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V Ghost. Episode 4A

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 04????

Rachel was heading home when she remembered Black and she decided to go visit him.
She bought foodstuffs hoping to cook and console him even though they are not close.
“I don’t fancy you but this is what I can do to repay you for taking care of me.” She said.

She got to his mansion and she almost fell down because her eyes is turning at how big the mansion is.

She pressed the doorbell and the gate opened for her.
She entered and Black called her number.

Rachel: Why are you calling when I’m here?

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a rather cold but calm voice.

Rachel knew he’s not in a good mood so she dropped her informal tone and talked politely
“I only wanted to check on you”

“Go back home” he cut her off”

“Hey cone on… Just open the door”

“Don’t you listen to….” Then he stopped in between like he was in pain but hiding it.

Rachel sat down on the floor and keep looking at the camera.
” when you get tired of seeing my stubborn face, you will open up”

“3060113” then he fainted.

Rachel guessed it to be the password and she pressed the button. Surprisingly the door opened and she went inside.

“Wow it’s good to be celebrity how…
Then she saw Black passed out on the floor and sweating profusely.

She dropped her nylons and rushed to him ” hey black hey wake up… What happened to you?

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He’s burning hot despite sweating so much like that.

Rachel helped him to the couch and went to get cold water and pad to bring down his fever.

Five minutes later, he regained consciousness and he sit up immediately.
” Hey Mr. Earth grim reaper you scared me.

“Thanks” he said softly

“So what happened to you?

” I’m allergic to peanut… I didn’t know it was in the juice I had”

She burst out into laughter but stopped immediately she saw Black serious face.
“I’m sorry but… You are a spirit how can you have an allergy?

” Hey virgin ghost I’m half human as well so definitely I should behave like one”
So what are you doing here?

“Uh? Ah yeah I saw the news… Hope you’re okay?

” Am I supposed to be sick? It’s a scandal there are many benefits out if it so I’m okay”

“Wow so I came here thinking you are tired and angry”

“Hmmm don’t tell me you’ve started… Wow it’s only been two days and you..”

“I guess I should leave you to your dream”.
She stand up to leave but Black stopped her saying he’s just joking.

” I’m hungry as it is I’m sure there’s food in those nylons”
He batted his eyes seductively at her and it almost got Rachel falling
“Whatever stop that silly face I’ll cook i’ll cook.

Black pat her head and went to his room while Rachel prepared a fast food for him.

Rachel: It’s very late I should leave now.

Black: You won’t eat what you cooked?

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Rachel: I’ve eaten at work.

Black: I don’t care about that what if you try to poison me or …

Rachel: Is this how you wanna repay my sincere sacrifice?

Black: If you want to console me why don’t you sleep over? It’s 11:00pm already.

Rachel: Why are you flirting with me?

Black: Well who knows I might have fallen for you.

Rachel: Yeah you fell for my body and you wanna have it… Pervert. Goodnight.

Black: Good night.
He smiled and it looked real then he said ” Thank you” to Rachel sincerely.

Next Morning????
Pta pta pta was the sound of the approaching footsteps on the stage as she walks in displaying new brand of bags.
An advert is going on and Actress Park Min ha, the most beautiful actress in Korea stars in it.

Fans screaming backstage and shouting her name.

“Cut” the director said and she smiled broadly “Good job everyone”

Writer’s POV.
This is Park Min ha, sweet, beautiful, caring and talented. Well that’s her image and the impression she leaves on everyone but she’s a total witch in her private moment.
Only her manager knows her true colour.

Her popularity is dropping lately and the only way for her to be noticed again is to get close to someone popular.

Bingo… The perfect prey is Black. Being the top singer in Korea and loved by majority, she arranged someone print out news about them dating, a huge scandal that will get her back on her feet.

“Arhhh so hot…. So where am I going next?” She asked as she drank from her bottle of water”

“The widows house” her manager stammered as she reads out the address.

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“Damn it… That smelly place again?
Someone called her from the crowd” Unni sarange” I love you I can die for you.

She smiled faking it very well and she wave to them all before entering her car.

????Brittany Empire????
Rachel arrived ahead of time and she set everyone’s files accordingly.

Edward and the rest of the staffs arrived few minutes later and he called for an emmergency meeting.