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High School Crush. Episode 18

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 18 ????

???? Claire ????

My heart leap happily when I found out Jayden’s office was going to be beside mine

That means I get to see him at regular intervals

‘as if you don’t see him at intervals before” my subconscious jibed

‘well it’s not like it’s going to be now” I replied it

I ran to my bathroom as I freshen up in preparation for work

Speaking of work! My mind went back to what happened on Friday when I went to Damien’s house

How they looked when I first barged in and how damien growled when interrupted the kiss

It was so hilarious
I just hope he doesn’t break my head this morning for the naughtiness

But I was sincerely happy when I found out Jenny had been fired

All that remains is for damien to man up and claim Kim

I stepped out of my bathtub and went inside my room

I was dripping wet how I wish jayden was in my room checking out my wet body

It will have led to something hot!
My cheeks heated up at my naughty and dirty thoughts

I wiped my body dried and proceed to dress up expensively and beautifully just because of jay

I want him drooling this morning

Soon I was done dressing up and I came out all beautiful like I wanted

I got into my car and drove to the office

As I got down from my car I drew a lot of attention even my Damien’s who was just arriving as well with Kim he scoffed and I glared at him

As expected Jayden gaze met mine and I could see him drooling

Just what I wanted

He threw me a smile and I returned it even though I was nervous because he was now coming closer to me

“You look abosolutely beautiful” he said Immediately he to my front



“Really you mean that” he asked Admist laughter

“Yes really it wasn’t funny”

“You really are crazy* he said

“Lot of people think so* I grinned

“I like it, A beautiful crazy smart girl” he said with his voice husky

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“Am not a girl”

“I am pretty sure you are or are you a guy” he smirked already close to me and I can feel the heat between us

“You can’t be so sure” I smirked back

“Why don’t I find out” he said with a Sly smile

“How do you intend to do it” I asked already getting creeped out by out discussion and before I could think his lips was on mine and his hands are snaked round my waist

I threw my hands over his neck as I return the kiss

???? Kimberly ????

“Stop teasing me” Claire said

“I won’t if you weren’t in my office” I replied

“It’s not funny”

“Awwn you are blushing I can’t believe you are falling this hard for jay” I said

“He’s my Jay stick with damien call him Jayden” she said pouting

“Really claire”

‘yes really”


“So how was it, was he gentle or rough cos I know dam….”

“Claire!!!” I yelled

“What?? Don’t give me that face cos I know you guys did it” she grinned

“We didn’t miss interruption” I glared at her

“So you people didn’t have s*x” she whispered

“No we didn’t cos we aren’t dirty as you are” I taunt

“That’s insultive” she glared

“You think I didn’t know the motive behind this to kiss dress you wore” I rolled my eyes at her

“What it’s not like we did anything” she said with a nervous laugh

“Now I believe you did something”

“Ump no we…erm” she was stuttering

“You see?? You did something” I smiled

“Well just a little Romance/ make out session* she said with a blush



I was about to say something when Damien suddenly Walk in to my office

“Kim let’s go” he said

“Didn’t you see me here” Claire grunted

“No I didn’t spoiler” damien muttered while Claire bursted into laughter walking out

When she was out I faced Damien

“The files are in your office I’d just get my bag and meet you in the car” I said and turned to go get my bag and repack my hair

After packing my hair I took and turned to go but I jumped back in fear when I saw Damien standing by the door with a smile on his face

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“Pervert” I muttered

“What did you say” he asked

“Nothing” I replied and went towards the car


We arrived at the company where the meeting was taking place

I was wowed by the building and magnificence

I walked closely behind damien into the place

All eyes was on us as we walked as Damien maintained a cold straight face looking all handsome

I watched as their staffs drool and my stomach churned in anger

Why will they stare at him like that

Enventually we were all sited round the big conference table and I just watched as they talked business but make sure to take down the important things needed from us

During the course of the meeting I noticed someone’s gaze on my body and I shifted uncomfortably on my chair

It was the CEO of the Lexus company Martin Luther

He’s good looking and rich to

He was staring at me throughout the meeting and I wonder if he was listening to the discussion at all

My gaze went to Damien’s and I could see he was holding a angry but cold expression as he glared at Martin

“Let’s all concentrate this is a meeting” Damien spoke harshly causing Martin to face the the bosses again


They were enventually done with the discussion and the other CEOs was shaking and discussing with damien

Martin walked up to me where I Sat

“Hey” he said

“Hi” I replied casually

“You look beautiful” he Said with a smile

“Thank you sir you are looking good too” I replied

“You can say that again” he said with all arrogance

Yuck!! You’re ugly

“Yeah” i simply said

“You going I can drop you off” he Sadi with a cheeky smile

With the looks of it he’s one of those arrogant rude CEOs who’s interested in f**king p***sies around and I ain’t part of them

“No thanks I am waiting for my boss” I declined politely

“I can talk to your boss he won’t mind” he persisted

“No worries sir”

“I insist” he was saying

“She’s going with me” damien said coming from behind

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“Oh Damien Scott” Martin said with a professional smile

“Hey Martin” Damien said coldly

“I’d just go wait in the car” I said facing Damien and he nodded

So I left them to talk

???? Damien ????

Throughout the meeting I couldn’t help but notice the glances Martin was throwing at Kim

Martin was a friend and a business partner a big time flirt and womanizer

I knew for sure he’s picking interest in Kim which he shouldn’t do because she’s mine

I couldn’t concentrate at the discussion as my mind was going to the idiot staring at my wife

Well technically not yet but later so the correct phrase is my future wife
Sounds better

“You haven’t even ask her to be your girlfriend yet” my subconscious jibed

*I will eventually sooner or later” I replied it

I couldn’t take it so I yelled for concentration

When the Meeting was over my main aim was to get to Kim and get out of the place and have her to myself but the other CEOs distracted that plan

They were greeting me and congratulating me over the past contracts and discussing other business matters

I was returning to meet Kim

When I saw him already discussing with her

I know he wants to get in bed with her

“You’re going? I can drop you off” I heard him asked her .

“She’s going with nee replied when I got never them

He greeted me and I replied but was boiling in anger with in

After Kim had left us I faced him full time

“Can you borrow me your secretary I’d drop her off”, he said giving me a knowing smile

“No” I replied with a straight face

“Why I just want her for a pass Time” he said and that caused me great anger

“First she’s not my secretary and secondly she’s mine and not a slut you can pass Time with” I yelled angrily

“Chillax man”

“Get it to your skull she’s mine and mine alone” with that I left his presence

Kim is mine and no one else’s
I can’t tolerate anyone loving her except my love and that of her family it’s enough for her