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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 46-50

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 46 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

“Dad give it back ,am not really through with that skinny dog!” I said trying to take my Laptop from my Dad.

“I can’t give you this one cause you already spoiled so many”


“Skylar please don’t stress Logan out and don’t retaliate anymore. please just let it go sometimes”

“Miss Flora !! Come take your fiancee, my Dad away !” I yelled.

“Okay!! Fine, here you go but please handle this one with care” he said and gave it to me before walking away.

Immediately he left I dropped the Laptop on my study table and quickly fell on my bed,then I drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I was woken up by the sound of the Alarm clock on top of my small cupboard.
I lazily searched for it with my eyes closed ,still on the bed.

I finally found it and hit it hard and it fell on the floor.

“Hmm better” I muttered and slept off again.

⏰⏰⏰⏰Some Minutes Later.

I quickly sprang up from my bed and dashed inside the bedroom.

“No!,no! ,no!” I cried inside the bathroom.
Few minutes later I was done and quickly came out .I cleaned myself with my white short towel and started applying my body cream on my skin.

I wore a Calvin Klein panties and half cut,I quickly wore a long sleeved white short gown that exposed my bare back.

I quickly picked up the shoe box beside my bed and quickly opened it. I threw all it’s contents on the floor and hurriedly put on the shoes.

A SN Glamour Monroe shoes of 2million (stilettos actually).

I hurriedly carried my purse and dashed out of my room not applying any makeup on my face.

I ran for some minutes and finally arrived at Nicky’s door .

“Nicky come on!” I yelled and she quickly opened the door.

“It’s Logans birthday ,let’s go”

“I know ,I don’t know why your so serious with this “she said and walked out,she was already dressed.

We both quickly ran downstairs and saw my Dad and Miss Flora.

“It took you guys long enough” he said and we all walked out.

❤❤???????? Logan’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

????????????Happy Birthday Logan????????????

“What’s taking them so long and why isn’t Skylar picking any of my calls?” I yelled in frustration.

“Maybe they’re on there way” River said .

He looked so handsome ,he wore a blue suit actually all of them wore suits.
He held his suit jacket and his bow tie in is hands ,also his blue bing headphone.

“You look hot Logan ,mind if I take you out on a date?” Luke asked.

“Not now! Luke ” I said and ruffled my already dressed hair.

“Stop doing that Logan,I just dressed your hair” Natasha said.

“Am sorry ,the parties gonna start soon”

“Now come on!” She said and I followed her.

I actually wore a black tuxedo ,moms choice .she said after the morning party there’s gonna be another party for me and my friends.
Then I can do whatever I want.

I quickly loosened my tie cause I was choking and followed her quietly.
God! I feel so hot.

⏰⏰Few hours Later ,still no sign of Skylar and the hall had already been filled with different sets of people.

My mom held my wrist tight and showed me to her friends and family relations.

“Uncle Dante! ” I exclaimed and my Mom quickly let go of my wrist.
I ran and hugged him tight.

“Look at you me boy ! ,all grown up I see”
He said in a weird accent.

“Yes Dante ,where’s Mama Lucinda ?” I asked and ran my eyes searchingly in the crowd.

“Sorry me boy but your Mama Lucinda couldn’t make it”


“Don’t be disappointed ,she promised she would call and besides Oscar ,philipe and Agnes also came”

“Really!?,Excuse me uncle Dante” I said and ran to meet Oscar.

I really missed my cousins .There’s also a twin in my familia.
Well if ur wondering about all the Mexican names ,well my Mom’s from Mexico.

“Jessica !…… Jerry!” I said and hugged them both.

“Wow! Looking as fantastic as ever Logan”

“Thanks jerry”

I talked to them for some time before leaving .the party was sure getting boring.

I really need to see Skylar and show her to Oscar and Alex.

“Logan! Skylar’s arrived,look!” Derek said and pointed at her pictures on the projector.

She looked so beautiful on that white short dress and check out those Stilettos.

“Who is that beautiful looking Damsel?” Christian my cousin asked.

“My girlfriend,now please excuse me” I said and ran to look for her in the crowd.

Some minutes later ,I finally saw her and she was holding a gift box wrapped beautifully.

“Your hair’s so long and beautiful Skylar” I said and took the gift from her.
Can I open it?” I asked her.

“Yeah! Sure,go ahead”

I quickly tore it open and was wowed by what I saw .she bought me a wireless pad new and improved video games.

“What’s this?” I said staring at the bunch of keys she gave me.

“I bought you a car Logan,Happy birthday” she said and hugged me.

“Your the best Sky” I said and hugged her Tighter.

“Okay enough!,enough,I wanna go see your mom”

“Okay! Sorry ” I said and continued staring at the car key.

It’s not that I don’t have a car or the money to buy it but I never knew Skylar would get me a white Ferrari.

“Hey! Logan dear” Lia said and gave me my gift.

“You!!” Skylar said.

Hope you didn’t stare at a Mirror?” Skylar said and smirked.

Lia quickly stamped her feet and walked away.
Skylar just laughed hard.

“Bye! Logan and that tuxedo suits you”

“Thanks ” I said and she walked away.

“Hey! Logan,happy birthday ” Mr Morris said.

“Where’s my present sir Morris?” I asked.

“Miss Nana please come with the documents” he said and a young beautiful lady stood in our mist.

“Here sign this young man” she said.
I think she’s a Korean cause she looks just like them.

“What’s this sir Morris?” I asked and picked up the pen to sign the documents on her hand.

“They are documents for the estate I bought for you”

“What!?” I asked blinking my eyes rapidly.

“Yeah! You deserve it dear,now enjoy your party”


“Don’t worry all the remaining details would be made clear to you and the rents had already been linked to your account.

When the rents are been paid ,you receive an alert” he said and walked away.

⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ Minutes later .The party sure his fun and my gifts were just so many.

I got like 15 or 26 cars ,shoes and my Dad even got me a Mansion.

Mom bought me a pent house in Brazil ,while Oscar bought me a power bike and it had a cool helmet.

Agnes bought me an iphone 6 ,am even tired of opening the gift boxes .Alana just sat down and opened one after another.

Right now am in my room.
“Thank God! I found you here”

“Miss Flora!” I said in surprise.

“Happy birthday Logan and even though I couldn’t but a big and expensive birthday present, just wanted to ask you if you would love to work with SN Glamour Monroe Fashion Line as our Model for new made designs ” she said.

“Really !!? ,this is more than an expensive car,yeah! I would love to”

“Thank you and happy birthday again and may God bless you my child” she said and walked out of my room.

“Wow! Am really so jealous Logan,you have been getting different gifts and different offers today for your birthday ” Alana said and threw a puma light sneakers at me.

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“Someone gave you that shoe,yeah! A miss Lizzy or Wizzy something”

“You can have it,here!” I said and gave it to her.

“The parties almost over Logan” Alana said.

“Yeah! And finally I can take these off” I said and started pulling off my suit.

“Happy birthday Logan”

I turned and was shocked by whom I saw.

” What! Do you want?” I asked dryly.

T .b. c

Logan is so lucky and am sorry about the delay but light issues and I have to type from my Note book to save it in keep my notes before posting ,so please bear with me .
The story is going to be delayed ,it’s not really my fault but it’s tiring.


????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL( my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 47 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Authors p .o. v ????????❤❤

“Logan we need to talk ,please!” Henry pleaded.

“Who the Hell invited you here? and why on earth would you barge into my room without knocking?” Logan asked and quickly wore his Blue T-shirt polo.

“Should I answer the first one or second?” Henry asked with one of his brows raised.

“Quit joking around and answer both ” Logan said with an high pitched voice.

“Well your Dad invited me and since the door was open I didn’t bother to knock ,am sorry and I guess I should just leave” Henry said and started walking out.

“Thank God! you know your supposed to leave and please don’t stop by!” Logan said.

“Logan!!” Alana yelled out his Name in anger.

“Not today Alana ,you don’t know what he made me and Skylar pass through ” Logan said and wanted to walk out as well but Alana drew him back and slapped him hard on his cheek

“Do you hear yourself Logan? ,you didn’t even wanna hear what he had to say.

So what if he did all those things but if I could also recall you also offended him ,so why not just forgive and forget and just start a new” Alana yelled at the top of her voice.

“Alana you just slapped me on the face and on my birthday too” Logan said caressing his left cheek.

“Yeah! I did and there’s no law that says birthday celebrants aren’t meant to be slapped on their special day” Alana said and rolled her eyes.

“But I can’t just forgive him”

“I know his a Skanky person but come on!” ,you can” Alana pleaded.

“Okay fine!” Logan shouted and ran outside his room to look for Henry and thank God he saw him walking down the stairs .

“Wait up! Henry I need to speak with you”

Henry suddenly paused and stared at Logan inquisitively .
Logan quickly ran to meet him.

“It’s okay! I get it ,you made it clear that I should leave and that’s what am doing” Henry said calmly.

“Am sorry I acted all mean and didn’t hear you out”

“Wow! who would believe that Logan Williams would really be apologizing to me ” Henry said and smirked.

” am sorry for everything Logan and I would be really happy if you would forgive me” Henry said again.

Logan sighed and walked closer to Henry…

“It’s okay Men!,I forgive you” Logan said and hugged Henry too.

“What’s going on here?”

They both untangled from the hug and stared at Skylar who stood at Akimbo .

“It’s not what you think and I don’t swing that way” Logan answered.

“Okay! And what’s Henry doing here with you ?” Skylar asked.

“Well he came to apologize to me and I forgave him”

“Hi Skylar!,since your here it’s best I apologize to you too ” Henry said.

Am sorry for everything I did to you and I would really appreciate it if you would forgive me” Henry said pleadingly.

“Wow! I really can’t believe Henry is really apologizing to me” Skylar said.

“Am really sorry for trying to use you as a pawn to have my Revenge on Logan”

“Okay fine! I forgive you ,now come here!”Skylar said smiling as she hugged him tightly.

If I find out that you’re doing this because you have something in mind ,I won’t hesitate to Kick you so hard down there and you would End up being impotent ” Skylar said in a whisper.

Henry looked so scared.
“Sheila didn’t come to my party thank God” Logan said.

“It’s really being a while since I heard from her” Logan said again.

“and why are you even bringing that girls name into the conversation” Skylar yelled and walked away.

“Skylar wait up!”

T .b. c

Henry finally apologized and ur guesses were all wrong????????.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

???????? She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl ????????

???????????????????? Episode 48 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Nicky’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Logan’s birthday is really fun and I bet the money spent on it was really much.
Mason sure looks handsome.

The night party has been going and two hours had already passed.
Skylar and Logan wore identical outfits,she wore a white crop top and SN Glamour Monroe was boldly written on it’s side.

A short flair white skirt and white designers Sneakers.
While Logan wore a white long sleeved shirt,short white crazy jeans knicker and white designer sneakers too.

They both looked so perfect together. Skylar was busy giving Logan a lap dance.

I smiled and walked closer to them ,Logan was a bit sweaty and his hair fringes covered his forehead.

“Skylar! Where’s River and Alana?” I yelled cause the music was very loud.

“Look!” Skylar said pointing at them” they are over there” she said and continued what she was doing.

Alana and River were busy kissing and romancing themselves.
I wonder where Mason his?.
Skylar’s also sweating and it seems Logan’s enjoying himself.

He really his sweating cause I noticed some fringes of hair was glued to is Skin (fore head).

“Come on! Logan time to have some shots” Luke said and slowly dragged Skylar off Logan.

“I’ll be right back Skylar” Logan said and wore his Knicker(jean short pants) properly cause it was a little bit sagged.

“Sure! And I’ll be right here ” Skylar said and slowly sipped from her drink.

I quickly left her and walked towards Derek and Henrys table. I sat down close to Henry ,who was busy having fun with a girl.

I quickly scan my eyes searchingly in the crowd and I saw Logan.
He looked so tired and his friends were shouting.

“More shots!,more shots!”
While Logan kept on drinking ,his beautiful pupil looked achieve they had changed colours and he looked like someone who really needed sleep.

⏰⏰⏰⏰ Minutes later everything was going smoothly and I saw Logan sleeping on a chair .
We were all tired but nobody was really ready to go home.

“Hey! Looking for me”

I darted my eyes towards the direction of the voice and saw Mason smiling at me.

“Where were you Massy? I looked everywhere for you”

“I was with Oscar and Tessy ,now come here!” He said and drew me closer to him. I sat down on his laps and he slowly caressed my cheeks.

We stared at each other before we finally kissed,his hands were wrapped around my waist.

“Wow ! If the two couples aren’t having fun”

A voice said and we slowly stopped kissing and turned to see who just talked.

“What the Hell! are you doing here Sheila?” I asked and quickly stood up from Mason’s laps.

“I just came to see the birthday celebrant and nothing more” she said and winked at Mason.

What a cheap girl?.

” come on! ” I said and quickly held her wrist tight and dragged her to some where more quiet.

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“Let go of my hand you fool!” She yelled.

I slowly let go of her wrist.
“Why did you have to show your face here?”

“Are you deaf? Or should I repeat myself,am here to wish Logan a happy birthday”

“Aren’t you tired of forcing yourself on him .why don’t you get it that he doesn’t love you .

If you don’t stop now your eventually gonna get hurt” I said dryly.

She laughed real hard and smirked.
“Have you forgotten who you are? Your a nobody,just a nerd I bullied in school ,a peasant and a beggar”

“What are you trying to say? I agree am all those things but you have no right to make me feel inferior and for the record at least am not cheap and Fake like you” I said and smirked.

“How dare you?” She said and pushed me hard and I fell down hard and used my Nose to hit the table. I slowly bled out from my Nose.

I slowly held the table for support and stood up.
“Just because your good for nothing gold digger you call a mother succeed in bewitching Mr Morris doesn’t mean anything to me.

Just because your face his all over the news and daily Magazines doesn’t make you a celebrity,and for the record Mason doesn’t love you .

I and mason had sex and he was so good in bed. I can’t wait for that ugly pig Skylar to find out that you and your mother are just attention seekers.

What a bunch of low -life’s ,do you think Skylar’s happy that your mother is gonna get married to her Dad.
Skylar hates you and can’t wait to get rid of you” she yelled and slapped me hard on my right cheek.

“Your a lier ,you don’t know anything about Skylar so just shut up!” I yelled and she raised up her hand to slap me but it was caught in mid air by some else else.

We both turned and was surprised to see Skylar ,her eyes was filled with so much rage.

She quickly stared at me and my bleeding nose ,a tear slowly slide down her cheeks.

“Skylar!” I said innocently.

It seems she heard everything,she quickly slapped me hard .
She didn’t even answer me ,she just held Sheila’s wrist and dragged her outside.

T .b. c

Hmm Sheila you are finished ????????????.
And Nicky really deserved that slap.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 49 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤
I was at a corner watching everything that was happening.

How can Nicky allow Sheila say such mean things about me and her Mom ,and the most annoying part is that Nicky couldn’t slap Sheila back.

I couldn’t watch anymore of their rubbish and since I had been looking for a little offence to deal with Sheila and thank God I found it.
We were finally outside the hotel .I angrily let go of her wrist and slapped her hard on her right cheek.

She just placed her hand on where I slapped and glared at me.

“Why can’t you just mind your fucking business ” she whined.

“Nicky’s my business and you had the nerve to slap her,and you also went as far as injuring her and that’s something I wouldn’t take lightly from a stupid low-life like you” I said.

“The fact that you always have something to say annoys me to the core .

Learn to mind goddam! fucking business and leave me alone!”

“Mind my goddam! fucking business ,today your so dead ” I said and slapped her hard.

I held her hair and hit her head on her car door .she slowly bled out from her head.

“Oh my God! Guys come see ,it’s a Skylar and Sheila show down live” a girl said and ran back inside.

Immediately everybody came outside .sheila was already on the floor and I was on top of her,punching the hell out of her.

“Skylar! That’s enough your gonna kill her ” a voice said .

I let go of her and turned to see Logan glaring at me.
Before I could turn back and stare at Sheila ,something hit my forehead and for that moment everywhere was silent ,my head was hurting seriously.

I managed to stand upright and slowly held my forehead when I felt a thick liquid substance slide down my face .

I stared at the liquid on my palm and cracked. I slowly licked my blood and touched my forehead again,I used my blood stained palm to hit the ground .

“If I no do you back ,make I die!” I yelled fiercely.

Sheila laughed and chuckled.
“Your just making empty threats”

Immediately I tore my shirt and threw it away.
This girl has crossed her limits ,cause back home in warri no girl or boy has ever tried to injure me or even touch me.

How dare she?.

“You dey craze? ,you won fuck! With me shay?.
I go Pele ,Pele you coded ,coded .na me Sky oh! A .k .a Baby Jesus.
Nobody fucks ,nobody bono!.as you don lace my face ,I go lace you take as you won lace me go free.

Chai!!! I don suffer ,me way dey save people from their sins and iniquities na you won con zar!(cut)”

“In fact a girly you go pack” I said in an high pitched voice and started looking around for any empty bottle and thank God I found it.

I quickly hit it on her head and she started bleeding from her head.
She held her head and wept bitterly.

“Your going to riot in jail for this”she cried holding her already bleeding head.

“Cell!” I said and scoffed.

“Make I cap you,you take an say I never lap cell tire.
See you!,I don smoke cell oh!,you take am say I be J. J. C(Johnny just come) for this game.

Bitchy! I go pieces your p***y ,me i be confirm warri blood ,Niger babe,go warri go ask anybody who be Baby Jesus.
Na me Skylar! Head burn oh!,girl no get joy.

In fact ” I said and looked left and right breathing heavily.
I think am gonna lose my mind .if I don’t deal with this girl today am gonna die.

I threw the remaining part of the broken wine bottle and it landed on Sheilas car wind Screen.

“Aro mate! Anybody way won cap make him burst out!.
All of Una fada!” I yelled pointing at all the crowd.

I quickly pounced on her and beat her mercilessly.

⏰⏰⏰Some seconds later ,I was still beating the daylight out of her.

I heard Luke shout.
“Tear her shirt lets see her breast”

“Hey! You black bitch! ,get off Sheila now!”a voice said and I slowly let go of her and smirked.

The crowd gasped.

“Na you be the monkey ,now I go chop food before I die!” I said and laughed hard.

She foolishly ran to me and I didn’t notice early that she was aiming for my hair.

She quickly dragged my hair and I tried to push her off me.

The next thing I saw shocked me,Nicky had kicked her to the floor and she held her head.

“How dare you hurt my sister Lia?” Nicky yelled.

I smiled at Nicky ,finally what I want.

“You dey craze!?,abi dem born you with two head?.
Shay you smoke Shisha before you come here .I can’t believe you still had the nerve to attack my sister .na God! Go punish you” Nicky said and cracked.

I couldn’t control my laughter ????,that is the worst combination ever and her pigin English is so bad but at least am proud .

“I no believe say na person like you attack me.

Lia I no blame you ,na you Momsi I blame oh!.
If you say she get sense ,she for abort you the moment she found out say na you be the baboon way she won born.

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Ugly looking bitch!.if to say na Niger dem born you ehn!,all the witches dem way dey there for don reject you,a girly claw” I said and shaked Nicky in our Nigerian way.

She tried at least.
We both started beating the both of them .


“Skylar that’s enough !” Mason said dragging me away from her.

“Mason let go of me !” I said struggling with him and he finally let go.

“Nicky you too let her go” Nicky slowly let go of her.

“Here !” He said and gave me his jacket.

I quickly spit on her face and Nicky quickly gave me sheilas bag.
I poured all it’s contents on the floor and spit on them .

“Your family will never be better than the GILBERTS”

I quickly walked towards the Exit door and saw Logan.

“Skylar are you okay?,are you hurt” Logan asked.

I didn’t answer him ,instead I slapped him twice and walked away.

T .b. c

Finally Skylar dealt with Sheila????????????????.
And this Episode’s in honor of my Bestie ????????????.
Tanks for your support and love❤❤.


????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 50 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Logan’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I held my cheeks and stared at Skylar as she walked away.

“She just slapped me ,on my birthday too” I cried.

“Yeah! Cause it’s your fault that Sheila injured Skylar ” Alana said and everyone laughed hard.

“Skylar! Wait up” I yelled and ran to look for her.


“Skylar! Am really sorry” I whined .

She just walked round the room in circles.
“As my boyfriend ,your meant to always take my side ” she said.

“Okay! Fine ,am so sorry” I said and knelt down holding my two ears tight.

“That isn’t enough cause my forgiveness is pretty expensive”

” but you forgave Henry so easily ” I lamented .

I don’t believe this.

“Well Henry’s case is different and your my boyfriend” she said rolling her eyes .

“Sky please! I’ll do anything”

“Anything?” She asked and smirked.


“Okay then ,take off your shirt ,pants and singlet .
I want to see you only in your boxers”

“Wow! I would gladly do that and just in case ,i think you should take off your clothes too” I said and winked at her.

“I really forgot that your a big pervert,now fast!” She yelled and walked closer to me.

I quickly removed everything and was left only in my boxers.

“You know Skylar ,if you really wanted sex you should have just said so instead of being such a Drama queen” I said and chuckled.

Skylar was quiet ,she just raised one of her brows up and smiled seductively .

“Sure Logan ,that’s what I wanted and why don’t you come closer so I’ll show you some love”

I walked closer to her and quickly wrapped my hands around her waist and slowly kissed her neck.
She didn’t Moan ,so I slowly stared at her face.

“Your really a big time pervert,it seems your Done so let’s go downstairs”


“What!!?” She yelled and cat walked away.

“Your so mean!” I yelled.

“Come on! Let’s go”

“What like this?”

“Yeah! Or don’t you want my forgiveness?” She asked.

“Yeah! I do” I said and quickly followed her downstairs.

⏰⏰⏰ Few minutes Later ,we were already downstairs.

“Skylar! Please forgive me already” I pleaded.

“Okay! I forgive you ” she said and smiled.

“Guys! Look ,Logan’s only in his underwear! ” Luke said and brought out his phone to video Logan who used his hands to cover his face.

“Am so gonna kill you Luke!” I said and chased him.

Suddenly a group of girls walked into the sitting room.

????oh my God! Logan’s only in his underwear ????

????his son hot????

????just look at his Exposed chest ????

????am gonna buy the exact type immediately ????

????i have to take a photo of him now And post it in my Blog ????

“Skylar!!” I yelled and quickly used my hands to cover the middle of my boxer and ran back upstairs.


“You really suit Logan “Alana said and everyone laughed hard.

“Good job Luke,now send the video to me ” Skylar said and sat down close to Luke.

“Let’s watch a movie ”

“After!,let’s watch After!” Nicky said quickly .

“But that movies too boring and filled with lovey dovey stuffs ” Skylar whined .

“Am so in” Luke said and put his arms around Skylar.

“Movie night !!” They all chorused and giggled.

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I wasn’t really mad at him,just wanted to teach him a lesson.
Logan’s really spoilt and I know he will no longer come downstairs because of the shame.

Movie night with friends was awesome.
Luke really made us laugh.
It’s already late,the movie had already finished and everyone was sleeping.

I quickly jacked up and stretched my body before waking all of them .

“Goodnight Skylar” Mason said and helped Nicky up.
Alana and River had already gone upstairs and same as the others.

“Luke ,get up!”

“Skylar! Yes kiss me more ,more ,oh! Your lips are so soft and juicy” Luke said and moaned in his sleep.

“Shut up! And wake up! Already” I yelled and spanked his butt.

“Ouch! Skylar ,it’s ticklish ,can you slap me more so I can feel your soft palm on my skin” Luke said and stretched his body .

“Wow! I don’t believe this” I said and walked away.

I bet Logan’s already asleep.


I walked inside our room and slowly closed the door.
Cautious not to make any sound that would wake Logan up.

I switched on the light and the bathroom door slowly opened .Logan walked out with only a white short towel wrapped around his waist ,he used another towel to clean his wet hair.

“Logan!” I called but he didn’t answer me.

“Logan!” I called again,he still didn’t answer .

“Stop behaving like a cockerel and just talk to me” I pleaded but still he still didn’t talk.

He just wore his short knicker and before he could wear his shirt I hugged him from behind.

“Logan am sorry ” I cried.

“Baby please!” I said but still no answer.

He turned and stared at me,he bent his head and kissed me slowly.
I reciprocated the kiss and wrapped my hands around his Neck.

He quickly carried me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, still not breaking from the kiss.
The kiss got more intense and he slowly lay me on the bed and hovered over me.

He quickly removed my shirt and I was left clad in only my bra.

He licked my cleavage down to my waist region.
I quickly felt my body heating up when he slowly left me and laid close to me on the bed.

“Am tired Sky! ,let’s sleep ” he said and kissed my forehead.

“So your not angry with me anymore right?” I asked.

“Nope! I wasn’t mad at you at along,something was inside my mouth all along ,so I couldn’t reply you ” he said and smiled.

“What! ” I shouted with my eyes all popped out.

“I was chewing a mint sweet actually”

“Really!? ,and you couldn’t even give me a sign”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything” he said.

“Oh really!” I quickly picked up a pillow and hit it on his face uncontrollably.

“Skylar! Wait” he said laughing .

“Am sorry ” he pleaded and quickly got up from the bed.

I chased him round the room and hit him with the pillow in my hand whenever I was close to him.

Our laughter filled the whole room