I apologize for leading you on, it was a cruel to do. Listen Matt, I’m married and that man outside is my husband ”

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“What? “Matt yells.
“You are married? How? I’m so confuse right now. Yesterday you told me you were sold by your father and today you are Married. Wth. Were been threatened Lauren, did someone force you? Tell me I’ll help you ”

I shake my head. Looking at everything that happened, it’s really complicated to say.

“It’s complicated Matt and I don’t want to bore you with my family drama, you will get more confuse. I was sold to him, and there I found I was betrothed to him and we got married.. I think that’s a better explanation right? ”

Matt heave a sigh of reliei
” I was scared, I thought you were being forced or something. But you guys are only betrothed to each other, no feelings attach. You can leave the marriage if you want. You guys can get a divorce and go your way. It can’t stop us from being together, we can still be together ” he smile.

“Matt please you have to move and forget about me. I can’t leave him ” I breathed.

I could see he was hurt by my word but still put up a smile.

“You can Lauren. For us, for me ” he begs.

“You heard her, she said she can’t ” a cold and angry voice interrupt us and I turn back to see Hunter looking so angry and ready to punch.

I quickly shield Matt with my back and face Hunter.

“What are you doing here? We were talking”

“You are listening to him, you really want to leave me for him right? ” he says angrily.

Why is he angry. I will leave eventually. What Matt said will happen before as planned.

I turn my head to look at Matt. He seemed a little frightened but he was ready to fight.
I smile and confidence. He could see Hunter is dangerous and could beat him but he still stood his ground.

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“Hunter please just leave him alone, I beg you ” I pleaded.

“Only if u come back home with me. I miss you baby ” he says moving closer to me then cup my cheek with his left palm rubbing it with his thumb.

I close my eyes and lean in to his touch. I miss this, I miss him.

I open my eyes and nod “I will come home with you ” I say and his eye widen.

“Really” he smiled.

“Are you really going to leave Lauren ” Matt says behind me and I turn back.

“I’m sorry Matt I have to go back home. It’s my home ”

“Go and pack your loads baby. I’ll be waiting for you in the car. ” Hunter says and glare at Matt.

I hit him and start to go to my room to pack.
“You know what, just leave them. The young man’s girlfriend might need it when she come over. I’ll get another one, much more ” Hunter smirk grabbing my wrist and began to pull me with him.

“Wait wait, I need to talk to my mom, thank Hanna and pack somethings too. I can’t just go like that. ” I rush out as he pull me away.

He stopped ” Fine! Just five minutes ”

I quickly ran inside. I met my mom and Hanna in the living room.

“Mom, I’m leaving ” I tell her.
She stood up and walked closer to me.

“Are you sure about this? ”

“That’s my home for now. I don’t need to run away”

“It’s fine. Hunter has promise to take care of you and keep you out of danger. You will be fine. Don’t be scared ” she says and pull me into a hug.

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We disengage and I move to hug Hanna.
“Thank you so much Hanna for everything ”

“You are welcome dear anytime and I wish you good luck ” she says. I smile and disengage.

I begin to journey to Matt’s room. I knock on the door 3 times. There was no response. Then the door creep open revealing a frustrated looking Matt making feel a lot more guilty.

“I thought you left ” he says looking everywhere except me.

“I want to apologize for-”

“For yesterday? I know that kiss didn’t mean anything to you but it means a lot to me. I don’t care if you are married. It’s a loveless marriage and it something that won’t last ”

“I love him Matt, do you understand that ”

“You love him? ” his voice breaks and I could swear I saw a drop of tear roll down his cheeks but he quickly clean it off.

“I’m sorry. I love you much Matt, you were a good friend that I wish to never loose. You give me comfort when sad or weary. You gave me a shoulder to cry when I needed it . When I came here. I was sick and tired of my life, but seeing you gave me hope and cheered me up. I owe you much for this favours but what did I give you? Heartbreak. I’m sorry, I couldn’t return your feelings. I really wish I can ” I finished as I clean a drop of year from my eyes.

Goodbye Lauren, happiness is all I wish for you ” Matt says and close the door leaving me staring at the door.

I sigh and go ahead to pack my stuffs. Bid my mom and Hanna goodbye and walk out to meet Hunter.