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His Bride. Episode 3

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????His Bride ????

Episode 3????

Did you bring her to the room ” I ask Cole and Jax.

Yes ” Jax answered.

She tried escaping, we almost couldn’t handle her, man she’s really feisty” Cole says.

I know, that means we have to keep a close eye on her, she might tried escaping again right?” I ask.

Yes ”

Don’t worry, leave it to me. ”
You can leave now ” I added.

I stood and head upstairs to see her. I made sure her room is a little close to mine.

I opened the door to see her sitting on the bed with her head down. She’s probably crying.
Well, she will get use to it. People cry when they are in a new environment.
She hasn’t noticed me yet, so I used that medium to check her out.

She’s beautiful and have nice shape too. Well she got that from her mom and Ryder, they don’t have any resemblance except the eye colour.
I licked my lips and smile.

Hey princess ” I say and she raise her head up. I search her face to see if there’s fear in them but No she doesn’t fear me and that got me angry.
People fear me, and she will not be an exception. She has to fear me and I will do everything to get that.

She stood up from the bed.

I glanced around the room they gave me. Seems like they already prepared this room for me, did he know I was going to come. It’s really beautiful and bigger than my own room. But no matter how beautiful it is, It can never be like my room.

I sat down on the bed with tears in my eyes. I can imagine how much pain my mom will be going through now. I miss you mom.

Hey princess! ” a voice says from the door and I look up.


He closed the door and began to walk closer.
So I heard you gave my men an hard time. They said you are fiesty but guess what princess, I love feisty people cos I get to teach them lessons ”

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Why don’t you just let me go, what do you want from me ” I yelled and his eyes grew darker and he looked at me with anger. Okay I know, I just shout at him.

You don’t know? Come closer let me show you ” he says coldly.

Hesitant, I moved backward making him get more angry.

Now! ” he yelled and like a flash I was in front of him.

Closer “he said again.


I don’t want to repeat myself ”
I moved closer, our body was just inches apart.

Move closer ”
I closed my eyes and move closer, I felt a weird sensation at the closeness of our body.
He wrap his strong arms around my waist and crash his lips on mine.
I gasps and he kiss me roughly. I couldn’t even have a chance to breath, he dominate over kiss and I’m sure as hell my lips will be swollen by now.

He bite my lip making me gasps and he entered my mouth. I moans at the feel of his tongue lacing with mine. I could feel him smirk, he was having effect on me.
I know I shouldn’t be enjoying this, obviously because he just stole my first kiss which I planned on giving someone special, my first love. But I couldn’t help myself, he was a good kisser. How do I even know when I’ve never kissed before.

He broke the kiss and I breath out.
He then send his hand under my blouse to my breast. Cupping them in his hand, he squeezed them and I bit my lips to keep my self from moaning.
He rest my back on the wall and kiss my neck still playing with my breast. I couldn’t stop him.
Then he start to squeeze hard and I groan in pain.

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Hunter, it hurts ” I grumbled out but he didn’t stop. He continues squeezes them hard that I was almost in verge of tears.

From pleasure to pain.
That’s what he wanted anyways, to see me cry.

Hunter, please stop you are hurting me “I cried out.
I was not going to cry or show my fear in front of him. Never.

Suddenly, he pulled away from me and turn to leave the room without a word.
I sigh and fall on the bed. I let my tears fall freely without hesitation.

I now get the message. I was only here as a sex doll, he plays with anytime he wants.

I opened my eyes and look around. The day is getting darker. I had slept off after crying my self out. Realising crying is not going to help me, I need to think of a plan to get outta here.

Oh good think you are awake dear o was just thinking of waking you up. ” a voice says and I look up to see an older woman, not so old by the door. She has a beautiful smile on her face.

Who are you ” I say and sit up on the bed.

Oh Hunter ask me to take care of you sweetie, and you can just call me Nanny Lilo “she says with a warm smile.

She seems nice but wait did she just say Hunter ask her to. I huffed.

That jerk.

Come on dear, go take a quick shower and come downstairs for dinner. ” she says.

I nod.
Erm.. Can I have dinner here, I don’t want to go downstairs ” I say.
I would have preferred not to eat ,but I was really starving, I didn’t have breakfast nor lunch and also I used all the strength in me to cry and now I need strength to be able to escape.

And besides I have to enjoy myself for the meantime before I get out of this hell hole.

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Alright, I’ll have the maids bring it, just go ahead and freshen up ” she says and left.

I sigh and walk into the bathroom. It was far more bigger and classier than mine at home. Everything I will need is there, shampoos, towels, soap, toothbrush and all were there.

Wait, what about clothes.
I went inside the big closet and their I found all types of clothes I will never think of wearing now, maybe until I’m rich. I start to search for a simple clothes to wear and thankfully, there is.

I picked up a black leggings with a red tank top and walk into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Coming out from the bathroom, the smell of food hit my nostril and my stomach grumbled. I can’t wait to pounce on it.

I gasp at the sight in front of me.
There are like five different meal place on the table right in front of my bed. Chicken nuggets and fries, Pasta etc.
I smile and sit down on my bed.
I ate to my satisfaction and lay my back on the bed. I rub my stomach and smile.
Good work Lauren, good work. Now you can escape.

I stood up, not knowing what to do with the dishes. I don’t know anywhere in this damn house.

Then it struck me, in rich people’s houses there is always a bell or button you will press when you need the attention of a maid. I do see it in movies.

I began to search for buttons but couldn’t find one. I sigh and pick up the dishes.
Guess I have to find the kitchen myself.
I opened the door and began to walk down the passage way. There are like four room facing each other. Whose room are this” I wondered.
I just hope I don’t mistakenly enter Hunter’s room.

I was about to open a door which I think leads to the outside when I heard a voice. “What are you doing ”