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High School Crush. Episode 6

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 6 ????

???? Damien ????

I entered the sitting room to see her on the couch comfortably.

“Damien you’re finally home” she called happily as she jumped on me

Oh my God!!


It’s Claire my troublesome cousin and the only person that knows about my crush on Kimberly

We three went to the same highschool

She was our junior then but was a close friend of Kim as well

She’s always teasing me with Kim’s issues

Well dad told me she will also be working at the company but I wasn’t expecting her anytime soon

“What are you doing here” I asked even after knowing why

“Well I will be starting at your company the next day so I am here at your house

Till I will get my house probably next week” she said

“Okay fine now get off me”

“Cool down and chill bro”

I just went to seat on the couch because I know her next question is

“How’s Kim” she said interrupting my thoughts

“She fine okay I want to rest” I said standing up to go to my room

“Oh my God awwn” she shouted and I turned to look at her

She was with my phone I went closer to her to see that it was the picture we took when we bought her phone

Oh shit!! She’s going to think we have something brewing up

I sent the picture to my phone without Kim noticing because I thought she’d delete them

“You guys are a couple now” she beamed happily

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“Noo! She’s just my PA at the office” I blurted out

“Oh that sounds great” she jumped up

“Oh my God”I face palm myself

???? Claire ????

I smiled happily as I Saw the picture
I Know they will become a couple real soon

I am Claire and his crazy cousins

Kim is my gist body back in highschool though she did not know am Damien’s cousin

I also find out she is also crushing on him but the two idiots are too blinded to notice the heat between them

But now that I am here and she’s working with him

I make sure they fall deeper for each other

???? Kimberly ????

I felt happy as I went to work this morning

I stared at the picture admiringly

One day we will be a real couple I know that I have that feeling

I walked into the company to meet Jenny first

Oh god!!

Bad person to see on a Monday morning

I just ignored her and went to my office

I noticed Damien is around yet and that means am early

Well that’s a first

I was about moving to the receptionist section to prepare Damien’s coffee when Jenny entered and started singing with her stupid voice

???? Some have are sluts but behave saint ????

???? Some gat wide pússy and spreads them open ????

????They are whores and act virgin mary????

????We know them and avoid them ????

???? Stinky pu….????

“Shut it you don’t have to advertise your stinky pússy here at the office that’s why we have clubs and hotels” I heard a voice I haven’t heard a long time

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“Claire” I called happily as I gawk at Jenny who stood there really embarrassed

It was obvious she was singing that song for me to get laughed at but it looks like she’s the one that got it

Too bad so sad

I gave her a mocking smile while Claire hissed

She’s that crazy

“How are you baby what are you doing here” I rushed

“Cool your pússy walls dear I work here” she was saying when The embarrassed chicken chipped in

“Who would employ a stinky commoner like you here” Jenny said with a look of disgust

“You are talking to me like that?? You dare call me a commoner
I guess you’re tired of your job here” Claire said furiously

“Haha very funny who are you to talk to be about my job here because the last time I checked you’re not the boss here” Jenny said histerically

“Too bad I am and your slutty ass is about to get kicked” Claire said confidently and I caught the scared look on Jenny’s face

“Pathetic lair” Jenny scoffed

“I guess you don’t know am Claire Damien’s sister and also a co-ceo of this organization” Claire glared and Jenny went on her knees immediately

“Please don’t fire me” Jenny cried

Wait! Pause! Rewind!

Did Jenny just plead? And on her knees begging?? Unbelievable

Claire shot me a mischievous smile and I know Jenny is done for

Wait did she Just say she’s Damien’s sister??????????


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