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V Ghost. Episode 7

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 07????

Rachel heard Edward screaming her name meanwhile she was standing outside listening to everything Miss Bae said.

She opened the door and came inside gently but with her head down and batting her eyes like a baby.

Edward: Excuse us.

Miss Bae: Uh?

Mr.Oh: Okay sir.
Mr.Oh drag Bae away and closed the door.

Edward: Miss Kim Ha Ni where is your evidence that I’m a gay?

Rachel: Uh no.. Hum sir it was a mistake I typed that in my drunken state.

Edward: You’ve ruined my image in that drunken state of yours. Just what else do you do whenever you’re drunk? First you begged me to have sex with you…

“What? I said that?” She asked feeling embarrassed.

Edward: You almost raped me at the party I even recorded everything.(he lied)

Rachel: What? Boss I’m sorry

Edward: I won’t release the tape on two conditions.

Rachel:Whhat? Sir two conditions?

Edward: First you will go around telling everyone that its not true that the boss is not a gay.

Rachel: And….

Edward: Be my girlfriend for a month.

Rachel: What?

“Oh my God this can’t be true… Is something wrong with my hearing? It’s too real to be true… This is your last chance Rachel.

Edward: You don’t want to?

Rachel: uhm Boss I need to think about it.
(Then she went out pretending to be angry)

Edward: I can’t understand this girl at all.

Actress Min ha is seen meeting up with an employee of Brittany Empire.
The girl smiled and bowed before entering the car and few minutes later, she came out with an envelope.

Min ha said to her ” Make sure you embarrass her so bad that she will commit suicide”

Girl: No problem Noona… I’m your biggest fan and whosoever mess with you is messing with me.

Min ha: We will talk later.

????????A month Later ????????

????Mark’s Mansion ????

A man entered the sitting room holding a brown envelope and Mr.Mark asked him to sit.

Mr.Mark: So how is the investigation going?

Man: I’m done with it and I’m here with the result.

Mr.Mark: Okay?

Man: On the night of the incident, Mr.Edward your son was spotted in her area. He disguised and put on a mask so he won’t be seen on Cam but the CCTV footage near the school got him.
Five minutes later, he was seen leaving through another street to where he parked his car and the number plate of the car matched the car he’s using presently.

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Mr.Mark: What? So he killed that girl himself.

Man: These are the pictures from the recording cam.

Mr.Mark: Alright I’ll get back to you.
The man left the mansion and Mr.Mark just burst into laughter.
“Edward… So you’re this smart, now let me give you the shock”

????Britanny Empire????
It’s been a month now and Rachel is still playing around and not giving Edward a reply but he’s now fond of her and growing feelings for her.

But the idea she introduced was a jackpot and their business rose up again.

Rachel’s POV
A month is gone now and I’ve not fulfil any of the quest… Am I really going to hell? How will I get close to this guy to fuck me and who will help me with the rest?
Hmm I know what to do. I’ll put that drug into his drink.
I bought it yesterday at the club, it makes someone horny and loses control and then he will be mine.

Brittany needs a model to try out the new collection they just made.

Edward wanted to hire some models but a newbie “Ciara” said there’s no need for that.

Ciara: Actually Boss we have that one person that suppose to be a model but working here.

Edward: And who is that?

Ciara: She’s endowed and her curves can send this city on fire.

Miss Bae: So who is it?

Ciara: Of course that person is Miss Kim. She’s just too perfect for the show.

Rachel: What? I? But I’ve never walk a ramp before… I don’t even know how to do an advert.

Mr.Oh: Thats right she’s perfect for the job.

Edward: She doesn’t know how to talk politely all that can ever come out of her side is trouble and insult.

Rachel: Boss!!(She exclaimed falling tears )

Edward: Okay whatever just make sure she doesn’t mess it up.

Edward left the meeting room to his office but Rachel went after him.

Rachel: Hey boss.

Edward: What do you want.

Rachel: That offer… Is it still valid?

Edward: I don’t remember telling you anything.

Rachel: Okay boss I’m sorry… I think I’m ready to be your girlfriend.

Edward: Really?

Rachel: But I have a question.Do you love me?

Edward: Well no.

Rachel: What? So you just want my body?.

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Edward went to the door and he closed it, he pull down the curtains as well and start approaching her steadily rolling up his sleeves.

Edward: The first day I saw you,I’ve had this strange feelings right here and I want you really bad. I’m not good with words but I think I’m in love with you.

Rachel: Okay but why did you close the door and everywhere.

Edward put a call through that he did not want to see any visitor for an hour.

Rachel: An… Hour?

Edward: Yes an hour.
Edward draw her closer and he inhale her sweet scent before placing kisses on her neck, nose and finally her lips.
Rachel tried hard not to show her pleasure but the irresistible touch forced a moan out of her.

He gave her such a steamy kiss and fondle her breast at the same time.

Then his phone started ringing. He ignored it for a while and carried Rachel to sit on his hard drive on the couch.

The persistent caller never stop calling and he asked Rachel to wait for him while he answer his call.

Edward: Yes Father.

????We need to talk I’ll be there in five minutes.

Edward: Uh okay.

He explained to her that his Father will be here soon.
Rachel adjust her dress and turned to leave when he stopped her and hug her from behind.
“Will you follow me home tonight”

“Uh? But I was told you live with your Father”

Edward: We will go to my vacation house.

Rachel: I’ll see you later then.
Rachel exit the office and Edward could not explain why he’s so happy.

Edward: I can’t believe I’m in love with her I thought it was only infatuation that will soon fade but no she drives me crazy everyday… I will make sure to keep you away from Father.
I can’t afford to lose you like Rachel…

Edward went out to get a flower downstairs with a card in it.
(Since Fashion is their main business, they have everything relating with events. Clothes department, event planning,
make up, jewelry and so on)

“I’ll surprise her tonight”
He smiled and asked them to send it to his vacation house at night.

(He seems so happy…)

Rachel keeps blushing at what happened between her and her boss and she was grinning like silly.

Miss Bae: Hey… Ha Ni are you okay?

Rachel: Uh?uhm yes I am. By the way Miss Bae in a new relationship what can you do to make your boyfriend happy?

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Miss Bae: Ooooll wow so you have a boyfriend.

Rachel: No no way a friend is asking me here actually and I’m not sure.

Miss Bae: Well I’m not good at that but I think Surprises will be better..

She didn’t let her finish when she sped out of her cabin.

She went to the assesories department to get a new watch for Edward and she decided to wait for him in his office.

She kept the box on the table and smiling at it when she heard footsteps and the voice sounds familiar.

Rachel: Oh my goodness it’s Father-in-law.
Oh no where will I hide? What will I tell boss I’m doing in his office without him around?

The approaching steps is getting nearer so I hid under the big table,lucky for me it’s a wooden polished not a transparent glass.

Edward and his Father entered and he start approaching his chair to sit down.

Mr.Mark: I won’t be long and you don’t need to sit okay?

Edward: Is everything okay?

Mr.Mark: Yes so much okay.
He dropped the pictures on his table and yelled at him

“How dare you…. You killed that girl, ‘Yoo Rachel’”

Edward was shocked and he almost lost his balance.

Mr.Mark: What? You think I won’t find out? She died a day to her engagement and you think that’s not suspicious? You got yourself into trouble by being careless fool.

Edward: Father… You… How did you?

Mr.Mark: Is that important right now?Dod you kill her or not?

Rachel is already engulfed in fear and shivering not believing her ears. “why will…. No.. Why… Edward Killed me? Please say no… Tell him you didn’t please.

Edward: Yes Father I killed her.

That statement weakened Rachel’s heart to the far bottom and she gasped in pain covering her mouth not to be noticed.

She’s sweating and crying profusely.

Mr.Mark: Either you work on that new girl I introduce you to or I expose you to the media.

Mr.Mark left his office and tears escaped from his eyes.

He yelled and punched the table hard. The tension on Rachel made her scream out of fear.

Edward heard her voice and he checked under the table.

Rachel’s red eyes met with Edward angry face and they continue staring before….

????Thank you very much for your lovely