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V Ghost. Episode 4B

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Rachel’s POV
Why is my Edward looking so tired this morning?
This is so bad… Let me eavesdrop on their discussion.

A particular company stole their idea though they didn’t know who the mole is but that’s not important.
He asked everyone to look for new ideas in a week so they can maintain their stand in the market.

But none of them replied saying it’s under construction or not good enough. Edward got angry and yelled out in anger sending them out.

Rachel returned back to her position and she started jotting stuffs down and sketching new styles of clothes also.

Miss Bae noticed her silence and went to her, she was impressed with her having such talent but working as a secretary.

She called the rest on her and she asked them to calm down and work together.

She explained her idea to them and new cool ingredients to make a unique make-up.

????A week later????
She called the clothing department and the make-up department giving them thorough lesson about what they didn’t even expect.

Without informing Edward, they started working on it but he still caught them.
The ideas, likes and preferences are so familiar with someone’s so he threatened them to speak up.

He was surprised to learn that Rachel came up with the idea.

Edward’s POV
Why is she thinking like Rachel? Her styles, likes and dislikes and the way she makes my coffee.
Only Rachel know that I like my Coffee bitter it’s normal for coffee to have milk but I just don’t like it. All my previous secretaries makes my coffee with milk but she doesn’t even without asking me and u never challenged her.
Why am I do comfortable with her? It’s only been a week and I’ve grown fond of her.

After Rachel I’ve never been so close to girls…am I allowed to fall in love with her?

Just then he heard knock on his door and he asked the guest to come inside. It’s Rachel

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Rachel: I want to explain the new ideas to you boss… Can I start?
(She won’t stop flirting none stop)

Edward: Go on.
As Rachel keep talking and demonstrating, Edward was not paying attention but busy looking at her instead.

Rachel: Sir… Sir are you there?

Edward:Uh yeah… I’ll think about it.

Rachel knew Edward has started paying attention to her and she knew she must not play with that opportunity.

Black’s Mansion.
Actress Min ha and Black had a meeting three days ago with their industries discussing about how to satisfy the public’s interest.
Black disagreed at first because he know pretty well the kind of vixen she is and that she’s only after his bed and nothing else.

But Min ha keep appearing on Tv shows and whenever the media asks about her relationship with Black she will say “I can’t say anything for now…we will get back to you soon”
And now her promissory words left Black with no choice than to fake the relationship.
Tomorrow they are to go on a date and they will be recorded playing lovey dovey.

Now she has come to pay him a visit.

Black saw her from the CCTV and he pressed a button which automatically opened all doors and she walk majestically inside.

Black: Now what do you want?

Min ha: Come on Black not even a good evening.

Black: Our business is only valid on screen after the show okay?So tell me what you’re doing here.

Min ha: Come on why do you hate me so much? Can’t you see my sincerity at all?

Black: I know girls like you a lot… I don’t hate you but I dislike your hypocrisy. You want just what other girls are dying to get from me so shy beating around the bush?

Min ha: So… If I tell you what I want… Will you like me?
She said biting her lips and dropping her bag.

Black hold her waist and pull her closer” Yes bitch” he whispered it in her eyes and breathing on her.

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Min ha lingers her hands all over his body and then into his pant???? touching the ever hard master.

Black: You asked for it… No feelings attached so don’t come around me acting funny later.

Min ha: Shhh you’re wasting time.

Rachel was walking home after work when she saw Ha Ni’s boyfriend Jason driving away but he didn’t saw her.

Rachel: What’s that Worm doing here?
She thought and continued her walk home.
On getting to her apartment, she saw a big lock at the entrance.
She dropped her bag and banging on it confused.
Then the landlady yelled at her not to spoil her property.

Rachel: Ma’am what’s going on here? Why is my door locked?

Old woman: Your boyfriend came here asking me to sell the apartment to him with everything inside and I could not refused… He’s such a nice young boy he paid immediately and even got another house for me.

Rachel: How can you be so inhuman. I’m still living here and my stuffs are inside!!.

Old woman: Uh you’re so noisy for a tiny lady like you… Did you pay for the rent? This apartment was rented under his name but now he came to but it what’s so wrong with that?

Rachel: Ahjuma… Please just tonight let me sleep here… Aish I have nowhere to go.
She cried out like a baby and sat on the floor.

The old woman left her there and she continue crying.

“What to do now? Where will I go now? Oh, yea Black!
She pick her bag and went to Black’s mansion.

When she got there, she keep pressing the doorbell but he’s not responding not is he picking his phone.

Rachel pressed the password he gave her that day and gained entrance.

She saw that everywhere is silent and an expensive jacket on the couch with a lady’s bag and shoe.
” Wow seems he is human after all he brought a girl over”

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She wanted to stay and wait in the sitting room but loud moan start coming up.
It was soft at first then it intensifies and the most turned to silly cry of pleasure. Min ha shouting his name and screaming like she will die.

Rachel start feeling uncomfortable with the noise but she still stayed cuz she had nowhere to go.

After 30 minutes, she has feel asleep already and the moaning has stopped.
Black came out wearing a long night jacket tying the ropes together as he went to the kitchen.
He opened the fridge to drink water when he saw someone sleeping on his couch.

“What the…
He closed back the fridge and went to whosoever is sleeping.

” Virgin ghost? What’s she doing here?so late at night? She even fell asleep don’t tell me she heard that crazy girl screaming my name in bed?
Damn it… I intend to act innocent to get her on my bed but now she knows what i am.

Then he heard Min ha’s voice from the bedroom calling him.

But before he could think of a solution, She’s already standing behind him.

Min ha: Wow… Who is this?

Black: I don’t think i should explain that to you.

Min ha: Your girlfriend?

Black: Stay out of my personal life will you?

Min ha: Go to hell I can’t believe this I thought we had something.

Black: We had nothing. It was just few minutes of great fun so get lost.

Min ha: You will regret this just don’t forget the show tomorrow.
Min ha packed her clothes and dressed before leaving.

Somewhere unknown.
Edward is seen sitting in his car and resting his head on the steering.
He brought out Rachel’s photo and cried bitterly..
“I’m sorry… I.. I didn’t mean to kill you I did it to protect you. I’m sorry I’m gonna be forgetting you soon.

He brought out his lighter and burned her picture.