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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 12 and 13

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????Episode 12????????????

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????????
what a day ,school is almost over for the day and I really need to tell Logan that I won’t go home with him him.
so he doesn’t decide to call my Dad.
I searched everywhere for him and decided to ask his friends.
they told me where he was so I quickly ran to meet him.
finally I arrived at the boys bathroom ,I quickly tip toed inside and thank God I saw is school bag.
I slowly searched it for my car keys and great I didn’t see them.
I was so engrossed in searching for the key that I didn’t notice someone walk out of the bathroom.
“what are you looking for Skylar?”immediately I knew that I have been busted .
but never the less ,I still told him that I would be going somewhere.
I was really feeling uncomfortable looking at his half naked self,so I decided to turn my back on him and immediately I felt his breath on my neck.
“control yourself Skylar”I said within me but why didn’t I go when I had the chance ,I wonder what his going to do?.
he slowly kissed my neck and sucked on it .I couldn’t control myself so I moaned out .
“why is my body responding to his touch ,my body betrayed me”I said within me.
I was already wet and I can’t let him have his way with me ,not today ,not ever.
I quickly regained myself and kicked is ankle hard and ran outside.
I wonder why I didn’t push him off me when I had the chance or was it so sweet that I got brain washed by his magic hands.
????????An hour later.
“come on Lazy pants let’s go ,we don’t have all day”Nicky said and dragged me along the road.

“are we there yet,it’s already getting dark you know”I said am really tired and my legs kinda hurt.
“just a little further and we are almost there.
minutes later we finally reached her house.
she knocked and a lady in her mid 30’s came out.
I get to admit she’s so pretty.
“oh! Nicky how was school today ? and who’s this beautiful young lady beside you?”her mother asked.
Nicky walked inside and I trailed behind her.
“oh! well she’s my friend Skylar the one have been talking about all the time”she said and opened the fridge.

“am sorry Nicky but we ran out of milk and there’s nothing to eat,I didn’t sell anything today but don’t worry I’ll try harder ”

“it’s okay Mom and besides am used to it,this isn’t the first time am going to bed without dinner”Nicky said and stared at the floor.
I was really touched ,it seems they really didn’t have much money, no wonder she sold the iPhone I gave her.
“it’s alright Mam,I have some money with me .we can order for pizza and some soft can drinks “I said politely.
They both stared at me and smiled.
“Thank you my child ,you really have a good heart no wonder my daughter likes you”her mother said.

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“you really shouldn’t do this out of pity you know”Nicky said.

“have you forgotten your my sister ,what are sisters for ,we help each other in times of need”I said and hugged the both of them.
minutes later the pizza arrived ,we ate to our hearts contents,I played with them a little and left.
it’s already late I bet Logan would be so mad at me.
I quickly boarded a taxi and he drove away.

????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????
It seems she’s not gonna come home tonight,finally I can have the house all to myself.
it’s already past dinner time and she still isn’t here.
this house is too boring without her,I better have fun.
I dialed Becky’s number and she picked ,I told her to come over and she told me she was already on her way to come see me.
minutes later she finally arrived ,she was wearing only a short singlet that exposed her cleavage and a short bum short that showed half of her ass.
“am here Logan ,why did you call me?”I didn’t answer her,I just started kissing her roughly.
I quickly pulled off her singlet and she quickly tried to unbuckle my belt.
“wow! not so fast girl relax we would soon come to that”I said and continued kissing her.
minutes later I was so lost in Romancing that I didn’t hear the glass door open.
my pants where already off.
“what in the world is going on here?”

“turn off your torch Skylar now!,this isn’t funny you know”I said and quickly wore my pants.

“you had to come now and ruin the moment you bitch”Becky said and quickly wore her singlet and her bum short.
“calm down young lady ,didn’t your Mom tell you that it’s bad to visit a Man in this Ungodly hour”Skylar said and picked up Becky’s purse.
she held Becky’s arm and dragged her out of the Mansion.

“I swear the next time I’ll see you here ,you wouldn’t be so lucky now get out of here before I change my mind”Skylar said and locked the door .
“what did you do that for haha!,it isn’t funny you know?”I said and picked up my jacket.

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“oh shut up!,don’t you know std’s real your actually a man whore you know that and you had better shut up and go upstairs young man”she said and chased me round the house.
what a witch ,she wouldn’t let me come close to her but she chased my fish away.
Logan na wa oh!
hmm Nicky and sky really are fit to be sister’s and I pray they stay that way ????????
just saying oh!!!!!!!;.
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????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????Episode 13????????????

???????????? Nicky’s p.o.v????????????
I really can’t believe Skylar would say such a thing about me and my Mom.
“how could she say that my Mom’s a prostitute who’s looking for every opportunity to get close to her dad and my family couldn’t afford three square meals a day .she even said my Mom begged for some Money for our feeding and she had been trying to Endure the bad smell ,my breath also stinks ,just thinking about it Makes me cry .I think am gonna have a word with her”I quickly ran round the school looking for her.
minutes later I finally saw her coming out from her English class.
I quickly walked towards her and gave her a hot slap.

“how dare you say such Mean and dirty things about my family hah !,I loved you as my sister,I thought you were different but no your just a wolf in sheep clothing”I said and slapped her again.

“what’s all this about Nicky ?,I really don’t know what your trying to say and is this slap a joke or what ?cause am not finding it funny and I hate being accused of what I didn’t do”she said angrily.
I scoffed and showed her the video and her facial expression suddenly changed.
“I didn’t say any of this Nicky you have to believe me please..!! and if you were my sister ,you would believe me”she said and picked up her books on the floor.

“how dare you question our friendship ?,your really so cheap Skylar .you think Money’s everything ,you have been deleted from my friends list sky and your number has already been deleted,don’t worry I would return everything you bought for me .only your presence suffocates me..!!”I said and walked away.

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“I don’t care if you don’t believe me and send back everything I bought okay!,I don’t want my new enemy putting on my clothes”she yelled and ran away crying.

“she thinks she’s so important ,what a Loser”I said.

????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????
Finally math class was finally over.
Skylar walked in and dragged me out side,her eyes were all puffy and red.
“what happened Skylar? and why are you crying?”I asked her.

“Logan I can’t lose Nicky please you have to make her change her Mind,you ….y..o..o..u please ..!!”she said crying and hugged me tight.
I hugged her tighter and caressed her back.
“wow! girls ,who would believe that Skylar the great would be this fragile and cry over a lost friendship “sheila said and laughed really loud.
Skylar sniffed and smiled at sheila.
“it seems your behind this raccoon and you should better be afraid of me cause I’ll start hunting you and your panthers one by one and I won’t rest until all of you suffer,I promise you that ,be afraid the game has just started and I never lose .it seems you don’t like this Skylar get ready ,you wanted to see the real Skylar now she would take off the Mask and deal with her enemies .
I can’t let little Mosquitoes like you ruin me.
oh! my blood dey hot ,you better hide”Skylar said and laughed like a maniac .
am really scared of what Skylar’s gonna do ,if I was sheila would run for my life .

“you think those empty threats would scare me you black ape”sheila said and immediately Skylar brought out a bottle drink from her bag and hit it on Sheila’s head .
sheila fell down and touched her head.
blood was all over her face and she started crying????????????.
“babe you dey Mad !,you no dey fear face about!, as you see me so I be confirm warri babe oh!.
you no dey fear face abi?, you won ma broke your mouth .
see your small yanch ,if you call me black ape next time ehn! this school no go contain the two of us,see your ugly face”Skylar said in a language that we don’t understand and walked away.

“don’t just stand there you fools ,help me up .
the battle has just begun Skylar”sheila said.
her panthers helped her up and took her to the school clinic .
I just ran after Skylar.
she really kept that bottle in her bag or was she prepared for sheila.