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His Bride. Episode 7

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 7

Trigger warning : this chapter has content that can affect reader who in anyway experience sexual harassment, kindly skip that part If you did be affected.


Hey princess ” he slurred out.

Hunter you are drunk ” I say standing up.
I’m not….” he says and stagger to my front.

Hunt.. “I wanted to call reaching out for him.

Don’t fucking touch me b****” he growls and I move back in fear.
Oh I actually forgot he’s a jerk.

You don’t fucking touch me, after what your father did to me ” he then point his finger at me.

Tell him that if I set my eyes on him, I swear with my mother’s grave. I’m going to kill him. Got it?” he says.

Idiot, how I’m I going to see him” I thought.

How are my going to see him, maybe you let me go and find him? ” I said with a sly smile.

Haha, you think you can take advantage of me being drunk and try to escape again ” he says and grab my hair.

Pulling me closer he kiss my mouth forcefully. He then push me on the bed, climbing up he push me to the center before capturing my lips again.

Kiss me back ” he grumbled.
I didn’t which got him frustrated.

You want it the had way huh” he says and kiss my neck, down to my breast then he pull up my gown to my stomach leaving me half naked.

No ” I shout as I tried to cover myself.

He push my hands away and tear off my panties.
Hunter this is sexual harassment I could sue you for this ” I say.

Sue me? You want to deny you don’t like what I’m doing to you?” he says and rub his thumb against my clit teasing it.

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I squirm and hold the bed sheets. Letting out a stifled moan.

He push one of his fingers into my p***y hole. A sharp pain hit me and I gasps.

Fuck! you are so tight” he muttered.
He push another finger in and I groan in pain.
This shit hurt like hell.
He kept thrusting in with his fingers, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to beg him to stop but he didn’t even care. Since he was enjoying himself.

Hunter!! A voice shouts outside my door followed by a knock.

Hunter stop and remove his fingers. He licked staring down at me. “You are so sweet ” he says with a smirk.


Hunter ”
I turn to look at Ryan at my doorstep.

Whaaaat” Hunter yells. Ryan didn’t say anything he just keep staring down at him.

Hunter sigh and cover me with the bedsheets, getting down from the bed.
Let’s go ” he say to Ryan.

I gave Ryan a thankful stare and they walk out.

I sigh and tried getting up. Feeling a little sore down my private part, I manage to walk to the bathroom and clean up.

Gosh, I hope I haven’t loose my virginity. I know first time hurt but this hurt real much. How will it be with the real thing.

Gosh, I don’t want to have sex, I think It’d be better if I become a nun.

I wear my robe and slippers getting out of the bathroom to my room.

Hunter might come back and he must not see me. He must not ” I muttered as I look around for a place to hide.

Perfect ” I say snapping my fingers.
I take my blanket and pillow putting them under the bed. Yes I’m going to sleep under the bed tonight.

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I crawl under the bed and snuggle in. Gosh it feels warm.

Ryder has collided with the Russians to attack us Hunter, he’s been giving them informations about our hideouts and the secret underground warehouse ” Jax says staring at the laptop in front of him.

I sigh angrily.

How did he know about all this ” I say getting frustrated.

Someone from the gang told on us. We are have to be careful everyone is a suspect now ” Cole says.

Fucking Ryder thinks he can override me ” I growled clenching my fists.

There is one more thing “Ryan Says gesturing that I should come.

I walk to his side and pick up the file on the table in front of him.

DNA test.?” I ask.

Lauren is not Ryder’s daughter ” Jax says.

I know ” I told them.

Do you know who her father is? ” Ryan says staring at me.

I raise my eyebrows.
She’s Chase’s daughter, the one that killed your father “he says.

Fuck I knew it, the moment I saw Heather with that bastard, I thought he could have adopted them ” I shouts and punch the door.
I couldn’t forget what he did to my family.

That means you have to let her go, she’s no longer a bait to get Ryder anymore “Ryan says.

No! We have to keep her, Ryder must not find out that we’ve found out, I want him to think we are still using her to get to him while we attack somewhere else, where he wouldn’t think of.. And besides I have an unfinished business with her ” I told them.
They all nod.
Ryan doesn’t really like the idea but I don’t care.

I walk out and Ryan followed me.

Hunter don’t put the innocent girl in to this. That’s not fair ” Ryan protested.

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I glared at him.
I don’t do fairness Ryan and you know it, so just leave me the hell alone. And she’s not innocent since her father was the reason why I lost my family ”

He sigh.
I saw what you are doing with her, Hunt. If you want a girl to get laid with there are plenty of girls out there that will be willing. Not her ” Ryan yells.

Seriously he’s getting on my nerves and if he’s not my bestfriend I would have beaten him up.

Do you fucking have feelings for her, cos you are fucking acting like a possessive boyfriend right now ” I yelled back.

You don’t get it , I understand she’s part of our plans to get Ryder but I don’t like the idea of you sleeping with her ” he says calmly.

And who says I am ”

I see the way the way you look at her, Hunter you want her. And this evening.. ”

I cut him off.
This evening you saw me right, and that because I was drunk Ryan. Is this what you think of me. You think I’ll take advantage of a girl. Dammit you know me more than anyone else ” I yelled disappointed my bestfriend didn’t even trust me.

He stares at me.

I’m sorry, is just that you have been hiding things from me this days and making decisions without me knowing. I don’t even know you anymore, you have been cold even to me. You won’t blame for saying that ” he says.

Well, that made me feel a little guilty.
He doesn’t deserve the cold treatment, he’s been there every time when I needed him and even when I don’t.

Goodnight Ryan ” I say and walk to my room.