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V Ghost. Episode 3

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 03????

Rachel: Father-in-law
She starts shedding fake tears as she walk slowly to Mr.Mark.

“What is going on here?” Mr.Mark retorted in his deep old aged voice and his cold attitude can clearly be felt.

Edward rub his forehead with two fingers showing he’s fuming up.

“Father I’ll take care of this you can leave”

“No I don’t think it’s something you can handle”
Mr.Mark turned to face Rachel who’s holding unto his coat.

“Tell me what happened… Are you his girlfriend?”

Rachel wiped the game tears and prepare to talk “Sir actually I’m not his girlfriend, but I’m pregnant for him”

“What? You liar, I don’t even know you”

Mr.Mark: Lady he said he doesn’t know you.

Rachel:Ask him if he wasn’t at ‘Kiss’ Club yesterday… I called him to meet up because ever since that night… Last week I just can’t forget him… We.. We… Oh God it’s embarrassing
She faked another cry and fell on the floor.

Mr.Mark went closer to Edward.
“I only know of your drinking habit but I never imagined you to impregnate someone as well”

Edward: Father believe me I don’t know her… I just met her yesterday arguing with her boyfriend… That’s how she lies around about being pregnant without even touching her.
Dad she gets pregnant every day every fucking minutes. She’s a pregnancy demon.

Mr.Mark: Anyway take care of this right now…people are watching and I don’t want anything to destroy this company’s image.

Mr.Mark turned to Rachel and assured her that he has talk sense into his son then he left the office.

Edward kicked the table in anger because of this strange crazy girl. He glared at his employees as they watch in anticipation and they even lean on each other.

Edward: Are you enjoying this!?
He yelled at them and they stumble on each other in their attempt to dismiss.

He walked to the door and he shut it locking it from behind.

Miss Bae: Oh my God so boss can actually do such a thing?

Mr.Oh: Tell me about it… I always knew that jerk is something else.

Mr.Ki: I’m sure he forced that girl.
The rest covered their opened mouth in surprise.

Miss Bae: What to do? Hope he won’t punish that innocent beauty?


Edward start pacing up and down and staring intently at Rachel but she knew she just caused a huge trouble for him so she only keep her face buried down and picking her nails.

Edward: Pregnancy Demon or what’s your name?

Rachel: It’s Rach…(then she stopped and remember that she’s no more Rachel)
Uhm… It’s Kim Ha Ni sir.

Edward: Oh so I’m sir now? Not your lover?

Rachel: I’m sorry sir I was only pulling a prank earlier…actually that part of my talent.

Edward’s POV.
What can I do to punish this girl? I will never forget what she did to me today. I’ll give her the job but make it a living hell for her.

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Edward: Okay I’m not angry… Welcome to Brittany you’ve been emoloyed.

Rachel: Oh my God thank you so much sir… Can I start now?

Edward: Sure but I’m going out in 10 minutes get my schedule from that ugly man outside.

Rachel smiled happily and packed her files then she turn to leave but that big booty can’t be hidden I guess.
Her big round booty keep dancing left and right in her short office skirt.

It caught Edward’s attention and he couldn’t help but watch till she was out of sight.
Edward: Where did she get something that big for such tiny stature? Guess I didn’t see her clearly last night.

Rachel came out of the boss office smiling happily only to see the remaining staffs waiting impatiently for her.

Miss Bae stepped forward with a sorry face and asked her “Did you get the job?

Rachel: Of course! I did get the job.

” oh my God no way”
“Is it because you’re carrying his baby?”

Rachel: Baby? Who’s pregnant?

Mr.Ki: You.

Rachel: Ahh that? I lied I’m not pregnant I don’t even know him.

Miss oh: Do you even know who you are messing around with?

Rachel: Why are you all so stressed up? Is he that scary? He’s nice to me.

They stared at her with disbelief then they assembled together to discuss like kids.

Suddenly they start laughing and they all embrace Rachel.
“Our saviour is hereee please save us from this cold boss”

Rachel can’t help but laughed her chest out.

They liked her immediately and start treating her well.

10 Minutes later????
Edward came out of his office and Rachel stood up immediately with his schedule.

They went to the car and he said he will drive.

Edward:We are visiting our 3rd factory now right?

Rachel: Yes sir.
They were driving along the highway when Edward stopped the car.

Rachel: Sir what’s wrong with the car?.

Edward: Get down.

Rachel: what?

Edward: I said get down… Disobeying orders on your first day?

Rachel: No sir.
Rachel alighted from the car and sharing her eyes from the sun.

Edward: I want to drink Coffee there’s a Coffee shop around I think 15 minutes walk from here.

Rachel: Okay let’s take the car.

Edward: No it won’t be that sweet…. I will enjoy it only if there’s a strong labour behind it so you must walk to that coffee shop.

Rachel: Mr.Edward this is pure wickedness.

Edward:You stay one more minute and you’re fired.

Rachel: What? But…

Edward: Your time starts now.
Rachel cursed silently and crossed the road following the description given to her by Edward.

She got to a street and she’s tired because of her high heels so she removed them and start walking barefooted.

Someone showed up behind her and starts following her.
She saw a shadow approaching from behind her and she got scared.

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She hold her shoes firmly ready to attack if it’s a stalker or a pervert.

She stopped and the stranger stopped, she took two steps and the stranger did likewise.

She turn immediately and was about to hit the stranger with her shoes but he caught her hand.

Black: Hey Virgin ghost

Rachel: Gosh you scared me… What kind of celebrity are you?and my name is Rachel not virgin ghost.

Black: Ok Virgin Rachel.

Rachel: Is this how you are? I mean… Celebrities are expected to be cold, proud and busy but here you are playing around.

Black: Playing around? I’m only doing my duty of looking after you.

Rachel: Don’t you have other things you can do? Like composing new songs.

Black: What to do… I’m a spirit I have thousands of new songs in my head so it’s always boring writing down.

Rachel: What about your girlfriends? Have fun with girls.

Black: Hmm you’re right but I don’t have a girlfriend, only fuck buddies but they’ve all ran away.

Rachel: What? Why?

Black:Mr.Junior down there is kinda big and long so…

Rachel: Aish damn it you’re too dirty.

Black: And I’m a beast on bed.

Rachel: Stop it already will you?

Black: I’m telling you this in case you change your mind about that boyfriend of yours.

Rachel: Maybe you should get lost.

Black: Sure I’m leaving already.

Rachel turned to her left to talk again but he’s nowhere to be found.

Rachel: He should be a grim reaper not a sexy god.

Rachel arrived at the coffee shop and placed her order then she noticed people staring at the TV show and so lost in it.

They are talking about the sexy singer “Black” it’s a rumour about him dating a popular actress
“Jin Hye Mi”.Someone took their pictures and did some real work on it pairing them together on a date and playing in a park and even kissing at a party.

Fans and reporters have surrounded his house and he teleported out so as to stay away from the noise and calm his head.

Rachel: Ahh i get it… That’s why he came around. Problem with those stars… It’s always a scandal to get more popularity.

She paid for the coffee and went back to meet Edward.

Safe Memorial Hospital ????
A woman was seen holding a young lady’s arm and cleaning it with water. It’s Mrs.Yoo

Mrs.Yoo: My baby… Hope you’re doing well today? Wake up soon momma will never give up on you okay?

She sobs as she clean her body.
There is Rachel on the hospital bed with oxygen mask on, drip and wire strips running to her nose.
Her pulse slowly moving in the pulse detecting machine.

Edward and Rachel arrived late at night after vising all the scheduled places.
No sooner had they entered than the staffs left the office.

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Rachel: Good night sir… I will be leaving for my house now.

Edward:Yeah good night.

Rachel’s POV
Wait there’s no one around presently maybe i should start working already… Let me try some stuffs.

Rachel: uhm sir i think i forgot one of my files in your office.

Edward: Get it tomorrow.

Rachel: But sir its important.

Edward: Are you going for another interview? Go home

Rachel: But sir…

Edward’s POV
This girl is tempting my naughty side… I feel like making her sit on my hard drive and kiss that hot lips of hers… Come to your senses Edward… Rachel died just a month ago and you’re creating interest in another girl already.
Its not like i loved Rachel i only liked her as a friend… She’s dead i deserve to be happy.
” But… But… I…” Snap out of it Rachel’s spirit is watching.

I shouted at her to leave but she made such a cute face pouting her lips as she place her hands on the door knob.

I didn’t know why i can’t stop looking at that boobs and booty and i…

Rachel’s POV
I was about to open the door when i felt his fast movement behind me. He grabbed my hand and turned me around making me fall close on his chest.
He pushed me to the wall and lean over… I can feel his breathe… Smelling like strawberry.
He batted his long eyelashes and a smile curled up.

Edward: Pregnancy Demon what do you want?what’s your mission?

The situation caught her unaware, she has never been in such state before and she swallowed a saliver that’s not even there.

Edward:Don’t swallow your chest with it… I’m gonna need that. So pregnancy demon do you wanna get pregnant?

I felt his face leaning more closer and closed my eyes to welcome his sexy lips but was brought back to reality when i hear someone calling my name from afar.

I opened my eyes only to see Edward staring at me.
Gosh… I was day dreaming… all my thoughts didn’t happen i was thinking about this… Damn it Rachel.

Indeed he came to stop me and held my hands but he was only telling me not to come late tomorrow.

Edward: Listen Miss Kim Ha Ni… I think you’ve been watching too many dramas these days please be sensible.

I closed my eyes out of embarrassment and left his office.

Edward’s POV
That was close i can’t believe i almost stopped her… But why did she closed her eyes?

Outside the Company
Rachel stood outside and look up at the 9th floor cursing at Edward.
When did he become so cold and wicked?.. And why is everyone giving me names… Pregnancy demon… Virgin ghost.. That sexy leach of the worm family. I will still fuck you just wait.

She cursed out and left the company premises.

????Who does that on their first day? And when she’s not talented in swears words must she curse?