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His Bride. Episode 6

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????His Bride????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 6

Do you think I don’t know what’s going on in my mansion when I’m not home?!” Hunter yelled at me.
Right now I’m being tied to a chair and I’m in some kind of dark room. Obviously where Hunter kills people who go against him.
And with the look of things, I think the same thing is going to happen to me.

Well good for you ” I muttered.

Do you say something” he says and grab my chin his fingers press against my cheek, I moan in pain.
You dare disrespect me and you are still talking back at me ” he growled.

I cough as he releases his hand on my cheek and breath in heavily.

What will do to me Huh? kill me? Course you can kill me and nobody will know ” I scoff. Right”

He smirk.
Yes, and how will your mom react when she finds out her daughter is dead, how will Ryder react.. Oh he doesn’t care you anyway. ”

I cringed at the thought of my mother crying.
Or you want your mom to die for your sins instead” Hunter says and laugh. An evil laugh.

No no leave my mother alone, don’t hurt her please I beg you hunter ” I yelled.

He was about to reply when the guy that captures me enters the room.

Hunter, you have to see this ” he says.

What’s that ” hunter says coldly.

He whisper it to his ear and Hunter’s eye grew darker.

Take her to her room and get a maid to take care of the wound on her leg ” he instructs and walk out.

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Hello, you are still alive? ” the guys says with a stupid smirk plastered on his face.

I didn’t know Hunter had cameras in his house, he then send another bodyguard home when he saw what I did.

I glared at him.
You are one lucky girl you know. Damn.. I can’t believe Hunter will let you go just like that. But hey I’m sure you will reward him later. Isn’t it? ” he says with a grin.

Get me out of this goddamned stuffy place you bastard ” I yelled.
He shrugged and untie me before bringing me to the room.

I was taking a nap when I heard a knock from the door. I stood up and walked to door. Opening it, my eyes met with a guy. He has a beard and looks like he hasn’t shave for months but he still look cute.

Who are you ” I ask.
He smirk .

Hi I’m Ryan, Hunter’s…..

Best friend and right-hand man ” I completed and he grins showing his full white teeth.

Wow…seems you already know so much about me ” he says.

Not really… I trailed

Damn is your name Hazel ” he says and I laugh.
He said that because of my eyes colour.

Most people call me hazel but my name is Lauren ” I told him.

Okay..guess I’ll join those people that calls you that ” he says with a wide smile on his face.
I also smile. He seems nicer than I thought.

You are nice unlike Hunter ” I told and he smirks.

He never fails to show people that, but trust me he’s the nicest person you will ever meet ”

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I huff.
That’s a big lie ” I retorted.
He was about to reply when Hunter’s annoying and raspy voice interrupt.

WTF! do you think you are doing Ryan, and you back to your room “I rolled my eyes and walk back into my room.

I can’t help but think about my conversation with Ryan.
That’s the best thing that has happened in this house.
He’s really nice and funny too.

Not long Hunter’s burst into my room with his usual cold aura.

He a cold-hearted-handsome-Jerk

He grip my shirt and push me to the wall.
Now tell me why this stupid head of yours, think of escaping ” he says.

And does your stupid head thinks I’ll will stay in this place and use all my life here “I yelled back and he slapped me hard.

I gasps and hold my cheek.

You don’t fucking talk to me like that ” he growls.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

You think beating an innocent lady is best thing to do. You do not find out well about me cos if you do, you will know I have a fucking final exams to write and I don’t want to be a drop out. I have dreams, things I wish to achieve in my life and you kept me here thinking its a normal thing.
No it’s not, it’s my life we are talking about here ” I shouts with tears in my eyes.

I don’t know maybe I saw pity flash through in eyes. But I don’t think so, he’s a cruel bastard. He doesn’t have any feelings.

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And do you think by disrespecting me will make that happen? Listen princess I won’t let you move an inch from this place until your father pay his debt and as for your exams, don’t give it a thought you will do it “he says and walk out.

I sigh and clean my eyes. An heavy burden has been laid off my chest. Whatever he’s going to do, I don’t know but I must write my final exams.

Things I’ve been well good but boring. I miss mom so bad and I can’t ask to see her

Hunter made me be inside this room all this while. I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner here. I was always locked up here.
The only good thing is I eat want I want when I want it and he also enroll me for a online classes. It’s a one week class and I will write my exam the same day as the normal school student just that mine is online.

So the last subject is today which I just finished.
I’m so excited but I I’ll be more excited if I’m in school with Matt. I sigh at the thought of not attending my graduation and prom too.

Well aside that, I’ve never seen Hunter ever since he slapped, and I don’t to see him.
That’s what I thought when he bagged in to my room drunk.

Hey princess “he slurred out.