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His Bride. Episode 8

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him ????????]

Episode 8

Lauren ~
I yawned opening my eyes. Why is everything so dark, did I wake up early.

I tried to stretched my hand but I hit it with a wooden surface instead. What’s going on?
I tried raising my head but hit my head on a wood.

Ouch!” I shout.
Fuck, I remember I slept under the bed. I rolled out and sit up on the floor rubbing my forehead.

I pick up my pillow and blanket and put them on the bed.

Lord, you scared me ” Nanny Lilo screamed as she hold her chest.

I grin.

Good morning, Nanny Lilo ” I greeted.

I thought you are in the bathroom when I didn’t see you in your room, but then I didn’t hear any sound, do you sleep under the bed ” she says.

I smile sheepishly.
Yes, I was avoiding Hunter, that idiot might come and disturb me again”

He was drunk,yesterday was the day his mother died. He’s always moody and will drink himself to stupor ” she explained.

Oh.. ” not knowing what to say.

She died when Hunter was 10. It was painful for him, he so much loved his mother. that’s when his father took me in to take care of him. He has always seen me as a mother figure ”

What about his father? ” I decided to ask.

She sighed.
They died, his dad and his brother died. ”

I gasps.

Oh my God!!

Hunter is a good boy, but he’s being through a lot my dear. He lost all his loved ones. But I know deep down inside of me, there is a good side ” Nanny Lilo says.

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Alright. I’m done cleaning your room, go and take your bath. I’ll ask the maids to bring your breakfast. Gosh you stink ” she says and laugh.


I smelled my body, and look at her with my eyebrows raised.

I was just joking sweetheart, come on go take your bath you already woke up late “she says.

Woah, when I was thinking I woke up early.

In the afternoon, a maid came in to ask if I’m ready for lunch.

No I’m not ” I replied.

She turned to leave.

Wait!” I called.

Yes, what else can I do for you “she says getting annoyed.

Oh I didn’t tell you? All the maids hate me now because of what I did. Maria especially.

Can you please tell Hunter I need to talk to him ”

No, I’m sorry I can’t ” she says and turn to leave.

Please, I’m not asking you to let me go, just tell Hunter I need to talk to him or better still tell Nanny Lilo to do that for me if you can’t ” I voice out.

Okay ” she says without turning back and walk out.

I don’t know which one she said okay to, but I was glad she’s going to help me.

I’m tired of staying in this room all day. I’m sure I’ve added weight.

I stood up and check my self in the mirror. The thing, if you want to know I added weight. Check my hips. It’s like the food I eat goes straight to my hips. My waist and everything part of my body will still be tiny but my hips will get bigger.

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I did a little workout before landing my self on the bed. Everything here seems familiar to me now, I’m now getting use to living here.
Not like I have a choice not to.

I’ve been expecting hunter to come since,gosh that maid is so stupid.

I was about to open the door and go to find him myself when the door burst open almost sending me to the floor.

Hunter’s face reveals.

What do you want? “he says closing the door behind him.

I…. I want,.. Promise you won’t get mad ” I say scared to ask.

Speak or I’ll leave ” he says not looking at me like he’s disgusted looking at me.

I swallowed the lump at the back of my throat before speaking up.

“I don’t want to be stuck in this room doing nothing, at least let me be moving around the house, everything is so boring. I can’t take it anymore ” I complained.

I stare at him waiting for his answer.

Okay, but don’t you dare try to escape and know your limits don’t just go anywhere you aren’t supposed to and I will find out something to keep you busy “he says and a big grin fall on my face.

Gosh I feel like hugging him right now.

I don’t know where the confidence came from, what I did next Suprise me.

I grab his shirt, tip toeing to his height. I kiss him wrapping my arms around his neck kissing his mouth. He was surprised at first but he later reciprocate the kiss taking dominance like he has always been doing.

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He grab my thight , pulling them up as I wrap my legs around his waist.
I wrapped my other arms around him and I kiss every inch of his mouth sucking them as it makes weird sounds.
Hunter drew my bottom lip into his and suckled on it doing the same with the upper lips.

I did the same and God it feels so good. His sweet tongue darted out and licked mine. I moan. With each stroke of our tongue lacing together, the kiss got more deeper and deeper.

Hunter fuck! “I moan when he rubs my exposed laps with his hand making me get more aroused.

He suddenly stopped kissing me and drop me on the floor. My feet met with the cold floor. Without looking at me, he walk out of the room.

What’s with him walking out on me every time.
I thought about what about what happened now. I kissed him, now he will think I want him.

Of course I did, the throbbing thing between my legs won’t stop screaming that.

Fucking bitch ” I muttered clasping my tight in anger.

Now I think I’m hungry.
I stood up wearing my flip-flops before rushing out of my room downstairs.