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V Ghost. Episode 2

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????V Ghost????
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 02????

“Hey Virgin ghost” the stranger called out.

Rachel glanced at the expensive dress the stranger is putting on starting from his shoe up to his face.

She is almost drooling on him and she tucked her hair back to get a better view of him.

Rachel’s POV
Wow I’ve only seen him on Tv but not this close look at that manliness and deep sexy voice. I wish to hear more of it come out of that pink lips. I’m sure God set out a special time to carve his lips.

So lost in my thought, I didn’t realize when I said wow and to my surprise, he let out a short laugh which sound deep and light… Oh Goood i’m going crazy.

“I’m a celebrity so it’s normal if you drool on me it’s understandable”

“Oh uhm… Well hi” I said as I snapped out of my embarrassing state.

“I guess you know who I am.”

“Yes you are Black”

“Good enough”.
Before my crazy fans sight me here let’s go somewhere secretive”

“Uh? Where? She said still blushing

” Hell”
He grab her hand and they teleported to a restaurant.

Rachel: Wow cool you have powers as well?

Black: Not really only this and I can’t even control it.
They entered the restaurant and Black put on his mask matching his black clothes.
He ordered for two cups of smoothies, strawberry flavoured.

Rachel: Why do you love black so much?

Black: Hey Virgin ghost you are not allowed to get friendly to me. I’ve seen many ghosts and helped with case like yours and getting close to me, it will end in heartbreak.

Rachel: Wait do you think I’ll fall in love with you or what? In your dreams only Edward is the best for me okay?

Black: Yeah right I forgot about your mission.
Whenever you’re in trouble just call my name and I’ll be there it’s my duty to keep you safe for three months.

Rachel: But how will you have time with your busy schedules?

Black: Don’t get this wrong I won’t be following you around but just know I’m watching you and…

Rachel: What?

Black: I need to put a mark on you so it will be easier to trace you anywhere and my mark is a blessing trust me.

Rachel: What is your mark?

Black: I’ll give you before I leave.
Black explained Ha ni’s life to Rachel and how she must live and dress. Her schools starting from Kindergarten to College.

Black: She studied Fashion and cosmetics but no job she’s living off her boyfriend who dumped her recently for a rich girl.

Rachel: Ohh I see why she committed suicide… Imagine wasting this good body
“She look down her boobs and grinned”

Black’ POV
I heard from others how stubborn she is… Hmm let’s see how she’s different from other ghosts I’ve seem so far… But truth be told she’s hot and endowed… Gosh I love her shape.. That big booty and round boobs.

If she’s not careful I will be the one to complete the third quest of exploring her honey pot.

He was lost in his fantasy staring down at her boobs and rubbing his lips. His short scattered eyelashes batting seductively… Even his eyelashes is different.

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Rachel: Uhm Mr Black can you stop drilling holes on me?

Black: My time is over. Here is her address (he handed over a piece of paper to her)

He stood up to leave but Rachel stopped him by asking for the mark.

“You asked for it”
He took her away from the restaurant and removed his covers and without thinking twice, he crushed his lips on hers.

Rachel glared in disbelief and her eyes popped out almost removing from its socket.

“What the…..” She pushed him away and Black smirked before disappearing.

“Oh no oh my goodness how can his lips be so soft, awwn”
I can’t believe I’m not angry… Rachel you’re bad I’m cheating on Edward.

I keep dreaming and reminiscing about the kiss on my way home.

When I got to the address I really love her house.Its an apartment on the rooftop but I still miss my luxurious life.

Uhhh” I sigh as I climbed the stairs.

Heard she’s an orphan and with no friends so it won’t be hard adjusting.

I opened the door and everything inside is pink including,her bed and girls stuffs she bought.

I tidied everywhere and then I found her phone.
There’s a password but surprisingly I unlocked it on the first attempt.

I saw her pictures and that of her boyfriend.

Rachel: Now I’m Kim Ha Ni… First, punish the jerk who dumped her then look for a job and work on your mission.

I wrote these on the calender dangled beside the mirror and marked a day out.
“First day is out”

I looked through her phone and sent her boyfriend a message asking to meet up.
He replied saying “Okay but this will be the last because I have a date with my girlfriend tonight”

“Shit that jerk…rascal of a thing”

“I text him back that I’ll like to meet his girlfriend”

????”No my girlfriend is scary”????

Guess you don’t know how dangerous I am.
I dropped the phone in anger but later saw another text agreeing to let me meet his new found bitch.

I went out with all the money I found in her house and I got new things and dresses.

????Brittany Empire????

The staffs can be seen, all panicking with fear clearly written on their face. Mr.Lee ,Edward’s P.A is crying already.

They heard the his cold voice from inside. With his voice they know he’s angry and that will get them into trouble.

“Get out of here” he said to the lady standing in front of him.

The lady ran outside in tears before leaving the company.

That Lady is the 5th secretary he has rejected this morning saying they are not up to his taste.

He came out of the office unbuttoning his shirt and breathing out hot air.
“Mr.lee come inside”

Mr.lee: Sir.. Please I’m sorry I’ll get you another secretary I’m a family man please.

Edward: You’re fired! Mr.Oh come inside. I’m sure you know I don’t repeat myself.

Until he vent his anger on someone he doesn’t calm down now he’s going to beat a grown up guy who is old enough to be his brother.

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Only screams and sounds were heard and the rest of the staffs tremble in fear.

” He’s such an animal”
“We must report this and get him arrested”
.”No we must not… That will give our company a bad image”

After leaving the office, Edward do go to his favourite club to get drunk and driving recklessly hoping to die from it one day.

He was in his car driving to the club when a girl stepped out on the road suddenly.
Actually he was not looking at the traffic lights and crossed the red light.

Rachel was shocked and she fell on her butt.

Edward alighted from his car and slam the door angrily.

“Hey do you have a death wish?

Rachel wanted to reply back but she stopped on seeing that its Edward.
Happiness beam in her heart and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Edward: Oy.. Stop crying people might think I’m picking on you.

Rachel’s POV
I wanted to call his name and jumped on him kissing every part of him but he will kill me since I’m now a stranger… Not Rachel.

Edward: This girl is nut.
Edward went to his car and drove away but Rachel didn’t move away nor stopped crying.

Now she didn’t know the traffic has switched to green and cars are passing already.

She turned to move away from the road but a car is already very close to hitting her.

Someone came out of nowhere and grabbed her, moving her away from the road. It’s Black.

“Virgin Ghost “he called as he grab her by the collar.
” Did you eat ‘Save me?’ How many of it?

“I’m sorry” she burst into tears and now crying like a baby.

Black: What happened?

Rachel: I saw him but he didn’t recognise me.

Black: Silly girl how do you expect him to recognize you. You are Ha Ni don’t forget that.
He let go of her and disappeared again.

Ha Ni wiped off her tears and went to the address sent to her by Ha Ni’s boyfriend Jason.

It’s a club actually.

“Who comes to club on their date?” She thought to herself.

Just then, she saw Jason and a tall skinny girl sitting together.

Jason saw her and
“Wow… You look good tonight”

Rachel: I know.

Jason: Here meet my girlfriend Diane.

She smiled broadly and stretch her hands for handshake.

“Heard you’re the conservative ex girlfriend”.

Rachel: Wow I cant believe you told her everything already… What else did you tell her?.

Jason: Don’t take this serious and tell me why you wanna meet up.

Rachel faced Diane
” Hey boo boo kitty”

Diane: Pardon?

Rachel: Yes you bitch.. I’m carrying his baby.

Jason:Ha Ni we’ve never fucked I’m sure you know that.

Edward came out of the VIP room with his bottle of champagne and then he saw the girl that almost ran into his car.

He saw her touching her belly and crying.”Jerk I’m pregnant”

Jason: Who gets pregnant without having sex these days.

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Edward chuckled and sat down watching the show.

Diane tried to pull Rachel’s hair but she caught her hand mid-air.
“If you don’t want to wear shade on your wedding day, I’ll advice you get rid of that thought of pulling your mother’s hair”

Rachel pushed her and she trip on her heels which caused her to fall on the table.

“I can’t believe this Jason. Go to hell”

Diane threw her shoes on Jason and left the club.

“How dare you Ha Ni have you forgotten how I use to beat you”

“What? So you do beat the innocent girl all because she’s living off you”

“Let’s get out of here and watch what I’ll do to you”

Jason drag Rachel outside to punish her.

Edward sigh heavily “Crazy bunch” then he sip his champagne ????.

Jason wanted to hit Rachel but she ran to where she hid her evil materials. She brought out a container and pressed down its head to release its spicy content into his eyes.

“Fuck!!!” He cried out.

“That’s not all jerk… You will pay for what you did”

Rachel removed her sandal and started hitting it on his head
“Rascal… Treat girls right… Idiot worm.

She keep chanting this and Jason couldn’t stand up but when she saw securities approaching she left her shoe and ran away.

Jason didn’t get himself throughout that night.

Edward got drunk as usual and went home driving recklessly.

Next morning ????
Rachel got dressed and decided to go work at Brittany’s.

” I’ll get to see him everyday and seduce him so we can… Gosh I’m blushing.

????Brittany Empire????
Rachel marveled at the big company and the changes it undergo in just a month.

She was directed to the 9th floor and she introduced herself to be the new secretary picked online after passing the test.
They stared at her pitifully and hope she gets the job.

“Best of luck to you…”

They put a call through and Edward asked her to come in.

Edward recognised her immediately and he asked her to remain standing “The suicide girl…. I’m right you are the girl that almost got me into trouble yesterday…. Ah.. The club also the pregnant girl.

Rachel’s POV
What is he saying? Was he at the club yesterday?
Oh no I’m busted…

Edward: i don’t like you so you’re rejected leave please.

” I read about you online yesterday… Did you turn into such a cold beast because of me?… I’m sorry i died before our engagement” She thought in her mind.

“Miss are you deaf?”

Then another call came in that his father is around.

“What? Dad?”

Before he dropped his call, Mr. Mark came inside opening the door wide without closing it.

Edward: Father…

Rachel noticed the fear that gripped him on sighting his father then she thought this is a great opportunity.

Then she started crying….
“Father-in-Law”she cried out.

Edward couldn’t believe his ears and the staffs assembled at the door immediately to confirm they heard the right statement…” Father-in-law?

????What is this shameless ghost up to? Help me ask her????