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Head Boy. Chapter 28

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 28

-Assembly hall-

Leonard’s POV

“The third round is about to begin, are we all ready?” The coordinator of the quiz asked.

“Yes!” The crowd echoed.

Everywhere was tense, some are of the opine that Albert and his brothers would win, some are of the opine that Raymond and his brothers would win.

Whichever way, I’m so optimistic as always that we would win.

The quiz began, it went on and on for the next eight minutes.

“Just 12 minutes to 2PM, the quiz had being tough so far between the top best classes at Kochi colleague. ” The coordinator announced and there were screams from students, hailing whom they thought would win.

“I do not pray we win.” Raymond whispered into my ear.

This is unlike Raymond cause he is always passionate about us winning, the last time we won, his dad bought a phone for us each, the phones were the most expensive phone in the world then.

I was concerned. “Why?” My question was genuine.

“Marie will not be happy anyway!” Raymond said.

“But he’s just a dog.” I said in annoyance.

I loathed the fact that Raymond loves Marie than I.

“No, he’s my son.” He looked away and set his gaze on the coordinator.

If Marie was a female, Raymond could have married it cause I do not know why he’s so concerned about his dog’s feelings towards him winning this long anticipated quiz.

It was just seven minutes to 2PM and the principal of Kochi college was called to announce and award the winner.

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“Good afternoon students! ” He greeted and the students answered in unison.

“The quiz was well conducted and I’m really impressed at the cordintors of this awesome quiz.”He praised the staff that were in charge of the organization and moderation of the quick and the students clapped.

” Without further Ado, I’d like to announce the winner of this glorious quiz. ” He paused and swallowed intentionally creating more suspense amidst the students.

“The poor girl will never come, right?” Raymond asked me

“I have no idea.” I replied sharply.

“I guess I’ll call someone else to hug me.” Raymond said.

“And who would that be?” I asked.

“The head girl presented a flower to me, she said it was from a genuine heart and that if she finds favor before me, I should call her out if I win to hug her, she prays that I will win. She said it will make her happy and she would never forget it.” He said and I smiled faintly.

“Well.” I replied and he looked away.

He turned back to me and asked ; “What did you think of it?”

“Well, you can just follow your heart.” I didn’t want to be too forward so he would not suspect that I was in alliance with the head girl.

But I’m surprised that Raymond accepted the flower from the head girl but rejected that of Rose.

I like Rose more than the head girl.

Well, at least, Alice won’t be the one to receive the glory.

“Grade 7, science department were the one that came….” The cordinator’s face turned dull which send shivers to my spine.

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Have we failed again this time?

“Grade 7, Science department won art department by 2 marks.” The man announced and the crowds of students that were in our supoort screamed for joy.

We were called out to receive our gifts.

As we stepped forward, Raymond whispered into my ear and said; “We lost our honour when we were announced as the last three of our class, now we have it back.”

I smiled but he didn’t smile. His face held no expression. I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s who he is.

We were awarded and honoured.

“Time for romance!” The coordinator stepped forward with a microphone to his mouth as the principal walked away from the stage.

The crowds yelled, some had been speculating that the head boy will pick a female student this time.

“The head boy of Kochi college won for the seventh consecutive time, I hope he picks a lady this time around.”The coordinator said and chuckled.

There were rumours and murmurs from the crowds.

” Let’s be quit,please. Head boy, are you picking a lady this semester?” The man asked.

There was a pin drop silence that you could even hear the heart breath and breath of someone close to you.

Everyone was in crazy anricipation to know what the response of the head boy would be.

“Yes!” The head boy replied and there were a loud cheers.

All ladies began to pray like they were in a church;

“Father , let it be me!

” God, I beg you, let him pick me and I will start paying my tithe.”

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“Allah, touch his heart and let him pick me please, I will now be praying ten times in the mosque….”

These and many others were the prayers of many female students, If I was a female, I would pray the same.