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Head Boy. Chapter 32

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Head Boy

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 32

Alice’s POV

I placed Marie on the floor and he began to wiggle his tail happily.

Raymond sat still, not looking at my face nor speaking to me.

“Marie! She’s here, are you happy now?” I heard him ask his dog.

Shouldn’t he at least tell me to sit?

Well, I sat and watched him and his dog as they converse.

The dog rubbed his head on his lap and ran inside, the dog came back with a picture and he showed it to Raymond.

“Marie! Why are you like this?” Raymond asked and Marie barked expressing his dissatisfaction at Raymond’s word.

“Sorry, but… She’s petty and would think odd… I’m sorry, I can’t do this for you.” Raymond said said Marie and Marie stared sadly at Raymond.

He walked to the side of the television and laid with his belly on the floor, he began to cry as he stare into the air.

I felt very emotional as I watched Marie cry, I walked to it and rùbbed its head.

“What did you want?” I asked Marie and he stared at me as he pouted his tongue out.

I couldn’t understand his language well unlike Raymond.

I wanted to turn to ask Raymond but , I realized that he had been acting like I wasn’t even here, yet he was the one that sent for me.

I turned to Raymond nevertheless and asked; “What did Marie want?”

He couldn’t fix his gaze at me, he looked away and when he saw that I wouldn’t take my eyes off him, he stood.

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“I do not like to have a conversation with you, victims of poverty are pathetic…” He walked to the dinning.

He must have called me here to insult me.

Marie then cried out with hot tears pouring from his eyes, he wasn’t happy that Raymond insulted me.

I walked to the chair that Raymond originally sat and saw a picture of a man and a woman hugging.

I went back to Marie and asked; “What about this?” I was referring to the picture.

Marie rubbed his head on the picture and licked the man to the woman with its tongue.

“Erm….you want us to hug?” I asked Marie and he nodded enthusiastically.

“Oh!” I exclaimed and stood.

I walked to the dinning where Raymond was and Marie followed me slowly

“Marie wants us to hug.” I told Raymond.

“We hugged already at school.” He replied. “I did that for Marie, don’t think odd”

Marie just exchanged his glances at both of us.

“So? We can still hug now.” I said and Raymond turned to Marie, he saw marks of tears on his eyes and his face became teary.

“I’m sorry for hurting you Marie!” Raymond said and as he tried to touch Marie’s head, Marie adjusted back to show his dissatisfaction.

Raymond then stood before me and hugged me.

As he held me in his arms, closely, someonee walked in and we disengaged like we were doing what was wrong.

I turned and saw Donald.

He just stared simply at us.

“Donald!” Raymond called and he walked to us.

He stared thinly at Raymond and opened his mouth to speak but closed it back.

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“Tell me.” Raymond requested

“I had been sad all my life cause of the way I look.” He said and paused, he was staring deeply into Raymond’s eye.

“Tell me.” Raymond requested as if he knew he had a request.

“I found what could make me happy.” Donald said and paused again.

I do not know if I should excuse them or leave.

“Tell me.” Raymond requested again.

“Grant me my only wish and I will forever be grateful.” Donald requested.

“Tell me, Donald.” Raymond requested calmly.

Donald turned to me and lowered his head slowly.

“I Love Alice.” He declared.

It was like I didn’t hear that right.

Donald continued; “There are rumours that you have feelings for her, will you forfeit your feelings and let me have her?”

Raymond stared at Donald, his face turning pale like he was sick.

“Donald!” He placed his right hand on Donald’s shoulder while Donald raised his head up to him like a son looking at his father.

“I do not have feelings for Alice.” He said as if I wasn’t even there with them.

Raymond continued ; “Marie does.”

Donald swallowed as his face turned red, he glanced at Marie and back to Raymond.

“I do not own Alice in the first place, do what pleases you.” Raymond said and Donald nodded.

They hugged but none of them smiled.

After they disengaged, Marie started barking, showing how angry he was.

Donald turned to me and said; “Let’s have lunch at school tomorrow, if that is okay with you?”

“Okay?” I answered and he walked away.

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My happiness flew all of a sudden, it was like I was sold.

“I will take my leave.” I said to Raymond and started walking sullenly to the door.

Raymond called suddenly; “Alice!”

I turned to him.

“I did not hate you, anymore.” He said and happiness flew like butterlfly inside me. His words were unexpected and soothing.

“Thank you.” I said and turned from him.

I was about to take a step away when he called my name again, I turned to him.

“Bye!” He waved.

I smiled. “Bye.”

I walked away.