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His Bride. Episode 5

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 5

The next day ♥
I was in the bathroom when an idea struck into my head. I climb on the toilet seat and slide the window open. Shit!. I forgot this is a storey building.

I taught of escaping through the window, but there is another Way though. I will just ask that my room to be downstairs.

I smile and walk back to the room. Entering the room I met Nanny Lilo arranging something.

Good morning Nanny Lilo ” I greeted her cheerfully.

Good morning darling, how was your night? ”

I shrug. Twas okay ” I replied.

Right, good thing you have taken your bath. Come downstairs for breakfast ”

Sure, hm..can I ask for something ”

What is my dear?”

I want my room to be moved downstairs, can you do that for me ”

I’m so sorry I can’t, you need Hunter’s approval and I advise you don’t ask him ” she says.

I groan.
Now, I don’t think this plan is going to work but I’ll think of another.

After breakfast, I went in search for Maria, for my plan B.
Okay, let me tell you my plan. Promise you won’t tell anyone about this. Promise.?.

Okay this is it.
I want to escape through the front door. But that can not be possible since the whole house is guarded with hefty men and I obviously can’t beat them, not even one.

So this is it.
I need a sleeping pill which I will put in their food. How will it be possible right?
Well, since I’ve made friends with one of the maids. I’m just going to take advantage of that.
But first I need to find Maria.

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Few hour later ♥♥♥
So Maria gave me the pill and right now. I’m in the kitchen with her as I watch her and two other dish out the guards food. And I’m just waiting for a perfect timing when they won’t notice.

Can I help you ” I ask them with a fake smile.

No thank you ” one of them says as she carry the tray of food.

Fuck! This is not going to work.

Ouch!! I screamed and hold my left leg.

OMG what happened ” Maria screamed. I intentionally step on a knife which I intentionally put on the floor. Now my leg are injured with fake tears in my eyes.
Fuck it, it stings like hell.

I point to the knife on the floor and Maria gasps.

How can we be so careless ” one of them says and she bent down to check my leg.

Hunter is so going to kill us ”

I really feel guilty right now but I have to do this.
I’m being selfish. Yeah I know.

It’s okay, I won’t let him see this just get me ointment if you have” I told them.

Yes I do, Abby can you please get it, it’s in my bag ” one of them says and Abby run out of the kitchen.

5minutes later she came back saying she couldn’t find it. I told the girl that directed her to follow her. She complied.

After they left. It’s only Maria with me in the kitchen. She have to leave too.

Huh, Maria can you please get me my hand towel in my room please ” I begged.

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Okay stay here. I’ll be back in a giffy ” she says and left.


I manage to stand up and bring out the pill from my pocket. I quickly add it into their food and sat back on the floor. Going back to fake sobbing.

They brought me back to my room and I assured them Hunter won’t know about it.

It’s 7:00, now it’s time to escapeee…” I sang and do a joyful dance.
I wear my sandals and pack my hair in ponytail.
The maids will be in their quarter by now and Hunter comes home late. So this my chance.

I opened the door slowly. Checking well, the hallway is empty I run out of the door making sure I made no noise. I climb down the stairs slowly and also looking around. I got to the living room and saw the pile of bodyguard that use walk around the house with a stupid cold expression on their faces snoring deeply.

I did a mental grin and tiptoed out so as not to wake them up. After getting outside. I took my heels running like a mad dog even with the pains on my leg. I didn’t stop.

I thought I’ve successfully escape when a voice yelled behind me making me to froze on my steps.

Hey!! The male voice yelled. Seeing that he was moving closer to me, I start to run again but this time I couldn’t run very well because of my injury.

You?” the man says flashing his light on my face.

Let me go! ” I shout as the man carried me on his shoulders taking me back to the mansion.

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Please, I want to go home ” I cried hitting him with my hands.

You shouldn’t have tried to escape, it will make Hunter furious and he can hurt you ” he says and my wailing increase.

I really pity you, but there is nothing I can do ” he added.