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V Ghost. Episode 5

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 05????

I’m sorry… I.. I didn’t mean to kill you I did it to protect you. I’m sorry I’m gonna be forgetting you soon.

He brought out his lighter and burned her picture.

Mark’s Mansion ????????????
Edward arrived at his home and he alighted from his car drying his face so it won’t show that he’s been crying.

He entered and saw his father, Mr.Mark aitted in the living room looking at a picture in his hands and some files on the table.
“Father I’m home” he announced

“Oh you’re home?come here for a while come” he said saparating the files from the envelope.

He eyed his father coldly before taking his seat.

Mr.Mark:Check this girl out. She is Shin Hye mi, the heiress to D&D company.

Edward:What do you want from me father?

Mr.Mark: Try to get close to her.

Edward: I’m sorry I can’t.
He stood up to leave.
Mr.Mark: How dare you? (Now he saw his sad cold face.
“Wait have you been crying!?tsk tsk how could i be so unlucky to have such a weak son. You still haven’t gotten that dead girl off your head.

Edward:How can you not feel any traces of humanity? Father you caused her death just like you did to Mom and my brother.

Mr.Mark slapped him hard across the face.

Edward:(he scoff and..) Today i hate mother and big brother for leaving for their freedom without taking me along.

Mr.Mark: You might as well join your mother in heaven and as for Jeremy?(his eldest son) don’t even mention his name before me again.

Edward: Your wealth is not even yours it belongs to mother. You got married to her and tricked her into having a child for you. She did and you killed her.
Same with brother you hooked her up with a wealthy girl and after transferring her property under your name, you got her killed. I’m glad brother ran away from home.

Mr.Mark: Wow you’ve done well. I thought I’ve been raising a lion not knowing you are just a snake waiting for the right time to strike me. If not for me you wouldn’t be here you want to live a good live and that’s why you are staying till now. Listen up if you don’t start working on this, i will destroy you.

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” What is left of me that you wanna destroy father?” He said and went upstairs to his room.

Mr.Mark’s POV
I won’t stop until I’m satisfied in ruining every woman’s life with what I’ve experienced in the name of finding true love. They are all bitches and you won’t learn until you experience it too.
By the way he sounds so suspicious… With the look of things how come Rachel died a day to the engagement? I must look into this something is definitely off.

Next Morning????????????
Black’s Mansion
Rachel’s POV
Hmmm this is so comfortable I’ve not sleep so well in a while now.
I yawned and turned to another side of the bed smiling with my eyes closed… But wait yesterday, landlady, house, woman…
I sprang up as yesterday’s drama replayed in my head.
I was disappointed this isn’t my be but someone else’s house.
I must have slept off he even carried me inside..phum (i scoff) how nice of him.

“Are you talking about me?”
I heard a voice from the right side of the bed where i turned from earlier. I was shocked and i shifted away from him. Like did he watch over me through the night?

“Who’s talking about anyone did i mention names?i said pretending.

” Oh… Okay good morning and what were you doing on my couch last night?”

“Ahh that you won’t believe I’m homeless”

“Well what’s there not to believe? You’re stubborn so I’m sure you insulted your landlady”

“Hey good looking worm I’m not like that I’m kind, gentle and generous”
Black scoffed at her introduction and dip his hands into his pockets.

“I have no time for this let’s get something to eat and you can explain”

“You really exhaust yourself last night imagine that horrible scream”

“Try me out I’m sure you will do better”

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“Who is she?”

“Min ha… Park min ha”

“What?oh my goodness your scandal partner right? She exclaimed
” wow I’ve been dying to meet her in a big fan so she’s talented in that aspect also”

“I can bring out the talent in you as well Virgin ghost”

“Like me poisoning you right?”
Black opened the fridge and brought out some vegetables and Tofu while Rachel keep talking and explaining how Jason bought the house with her belongings.

Black: Girl… You smell go and clean yourself please.

Rachel: What? How…. Damn it fuck you.

Black: I wish.
Rachel went back to the room she slept in and used the bathroom there. She just dump her clothes into the basket forgetting she’s not in her home so no extra clothes.
She came out of the bathroom in a short towel and her hair dripping wet.

Rachel: Oh no there’s no extra clothes for me how can you be so stupid Rachel?
She searched the room but didn’t find any proper clothes except White shirts hung on the rack.
That’s where Black put the clothes he’s no more wearing.

She wore it and buttoned up but it’s too short for her.

She came out trying to pull the rim down a bit.

When Black saw her in his shirt looking so seductive with her wet hair and exposed fair leg. He could not help but stare.

Rachel noticed his stare and she start walking more seductively.

Rachel: Hey grim reaper snap out of it.

Black: Are you not even embarrassed?

Rachel: We came to this world naked and so we shall leave.

Black: The day I’ll have you on my bed, i promise you will forget your name.

Then her phone starts vibrating and she glance at the screen, it’s her boss. She froze with fear and start running up and down.

“It’s boss it’s my boss what to do? what to do? I should be at work by now.

” Simple pick the call and tell him you’re sick”

“I can’t even feel my voice he’s scary he will fire me”
She picked up the call and said in a low tone “Can you please call me back in 3 minutes”

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Black: What?

Rachel: He will think i said that probably because i don’t know his number. I need to dress up, my face my dress.

Black: It’s a voice call ghost not a video call.

Rachel: I’ll call him on video call i need to let him see how sexy i am in the morning.

Black: Ghosts are really scary.
She went inside to check her purse for lipstick and make up she bought recently.
Edward called again and Black picked the call.

Edward: Hey pregnancy demon i want you here right now in 10 minutes or you’re fired.

Black: uhm hi this is her boyfriend, she won’t be at work today she got sick due to yesterday’s work and I’m sure you don’t wanna know about the work.

Edward: Have her call me when she’s in position to talk.
Then he hung up.

Black: What? This rude jerk does he know he just spoke with a star?

Rachel came out later with heavy make up on her face.

Rachel: Hey what are you doing with my phone?

Black: It looks like mine.
She snatched it and dialed Edward’s number but he’s not picking it.

Black: Maybe you should eat on time and let’s get you new dresses and girls stuffs you might need.

Rachel: Will you get me a new house please?

Black: If i buy a house under my name for a girl that will ruin my career okay? So you’re living here till your three months is up.

Rachel: Living with you? No no way.

Black: Then go and live on the street you are a ghost after all.

An hour later, Black and Rachel drove out of the big mansion to get clothes for her.

Someone took their photograph and followed them everywhere they went.

Shooting scene.

Park min ha: Hmm the girl must be really dear to him. Find out everything about her.

Man: Yes Miss.