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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 13

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{I thought he is a gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate pov????
“Common Liam put me down or we are going to fall” I said as he carried me into the lift

“You aren’t that heavy let me have the privilege of having to hold you in my arms” he said smiling down at me

“Your right” I said snuggling closer

“Room 102 right?” He said as he put the card in to unlock the door

“Yes it is but where is your room my love” she said as he got down from his arms

“Here,your room is my room,while we were downstairs the workers were keeping all my things in your room,dont you like that?” He said

“I do,I want you here with me” I said and he Kissed me, the kiss got deeper that I found myself wanting more and not wanting him to stop

But he did stop,resting his forehead against mine

“Not tonight my love,have spent three days up and about in a lot of airport just trying to figure where you went,I need a lot of rest” he said and I nodded

I pulled him to the bed and slept beside him,he pulled me close to him

I wanted to know how he found me so I asked

“At first it was hard,you didn’t tell me or anyone where you were going,I wanted to hire an investigator but stopped myself,I had to prove to you that I can find you on my own,I got help from Lucy, she told me the kind of places you liked to go to and I went to the airport wanting to see if you booked any of the flights but you didn’t.it was Jessica that finally gave me a clue” he said

“Jessica?” I said

“She told us that there was a time you all went on a trip to London and from the experience you had, you vowed you won’t ever come here, she told me that I could come check you here,everyone in your family knew how much you dislike London and they thought you won’t ever come here but Jessica told me to come ,that maybe you might be here and I decided to try my luck and the rest as you know is history” he said sighing peacefully as he drew me close
To him

Just knowing that he had gone a long way to look for me made me love him more

Yes I love this man,always have loved him,that was why I had slept with him in the first place

I wouldn’t have slept with him if I never felt something for him,he had always been there for me,advicing me,making me smile,always there to protect me,have loved him a long way back and I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.I love this man a lot and I hope nothing ruins this happy moment,I really hope so…..

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“Get some sleep my love, get some sleep” he said and I snuggled closer and slept
I woke to feel someone kissing my neck

I opened my eyes to find Liam starring at me

“Morning sleepy head” he said

“Morning my love” I said holding him close to me

“Do you know that you snore a lot” he said

“Of course not, I don’t snore,your such a liar” I said laughing

“You look so beautiful in the morning” he said pulling me close


“Yes,why don’t we continue where we left off last night” he said smiling devishly

I pulled him close and kissed him banishing every other thing from our mind

After hours of making love,we finally left the room to go sightseeing,I took him around the city,showing him to some places have gone to and have enjoyed

We came back to the hotel and decided to take a stroll around the beach,it was there that we saw Andrew

“Well well well,so the imaginary boyfriend have arrived” he taunted

“Look I have no time for your rubbish, so just get lost” I said

“Who is he?”

“Andrew, the guy I told you that was pestering me” I said

“So your the infamous Andrew,am liam,liam lancing, Kate boyfriend, now I would kindly request that you leave my girl alone, she now has me with her and so stay away,you’ve been warned” he said and took my hand and together we left

“Am I really your girl” I said as we both walked back to our room

“Aren’t you?” He said

“I dont know am still not sure about what you really feel for me or know what I am to you” I said

He stopped and pulled me close to him

“You should already know by now my dear Kate”

“What I know is that you like me and you desire me” I said

“And what if I tell you that I don’t only like and desire you,I love you my darling kate and have proven that to you in so many ways” he said and I felt so happy

“I love you too my darling,I love you a lot” I said and he kissed me

Knowing that he loves me only make me feel so happy and I know that with him by myside everything will be great

????andrew pov????
I walked around in my room,feeling so confused,I knew that I have seen that liam guy before,have met him from somewhere but where exactly

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I layed on my bed still trying to figure it out when my phone Rang

I saw that it was Sarah,why the hell is she calling me,its been years since we have talked to each other

“Hello cuz” I said

“Dont hello me,you definitely know why I called you” she said sounding so bitchy

That’s Sarah blaze for you,she is always bitchy and crazy

“I dont really know why you called?” I said

“How dare you post those things about me,how dare you” she said

“But we both know that its the truth, you go around sleeping with men and you claim that you are engaged and that you love your fiance,what sort of woman do that” I said

“That happened way back before I met my fiancé, how dare you post that now” she yelled

“It had to be posted and besides this fiance of yours where is he?you keep on talking about him but its been long since we have seen him”

“Its none of your business you stupid fool,Liam will be back and you will be surprised when he comes back to marry me”

“Did you just say liam”I said getting up

” yes and I dont know how that concerns you…….”

“Liam lancing” I said to be sure

“Yes liam lancing”

“You said he has been gone for a while now”

“Yes,I haven’t seen him for three years but tell me why are you asking!”

“You won’t believe this your fiance is right here with me” I said

“What? But its been years since we have been searching for him and now you tell me that he is there with you”

“He is here and am afraid to tell you this,he is with his lover” I said

????liam pov????
I stood by the window starring at my phone

Sarah won’t just ever change, I thought as I looked at a photo of her caught in a room making love with a guy

She had been one of the reason I had left home three years ago.

Everything had been good when dad was alive,I had lived a more peaceful life with my brother.

Never would I have thought that I would be made the head of the company because I had my brother there to do it but everything changed when he died from a car crash with dad

I was left alone with mom,who became cold and unfeeling as years passed

I took over the company Because mom wanted it,I got engaged to Sarah because mom wanted it,I gave up most of my dreams because mom wanted it,I was never happy with anything

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And the only Lady that I thought loved me with all Her heart cheated on me with some stupid guy

When I found out about it I cancelled the engagement but she denied it and got my mom to support her

My mom being my mom began to threaten me with things

She told her to make me sleep with her so I could get her pregnant but that didn’t work,she then threatened me with the company,she said she will take everything and destroy it,she knew how much the company meant to me but I still did not succumb

She then got the board member to fire me, which they did

I knew then that if I didn’t leave mom will keep on making My life a living hell

And then one day I packed and left,I decided to start from scratch,I worked in a lot of place,saving up until I bought a building and got it working and now here I am today as rich as ever.

For three years now mom hasn’t bothered looking for me and I havent bothered searching for her too

I prefer it that way,have made a new life here and I won’t let anyone destroy that.

I turned and saw Kate still asleep, my darling Kate,she is the only one that have been able to steal my heart after what Sarah did,its not that I didn’t meet any other lady,I met a lot but they are only after one thing,my money and body.

But Kate is different from them and I know that if she found out about my past and most especially now that that crazy Sarah keeps on saying am still haven’ther fiance when its Been years since we have even seen each other

If Kate ever finds out,she will get mad at me and I don’t want that,its best I don’t tell her,Its best if she doesn’t know my real identity,its for the best.

????kate pov????
I turned on the bed only not to find liam there,where is he?

I thought as I opened my eyes,I saw him standing by the window,he was deep in thought

I put on a robe and went to meet him

“Hey why aren’t you on the bed” I said

“Just came out to think” he said

“You look worried, care to tell me about it” I said and he starred at me in a strange way and then hug me

“I dont ever want to lose you Kate” he said

“You won’t ever lose me ” I said suddenly feeling scared,I was happy a while ago and now am feeling scared

Something big is bothering him and I know that I won’t like it if I find out