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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 12

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Nightmares… Day dreams… ”

☘️ Chapter 12 ☘️

I was getting bored in my room, my mind still at the dream and I wanted a quiet place.

I shut the door gently behind me making my way to know-where.

The hallway, rooms, everywhere were calm so was my movement.

The silent air blew, causing me to shiver greatly. I folded my arms around my chest.

My teeth gnashing together, goose bumps surfacing on my skin.

Nightmares… Day dreams…

I didn’t want to sleep, I didn’t want to see what ever happenings in there.

It was horrible. It was scary. No… I can’t.

I wish I can talk to Elena about this, but I don’t know what she’ll think of me as.

Maybe, I was kinda crazy, right? Or somehow losing my mind.

And there’s no one else I can openly talk to about this.

“ Lucas… ”

Shut up! I yelled at the thought.

I won’t think of telling him this. Telling him that I’d seen him die in some kinda nightmares?

Fucking No!! I’m not crazy, and I don’t want anyone to see me as one.

Maybe I’ll just have to keep it to myself instead. After all, not all dreams happen. This isn’t a dream so, it’s definitely not happening.

I got to a point where I could walk no more. Like I said, I wanted a quiet place to think this over.

I guess if I stay calm to think about it I’ll have to think it out straight. I just need to focus, that’s all.

I pushed the door to what seems like a seat-out, closing the door behind an air accompanied.

I shivered again.

I held my night gown tightly firm to myself, my arms not leaving it’s place around my chest.

He was still, I guess he didn’t notice me enter. My eyes trailing his backside as it faced my direction.

His horsy styled black hair rested down to his back, his face fixed at a point of nowhere. His hands still at both sides like he was on a guarding duty.

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But I don’t know why…

Each moment, I wanted him but when I get to him, I feel like I just wanna disappear from his presence.

What’s wrong with me?!

I proceeded further to where he stood looking out to wherever he was looking at.

From the side, I noticed me standing there I had brought him back from whatever planet he was.

He turned to look at me but I didn’t look.

” How was your trip?” I asked breaking the uncomfortable silence.

” It went well. Thanks.” He replied.

I nodded off.

” How… did it go? ” I asked again.

” The underworld, they think I have to do something about the hunters. ”

I looked at him. ” Acacia? ”

He said nothing..

” You don’t have to blame yourself for what happened. It’s not your fault.” I looked away, ” I believe you have a reason for not attacking back. ”

” I should have done something. ”

” And you did the right thing not doing anything. I believe the right time will come when you do something. ”

“Not talking about the dream, are you?…”


I held myself from staring back only to find myself staring at him.

Did I just said that? Was I starting to believe in my dreams? The same dream I had seen him die? Was that fucking the right time?

I hadn’t noticed myself leaving reality not until another air blew heavily at me. I blinked continuously.

What might he be thinking of me as? Like some kind of nothing trying to prove something??

I just wanna let him know the right time was equally the wrong ending. I just wanna let him know he’s got a little time left to leave.

With the hunters alive, choice was only by option. An option difficult to take. An option of a do and die.

And I ain’t ready for that option, not now, not ever.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked after a long while.

“Go ahead.”

“What does it takes to rule a kingdom?”

I watched him smirk, then he replied. ” It takes a lot. But only with the heart of a leader, it takes a little. ”

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” How close are you to Lucifer? ” I noticed his face change when I’d asked that.

I have this feeling that there’s something Lucas was hiding from me. Something that has to do with his closeness with Lucifer.

Something so special Lucifer had seen in him that made him give Lucas the position of being a vice commander.

Something I know I’ll have to find some other time if only he doesn’t let me know now.

He hesitated, I waited.

” He’s like a father to me.”


That means…

“What about your parents?”

He isn’t an orphan, is he?

He hesitated again, I was wondering why he has to be this way over my questions.

I wasn’t planning on digging into his personal life, I’m just so concerned. Especially now, he takes Lucifer as his father.

His silenceness gave me an answer that he was truly an orphan.

“I’m so sorry.” The word came as a whisper. “I’m so sorry for asking.”

“It’s okay. It’s not necessary blaming yourself. ” Pains drowned in his words.

Silence took over us. Two things in my mind and won’t let me concerntrate. I can’t focus anymore.

He’s an orphan,,, and he’s only got few months, weeks, or even days to live.

I don’t know if he was feeling this way I was feeling towards him? How troubled I was already getting?

My mind flashed back to the later happenings, which is actually my weird,crazy dream.

Repeating itself again. The bloods, lives taken, Lucas nowhere to be found. Everything!! Every damn thing!!

I couldn’t do a single thing. All I did was to watch how it all happened. Being a witness to some kind of future happings?

If only it’s really a future happings…

“Lora,” his voice bringing me back again. ” Are you okay?”

I nodded continuously, staring around. ” Yes. Yeah, I am.”

He didn’t notice, did he?

He offered me this odd stare like he knew what I was thinking.

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Deep inside him that I was disturbed by something. He might care, I understand, but I can’t afford to put anyone not even him in danger.

I wanted any chance to hid it… But the way he looks at me, he isn’t just thinking I know something.

He’s somehow, I don’t know, but I think he is reading my mind.

Oh! Please… I wish he wouldn’t.

They say nothing are hidden from demons, right? I wouldn’t be surprise if he finds out about the dream even before I spit it out.

Because no one needs to know, not now, not ever!!!

“How have you been all this while?” He asked.

You know, I wasn’t expecting that question from him. After all, I’ve been okay with Elena by my side.

“I’ve been okay. All thanks to Elena ..” I said with a nod.

“For persuading you to eat…?”

The word rang in my mind.

Aside that, she’s been very helpful to me despite the stressful moments I had offered her, she was still there for me. And I can blame myself for that.

It was just like the moon had made a perfect plan for him. The way it shone to his direction revealed what beauty he was made of.

His skin were glittering silks, his ocean blue eyes were captivators and would hold anyone captive to itself. His pointed noise we’re perfectly erect and those pink lips… They were a killer bullet.

I can’t explain how but the facts on his muscular features that made it’s way on the cloth he was on, I can tell the God up there had spent a million of years making a single him.

He is an everlasting beauty and looked just in his mid-thirties.

If only he was really in his mid-thirties.

How old is he then?

That is something else I need to find out. Stories has made it known that demons live longer than humans.

Yet, they looked more younger than a human can ever be.