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High School Crush. Episode 36

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 36 ????
A short episode ????????

???? Damien ????

The team was ready and I asked Claire to follow them

According to the map of the place I got there is a way behind the building and that is where the tracking the device is blinking

Just as we are about to set to action a call came through my phone and it was an unknown number

I picked up and the voice of the ???? herself boomed

“Hey Damien how are you doing” she asked with a sacarstic laugh

“Jenny where is my baby” I yelled

“Cool down lover boy, your baby is somewhat fine okay I won’t hurt her until you cooperate” she said

“What do you want”I asked in defeat

“Nothing much you and your wife should come to the location I will send to you alone,don’t involve the police else’s there will be blood she’d” ate said coldly

“Okay fine” I said desperately and the line went Dead

In less than a second the address came in and it was the exact place we tracked down

I smiled, we are gonna play them in there own coin and out smart them

I put back my phone in my pants and turned back to find Kim behind me

“Baby” I cooed walking close to her

“Damien” she called softly wrapping her hands around me

I engulfed her in a more cozy warmth feeling every of her

I will make I deal with those bastards that are behind this and make them pay for their crimes

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I felt so empty, my first child was taken away on the day of her birth

She needs her mother’s milk and my breast has been milking since I gave birth to her

I didn’t Even feel much of her before she was taken away

There’s only one person I know that’s is behind this, it’s Jenny

I came in to find Damien on the phone and from what I heard it was Jenny calling and she has my baby

Damien turned and saw me behind him so I walked closer into each other’s embrace

I know this will pass and we will overcome.

It’s something that I strongly believe,

“That’s Jenny right” I said and he nodded

“She wants both of us to come to their hideout alone” he replied

“Okay, have she sent the address” I ask and he stared at me

“You are not coming with me” he started

“Why not, you clearly said she asked for our presence” I almost screamed

“But I can’t risk it, I don’t want her to hurt you” he said

“Nothing will happen to me and we will get our baby okay” I hushed taking his lips into mine

“I surely hope so” he said in between kisses


As the car drive on my heart kept beating faster

It was like something bad was gonna happen but I didn’t want to think that

I want to be positive, I checked the review mirror and saw that Damien’s car was coming behind

I just hope this turns out well

And the rascals behind this, I won’t spare them at all

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But I need to save my goddaughter

???? Jenny ????

They are on their way already, the plan is in motion

I grinned happily at Martin who smile in return

“You know since your brother isn’t here we could enjoy our selves” Martin said huskily behind me


“Shush!it’s gonna be a quickie Barbie” he replied

His hands trail to my bøøbs from behind and he squeeze em tightly earning a soft moan from me

“I missed you” he said behind my ear lobes and traced his kisses downwards

His hands had left my upper body and went towards my lower abdomen

“Ahh” I moaned out when his hands slid into my honey pot throbbing against the walls

“We haven’t won you’re celebrating” I heard and we scattered

It was my grumpy brother

“Erm…errr” I stuttered a d Martin left the place

“They are here prepare to face them” he said simply and walked in to change his clothes

I went to the back of the house where the Baby was kept

She was sleeping soundly cos I successfully put her to sleep

I change my dress as well and sat down at the entrance


???? Kim ????

We got the hideout safely and I looked around in fear

It was in the middle of a bush

Even though tracking devices were on our body and police are surveying outside

I was still scared

The greatest of all fear is fear of an unknown

It’s kills slowly, damien held my hands as we entered the slightly demolished house

I’m mediately we got in I was wowed because it was prettier than what it’s exterior portray

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“Welcome to our abode” I heard a familiar voice and it was Jenny with a evil smirk on he face

Martin as well has a satisfied expression and I heart beat rapidly

I looked to Damien’s face and it was expressonless and hard as stone

Jenny whispered something to Martin’s ear and he walked off

“Where is our baby” Damien finally spoke

“Chillax man won’t you wanna meet the architect of your troubles” she asked with a cunning smile

Just then a familiar figure walked in

It looks like Jayden but I don’t think so, I haven’t seen his face until he got to our front

“Jay… Jayden” it came out more like a whisper

“Jayden” damien shouted In shock and tears rolled down my face


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