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High School Crush. Episode 34

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 34 ????

???? Damien ????

I drove like a wild cat to the hospital with Kim shouting In pains

Claire was holding her and trying to help her absorb the pain but damn it was not helping

Immediately I halted Ethan ran to call the nurses while and I Claire help Kim out

Jayden was bringing our parents behind and my mind was scattered

The stretcher was brought abd she was laid there

I held her hands as she was rolled in

“Wait here you can’t follow us in” one of the nurses said and I had no choice than that wait

I had really want to see my baby come to life

Sweats was dripping off my face and I look frustrated with my hair ruffled

“What a great timing for your baby to come, damn” Claire said clearly stressed

I was just going back and forth looking at the theater door from time to time

“Arghhhh” I heard Kim’s voice and I ran to the door

Shit! They didn’t even allow me in, I walked back to where Claire was sitted and just then my parents came in with Kim’s dad

“Baby” Claire cooed seeing Jayden walk in

Those two love birds, tsk!

“How is it going* mom asked and I just demonstrated not knowing how to even explain

An hour later, the doctor came out looking stressed and all

“How is she” I asked as Soon as he approached us

“She hasn’t delivered yet, who’s her husband” he asked

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“Yes I am” I replied

“Follow me, it seems she wants to see you before she gives birth” he muttered

I walked hastily behind him as we enter the theatre

“Damein!!!!!!” Was what i first heard immediately we entered

It was Kim, she was dripping in sweats and looking cranky

“This is all your fault” she yelled as she saw me

“It’s alright baby” I hushed holding her hands and stroking her hair

“I can’t do this anymore she said with a tear drop

“Common you can, now push and let that baby come to life” I cooed

And in my loud voice “argghhhhhhu” she yelled and what followed was the sound of a baby’s cry

“You did it babe” I yelled happily but she only looked at me drowsily and fainted

“Kim!!!” I called shaking her body

“Leave her alone she’s going to wake up it’s only normal since its her first” i carried my little angle with blood dripping on her body and stare at her lovingly

It was a girl, another replica of Kimberly

The nurses collected her from me and asked me out of the room while the clean them both up

“Am a father” I yelled freakishly and all of them turned their eyes on me

“Congratulations man” Jayden patted and Ethan hugged me ..

We. All rejoice in happiness and waited till the door said she was ready to be seen before going inside

There, Kim was sitting up and staring at her baby

“Congratulations girlfriend” Claire screamed and rushed over to her

Every one took turns to greet both kim and the baby

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I was now having a time with my wife

“Hey baby” I cooed kissing her shortly on the lips

“Now that the baby spoilt my plans for you today get ready for me after two weeks” I said huskily abd she Chuckled

“Really Damien you still have the mind if séx even after all this, you are impossible” she said

The baby was returned back to her and she breastfed her

“I can’t believe I have to share her breâsts with a baby now” I frowned seeing the baby suck in ectasy

“Damien!!” Kim called when she caught me staring

“Erm..you see…aish… forget it” I stuttered standing up and everyone bursted into laughter

I didn’t even remember the were still here

A nurse came in to collect the baby and put her Inside her cot

“I will follow you to the place” Claire said standing as the nurse took the baby to the next ward

???? Claire ????

I watched as the nurse legs collided at intervals like she was nervous or something

We enter the baby’s ward and I watch as she lay her down

I went to her cot and held her tiny little hand with my fingers and she engulfed it with her whole hands

I waited for a minute after the nurse as
Had left before going out, I planted a passionate kiss on her forehead

“Ahh” I startled when I saw Jayden standing by the door with a smile on his face

“You wanna have your own Baby” he asked huskily with his lips right by my earlobes sending shivers to my whole body

“She’s adorable” I muttered

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“Let’s go every one is waiting” he said and we left the ward

Though I felt a strange move behind me but I shrugged it off and walked hand in hand with jay to Kim’s ward


One hour later


One doctor walked in roughly,

“We didn’t ask you to take the baby yet” he said walking in

“What are you saying, doc, we haven’t taken the baby we are are still waiting for you” damien replied and everyone else nodded

“Sir the baby is missing” a nurse said walking into the room

“What did you just say” I asked

“The baby is missing” the nurse replied with her head bent

“My baby??” Kim shrieked

The next time I heard was “Kim Kim Kim”

She passed out, pushing me aside damien ran out of the room


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