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High School Crush. Episode 25

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 25 ????


I walked into Maryam’s little shop,it’s been ages since I came here but situation cause this

“Hi Mary” I beamed on sight of her

“Hey it’s been a really long time” she replied

“Yeah yeah have been busy with work and the rest”

“So what brought you to my abode” she joked and o gave a small laugh

“I need that sedative” I said seriously

“Which one” she asked

“The one I came to buy about two years ago”

“Oh that one, it’s quite expensive presently and is of high demand” she said

“I don’t care about the amount just bring two” I replied

I collected the sedatives and paid her, I waved her goodbye and went home happily

At least I am a step ahead

Back at home????

“You got it” Martin asked walking out of the kitchen

“Yup, I even bought two one for Damien and one for kim” I said happily

“All that remains is our sneak in plan” he said

“Since you are a CEO of a company you entering is quite easy” I said

“No it’s not how an I supposed to take in the coffee she obviously won’t take it”

“Okay I have a plan and it might just work” I said

We’d be carrying it out tommorow since it’s the busiest day in the company’s calendar

I had Bs for it before but I got fired and now the plans are changed

Since Damien fired me I guess he hadn’t employed another so that means he will be with Kim till past seven tommorow night

They will be engrossed in the work that they’d be thirsty

By five pm tomorrow most workers would be done headed home

The same goes to nosy Claire

Leaving is with our two baits

Don’t forget there’s intense security so we will smuggle each other in

We are going to use the company’s errands outfit with a nose mask and gloves

All you have to do is for you to carry the sedated coffee for saying damien sent you while I carry the other one damien and the equation is balance

“That sounds like a plan” Martin grinned devilishly

“Yeah a plan it is” I said taking a sip out of my wine while Martin licked his lips staring at me

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I already know what he wants, I traced my hands to my bøøbs and gave them a light squeeze licking my lips and he groaned slightly

“Damn you are sexy” he said huskily with his hands already my hard nipples

“Ahhh”I moaned as he pinched my nipplés

In a second our clothes were already on the ground and we are Stark naked staring into each other’s eyes in pure lust

He flipped me to the other side and I held the nightstand for support

He spanked my aßs and “ahhha” I moaned before he plunged his hard member in my sweet wet cûnt

“Hmm”he grunts as he went in and out of me as rough as he could

“Fvck harder” I yelled as he went deeper

He keeps on drilling me I we both reach our ectasy

“Ahh” I breathed out in relief licking is cum drop on my laps


Authoress Lois POV ????

Jenny watched eagerly as few workers get out of the company going home

Then she spotted a one of the errands girls, she smirked and got out of her car and walked closer to her

“Hey there” Jenny said soothingly to the girl who smiled in return

“Hi how can I help you” the girl quizzed

“Please follow me I want to you to help me with something” Jenny said and the girl replied

Jenny smiled seeing that the girl was her size

By the time they got to a corner Jenny snapped and knocked the girl out stripping her of her clothes

Thank got the girl was brown haired like she is she got fitted in the uniform and winked at Martin who was watching her from Inside

She fixed her nose mask and packed the sedative with her

“Step one finished now up to step two” Jenny whispered to Martin as soon as she got closer to him

They both splitted with Martin taking the route to Kim’s office as directed by Jenny

While Jenny went to Damien’s office


I sighed for the umpteenth time already tired of the work, though this is the only day the office gets Bucky works but it seems like a week to me

I haven’t had a glimpse of Damien since morning and it is already past six in the evening

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“Arhhh” I groaned seeing another file that I haven’t sorted

Just then I heard a knock “come in it’s unlocked”

The janitor Jerry came in hold a couple in his hands

“Jerry I thought you’ve gone home why are you back here”I asked

“Mr Scott asked me to give this to you” he said and I blushed slightly

Awwn Damien is so sweet how did he know I was quite thirsty

I collected the coffee from him and gulp down the whole content

That was when I noticed that he was using a nose mask

I was too tired to notice at first

“Why are you suddenly wearing a nose mask” I asked dropping the cup on my table

“Because I am not Jerry” he said removing his nose mask and I gasp in shock

“Mar… Martin what are you doing here and what the hell did you add to my coffee” I nervously asked trying to spit out the coffee contents but to no avail

“You that is stupid trying to spit out something already digested” he mocked

And I totally agree with him it’s portray stupidity

“What do you want From me” I asked moving back as he moved closer to me with a devilish smirk

“I want you, I want to have my junior buried deep inside tight wet p*””y” he said and I almost puked in disgust

“You can’t have me and I won’t let you” I said my voice shaking already feeling some great sensation between my legs

“It’s only a matter of time before the drug starts wearing of and you will beg me to fvck you real bad” he said caging me with his breath raging

I winced loudly already feeling the heat and great desire to have s*x

I can’t let him have his way he won’t


???? Damien????

“Thanks Grace you can go” I said dismissively sipping the coffee

“I am not going sir you will need me in about five seconds” she said seductively

“What are you saying” I asked confused and then she removed her glasses and undid her hair removing the mask on her face

“Jenny??? What are you doing here, wait what did you put in my coffee”I asked

“A small séx enhancing drug” she smiled

Just then I felt my dîck harden as she traced her hands to her things

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I need to get to Kim Immediately

“You can’t go anywhere lover boy you must have séx with me” she said already close grabbing my dîck from my trousers

I twitched in arousal but I can’t let this girl have her way, it’s not possible

“Besides she’s in her office having the fùck if her live from Martin” she smiled again

That was when I realized it was a set up

I grab her as of I wanted to have séx with her but no I tricked her and locked her inside my toilet

“Damien open this door this instant”she yelled banging but that wasn’t my piority

I ran with all my strength to Kim’s office

As I got closer I could hear her whimpering and followed by a devilish laugh

I looked around the hallway for something that could knock someone out and my eyes settled on a hand bat

I picked it up and quitely entered her office with the both of them not noticing my presence

The bastard had her tied to a chair, her clothes half torn and was about bringing out his disgusting dick when I struck him with the bat

He gave a loud Yelp and fell to the ground

Kim stiffened in shock as I hurriedly untie her

My séxual urges was running wide, so I dragged the unconscious Martin to the store room across the hallway and had it locked

I walked back into Kim’s staring at her half naked body my dîck throbbed trying to break free if my trousers prison

I could see burning desire from her eyes too,no doubt she wanted as much as I did wanted her too

Without further notice my trousers came down and I thrust directly to get already wet p**y

“Ahheh” she moaned in delight as I thrust in and our if her roughly

In as much as I tried to go slow I couldn’t the drugs and her beauty was driving me crazy

Surprisingly she was also wanting more of it

So I kept making sweet passionate love to her till will reach out climax and we both cum

But that was only the beginning

I guess this is all night long then

Even after everything Jenny and Martin ended up bringing then closer to each other