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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 9

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ It’s been centuries… But a day is worth while seeing you again… ”

???? Chapter 9 ????

???? Unknown ????

Lucas made his way to his chamber. He wished to go back to the fortress without worrying about anything, but when he walked into his room he found his mother instead.

Nyk sat next to the window, see what looked like a butterfly on a white cloth.

She looked up at him with a smile, her eyes twinkling just as every time she saw him.

It was like she was looking at the stars or something more magical, more beautiful.

“Lucas,” she said his name with such longing. ” Look…” She held the white cloth. ” Isn’t it beautiful?”

She held it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

“It’s beautiful.” Lucas said.

“I do so many of those when I was pregnant with you, imagining how wonderful it would be when I make one if this as your blanket. ” She looked at the white cloth while she spoke.

Lucas knee she didn’t want him to see her cry but he didn’t have to see her for he already knew she wanted to.

Then she looked up to meet his gaze, then a year fell on her cheek.

She wiped it away quickly then smiled at him..

“I’m not crying because of sadness. I’m crying because of you. I’m so happy I’ve got the chance to meet and talk to you. ” She shook her head, ” I’m talking too much. ” She chuckled, ” you’ve been busy all day, I’ll leave you to rest.”

Standing up from her seat, she gathered her things and headed towards the door.


Everywhere stood still. The simple word he had wished he could say for a long time. He said it now.

She froze and stayed like that for what seemed like eternity before turning slowly.

Did she hear it right? She couldn’t believe her ears.

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“W-what did you just said?” She stammered.

“Mother.” He repeated more softly, his eyes teared up.

Nyks heart tightened in joy and she burst into tears.

Dropping everything she held she ran to him, wrapping her arms around him.

For the first time since a century he could call her that.

And she never expected to call her that for she thought he was still angry at her over what had happened years ago.

Lucas hugged her back tighter as she cried in his embrace.

“I love you, son. I love you so so much.” She grabbed his face and kissed his forehead.

” Mother. ” Tears fell on his cheek and she wiped it off with her thumb.

” Oh, son, don’t cry. Okay? It’s my fault. It’s my fault I wasn’t there for you. I wasn’t there to watch you grow. I’m sorry for leaving just like that. ”

She held his hands as they sat on his bed together.

Her blonde long hair rested on her shoulder, her skin glowed like the stars. Her ocean blue eyes were beautiful and piercing.

Those eyes were one special traits about the three of them and one can easily guess they are related.

“How have you been all this year’s?” She asked with a wide smile plastered on her face.

” Stressful, mother. ”

“I know. Being a vice commander isn’t as easy as it sounds especially when it has to do with your father. ” She paused then Continued,” I heard the hunters attacked a Acacia. Is it true?”

“Yes.” He replied and it was all like he could have done something. ” Three weeks ago. ”

” Poor Acacia,” she said, shaking her head. ” My sisters and I had planned on visiting the village years ago before I left. Poor thing it’s no more. ”

” What were you and the covens planning on doing in Acacia? ”

” Finding witches. ” She answered, shrugging. ” It’s what we do. We go to villages in search of witches. As in, both experienced and non experienced witches. You know, to avoid uncertain… I can’t explain it but… It’s just our duty to find them. ”

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He nodded..

” Why didn’t you do something to the hunters? ”

He buried his face to the ground. She knew asking had made him feel guilty like she knew asking was also the best thing to do.

“Lucas,” came the word softly, piercing into his heart causing him to raise his eyes at her. ” The humans lives depends on you and you can’t let them down. The hunters has no right to threaten them. You’re their only hope, Lucas, don’t disappoint them. ”

Her words were like a sharp spear. Where have she been all those years he’d wanted her?

She was a lot better than his father. His father believes in blood for blood but she believed in salvation for the helpless.

Her kind heart can heal thousand, and he’s got those hearts too.

“Where have you been?” His voice didn’t hide how much he’d missed her.

She sighed out of guilt.

She didn’t have to blame him for asking, because he has every right to know.

After the war between their nation and another great kingdom that was a century ago, she vanished.

Everyone thought she was dead. Since then, she never showed up again until now.

Her disappearance was the greatest loss Lucas had ever experienced in his life.

He had thought he’d never have a mother again until now. Somehow, miraculously she showed up.

Alive and healthy like she hadn’t disappeared.

“I thought I’d passed away but ended up waking in the witches sacred room. They said even though I was a witch, I still have your father’s blood in me alive for the few years I was dead. They also said I still have a lot to do on Earth. And,,, I figured out meeting you was one thing I have to do. ” She held his hands firmly into hers, ” I’m very sorry for everything, Lucas.”

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He pulled her to himself, hugging her like the world was coming to an end in any second.

He just wanted to know why she left, he never bothered for her apologies.

She back, she with him and that’s all that mattered to him.

“I love you, mother.” He said with a kiss in her cheek.

” I love you too, son. ” She buried a kiss in his neck. “I’ll leave you to rest. You must be very tired.” She buried another kiss in his forehead.

She left…


Back at the meeting room, the door opened letting Nyk to make her way in.

It’s been years she sat to look into those blue eyes they shared.

At first, she thought getting married to Lucifer was the greatest mistake ever committed.. But as she got to know him, he’s the most precious thing in her life.

“Why didn’t you tell him I was alive?” She asked him as she got closer to the massive table.

” Because he wouldn’t believe even if I told him.” He replied, his both fingers crossed to each other. ” We both know how stubborn Lucas is. ”

She sat on one of the chairs beside him,” Do you think he might hate me? ”

” Not at all. I’m pretty sure he’s been waiting for this moment to come, and it did. ” He relaxed his hands on the table. ” How did it go? ”

She smiled, remembering what had happened in Lucas room.

Especially to talk of the moment he had called her ‘mother.’

“Not as I thought. He seemed much happier to see me. You know, he’s such a lovely boy. ” She chuckled, smiling.

She looked at her fingers, then at him.” Thanks for taking care of our son.”

“You don’t have to, he’s my son. And it’s my too. ”





What a family reunion?? ????????