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V Ghost. Episode 10

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 10????
She smirked and locked the door “How dare you mess with my noona” let’s see you going naked in public and a life show at that.


Edward took Rachel to a restaurant far from the company to avoid being sighted else rumour will starts.

He pull out the chair for her to sit before taking a seat as well.

They continue eating in silence still feeling somehow about the issue but Edward decided to break the silence.

Edward: Uhm thanks for coming out here with me.

She sense that Edward is not that free with her again and she feared she might never get to know the “Why”.

Rachel: Boss… Why are you being so formal.

Edward: Am I being formal?

Rachel: Yes we are in a relationship not a meeting.

Edward: Thanks so much Ha ni.

They smiled at each other and she even teased him with the food and made sure everything is back to how it was.

After lunch, Edward asked her to come over to her vacation house but she said no.
” I’m sorry I have an appointment tonight”

“I don’t feel at ease with you living with that actor”

“It’s nothing okay? Or you might as well buy me a house.”

“Really? If I do that will you move out?” He said looking so serious.

“Why so serious? Ok I’ll think bout it” she said smiling.

They enter the car and went back to the office.

Ciara saw them coming in together and she went hovering around her like a baby.

Ciara: Unni where’ve you been?

Edward: We went for a meeting.

Ciara: Oh ok. Also the clothes have been brought in today.

Edward: So soon? The show is in two weeks.

Rachel: Wow our baby Ciara is very hardworking can’t you see?

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Edward: Oh right.

Ciara: Yes Boss.
She smiled sheepishly.

???? Hospital????

Mrs Yoon is looking at Rachel on the bed and smiling saying nice things to her.

Mrs Yoon: Hubby… Our Rachel looks more pretty today,don’t you think?

Mr.Yoon: Of course.

Mrs Yoon: I’ll never forgive whosoever did this to her.

Mr.Yoon: She is the only one that knew who injected her with that poison so when she wakes up, we are going to file a lawsuit.

Mrs.Yoon: But why did you have to lie to that young man(Edward) about her being dead?

Mr.Yoon: Keeping her hidden till she’s okay is the best option wife. For someone to enter into our house and did such a thing to her, how can we be sure the person is not close? So we must be careful.

After work, Edward proposed to drive Rachel home and she agreed.

On their way, Edward talked about his father being so wicked and dangerous.

Edward: But I can’t run away like mother and big bro… Else I won’t have a life to live.

Rachel’s POV
So pitiful… Since he’s telling me this I hope he will just tell me everything but he is not ready for it.

Rachel: I’m sorry for your pain…uhm what about that girl? Uhm the dead girl.

Edward: I’m sorry Ha Ni… It’s not time.
Rachel didn’t want to frustrate him so she remained mute.

Now Two months is gone and still nothing from him and Rachel has started to lose hope.

Black was in his room ready to sleep but he’s got a very sharp hearing. He heard someone sobbing but silently.
He traced it to Rachel’s room and when he opened the door, she is lying on the bed.

“I must have heard it wrong”
He was about to close the door when her voice came out in pain.

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He rushed to her bed and turned her to his side facing him. She has been crying all along.

“Hey what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?

She didn’t say anything still and Black draw her in for a hug.

” it’s okay talk to me”

“Just a month left Black… Am I really going to hell? I shouldn’t have caused trouble that day I should have accept my fate that day.”

“Shhh calm down baby” he said placing his finger on her lips
” Don’t say that. I believe you won’t go to hell. You are a brave woman and very different from other ghosts… You are the most unique ghosts I’ve ever seen Rachel. I believe you can do it.”

“But he’s not ready to open up to me why?”

“He doesn’t trust you yet that’s why…”

“What can I do to earn his trust? I didn’t even snitch on him to the police so what else”

“You know quite well what you can do Rachel” he said as he stood up from her bed.
Deep down he’s not happy with the advice he gave her.

Black: Go to sleep.

????????Next morning????
????Brittany Empire????

The company seems to be very busy with the show coming up and everyone moving up and down.

Rachel went to Edward’s office to discuss about work but saw him sleeping.
She approached him on the Sofa sleeping so peacefully.

Rachel: He look so cute while sleeping.

She start tracing his eyebrows with her fingers but careful not to tickle him.
She smiled at her childish behavior and dropped the file to take her leave but Edward grab her hands and pull her back making her fall on his chest.

She let out a nervous gasp and Edward opened his eyes slowly.

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Edward: So you want to eat me up while I was sleeping… Are you a succubus?
( A female demon that have sex with sleeping men)

Rachel: What? A succubus? I’m not an evil spirit.

Edward: Okay accepted.

Rachel: Then lets go of me.

Edward: No I like it this way.

Rachel: What if someone comes in.

Edward: Will you follow me home tonight?

Rachel: Home?
Rachel’s POV
Since he’s been mentioning his house to me everytime… Is this the only way he can trust me? So this is what Black was talking about.
I’m ready to do anything to get the truth but once I’m back…

Edward: If you don’t want to… It’s okay.

Rachel: No did I say anything? My naughty boyfriend… Okay I’ll follow you home tonight.

He said happily and hug her tighter in that sleeping position and just then, Mr.Oh came inside without knocking.????????????????

Edward pushed Rachel away and she started looking around searching for what’s not missing.
Mr.Oh fell on his butt out of shock,
“Oh oh oh my… So.. Sorry”
He ran back with full force tripping and falling down.

Rachel covered her mouth mouthing things to Edward”i warned you didn’t I?”

“I’m so killing that family man”.

Around 4:30, a message ????came into Edward’s phone and when he checked the contents…. He was shocked and fear gripped him.

It’s Rachel’ a picture in a state of Coma and with a caption
” What if she’s alive?”

She checked the sender and it turned out to be his Father.

” I’ll take care of her back to life and you will marry her… The reason behind you killing her is what I will like to see you try again.”

Edward: Oh no.. Ha ni must not see this… Rachel is already my past I won’t allow anything come between us… Not Father nor Rachel