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His Bride. Episode 27

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him ????????]

Episode 27

I followed them as they drag the guy in. Then they entered a room.
The door was not at closed, so I could see from where I stand.

They were trying to tame the guy as he keeps struggling and saying “I want to see my daddy “.

Something seem off about the guy. His looks shows he’s not a kid, but his behavior is like that of a child. The way he speaks, it was incoherent and child like.

I gasp in realization. He’s autistic.

Oh my goodness. But why will they force an autistic child here, when he should be taken care of properly.

“Hum Hum ” I heard someone cleared his throat behind me and I quickly turn around.

“What do you think you are doing Huh? “he says and pull me closer by my waist.

“Fools! They can’t even close the door ” he mutters but I heard him.

“And who is he? ”

“No one ” Hunter smile and try to kiss me but I move my head away making him kiss the air.

He frowned.
“You promise to tell me anything”

“I didn’t “he answers.

“Really, you are not going to tell me why you bring an innocent person to your house-” I was cut off.

“stop shouting already. Fine I’ll tell you. Let’s go ” he say and I followed him to his room and

I change into one of his T-shirt and lay down beside him resting my head on his chest.

“I’m going to tell you but you have to deal with it alone and no further questions ”

“I can’t promise you that I won’t ask questions if needed ”

“And I can’t promise to answer you”

“Just say it ”

“There’s a man threatening my life and the one I care so much about, I don’t ever want to loose her.” he says.

“Why do I feel like you’re talking about me?”

“Yes, I’m talking about you ” he said and I blush.

“Ohh” I mutter.

” He said he’s going to end me and no one will remain in my family. But I’ve taken the first move. I’m ending him. I have his son. It’s just to threaten to surrender though. No bloods will be shed unless he start it. So when I told you I kill bad guys and you didn’t believe me.? I don’t shed innocent blood Lauren ”

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I sigh.
“Who is this person, do I know him? ” I ask

“Ryder ” he answers.

I turn my head to him.
“Which Ryder ?”

“Your uncle ”


“He threatens to hurt us and that boy I saw is his son?”
I was short of words.
I didn’t expect Ryder could do this, it breaks my heart

“Will you let me take care of him? He’s my brother after all ” I beg him.

“Do whatever you like, I’m not going to stop you ”

I open the door to the room Ryder’s son is kept. There I met him staring at the space and muttering inaudible words.

“Hey ” I say as I move closer to him.
He looks at me briefly and look away. Then he start to cry.
“I want to see my daddy ” he cries and I move to him trying to keep him calm.

“Hey, buddy its fine. Daddy has sent me to take care of you. So don’t cry okay? ”

He look at me.
“Really? ” he says looking at me with those adorable Hazel eyes. I felt a kind of happiness in my eyes, the feeling of having a sibling. To take of them and play with them too.
This is what I’ve always wanted.

“Yes! Do you know her I’m your sister? ” I smiled.
His eyes widened “Really? I have a sister and you are my sister? ”

“Yes sweetie ” I say and brush his hair with my hand.
He’s so adorable.
And he’s probably 18 or 19 years old I think.

“So brother, do you want me to cuddle you?”

“Yes” he answers and I climb the bed, sit beside him and Lay my head on his chest.

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“you haven’t told me your name ” I say as I play with his eyes.

“Huh? Aren’t you my sister? Aren’t you know my name? ”


“Erm ” I fake a laugh. “I’m just kidding sweetie ”

“Should I call you Brother? Or your name “I say hoping I could get his name.

“Don’t call me Liam, call me Brother ” he says and I smile.

“Okay Brother are you hungry? ” I ask and he nods pouting his lips a little.

“So, what do you want to eat?”

“I want chicken ” he squeak happily and I laugh.

“Do you love chicken ”

“In home, Nanny give me chicken and…and I eat it” he says drawing the it’

“Stay here, let me go and bring it” I told him and he nods his head.

I fed him some chicken noodle soup with the chicken he wants which he ate delightfully and even ask for more. And after that, I prepared his bath, he didn’t allow me to take his bath for him so I let him do it.
I stole one of Hunter’s pj and gave to Liam to wear. Lay his bed, then cuddle him to sleep.

I walk into Hunter’s room. He’s eyes were on his laptop.
I walk to the bed and lay down, my back on the bed.

I feel Hunter’s eyes on me and I turn my head to him.

“Why are you staring at me that way ”

“You look happy ” he answers as he closes his laptop and put it away.

“Uh? Do you want me to be sad ?”

“No. You just.. You know I’ve never seen you been so exited about something before like you are now . And you have the look of contentment on your face ” he says.

He just read people expression like reading books. He’s like too smart.

“Oh well I’m just happy. I’ll never believe that one day, I will have a brother. To take care of like and talk with and play with. It’s just so overwhelming ”

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“So you can’t play with me? ” Hunter says.

“No “I say as I stand up and sit my self on his laps and wrap my legs around his waist.

“It’s different. ”

I kept grinning and jumping on him as I narrates what happened in Liam’s room minutes ago.

After I finished narrating, I look at Hunter who don’t seem like he’s being listening to me all this while.

“Come on, aren’t you going to say something ” I pout.

“All I have to say is, you are unknowingly turning me on by jumping and grinding on my c**k. ” he says and I look down. Truly I did.

“And I think I should be rewarded for being the source of happiness for you ” he says and I roll my eyes.

I smirk as an idea popped in to my head.

“Okay watch me ” I say getting off his Laps. I remove my gown leaving me in my white lingerie. I played a song from my phone.

Then I start twerking . I place my hands on my kneels as I start to shake and sway my bum.

I bend a little and I sway my hips up down. I look at Hunter. His eyes were focused on what I was doing, so I put more effort.

I became tired so I stopped. I pause the music and I walk back to Hunter.

“Do you like it ”

“Don’t do this for anybody else except me. Do you understand ?”

“But why? ”

“Because any man that see you do that, will want you. And if they can’t have you easily, they use the forceful way. You are only mine I cannot share you with anybody else ”

“Okay daddy, I promise never twerk in front of anyone except you ” I smirk.

“Good, now I need a cold shower so as to avoid having blue balls tonight ” he says as he try to get up.

I pull him back to the bed then straddle him.
“I’m not done with you yet ” I say and pull of his shirt.