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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 41-45

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 41 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Devika’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I can’t believe Morris is planning on getting married after everything I did to get close to him.

Actually my Dad’s a wealthy business man but not as rich as Morris.
I acted achieve I was from a poor family and Morris took pity on me and made me his personal Assistant and Secretary.

I left everything behind to be with Morris ,we go way back .

We went to the same college ,same as his late wife Erica .
I did everything in my power for Morris to notice me and when he finally noticed me ,that bitch ruined everything.

Morris told me he was sorry that he doesn’t love me anymore but her,I was so furious .I wasted my life fighting for an unrequited love.

Morris doesn’t recognize me now cause I changed my name and always wore a face mask to work.

We graduated from college and morris got his own share of his families wealth and worked hard to achieve more for himself .

1 year passed and I found out that he had married Erica that black local woman .she was also pregnant for him.

I always put on a fake smile whenever I was with them,but when I was alone I’ll burn and tear her pictures.

I’ll have to do something about this and I really need to do it fast,even if it means someone loosing his or her life.

I didn’t hesitate to temper with Erica’s car brakes which led to her death and no one even knew I was the one behind it all.
Flora’s gotta have to go and I know just what to get her out of the picture.

What an ugly gold digger ,just because she had nothing she decided to use Mr Morris to gain attention ,money and fame.

I despise her so much ,she’s not even beautiful and he chose her over me.
As for Erica’s good for nothing Black child I’ll ruin her life and if she acts all stubborn I’ll end her life ,just like I took her whore of a mothers life.

I laughed evilly like a maniac and guessed down the whole contents of Alcohol and dropped the glass cup back on my glass table.

I dialed Becky’s number to tell her all about my plans cause I know she will help me no matter what.

“And one things for sure ,if I can’t have Morris for myself then no one can” I said and laughed hard again.

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I saw Logan .it’s been so long we talked and I really did miss him a lot .
Even if I wanted to stay mad at him for long I couldn’t cause I loved him unconditionally.

I wanted to believe him,I wanted to give him a big hug and say I didn’t care and would love to go out with him but I couldn’t.

I was just so hurt that I couldn’t show him that I cared.

He sure has grown up so handsome just these weeks he had been away.

After that little incident between me and Logan ,I didn’t see him until school over.
Right now am already home ,Nicky and her Mom aren’t around ,well they went back home.

Me and my Dad was watching a seasoned movie on fox.
The gifted ,I actually forced him to watch it with me cause I dislike watching a movie alone.

He told me about his plans for miss flora and I knew Mom would be happy about it wherever she his.
⏰⏰⏰ Minutes later ,one of the maids walked towards Dad and I,she told us a person by the name Alana his here to see me.

My Dad sighed and pecked my cheeks.
“Skylar!,I better leave” he said .

I nodded cause I knew where he wanted to go .

I held him tight not wanting to let go,he chuckled and carried me up,my legs were wrapped around him ,then my hands wrapped around his neck.

“Skylar your really adding more weight as the day goes by” he said .

I nodded and let go of him ,I stood upright and stared at the beautiful girl standing in front of me.

“Alana!” I said immediately.

She smiled and swayed her hair sideways which I found to be so Dramatic.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed.
“Good Afternoon Mr Morris ,I can’t believe am seeing you again.
It’s been so long,I only see you on TV’s but now am seeing you live ,you look so young .
Hmm are you married?” She said quickly.

God! ,she’s fast.
I just stared at her talking to my Dad.
“It’s good to see you Alana .how’s your father doing?” Morris asked.

“His fine sir!”

“We’re gonna talk later Alana I have to go somewhere important ,bye Skylar” he said and started walking away.

“You mean Nicky’s place ,don’t hide it Morris I already know” I said in a low tone but i think he heard it.

“Keep shut Skylar and don’t assume anything,your mind is so evil!” He said and smiled.

Then I quickly stared at Alana who was just staring at me in awe.

“What!!?” I asked.

“Do you usually talk so formal with your Dad?” She asked me inquisitively.

“Yea,why not ?,his my old man after all” I said smiling into nothing.

“So why are you here Alana?” Skylar asked.

T .b. c
What do u think Alana went there to do

U guys are trying in every way ,thanks????????????.




????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 42 ????????????????????

⏰⏰⏰ Some minutes later .
Alana and i sat down and she had already told me everything.
I couldn’t believe what am hearing.

“So you mean Sheila was the one that sent me that message ?.she even took advantage of Logan’s drunken state and had sex with him.
So your trying to say that everything that has been going on between me and Logan is actually Sheila’s fault.
How dare she?” I yelled in anger.

“It’s okay and besides you didn’t know about it.
Logan sent you a lot of messages ,he tried to apologize sending text messages but you never replied,why?” She said.

“Messages !,wait here ” I said and quickly ran upstairs to my room.

I think I kept my old phone somewhere in there,I think she doesn’t hear or understand English cause she followed me upstairs.

After walking and walking I finally arrived at my room door.
The house is just so big.

We both entered and she shut the door .I quickly searched for my old phone in my cupboard.
“Wow!,your room is so beautiful” she said.

I smiled and told her thank you,I was so busy looking for my phone that I didn’t notice that she pressed a button on the wall and the wall opened.

I finally saw it and was so shocked .
This girl disturbs a lot and can’t stay out.
“Oh my God! ,check out these cool and expensive clothes!.
Check out these shoes,this is the latest trending bags.
Skylar this is more than a boutique,hmm can I have ?” She said gleefully.

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I just stared at her in shock,I blinked my eyes and nodded ,besides they are the ones Tracy brought last week.

My wardrobe is changed every week end.
Don’t ask me why?,Dad’s orders

I left her and continued with what I was doing.

I couldn’t believe Logan sent me all these messages and I never knew.

I read out one of the messages .
“Hi! Skylar,how are you doing?.I saw the video of you and Sheila fighting and couldn’t help it but laugh hard.
You will never change,am so sorry I didn’t come see you before I left and I know your gonna be so angry.
Don’t forget I love you ,wanna go somewhere .later!” The message read.

I smiled exposing all my sets of teeth ,so he did care about me.
Your such a fool Skylar ,you really need to go and see Logan ,at least try to apologize.

I still can’t believe it was Sheila all along. what a desperate bitch!?.

“Alana have finally made up my mind,I want to see Logan and I’ll tell him am so sorry .
I’ll tell him how much I love him and I know he loves me too .
Oh! God have missed him so much” I said .

I wondered why Alana hasn’t said anything since ,so I turned.

“Hmm Skylar ,I kinda love this bag .I was wondering if I could have it?”

I smiled and face slapped myself.

“Plsssss ….”She said adding more pressure to the s.

I cracked and laughed hard .
“Sure why not ,here ,you can take as much as you want” I said and threw more clothes at her.

“So your gonna go see Logan right?”

“Yeah!,I wanna end all this Drama and finally make Logan mine” i said dryly.

“Now your talking girl,can I have this too?” She asked and showed me a 3millon Nike sneaker.

My Dad ordered that specially for me.
“Hmm Alana, that shoes kinda special” I said and took it from her.

“Oh!,am sorry I shouldn’t have ,it’s fine” she said sadly.

I sighed and kissed the shoes one last time before throwing them at her.

“You can have them ” I said.

She yelled and hugged me tight.

“Come on let’s go” I said and we both walked out.

She held the 3bags on her hand and hanged one.
The shoes and clothes was in one of them .

“I don’t care about Sheila ,I just want my man back.
Logan am coming for you” I said almost in a whisper.

T . b . c

Skylar’s finally going to settle things with Logan .
Alana ehn????????????.
Am so sorry but I was very sick and I know it’s short .
We barely have light in our area so I paid to charge my phone.




????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 43 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Author’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Logan and his friends were swimming in the swimming pool.

Logan swam out and used a towel to clean his hair quickly.
He was only putting on a green flower Embroidery designed knicker.

“Have you guys seen Alana?” Logan asked.

“I thought she told you where she was going to” Mason said.

“I think Alana’s kinda cute ” said River.

Everyone just stared at him suspiciously.
“What !?,is it a bad thing to compliment on a good creation of God ?” River asked and put his headphones back in his ears.

“I still can’t believe your actually crushing on Alana of all people.
She’s so demanding and a jealous freak” Derek said and the others nodded.

“Alana doesn’t like you back men!,the truth sure his painful” Luke said and laughed.

“You little fool!,such a D**k head ,come here!” River said and chased Luke around.

The others just laughed hard.
“Troy ,Mason , Logan please save me!!!” Luke cried.

River just chased him .
“Am gonna get you and cut off that your mouth.
Stop right here you Bad mouthed rascal!”
River said and continued chasing after him.
They both ran inside the house and continued running.

⏰⏰⏰Minutes later River was so tired and went back to meet the others.

“Luke’s really an athlete .what a small devil,his actually the youngest amongst us and talks a lot” River said.

“What’s going on here?” Alana asked.
They all paused and stared at her.

“Alana!! it’s been so long ” Troy said.

“Hi! Guys ” she said and waved at all of them.
She paused and stared at River ,she smiled at him and winked.

“Hey! handsome ,wanna hang out sometime ?,just the two of us Alone ,somewhere quiet ” Alana said and winked at River again.

“Sure I’ll love to go out with you” River said.

“Here’s my number River,call me ,I can’t believe you have grown so handsome” Alana said.

“Where are you coming from Alana ?” Logan asked.

“Can’t you see they were in the middle of a asking out process.
I wish girls like Alana still existed,I mean she asked River a scardy cat out.
He has been talking about you ever since he got here” Luke said.

“Shut up!,Luke your such a blabber beak” River said.

“Well I went to see Skylar ,no need to ask we just chatted and talked about girly stuffs and don’t worry cause your gonna thank me later” Alana said.

“Who gave you those stuffs your holding?.
I thought you forgot your credit card” Logan said.

“Skylar did ,she’s such a nice girl”

“But you have so many clothes ” Logan complained tiredly.

“Whatever!” She said and pushed Logan back inside the swimming pool before she walked away.

“I think that’s for always asking too much questions” Luke said.

“Keep quiet Luke!” They all chorused.


I really Miss Skylar ,too bad Sheila ruined everything for me” Logan said sadly.

He had already swam out of the swimming pool,his whole body was wet.
” maybe she doesn’t know the truth ” Troy said.

“What if she does and still decided to leave you or should I say forget about you” Luke said .

“I wish I could hear her say ‘I love you’ to me,I’ll be so happy.
Am loosing my mind ,I need Skylar back in my life”


“Yes what!?” Logan asked.

“I love you so much????????”

“That voice ,Luke please stop fooling around” Logan pleaded.

“It’s Skylar you fool!” River said and immediately Logan turned around and stared at Skylar.

“What did you just say?” Logan asked.

“I said I love you Logan .I love you so much and am sorry I didn’t believe you,am sorry about everything.
Without u my life has never been the same .I love u❤❤” Skylar said and sniffed,it seems she was gonna cry.

“I love you too .i can’t believe you finally forgave me and love me as I love you,am so sorry for everything.
Skylar please be my girlfriend” Logan said.

“Yes!! Logan ,I would be so happy to be your girlfriend.
Am glad your finally mine ” Skylar said and ran towards Logan.

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She hugged him tight not minding that he was a bit wet.

“I love you Logan ” Skylar said happily.

“I know” Logan said.

“Guys I think am gonna tear ,this is so romantic” Luke said and sniffed.

“Shut up! Luke” they all chorused.

T .b. c
Logan and Skylar are finally back????????????




????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 44 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Logan’s p .o. v ❤❤????????

I still can’t believe Alana talked to Skylar for me,I thought she was only joking when she said she was gonna bring us back together.

Am so happy right now,she really his the best cousin ever.
I already changed and so did the others ,we were all in the living room.

I smiled broadly when I saw Alana walking down the stairs.

“Where’s River?” Alana asked.

“His over there talking to Skylar” I said pointing at them.

“Okay I’ll be right back Logan ,wanna go somewhere with River” she said and before she could walk past me but I held her back.

“Thank you so much Alana ,your really a cousin worth fighting for” I said and she blushed.

“Awn thanks and besides it’s the least I could do for you .
Skylar’s a nice girl so don’t break her heart or else I’ll break your bones ,am I understood?” She said glaring at me.

“Yes Mam!” I said quickly.

“Come here you fool!” she said and quickly hugged me tight.

I reciprocated the hug .Alana’s just so special to me and I’ll always love her.

“Your mom called me Logan”

My eyes suddenly beamed up.” What did she say ?” I asked smiling sheepishly.

“What do you think she would say ?” She asked me.

“My birthday ” I said smiling.

“Yeah! She said she already got you a birthday present and plans for your birthday has already been made,your really Mummies boy .bye Logan” she said and walked away.

I just smiled to myself and jumped up,I know Dad’s not gonna get me a birthday gift.

“I always get whatever I want Alana and yeah! Bye” I said .

I just stared at Alana ,she walked towards Skylar and River .
After exchanging greetings she held Rivers wrist and dragged him away.

Skylar just walked back to me ,she held my wrist and dragged me upstairs to my room.

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Am just so happy that finally me and Logan are together.
It’s almost his birthday and I know plans are already been made.

Am not gonna miss his birthday party for anything in the world.
“Alana’s so Dramatic” I said and rolled my eyes.

“I know” he said.

Me and Logan are already inside his room .I sat on top of his bed,he stood straight and stared at me.

“So what are you gonna give me on my birthday?” He asked.

“I don’t know for now but your gonna love it when you see it”

“Okay if you say so” he said and slowly pulled off his white long sleeved shirt.

His hair was a little bit messy and he looked so hot,I still can’t believe his finally mine.

“Quit staring at me like that ,it’s creepy” he said and walked closer to me.

“Oh please! ,I wasn’t staring at you and besides your body isn’t worth staring at” I said and crossed my arm together.

“Oh! really? but you were drooling over me some seconds ago” he said.

“No I wasn’t ,I was only staring at the cockroach on your hair” immediately i finished saying that his eyes just popped out.

He shrugged and chuckled .” your only kidding Skylar .there’s no single cockroach in my room cause the cleaners makes sure of that” he said.

“Logan am serious ,it’s one big ugly looking cockroach” I said and he immediately jumped up in fright and jumped on bed.

“Get it off!,get it off!,get it off sky!!” He cried.

I laughed uncontrollably until tears poured down my eyes.
“Logan calm down I was only joking,there’s no insect on your hair” I said and he stopped yelling and stared at me in shock.

“You tricked me Skylar”

“I know and it was fun,you should have seen your face you were like ‘get it off!,get it off!,get it off Sky!!” I said mimicking his voice.

He quickly used a pillow and hit it on my face.

“How dare you trick me”

“Am sorry please stop !” I said still laughing hard.

I laid properly on his bed and laughed hard,he hovered over my waist region and continued hitting my face till my hair got messy.

We were both laughing so hard and he suddenly stopped and stared at my face.

“Skylar ! ,please let’s go to the same college together” he said.

I nodded and said yes.
He slowly bent his head and he was so close to my face that I could feel his breath on my face.

“Can I kiss you ?” He asked.

“You can ” I said and he hurriedly kissed me.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and deepened the kiss.
The kiss was getting so intense ,he tried to press my Boobs but I quickly pushed him off and ran out of the room.

“Skylar it’s no fair ,your my girlfriend!” He yelled and I heard footsteps,I guess his also coming downstairs.

I love him so much and I promise to never leave his side and I’ll always make him happy.

“Skylar !! Where’s my shirt?” He asked.

I chuckled and ran faster holding his long sleeved shirt tight.

“Come get it” I yelled.

T .b. c

Logan and Skylar having fun.





????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl )????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 45 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Logan’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Time sure fly’s fast .I really can’t believe tomorrow’s my birthday.

Skylar and I are fine ,she’s added more meaning to my life and she’s always by my side that his more than I can possibly wish for.

My cousins ,aunties,nephews,uncles and friends have been calling nonstop.

My mom told me the whole of ‘Legacy’ hotel had been booked for my party (they have a big hall ).
I know booking Legacy Hotel is very ,very Expensive.

My birthday’s tomorrow July 1 .if you guys are wondering where Skylar his,well she traveled to France .
The whole family actually ,Mr Morris wanted to visit a family member and he insisted they all go.

Rest assured Skylar told me they were gonna come back the next day as early as possible.

A lot of my Relations had already arrived,my Mom and Dad too and it’s kinda weird but they are actually getting along just Fine.

My friends had already arrived my clothes had already been picked out by aunt Nina ,my mom’s junior sister.
She’s so young and beautiful but she isn’t married and she talks a lot.

My mom and my cousins are really busy going here and there.
Right now am in my room,it’s already late and I am so tired.

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Have been trying clothes all day ,my hair has already been done .I pleaded with my Mom that she should let me dye it but she shunned me.

Am really tired,friends had been calling me nonstop and I know it’s really tiring but at least it proves that so many people care about me.

I unplugged the charger mouth connected to my Laptop and dropped the Laptop on my bed.

I switched it on and Skylar’s picture displayed on the screen. I then video called her on skype hoping that her Laptop’s gonna be with her.

1minutes later, I smiled broadly seeing her beautiful face on the screen.
She packed her hair in a bun and it seems she dressed it and made it straight and not curly.

She’s breath taking .she wore only her white short nighties.

“Hmm Logan are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah! Am fine” I said and blinded my eyes rapidly.

“Happy birthday in advance Logan” she said.

“Thanks Sky ,so how’s everyone?”

“They are all fine ,oh! Nicky come say hi! to Logan ”

“Hi Logan and don’t worry cause am not gonna miss your birthday for anything in this world” Nicky said and continued eating her chips.

“Can’t wait to see you guys” I said.

“Yeah! Bye ,gotta go meet Mr Morris and my Mom .they are watching a movie down stairs” she said and ran out of my room.

“Same here and I really can’t wait to show you to my cousins and aunts .in fact everyone” I said gleefully.

“Don’t worry you will see me tomorrow .I love you Logan❤”

“Yeah! I love you too”

“Logan who are you talking to ?” My Dad’s friend’s daughter Natasha asked and laid close to me on the bed.

“Hi you must be Skylar ,the model they use for Teens -Touch” Natasha said.

“Yeah! and Logan is she the one that’s in charge of designing your hair?” Skylar asked.

“Yeah! She’s pretty talented” I said drawly.

“Okay! and I hope your gonna do a good job on him?”

“What !!!” She said and hissed.

“Logan I just came to tell you that your mom’s calling you downstairs.
It seems they finally saw your shoe size” she muttered and flit out of the room.

I didn’t wanna leave Skylar hanging ,so I just carried my Laptop with me and walked out of my room.

⏰⏰⏰Some minutes later.
“Mom I love this one” I exclaimed pointing at a white shoe that caught my attention.

“Okay! Good ,Sam please go drop that one with the rest ” my mom said.

” Skylar isn’t that shoe nice?” I asked in a whisper.

“Yeah! But the black would have been better”

“Who are you talking to Logan dear?” My mom asked .

“My girlfriend Skylar” I said and quickly turned the Laptop towards my mom.

“Wow! ,Never knew my son had good taste in women”

“Oh! Come on Mom!.Sky meet my mom Mrs Evelyn and Mrs Evelyn meet Skylar Morris Gilbert my girlfriend”

“Nice meeting you Mam,love your hair” Skylar said.

“Awn! Thanks sweetheart and you sure have Morris’s eyes and a nice figure .
Hmm can I ask you a favor sweetie ?”

“Yeah! Sure ,anything Makes”

“I want you to handle Logan for me and don’t hesitate to call me if he tries to even cheat on you,don’t mind me saying this but Logan does that to innocent girls ,so I’ll advice you to keep an eye on him.

In fact if possible, please get pregnant for him so he will have no choice but to stick with you forever” my Mom said.

“Mom!!” I cried.

“What!?.am just advising Skylar here!” She said and I quickly took the Laptop from her .

“Please let me speak to my girlfriend in private” I pleaded and she slowly walked away .

“Finally some peace and quiet ,so Skylar_______

“Hi Logan,Natasha told me I would find you here”she said cutting me off.

I turned and was shocked by whom I saw.

“Lia what are you doing here?” I exclaimed.

She crossed her arm together and raised her brows up.

“Seriously ?,can’t I visit you anymore!”

“No! I didn’t mean that,well I thought you and your family moved to San Francisco ”

“Well I just remembered that tomorrow’s your birthday and decided to come celebrate it with you”

“Wow! ,well I thought your never gonna see my ugly looking face again” I said and smirked.

“Well,hmm,hah! ,fineee!! .i only came because i still care about you but I still haven’t forgiven you ,such a cheat”

“Logan who’s she?” Skylar asked and immediately our eyes darted to the Laptop.

“Who’s she Logan ?” Lia asked.

“Well your my Ex and she’s my girlfriend” I said quickly.

“You dumped Sheila ,trending news in your school blog and now you wanna use her. She isn’t that pretty so I don’t care”

“What did you just say ?.Logannn!!” Skylar’s voice echoed in the sitting room,her scream made me loose balance and the Laptop fell but I was quick to catch it in mid air.

“Turn the Laptop to that slingshot looking girl” Skylar yelled.

I quickly turned the Laptop and Skylar’s facial expression wasn’t so nice but scary.

“If am not pretty then do you think you are?”

“Of course I am ,guys tell me that all the time”

“Sorry to burst your bubbles but those guys lied to you,your even uglier than a bullet dog.
Your face his just like that of an elephants poop”

“Stop it!”

“Do you know if you ever looked at a mirror it would actually shatter to pieces cause your face his just so hideous”

“Skylar that’s enough ” I pleaded.
“Tomorrow’s my birthday so please don’t get into a fight cause your gonna see her here tomorrow”I said again.

“I can’t stay in the same room with this skinny looking dog”


Skylar immediately started hitting her screen .

“Why is this thing or glass saving you from my punches?”

“Give me that” a voice said and it was Mr Morris.
“Sorry about this Logan but I have to take Skylar for now”

“Okay sir!,bye Love” i said and the line went off.

I turned and stared at Lia who was crying bitterly.

Her make-up was all ruined and her face looked horrible.

“Hmm you really should see your face ,your a beautiful girl so please don’t let my girlfriends words get to you ,here!” I said and stretched out a Mirror to her.

She quickly stepped back.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Are you mad!?,do you want my hideous face to shatter that mirror?.

Am really that ugly”

“No your not ,wait here!” I said trying to give the mirror to her ,she stretched out her hand to take it but it fell and broke into pieces.

“Oh! no ,Skylar was right” she cried and ran away.

“It’s nothing Lia,it was just an accident” I yelled running after her.