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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 8

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

???? Chapter 8 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

“Prince Lucas has arrived, your majesty,” A guard informed before opening the door to a room that seemed to be a room for meetings.

“Lucas!” His eyes darted to where the sound came from.

A tall man dressed in a royal red garment stood in the middle of the room, a smile plastered on his face as he walked closer to Lucas.

“Your majesty ” Lucas replied, bowing.

This man was tall and seemed to be in the mid- thirties. His dark shoulder-length hair perfectly matched his sun-kissed skin.

With the scars on his face that stretched from his eyebrow down to the lower eyelash of his left eye, his ocean blue eyes still were amazing.

He was good looking…

“Oh! Please,” the king said, waving his hands. ” I thought we had dropped the formalities.”

“You’re still the king, father.” Lucas said while he smiled. “You called for me. Is there a problem?” Asked Lucas as they sat on the massive table.

“Not at all, son. Well, as you can see the underworld is as cool as ever but I’m not sure if the human world is.” He said and Lucas glanced away.

He wasn’t surprised on how his father had found out about the hunters and Acacia.

Lucifer always got news faster than anyone could imagine. He doesn’t need any informant, all happenings were like the lines in his palm.

And that was one reason Lucas never bothered telling his father all that was going on with the humans.

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“It’s the hunters, they came again. They took down a village three weeks ago. They think they had a Denon with them.”

Lucifer laughed at his puzzlement, then smiled..

Lucas eyed him, it really wasn’t funny for a laughter. He was damn serious and didn’t find anything funny in what he’d said.

He wasn’t helping at serious cases, everything seemed ordinary to him.

“This isn’t funny father.” He said angrily.

“Of course, it isn’t. What did you do after the hunters attacked?” Asked Lucifer, sounding more serious than he can ever be.

“N-Nothing.” He hesitated the word, ” I was thinking…”

“Thinking?!” Lucifer cut him short with a yell. It irritated him whenever Lucas never took action on the right thing. He believes in blood for blood, life for life.

“You aren’t waiting for me to give you an order, were you?”

Lucas shaked his head..

“Then what?!” His voice were deeper, filled with rage and anger.

Lucas looked away from his father’s gaze. Darkness had filled those ocean blue piercing eyes, Lucas wasn’t scared, he’s already used to it.

Each time he failed, each time he never took quick actions, that ends up to be his father’s attitude towards him.

He felt he wasn’t in anyway like his father. He believed in blood for blood in some certain circumstances but not this.

“The only reason why I put you in this position isn’t because your my son. Not that I can’t give it to Roshan but it’s because I trust you. The humans depends on us, we shouldn’t let them down. The more we let the hunters go, they kept seeing us as the weak gender. We can’t let them go further, Lucas, or well regret it.” He stopped then continued, “What are you thinking on doing to those hunters?”

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“Nothing, father. Right now I’ve got nothing in mind. I’m sorry, father.” Lucas was sounding frustrated by the minute, and his father wouldn’t blame him. “I suggest giving me an order will be the best action to take.”

He smiled shooking at Lucas statement, ” I’m not the one to give the orders, you are. It’s time you become your own leader, son. I won’t be there for you all the time.”

“But father…”

“We’ll leave the hunters for now, but if they attack again, don’t hesitate to strike back, understood?”

He nodded, “Yes father.” He replies in a whisper.

Lucas stood up to leave after his father had told him to take a long rest.

But as he walked almost to the entrance door, his father’s voice stopped him in his tracks.

“I forgot to tell you, you have a guest.” Said his father with a smile accompanied on his face.

He stopped, his eyes above his shoulder but said nothing.

“Make her feel welcomed.”