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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 56-60

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 56 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Logans p .o. v ????????❤❤

Finally it’s Friday , i can’t wait to go back to America.
I miss my friends and my girlfriend a lot, am very Famous now so anywhere i go people always take pictures of me , not that i wasn’t Famous before but now it’s different , am a celebrity.

My phone suddenly beeped and i read the headlines smiling ☺.

????????Logan Williams and his family was spotted this morning entering his Dad’s private plane.
Finally is coming back to America????????

Another one read
????????New signed young male Model for SN Monroe Glamour Fashion line looks are on like any other.

Daily Sales of their products, dresses and so on , have increased by the day.
He is really filling the daily Glamour Magazine with his hot pics????????

I smiled and showed the news on my phone to my Mom.
Actually we all are on my Dads private plane.

“Am so proud of you Honey ” my mom said and pecked my cheeks.

“Thanks Mom” i said smiling broadly.


We finally arrived and we were already outside our private airport.

????”Oh my God! Isn’t that Logan?”????

????his so hot????

????Logan sign on my T-shirt ????

The car opened automatically and we all entered.
I think am gonna go blind .the flashy lights from the cameras really is hurting my eyes.

“Don’t worry love, your gonna get used to this” my Mom said reassuringly.

“More like you will no longer have privacy ” Dad said laughing.

I can’t wait to see Skylar .i wonder why she didn’t come to welcome me.

is there something am forgetting about today?.
“Oh shit! Mom!, Dad today’s Skylar’s Late Mom Death Anniversary ”

Few hours later we had arrived.
I quickly ran ahead of my Mom and Dad . where could she be?.

Minutes later.
Finally i saw her and she didn’t look so happy.

“Skylar!” I called.
She slowly turned and ran to meet me.

“Logan am so sorry. I totally forgot” she apologized.

“It’s fine” i said and she quickly hugged me tight and sniffed.

“I miss her so much Logan , it’s been so long but why does it still hurt ?”

I caressed her back softly.
“It’s alright , let it all out Babe!” i said and she started crying bitterly.

“I couldn’t save her Logan .why did my Mom leave me?” Skylar cried bitterly.

“Hey! Look at me ” i said. she slowly let go of me and stared at my face.

“It’s alright and even if you were with her that day , you wouldn’t have saved her.
Instead you would also be dead.
Things happen for a reason .it’s not your fault okay! Your stronger than this , so get a hold of yourself” he said and smiled lightly.

“Yea your right ” she said and sniffed.
I helped her to wipe off her tears with my scarf.

“Now come on , let’s go meet the others” i said and we both walked towards the others.

I really don’t know how it feels to loose a parent , but i know it’s very painful.

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Am so hurt right now!.
How could she leave us alone in this wicked world.

What i would give to see her again .my Dad is also hurt but just bottling up his feelings.
Nicky and my Mom 2 are also here, just seeing Logan made me feel a little bit relaxed.

I really needed a hug.

“Skylar!” Nicky called and hugged me tight.

“It’s alright Nicky , am fine” i said and she slowly let go of me.

“Come on , lets go show our respects ” Nicky said holding Logans hand tight.


I stood before my Moms grave and sniffed.

“This is how we went on living after you left Mom .we wore your memory in the fabric of our everyday lives. we remember the little thing that made you who you are and we repeat the things that help make us the people we are today.

You were my home, mother .i had no home but you.
I miss you so much Mom!” I said crying .

I slowly dropped my flower on her grave and stepped back for the next person.
My Mom 2slowly stepped forward holding her flowers tight.

“Hi! Erica, am Flora.
Skylar has told me a lot about you , you really have a nice family.
Am glad to tell you that am gonna soon get married to morris and i promise to always keep your family safe and happy in anyway i can .

I’ll love Skylar achieve she were my own , that i promise you” my mom said and dropped her flower before she stepped back.

Logan just drooped his flowers and stepped back .
Then it was Dads turn.

“I don’t really have much to say Erica , but i really miss you, our little Sky has really grown up into a fine beautiful young lady and she’s just like you.

I bought your favorite wine so we could drink together as always” he said , he poured it into a glass and sipped little before dropping it back.
He slowly stepped back and Nicky stepped forward.

“Hello! Skylar’s Mom, am Nicky and Skylar has told me a lot about you.
I wish i met you. i guess we would have been best of friends.

I hope your not angry that my Mom’s getting Married to Morris.
Since your Skylar’s Mom , am glad that your also my Mom.
I love you so much!” I said tearfully and dropped my flower.

Grandma slowly stepped forward and dropped her flower.

Suddenly Moms Mother (grandma 2)stepped forward.

“My angel, my precious jewel, my Niniola , my perfect girl sent from heaven and now taken back to heaven .
I love you , i miss you and i treasure you.

God gave me the best child, the most beautiful girl, obedient , kind, most loving and caring.
I’ll forever cherish our Moments together.
Mo ni ife re lai-lai (i love you forever), sun re o Niniola(Rest in peace)” she said and dropped her flower before stepping back.

The next person i saw that stepped forward shocked me.

“What does she want?” I said to myself.

T .b. c

Awn what a touching moment.
R. i .p Erica.
Who is this person again????????.
Few more episodes to go



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 57????????????????????

❤❤???????? Devikas p .o. v ????????❤❤

Heard today’s Erica’s death anniversary .this day sure brings back so many memories.

If i can’t have Morris for myself then no one can and as long as am not happy, Morris will never be happy.
Only the looks on their faces show they weren’t expecting me here.

Skylar just glared at me.
“What!? Can’t i also pay my respects” i yelled.

I smiled triumphantly and walked closer to her grave.

“Longest time old friend and i guess your not gonna recognize me because of the face mask i wore, Well this would give you a hint .it’s me Alissa, your college friend.

Am sorry you had to die young , you were always better than me , you got all the guys attention and when you took Morris away from me .i couldn’t just stand and watch you be happy while i had nothing.

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That stubborn Man doesn’t listen or even notice me, instead he chose to marry someone else.
I would never let that happen , your family will never be happy, bitch!” I whispered and smirked before i dropped the flowers.????

A strong wind suddenly blew them and they fell on the floor.
I shrugged my shoulders and picked them up again, i put the flowers on her grave and the wind blew them again.

This is weird.
I picked them up again , before i could put them back someone held my wrist.

“Don’t worry I’ll do it myself” Skylar said and slowly took the flowers from me , she placed them on her mothers grave.

“For my Mom to reject flowers from you means only one thing, your not a good person and they are cats in the bag that you don’t wanna let out.

I never liked you from day one , so am watching you Devika” she said and walked away.

Achieve i liked her from the start, I’ll have to deal with Skylar first.

????????Written by Authoress Nicky Bella.


We have all changed and already in Morris’s Mansion.
They organized a big party for Erica. I was walking down the stairs when my phone started ringing.

I checked the caller ID , Becky! What does she want now?.
I tapped the green circle.
???? “What’s up Becky?”????

???? “I still can’t believe your doing this, why are you wasting time?” She???? complained.

???? “You don’t rush things like this Becky and i have the perfect plan” ????

???? “i just hope you know what your doing and guess what?” ????

????”your also here at the party”????i said slowly.

????”yeah! Your such a great guesser “????

????” what if she recognizes you hah!? What are gonna do then?”???? i asked.

????” oh come on! She won’t see me, they are a lot of people here so she’s gonna be busy”????

????”am not________

I paused when i saw Flora climbing up the stairs.

????”I’ll call you back Becky”????i said and Ended the call.
Few more steps and she was finally in front of me.

“Even if you are fooling everyone doesn’t mean you can fool me” i said glaring at her.

She wanted to walk past me but stopped because of my speech .

“What’s your problem? and why the sudden interest in me and my family?” She asked me.

She chuckled.
“Do you know you can lose your job for this ? You have no self respect and dignity.

I don’t know why Morris hired you to be his Secretary cause ladies like you are only gonna ruin is business.

I can’t help but wonder why your so interested in our private lives.
Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me as you please, your just his Secretary so don’t cross your limits ” she said and tried to walk away but i was so furious that i pushed her.

Someone caught her before she could fall.
Wow! If it isn’t that trouble maker Skylar.

She helped Flora stand properly .the next thing i saw flora slapped me.

“You pushed me on purpose .how could you be so wicked?”

Skylar quickly brought out her phone and dialed someone’s number.

“Yes Dad, am sorry but she has to go, okay thank you ” she said and ended the call.

“Devika your fired and i don’t want to see your Expired face anywhere near my Dads company’s nor our house, you can enjoy the perfect ingrate” she said and held Flora’s wrist as they both walk away.

❤❤???????? Becky’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I guess you all know me, am Devikas friend and we go way back.

I have helped Devika do one or two bad deeds and i don’t regret doing any of them cause Devika’s like a sister to me, so her problems are also mine.

We both wear face masks but today i decided not to wear one.
I know it’s risky but they are a lot of people here so No one can see me.

I don’t know why Devika hasn’t killed Flora yet.
Well I’ll tell you a little secret, Flora’s my sister.

It was always Flora, my Mom and Dad loved her most.
She always get the goodies while i got nothing.

It’s not that our families poor from the start but i was the one that made sure my Dad lost all his wealth.

They all had to suffer for cutting all ties with me because of my stupid sister.

I ruined her life by having an affair with her husband, then i killed that fool.
She was so hurt and cried endlessly but i still don’t care , and when Mom and Dad found out .they cut all ties with me .

I was left with nothing but Devika took me in and showered me with the love i never had.

I gulped down the whole red liquid contents on my glass and poured myself another glass , before i could drink it i saw her and the glass dropped from my hand.

“Sister!” She said tearfully.

T .b. c

Skylar should really be careful now.
Sorry i didn’t post it but i just lost a friend????.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 58 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Flora’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I still can’t believe Becky’s standing in front of me, how have missed her.
I walked closer to her and held her wrist.

“Sister! where have you been? I missed you so much ” i cried.

She just forcefully yanked my hands off hers and glared at me.

“Well i don’t care and i was just leaving ” she said with no remorse.

“I don’t care if you aren’t happy to see me , but i am glad i finally met you .i know Mom and Dad hasn’t been fair to you and i had already forgiven you for everything .

Mom and Dad regrets sending you away and i also missed you.
Nicky misses you, please come back home Becky!”

She was quiet for sometime before she finally spoke up .

“After those unforgivable things i did, i killed Maxwell and that’s something that’s not easily forgiven.
I committed a crime and you guys covered it all up, why!?” She asked staring deeply into my eyes.

I smiled lightly.
“Because no matter what , your still my Big Sister and besides no sin is unforgivable by me.

I have already forgiven you ” i said and she smiled broadly.

“Mom and Dad wants me back , Everyone has forgiven me, I’ll go home with you ” she said joyfully.

I quickly hugged her tight .
“Mom! Who’s that?”

We both slowly disengaged from the hug and saw Nicky , Morris and Skylar.

“She’s ‘Becky Adams’ my long lost Sister ” i answered quickly.


“Aunt Becky!” Nicky called and took some little steps further.
She was finally standing in front of Becky and quickly hugged her tight.

Becky reciprocated the hug.

“I’ve already forgiven you a long time ago aunt” Nicky said tearfully.

“Seriously you guys are forgiving Becky!?, she’s a bad person and believe me but she isn’t nice.
I bet she has something up her sleeves , Mom I know she’s your Sister , but she’s Devikas accomplice .she’s no good” Skylar said.

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“Skylar! what are you talking about ? and how on earth did you know Becky?” I asked her inquisitively.

“Wow! Two questions at once ,

First questions -I’ll tell you guys everything later i promise.

Secondly – it’s really surprising that you guys don’t know that Becky’s been working for my Dad this whole time” Skylar said quickly.

“Okay!!” I said.

“Becky please come back home” i pleaded.

She just stared at me emotionally , before she could reach out her hand to me, someone else drew her back.

“Lets go home Becky, these people don’t care about you .
They are all sweet talking you so you would trust them , and they would later hand you over to the police.

Remember who you are Becky, you can’t ditch me now.
Why don’t you choose now Becky. who are you gonna go with?” Devika said with an evil grin plastered on her face.

We all quickly glanced at each other before staring at Becky.
I stared at her anxiously waiting for her reply.

“Lets go home Devika, i don’t know these people” Becky said with no emotions at all.

I couldn’t believe what i heard, morris just wrapped his arms around me.

“It’s all right , she doesn’t know what she’s doing?”he said.

” just let that ingrate go, she doesn’t deserve to be called your sister ” Skylar said.

“Becky please come back!” I cried and knelt down .
I love Becky so much , that’s why it was easy to forgive her . Devika’s a bad influence to Becky.

❤❤???????? Authors p .o. v ????????????❤❤

The party had already come to an end and all the guest had left.
The party was really fun, Logan’s parents had already left to spend some alone time together and Logans also gonna spend the night at Skylar’s place.

“Come on Babe, lets go to your room and sleep” Logan said dragging Skylar along.

“Sure Logan, I’ll be with you in a minute .i promise” Skylar said and quickly ran away.

Logan slowly climbed up the stairs.

– ???????????????? –

“Looking at everything that has been happening .i want you to keep a close eye on Becky and Devika.

They are both up to something bad and i can feel it. I want to be ready for any surprises that are gonna come” Skylar said icily.

“I understand Skylar and thank God they both don’t suspect a thing , so it’s gonna be a piece of cake” Miranda said.

“Good and don’t you dare think of betraying me Mimi. I believe you know what i can do ”

“Before i forget Skylar!, my money” Miranda said smiling sheepishly.

“Money! Here’s your cheque of 2million ” Skylar said and gave her the cheque.

“This is Two million Skylar , you promised me 4million” Miranda whined.

“Do you really think am gonna pay you the money even if i have it?.
Don’t be so ungrateful and take it ” Skylar said dryly .

“Whatever , i guess it’s more than enough” Miranda said and slowly put the Cheque inside her purse before walking away .

“I better go meet Logan ” Skylar said and hurriedly ran back inside.

T . b . c

So sorry for the delay , i couldn’t charge my phone , no light.
Flora really loves her Sis.????



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl ????????

???????????????????? Episode 59 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Logans p .o. v ????????❤❤

What’s seriously taking Skylar so long , have already bath and changed but she’s still not here.
Am feeling sleepy already.

– ???????????????????????? –

I slowly opened my eyes because of the little water that touched my cheeks.

“Skylar! what took you so long?” I complained and sat upright.

She quickly packed her hair in a ponytail style and climbed the bed.

“Am sorry i was talking to Miranda ” she apologized.

“So what’s really going on?” I asked her .

She quickly narrated everything to me.

“You really have to be very careful Skylar! and if you need anything just call me” i said playing with her hair.

“Yes sir! ” she said smiling like an angel.

We were both quiet for some minutes before i finally spoke up.

“I really missed you Skylar and after my exams am really gonna be very busy with work , so i wanna spend my free days with you ” i said .

“Am really happy to have a boyfriend like you Logan .
Modeling really suit you” she said and kissed me lightly, before she could break free from the kiss , i held her waist and deepened it.

I finally stopped kissing her and stared at her swollen lips.

“I wanna explore you Skylar, please!”

“Logan please not tonight, am tired and scared” she said slowly and turned to face the other side.

“Haven’t you had sex before?” I asked her.

“Not really” she answered.

“I won’t rush you , lets sleep then” i said and cuddled her .
Seriously i can’t believe this is me. Skylar has really changed me.

– ???????????????????????????? –

The next morning, i slowly opened my eyes and saw Skylar staring deeply at my face.

“Are you okay Skylar?” I asked her, cause l was scared of the looks she was giving me.

“Am fine, it’s nothing really” she said still staring at me.

I slowly got up from the bed and tried to walk away but she quickly held my hand and pulled me back.

“Logan am really sorry about last night”

“It’s alright ” i said sitting close to her.

She quickly kissed me and it got so intense that i quickly hovered over her.
I kissed her roughly and quickly took off her shirt leaving her only in her Bra and shorts.

I licked the hollows of her neck and gave her love bites.
She wrapped her legs around me my waist and dipped her fingers into my hair, before i could unhook her Bra, the door suddenly opened , i lost balance and fell on the floor.

“Ouch! That hurts like hell” i cried massaging my butt .
Skylar quickly covered herself up.

“You guys were gonna have a morning session, so you two have sex all the time” Luke said smiling like a fool.

“Can’t you knock Luke!” I yelled.

“We’re all gonna go to Rivers house to study today remember” Mason said with his hands wrapped around Nicky’s waist.

“This is not fair” i whined and slowly walked into the bathroom.

????????Written by Authoress Nicky Bella

❤❤???????? Devikas p .o. v ????????❤❤

The company has taken back everything they gave to me except the house, am really gonna make sure they all pay for humiliating me like that.

Becky just sat at a corner drinking wine .she hasn’t spoken a single word since we both came back.

“I think Flora was saying the truth .she was right?”

“She only wants to lure you into her trap and hand you over to the police.
They never loved you , remember that am your only family so don’t let her lies get to you” i said hoping she would fall for my words and foolishly she did.

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“I guess your right”

“So what’s the plan Devika?” She asked me.

“I’ll tell you when Miranda comes .there’s something i want her to do for me” i said smiling.

“I don’t really trust Miranda cause i saw her talking to Skylar and it’s not really the first time.

” Miranda wouldn’t dare betray me” i spat.

“What if she already has ” Becky said.

“Then I’ll have no choice but to end her” i said and laughed hard.

This is the final blow and Morris and his family wouldn’t even see it coming.
I hate seeing them so happy together , am gonna kill those two i swear.

Yes that’s exactly what am gonna do,
If he isn’t gonna be mine , then he can’t belong to any other person.

“Call Miranda to come to the warehouse downtown tomorrow morning” i said and lit my cigarette.



Poor Logan???? .
Devikas has something planned , hmm wonder what it is?????
Fans of ‘Brown skin girl’ thanks for always supporting me and bearing with me, i know i delayed the book but you guys don’t rain abuses at me , instead you still encourage me .
Thanks to all my true fans and may God continue to bless you.
????????????if i no love una wetin i gain, maybe i should pick at my best commenters????????.
As Skylar would say”i don dey reason una mata since????”



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 60 ????????????????????

❤❤????????Miranda p .o. v ????????❤❤

It’s morning already and am ready to go to the ware house downtown.
Have called Skylar already, i told her where am going .i just need a strong evidence against Devika and Becky.

That’s all i need , Skylar’s a nice girl so i don’t mind risking everything to help her.
I smiled and entered my car, i ignited the car engine and drove away.
That Bitch! has to go down. What a desperate whore.

“If Morris can’t be mine , then no one else can have him” i said mimicking her voice.

“What a snitch!’ I scoff.


” i can’t wait to see the ugly look on their faces when they’re both begging for my mercy” Devika said laughing like a maniac.

“The plan, Devika i didn’t come all this way for nothing .
Spill the bean already” i whispered.

“What did you just say?” Devika asked me.

“Well can you just spill the bean already” i said and ruffled my hair.

“Okay! Whatever” Devika said and rolled her eyes.

“The plans quite simple , we’re gonna kill two birds with one stone and your gonna help us do it” she sputtered.

“There’s not really much to say, i just can’t stand seeing them all happy.
They ruined my life and am gonna make sure they both pay.

Everything was going smoothly until that Flora showed up and took Morris away from me, why can’t i ever be happy?” She yelled and quickly gulped down the whole Alcoholic drink from the glass , she threw the glass cup on the wall and it shattered to pieces.

I think this lady’s a maniac , what a psycho. I really have to make her talk , there’s so many things i wanna know.

“Hmm , why do you hate Flora so much? and why the sudden obsession with Mr Morris?” I asked her and slowly shifted my hand bag to face her properly.

Have already turned on my phone recorder , now am just waiting for her to talk.
Thank God she did.

She picked up another wine drink and popped it open, she gulped down almost half of it’s liquid contents.
She staggered and pat my cheeks.

“I’ll tell you a little Secret Miranda, i and Morris go way back .he was my college sweet heart until that black woman showed up and stole him away from me.

I despise her so much , Bitch!.
There’s so much about me that you don’t know.
My families really wealthy and my name is not Devika but Alissa_______

Becky quickly cut her off.
” you shouldn’t drink too much Devika, or your gonna get drunk” Becky warned and snatched the wine bottle from Devika.

“Let me drink cause today’s a good day” she said foolishly.

I can’t believe Devika’s an imposter .this little information isn’t enough , I’ll have to know more.

“Not telling me everything means you still don’t trust me Alissa!” i said and Becky stared at me suspiciously.

“Could you believe Morris left me after all the promises we made to each other, i was so hurt.
That idiot didn’t even think twice before breaking up with me.

My whole life was ruined and my friends all made fun of me.
The worst part about all this is that they later got married and had a child, while i just stayed in my house and cried my eyes out.

Then one day, the devil spoke to me, he said.
” Devika! are you gonna let them be happy while you suffer? ”
I hardened my heart and took away Morris’s happiness. I killed Erica, Skylar’s Mom and i steal money from that idiot without him even noticing.

Right now Flora and Skylar has to go and your gonna help me Mimi” She said and laughed like a maniac that she is.

Her story is touching but she took it too far.
I really need to send this to Skylar.

“What a long story” i said yawning.” I’ll be right back .i wanna go to the Rest room” i said and walked away with my hand bag.

????????Written by Authoress Nicky Bella

“Skylar i hope you see this early” i said and quickly sent it to her.

I scanned my eyes around the bathroom , adjusted my dress and walked out.
Some more steps and i was finally in front of Devika and Becky.

“Am sorry but i really need to go, Mom’s private nurse just called, Bye, !” I said and hurriedly walked out.

Some minutes later i was already on the road, i tightened my grip on the steering wheels and focused on the road.

“What the hell!” I yelled and walked out of my car.

A car just blocked my car .i need to give that blind person a piece of my mind.
Just a few more steps and i was finally standing in front of the car.

“Can’t you watch where your going? or are you blind?” I barked .

The person’s car door opened and the person i saw left me speechless.

“Devika!” I called and Becky slowly came out from the car.

Devika was holding a gun while Becky just stood beside her.

“Do you really think you can trick me?” She asked me.
She snatched my phone from my hand and threw it on the ground.

She stepped on it continuously till it was all in pieces.

“Oh my!” The evidence is gone, i warned you Miranda but you didn’t listen and now you will have to pay the price ” she said pointing the gun at me.

She slowly pulled the trigger with an evil grin on her face.
God help me.