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V Ghost. Episode 9

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 09????

Rachel’s POV
That Edward did not deserve to take it… I will just give it away.

She came out minutes later unclad.
Black saw her and he was surprised. He fluttered his eyes repeatedly before looking to the other side.

Rachel lean closer to him on the bed and removed his hands from his face…

Black’s POV
What is this ghost up to? Don’t tell me she wants me to have sex with her? She’s sitting very close to me and her scent is tempting.
She removed my hands and my eyes fell on her firm round boobs… I was tempted at first that i feel grabbing and sucking her dry but… I just couldn’t. For the first time i pitied a naked girl and I’m rejecting her right now.

Rachel: Why?

Black: I’m sorry i just can’t.

Rachel: I know you want me so bad…so why are you backing out now?

Black: It’s true i wanna get down there and i do have sex on the sly but not with you… I can’t do this because you’re angry with him.

Rachel: There’s no way I’m giving my body to him Black… No.

Black: The owner of the body is dead but willing to come back for another life where she won’t remember anything. Her body is precious please respect it and give it to the right person who will treat her right once you’re gone.

Rachel: Pardon? So you think that coward who can’t even protect a woman will be able to give her a life?

Black: Rachel please stop…

Rachel moved more closer but he stood up abruptly and he vanished away (his teleporting power)

Rachel: So you won’t help me?

He actually teleported to another street he’s not familiar with.
He heaved a sigh of relief and brought out his phone.

Black: I’m sorry Rachel… I wish to help you but I can’t take advantage of you not being in the right state of mind. I think I’m in love with that ghost but… I can’t… It’s one of the rules “Do not interfere with ghost’s mission.Do not have a heart relationship with a ghost.
But if you get lucky and you succeeded in completing all your quests,I promise to find you and love you sincerely.

A young girl walk up to him holding a recording camera and she smiled at him.

Kid: Ahjushi… Don’t feel bad okay I’ve got you all on cam.

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Kid: uncle Smile
She took another of his picture.

Kid: Hey kid… You can’t do this… Are you a reporter? Do you know who I am?

Kid: You sound so proud anyway so I dont wanna know.

Black: You this tiny worm… Hand over the Cam. I want back the video and the picture.
The kid started crying out loud and people are watching now.

Black: Hey kid why are you such a crybaby?
A woman arrived at the scene and petting the little girl.

Woman: Oh my young min what happened to you?

Kid: This old man bullied me ????????
(She pointed to him crying)

Black: What? Old… Man? Lie.

Woman: What a life you are bullying a small kid? Aren’t you ashamed? Let’s go young min.

Black: No no wait I still have some issues with her…
But the woman left with her girl and he kicked the bench near the trimmed flowers at the park.
He called his manager to come and pick him from God knows where.

????Mark’s Mansion????
Edward arrived home feeling down and shattered.
He did not even say his greetings before entering his room.
Mr.Mark looked at him with disgust and he continued his drink.

????????Next Morning????????
Black arrived at his home very early in the morning.
He input the password went inside.

Rachel just woke up and the first person she saw is Black. She felt slightly embarrassed at first and she didn’t say a word as she went into the kitchen.

Black didn’t say anything as well and he went inside to freshen up.

Few minutes later, he came out wearing a red robe exposing his bare chest and water dripping from his hair. He was taken aback by the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen and he traced it.
Rachel actually prepared breakfast.

Rachel: Uhm I prepared breakfast for us.

Black: Oh ok thanks.

Rachel: Black I’m sorry about yesterday… I’m sorry please.

Black: It’s gone okay? I understand it was during the tension.

Rachel: Ok thanks…but what am I going to do now?

Black: Listen to me Rachel please just give him another chance. Though I don’t know anything about him but I’m sure he won’t want to repeat the same mistake.
Knowing that you found out his secret, he can only do two things… Either he confess everything or…

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Rachel: Kill me too?

Black: Don’t be a pessimist. If he’s a good guy regretting his actions, he will tell you everything also you dont know why he did it yet so you must earn his trust and find out why he killed you.

She sniffed in and wiped the tears forming in her eyes again.

Black: Well virgin ghost I cancelled my shoot yesterday because of you so I need to make it up today… Let’s eat while I drop you off to work then I’ll go to the shooting scene also.

Rachel: Black! Thank you.

Black: You’re welcome my virgin ghost.

Black’s POV
She rolled the button to zero and tasted the food she made, then she said she wanna get the plates.
I watch as she sway her big booty left and right and for a while I regretted not having a taste of her last night but I guess I just have to be the white knight that loves in secret.

Black dropped Rachel off to work and she waved to him which he returned as well before driving away.

Rachel sighed heavily as she look at the high building she’s about to enter to face her truth.

She entered with a smiling face trying to hide her sadness and everyone welcomed her as usual.

She went to her seat after chatting with Miss Bae and her colleagues and telling them that yesterday was misunderstanding and nothing more.

Edward arrived later and he opened the door feeling weary and down.

” Good morning sir”
“Good morning Boss”
They chorused but he didn’t even look up as he replied them saying “Morning” only.

Rachel smiled and said a “good morning”
He was surprised and he look up as feeling excitement engulfed him.

Edward: uhh yeah Miss Kim morning.
He entered his office still looking back to confirm it was really Rachel he saw and he’s not hallucinating.

Then he put a call through that Miss Kim should come to his office now.

????????????His Office????????????

Rachel knocked and he asked her to come inside.

As soon as she enters, he welcomed her with a hug.Hugging her so tight and saying he’s sorry.

Rachel didn’t try to fight him and when he was done, …..

Edward: Ha Ni I’m sorry you need to trust me please.

Rachel: I’m ready to listen… Tell me why you killed that girl and who that girl was to you.

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Edward: Ha Ni please you already found out my secret that was my past please forgive me I don’t wanna lose you please.

Rachel: So you won’t tell me?

Edward: I’m begging you it’s not something i’m ready to talk about but I promise once I’m ready I’ll tell you everything.

Rachel: Promise?

Edward: I promise…. Thanks for giving me another chance.

Rachel: Ok i have something to attend to now we will talk later.

Edward: Will you have lunch with me later today?

Rachel: Sure.

Mr.Mark was going to a function when he saw Mr.&Mrs. Yoon going into a hospital and with a white bag.

Mr.Mark: Husband and Wife visiting a hospital? Ah ah ah very funny is Mrs Yoon pregnant again?

He laughed it off and asked the driver to continue driving but then he asked him to wait.

Mr.Mark: Wait… Or…? Hey follow them.
He said to his bodyguard who is also his driver.

Few minutes later he came out of the hospital with an interesting face.

Mr.Mark: So?

BG: Sir they actually lied about their daughter being dead.

Mr.Mark:What nonsense are you talking about?

BG: i followed them till they entered a ward and the name plate on it clearly showed “Yoo Rachel” i peeped from the glass and saw the young lady resting on the bed she probably fell into Coma.

Mr.Mark: Are you sure she’s the one?

BG: I’m very sure sir. It’s the lady young master Edward was to marry.

Mr.Mark: Interesting. I’ll have to visit this place often she’s supposed to be my daughter-in-law after all.

BG: I managed to get some pictures sir.
He laughed out more and then he switched to his angry face” How dare you lie to me… Mr.Yoon”

????Brittany Empire????

Ciara is seen coming out of the store room where Ha Ni’s clothes was kept for the show coming up in a week time.
She add another set of clothes which Min ha the actress gave to her. It’s the falling materials.
(A clothes when put on that starts falling apart and dropping into pieces from one’s body. In short it wither like a dried flower )

She smirked and locked the door “How dare you mess with my noona” let’s see you going naked in public and a life show at that.