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His Bride. Episode 9

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 9
(Not edited, there are lot of errors please bear with me )

Now I think I’m hungry. I stood up wearing my flip-flops before rushing out of my room downstairs.

Some of the maids that saw me looked Suprise. And some have me the ‘ who let the dogs out ‘ . Fucking bitches, acting like saints. Like they couldn’t done worse if they are in my shoes.
I just hate it when people look at me with judging look.

Don’t fucking judge me, you are not God.

I glare at them as I walk to the dinning.
I sat down on one of the chairs and watch Maria and other maids set the table.
I sigh.

Maria ” I call but she ignores me.
Maria listen I didn’t do that to hurt you, anyone in my shoes will… ”

I didn’t finish my words when she excuse herself and and went away.
I dug on my food angrily.

Not long, Hunter and Ryan walk towards here.

Wait they are going to have dinner too.
That means,..gosh it will be so awkward since I just shared a crazy kiss with Hunter.

A blush creep on my cheek and quickly bend my head facing my food. I start to stuff my food inside my mouth in a fast pace.

I heard Ryan chuckle.
Woah…calm down hazel the food ain’t running away ” he says and they sit.

I didn’t answer him, I kept doing it. I know I look so unattractive right now but I don’t, care. I must stop my sef from blushing like this.

I take the glass of water, gulping it down. It calmed me down and I began to eat slowly.

Awkward silence took over.

But my throat is hitching me to say something, my mind assuring that I should start a conversation ,I won’t get SNUBBED
My brain also shouting “Lauren talk, you will not die ”
And I so I gave in.

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Um..your house is really cool ” I say looking at Hunter.
His gaze met mine but he looks away.

Hunter is a bad mood if you wanna talk I’m available. Ryan says and I smile.

We engage in a small talk that I even forgot I was eating from laughing so hard.

Not long, Hunter left without finishing his food. I frown at his back as I watch him leave.

I watch her as she stuff the food into her little mouth. Fuck that’s the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

The way to munch on those food, the way her mouth moves when she was talking to hunter turns me on I couldn’t take it. She’s making me hard unknowingly so I had to leave the dinning.

Ryan is right, I really want her.

Heather (Lauren’s mom).
I can’t believe you are this cruel, I made a great mistake agreeing to marry you, you brought me nothing but pain ” I shout at Ryder.

I don’t care, you are never grateful for what I did for you, I saved your ass from being homeless after my stupid brother died “he says.

Or after you killed him, for your own selfish reasons ”

Give me the fucking money Heather ” he growls.

No I’m not going to give my daughter’s hard earn money bastard. Even after everything she did for you, you still sold her to that man. You know how dangerous it is, I can’t believe you Ryder ” I screamed unable to keep the pain and regrets I feel.

Don’t worry sweetheart, she’s safe their. I could see the way hunter look at her, he won’t hurt her “he says and smirk.

I shake my head.

I should have done this a long time ago.
I should have left him, but I was scared, I was scared..they are going to come back and hurt us. We don’t have anyone to protect us so I foolishly ran to Ryder thinking he will protect me and my daughter.

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Now, what I’ve been running away from is about to happen.

But I’m not going to sit down and watch this time. I already moved my things and Lauren’s to my friends place after I explained everything to her, she let me stay for the meantime.

Lauren’s pov.
I couldn’t sleep, I was tosing around.
Sighing softly, I sprang up from the bed wearing my flip-flops and arranging my night gown before making my way out of my room. I walk down the hallway. I opened the door to the balcony, which I wanted open the other day.

Stepping inside, I was welcome with fresh air. I sigh happily and tuck the loose strand of hair behind my ear. My fingers curl around the railings, feeling the cold metal hit my hand sending shiver down my spine.

Wow! “I muttered as I watch the beautiful view in front of me.

It looks like an island. So hunter built his house in an island. Gosh, how rich is he really ?

Cos I know to be able to building a fucking mansion in an island isn’t a joke.

I smile closing my eyes as the wind blow my hair. I giggles as it hit my body giving me goosebumps. That stop when Hunter’s voice say behind me.

What are you doing here ”

I turn to see him. He’s shirtless only clad in a black pant. I gulp as my eyes rake down to his six pack, Staring at his biceps makes my throat dry and I gulp in my spit.

Like what you see “he says with a smirk. Amusement flash through his eyes.

I rolled my eyes and turn my back on him. I felt him move closer.

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What are you doing here” he asks again standing beside me.

I shrug.
Couldn’t sleep ” I say. What about you?” I ask.
I wasn’t expecting he did answer but he did.

Couldn’t sleep either “he says.

Oh… ” I drawled.

It’s beautiful isn’t it “he ask and I nod my head positively.

Why do you choose to build your house here? ” I ask.

You can always come here to relax your mind, it’s cool “he replies ignoring my question.

I roll my eyes again and watch the ocean.
It’s freezing, you should go in “Hunter says.

No I’m…. ” I was cut off by a sneeze.
I know you want to argue “he says huskily.
What he did next Suprise me.
He wrap his arms around my waist from the back and rest his head on my shoulders his breath fanning my neck.

Hunter what are you doing ” I say as I try to remove his hands from my waist.

Is he drunk again? But he doesn’t smell of alcohol neither does he talk like he’s drunk too.

Shh..i’m helping you keep warm so just stay still “he whispered in to my ear and I shuddered.

I sigh when I found myself leaning more into his touch. We stayed silent both of us in our own thoughts.
I wonder what he’s thinking though cos I’m thinking of him kissing me and…..

No, Lauren he’s your captive you shouldn’t be thinking that way.

I rest my head on his chest and listens to his heartbeat, I realize it was faster just like mine. I can feel the tension between us and I also moan when his finger touch my bare stomach.

We stay like that for some minutes before I doze off on his chest.