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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 61-63

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????????????Episode 61 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o .v ????????❤❤

I hid at a corner and saw everything that was happening.
I knew something bad was gonna happen .it just doesn’t feel right.
Thank God i was quick enough to push Miranda out of the way, she just held my arm tightly and her whole body was shivering.

“Wow! Well of it isn’t Skylar , just whom i needed” Devika said.

“Stop this madness Devika, what’s really your problem ?” I asked her slowly letting go Miranda.

“You really are dumb , can’t you see loosing my mind!, your mother took everything away from me and i hate her so much ” she yelled and ruffled her hair.

She looked so horrible , i guess she had a bad hair day.

“What are you talking about? Cause i barely saw you talking to my mother”

“That ingrate had to go and marry my man, so i had no choice but to do what i had to ” she explained.

“What are you babbling about? Just tell me already!” I yelled.

“I killed your Mom Erica , she took everything away from me” she finally said.

I started feeling dizzy .all these years i was made to believe that my Mom died in accident.
A tear slowly slide down my cheeks.

“She has never hurt anyone and is the nicest person i had ever known.
How could you waste some else’s life!” I yelled and pounced on her.

I dragged her hair and she cried in pain.
“Let go of my hair you freak!” She said still struggling to free herself from my grip.

She pushed me hard and i fell down on the hard concrete road.(ground).
She cleaned her face with her palm and pointed the gun at me.

“Why don’t i just kill you first, yeah! That’s gonna be fun” she yelled and pulled the trigger.

Everywhere was calm and only the chirping of birds and rustles of leaves could be heard.
Hot tears poured down my eyes when i saw Miranda lying on her own pool of blood.

I quickly knelt down beside and put her head on my laps, i wrapped my arms around her.

“Stay with me Mimi, your gonna be fine i promise.
Don’t die on me please!” I cried patting her cheeks lightly.

My clothes was stained with her blood. I used the back of my blood stained hands to clean my face and sniffed.

“That fool! Why did she do that?” Devika yelled and angrily pulled off something from her face.

Is that what i think it his?.
“A face mask, who are you?” I asked .

“Sk…..y…lar ” Miranda stammered.

“Ssssh! don’t talk, save your strength” i said and slowly laid her head on the ground(concrete road).

“My name’s Alissa Dadear

I just stared at her with so many questions on my mind.
????who’s this woman?.

????how does she know so much about my Dad?.

????why does she wear a mask all the time and pretends to be someone else?.

“I can’t start explaining myself so why don’t i just kill you and get this over with.
She said and pointed the gun at me”

“Please don’t shoot Skylar! please”

A voice said and we all turned to see my Mom.
She quickly came out of her car and ran towards me.
Some few more steps and she was finally in front of me.

“Are you hurt dear?” She asked me searching for any injury on my body.

“No am fine, it’s just Miranda’s blood” i said.

❤❤???????? Flora’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I saw Skylar leaving the house in a hurry and i overheard her talking to someone on the phone about meeting in a warehouse downtown.

I had a feeling something bad was going to happen so i decided to follow her, and am glad i did.

“Whosever you are, please don’t do this, let Skylar go and kill instead” i said tearfully.

She laughed a cranky laugh and smirked.
“Wow! a step mothers love for her step daughter.
Never seen this before, very well i will just have to kill you first cause only your face annoys me” she yelled and pulled the triggered.

I slowly opened my eyes and was shocked by whom i saw backing me.

“Becky!” I said in a whisper.

I slowly knelt down and put her head on my laps.
“Sister please don’t leave me, not like this please!” I cried bitterly.

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She coughed out blood and smiled lightly exposing bloody teeth.

She stretched out her hand and i quickly helped her put them on my cheeks.

“a…..a… re….e…ally so…r…r..y” she stammered.

“It’s alright Becky, please don’t say good bye now.
We promised we were gonna grow old together. We had dreams Becky.
Please don’t leave me!” I said crying bitterly.

Skylar just stood beside me glaring at the strange lady trying to kill us.
“Are you happy now!? your heart is so dark , no wonder Morris never got serious with you” i yelled and slowly laid Becky well on the ground .

“Becky’s really unpredictable , at last she betrayed me.
Tccch! Who’s gonna save you now?” She yelled and pulled the trigger again.

I closed my eyes and finally decided to accept my faith , but the bullet never came.

I was forced to open my eyes and a tear slide down my cheeks at what i saw.

“Skylar!” I cried and held her tight.

My head was spinning, my whole body was shivering.
I couldn’t keep my promise to Erica, i couldn’t protect her only treasure.

“Skylar why!?” I asked crying bitterly.

She smiled lightly and coughed out blood.
“I didn’t wanna loose another special someone in my life.
Mother i don’t want to die, am scared” she said slowly and a tear slide down her cheeks.

“It’s gonna be alright, your not going to die i promise.
Stay alive for me okay!” I said quickly.

“M…mom hurts ” she said breathing heavily.

“The mighty Skylar has fallen, now no one can stop me, am not a bad person Flora.

None of this would have happened if you had just let me have Morris” she said playing with the gun on her hand.

“Your so wicked and even if i die today , Morris will never be yours ” i yelled.

“You bitch! die” she said, before she could pull the trigger, bullets from no where hit her and she fell down.

“Morris! Over here, Skylar’s hurt badly” i yelled.

“Your Dad is here honey, your gonna be alright” i said.

Her eyes were already shut.
“Hurry! She’s not breathing” i yelled at the top of my voice.

Logan ran towards me, he knelt down beside me and carried Skylar up in a bridal style.

“Hey don’t leave me okay? hang in there.
Please don’t leave me” i heard him say.

Morris helped me up and we both ran after Logan , while the medical team carried Becky and Miranda on a stretcher.

The strange lady was taken away.
“Mom will Skylar be okay?” Nicky asked me , she sniffed.

I actually called Morris and told him where am going in case of anything went wrong.

This is all my fault.
I don’t know what’s going to happen to Morris if anything happens to Skylar.

T .b. c

I cried while writing this episode, so touching????????.

Hope Skylar’s gonna be okay.
Becky had a good heart after all????????.




????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl) ????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 62 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Authors p .o.v ????????❤❤

The whole family and friends were all worried, the doctor hasn’t come out yet.
River hugged Logan tight, he was crying silently.

“Hey , she’s gonna be fine” River said caressing Logans back.

Nicky sat down and buried her head into her legs crying bitterly.
Morris was just quiet, The whole family was in pain.

It was all out in different news channel with different headlines.
????”World Famous business tycoon ” Morris Gilberts” daughter was shot and is fighting for her life.
The whole family is really in pain.
This is not one of the good times in Morris’s family”????

The doctor slowly walked out of the operating room.

“Doctor how is she? Is she gonna be okay?” Morris asked.

“The injury was pretty deep but thank God she survived it, now we just have to wait for her to wake up . your really a lucky man”the doctor said and pat Morris’s shoulders before walking away.

” can we go and see her?” Morris asked.

“Sure but please be quiet” the doctor said.

—– ???????????????????????????????????? ——

They all walked in and quietly shut the door.
They all stared at Skylar, there was a drip on her hand.

The room was so quiet that only the sound of beeping could be heard.
Flora held Skylar’s hand and caressed it.

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“Skylar please wake up, everyone’s waiting for you .
Logan’s worried sick” Flora said tearfully.

Logan just angrily walked out.
“Logan wait up!” Mason said and ran after him.

????????Written by authoress Nicky Bella

“Calm down bro! she’s going to be fine .you heard the doctor right?” Mason said reassuringly.

“I don’t know if i can stand seeing her on drip and lying on the hospital bed .i hate hospitals mason! ” Logan said crying.

“I know Logan , you have to be strong for Skylar’s sake.
She’s gonna be fine” mason said calmly.

“Don’t fucking tell me that rubbish! she’s not waking up mason”

“Get a hold of yourself men!” mason said.

❤❤???????? Logan’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

It’s been 3weeks already and Skylar’s still not waking up.
Thank God our exams had been postponed.
I feel so lonely without Skylar in my daily activities and i can’t help it but cry cause she’s not responding to any treatments.

Right now am inside Skylar’s hospital room, everyone’s here too.
We all slept here , actually I slept with her on the hospital bed and the others spread their blankets on the floor.

“Logan!, Logan”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Skylar staring at me.

I quickly sprang up .
“Your awake, oh! Thank God , i was so scared ” i said and kissed her cheek.

“Skylar’s awake!” i yelled and they all sprang up.

“We were scared and thought we lost you” Luke said tearfully.

“Don’t do that again Skylar! I was so scared.
I thought, i thought _________

Mason quickly cut her off.
” come here” mason said and hugged her tight.

“Where’s Mimi? and how is she doing?”

“Miranda’s fine but Becky’s dead” i said slowly.

“Oh!” Skylar said.

“Flora’s also going through a lot right now”

She slowly bowed her head.
“It hurts to loose a loved one”

“Yeah!”i said slowly.

” we thought we were never gonna see you again.
I thought i was never gonna see you again. Promise me you would never leave me ” i said.

” I promise and besides , am too young to die.
I was only sleeping.????????
I wouldn’t have died even if i wanted to, Mom wouldn’t let me” she said smiling.

The door suddenly opened and Morris , Flora and the others walked in.

“Dad!…mom! ” Skylar called tearfully.

They both quickly walked closer to her and hugged her tight.

“Ouch! It hurts” she said and they both let go of her.

“Am sorry” they both chorused.

“Morris if you can’t protect my grandchild. please send her to me” an old man said.

Well his not that old.
“Grandpa Gilbert!” Skylar called happily.

“My little Boss baby, they almost took you away from me.
I was so scared ” he said.

“Where’s grandma?” She asked.

“Am right here! I was so scared honey” she said.

“You guys quit pitying me and give me food, am starving ” Skylar yelled but her voice wasn’t loud.

“That criminal is gonna be given the harshest punishments” the old man said.

“I’ll still pay her a visit” Skylar said suddenly and everyone laughed hard.????????

That’s my girlfriend.
“No am serious , I’ll pay her a visit”

“We know you will” everyone chorused laughing harder than before.

“It’s not funny am hungry and an injured patient remember”

Everyone ignored her laughing uncontrollably .

T .b. c

One more episode to go and epilogue.
Skylar ehn????????, she will never change.

Becky was a good soul.????????



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 63 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Few months later
These few months had been the best ever.
I am fine now, really doing just fine.
We are all through with our exams and ready for college.

My parents are officially married, their wedding was epic.
Right now am the only one at home, mom and Dad went for their honeymoon.

These two are sure enjoying themselves .
Nicky’s with her boyfriend.
Great news guys, we’re going to Nigeria to spend our holiday.
I think i should go and visit Logan.

—— ????????????????????????——

I slowly opened his room door and closed it .he was shirtless ,he paused is video game and stared at me.

“I thought you said you were traveling” he said and turned off his video game.

He picked up is shirt and sat down close to me on the bed.
Logan’s just so hot.
“Are you okay Skylar?” He asked me.

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“Yeah! Am fine” i said and smiled.

We both stared at each other intensely, he slowly bent is head and i could feel his breath on my lips.

He kissed me. i wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss.
He quickly pulled off my crop top , leaving me clad in only my bra.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yeah! Am sure” i answered.

I laid properly on the bed, he quickly pulled off my flair skirt and i was left in only my panties.
He kissed me roughly .he kissed my neck down to my cleavage and unhooked my bra , then he threw it aside.

He sucked on my boobs and i wrapped my arms around him.
God am enjoying this new feeling.

“Oh my God! Logan” i moaned still holding him tight.

The feeling of his smile curving against my breast sent lightening ripping right through me.
I really wanted more, immediately he let go of me i held his white belt and unbuckled it.

He helped me pull off his trousers and i could see his erection .
God! Logan’s huge.
He quickly held me again and we continued kissing .

He stretched out is hand towards his cupboard and brought out a c**dom packet.
He quickly tore it open.

“We won’t be needing that Logan” i said quickly.

“Do you wanna get pregnant?” He asked me.

“I figured out we were gonna have sex when i decided to come here ,so i took piles”

“Wow! You came prepared for me, awn that’s nice” he said and chuckled.

Minutes later he had finished exploring the whole part of my body.
I widened my laps for him as he licked me down there , and i couldn’t help it but moan out loud.

He had already taken my panties off.
My boyfriend is a pro at stuffs like this, he raised up is head and kissed my waist before pulling off his boxers.

“You sure about this?” He asked me.

“Yeah!” I said.
No going back now.
I could feel his erection on my thighs .i adjusted myself a little as i balanced my legs well.
He hovered over me and i held him tighter.

“Logan am scared”

“It’s alright , I’ll take it slow”
He slide inside me with a long slow movement.

“Your so tight”

“God!” I moaned and threw my head backwards .

He started increasing his pace and i held him tighter.
I immediately felt a sharp cut inside of me and i saw my own blood.

A tear slide down my cheek.
God it hurts.

“Am sorry” he said and rod me faster.
I bit my lips and groaned in pain, he turned me over and put my legs above my head .

He inserted his D**k inside my clit and rod me faster.
My moan filled the whole room.
I have never experienced anything like this, it feels so great????????.

Finally we both reached our climax and he slowly came of me and poured his semen on my laps.

His eyes were closed, his hair falling forward over his face when he slowly opened is eyes to look at me , and he smiled.

I pushed my hair back and smiled back faintly.
Wow! So i finally did it with Logan and it really was nice but my legs still hurt.

We pulled the duvet over ourselves and i laid in his arms.
He kissed from my collarbone down to my breast.
I knew this was the marking of a new beginning for the both of us.

“I love you Logan”

“I know” he said.

Even if i am a crazy psycho ..i still found love and had a wonderful family that loved me unconditionally .
I was glad it all turned out this way.

This is all i ever wanted… good friends , a wonderful boyfriend and a loving..happy family.

I think i learnt something.
When you have good people by your side, everyday of your life is gonna be filled with so much laughter and happiness.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. so don’t stay angry for too long .learn to forgive and love with all your heart.
Don’t worry about the people who don’t like you rather enjoy the ones who love you.

Life also taught me that.
Before you guys say am wicked , me and Sheila settled oh!.