January 17, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 6

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“add up the sums and multiply by 5, then you’ve arrived at your answer” the mathematical teacher kept teaching with a marker on her hand and our mathematical textbook in the other

“note, your answers aren’t gonna be correct till you add the invisible 1 to it” she kept on teaching nonstop

“any questions so far?” she asked and we all kept mute including Janet whose eyes were fixed on the school time table she had been assigned to prepare
she isn’t even listening!

am excited i aren’t the class captain, the stress is too much!
the teachers aren’t helping matters
they keep occupying Janet with one school work or the other, forgetting she’s only a student who came to learn

“well then, I think indie a great job today cause you all seems to have understood this topic” the mathematics teacher said and the class chuckled

not like it’s funny right?

she smiled before turning to face the white board

she pick up a marker and and began writing some equations on it

“I will need three persons to come and solve the equations on the board” she said and the class gasp

you guys actually said you understood the explanations I just did on the board, so I need three people to come out and help us out with the question or am gonna pick you out” she said and my heart gave a mighty thud

I didn’t even understand a thing from what he just taught us

“Samantha what’s she saying?”Janet asked raising up her her for the second time since the teacher came in

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“you Will find out when she picks you out”

woah!! woah!!!
I can’t believe this” the teacher exclaimed more out of anger

“you know what?
your all gonna spend three hours immediately after closure, in detention class” she said packing up her bags
she looks really angry

“what!!” the class chorused
“did she just detain us?”Janet asked, her mouth agape
“there’s no point asking me when you obviously heard her!”I rolled my eyes in anger
I hate detention class, it’s damn boring

“that’s one heck of a crazy punishment” someone said from the jack seat and the whole class burst into a mocking laughter

“oh! really?
it might interest you to know that this topic is part of your test and it carries 30 marks” she said angrily with er cheeks pure red

“what!!” the class gasp

“c-mom ma’am you can’t do that please” a student pleaded
“then watch me do it” she huffed and storm out of the class

the bell for closure was rang n hour later and we all packed our books into our locker while some kept theirs in their backpack

I walked side by side with Janet as we head to the detention class
I took a seat at the back of the class while Janet moved to join me

soon we all settled down in the detention class until the mistress came inside

“woah! a whole class class ended up in detention class!.
what the hell happened?she asked but we all kept quiet

“i believe you all aren’t deaf and dumb”she remarked
“and what if we are?”a boy asked, his eyes on his phone
“your ass would have been kicked off the gate a long time ago”she cracked and none of us chuckled it reacted to it
being in detention isn’t funny
so who else would have reacted to her sinic remark?

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“stop troubling us miss, and do your job” a girl blurt out her cheeks were red, obviously she’s angry
Janet kept her head buried on the class attendance her form mistress had given her to prepare, she’s super boring at times

“fine then, lemme have your phones” she said stretching our her palms

“and what does our phone gets to do with being in detention?”the same girl asked with wide eyes
seems this is her first time of being in detention class

i and Janet has been here countless number of times so it’s no big deal

“that’s the number one rule here in detention class, so you either keep you phones or hand it over to me and come claim it when your three hours of detention is over” she said and I kept my phone inside my backpack while Janet did same

“now bring out your noted and start reading” she ordered and a. student screamed
are we gonna be reading for three hours?” she yelled and the teacher nodded
“that’s how it’s been done, so next time you won’t end up being in detention class” she said and the student grumbled bringing out their note books while Janet and I reluctantly did same

Detention class was damn boring
I took a bend and caught sight of our house

“ah! finally” I exclaimed
my feet were hurting cause I missed the bus and had to walk all the way home from school

molly had gone home already
I need no soothsayer to tell me that

my eyes scale off our door and fell on that rude jerk
and there he was, on his own pavement making a call, he appeared to be angry and kept yelling into the phone at intervals

#i won’t step a foot into that house until dad allow me make decisions of my own#
he spoke into the phone, is fingers deep in his hair

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# Brain come back home,I promise to look into it # i heard a lady spoke out of the phone
she seems to be crying

is she his mum?

#don’t even think of calling this line again cause I won’t pick up, you and dad should let me live my life the way I want# he yelled rudely into the phone and the lady kept crying

#bye! if you have nothing better to say# he yelled and hung up on her