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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 21

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????she’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 21 ????????????????????

???????????????????? Sheila’s p . o . v ????????????????????

I can’t believe this,Logan and Henry are fighting because of that black witch ,am gonna deal with her today.
me and my panthers just stood at a corner and watched the whole scene.

The both of them were tired but they still punched each other continually.
minutes later Mrs Evelyn and Mr David the school teachers came in.
securities tried to separate the two of them but they were so serious with their fight.

“That’s enough. the both of you should stop this Madness at once,oh! my God look at your faces”Mrs Evelyn said.

The both of them were held by the school securities .they both breath heavily.

“The both of you in the principals office right now and everyone please continue eating your lunch.”

They both followed the securities, before that witch could even think of following them I drew her back and gave her a hot slap on her cheeks.
she turned and stared at me with looks that could kill.

“Wow! look what the catfish dragged in,aren’t you supposed to be selling shoes for your mother or looking for trouble with your group of rats which you call friends rather you just like to interfere in matters that doesn’t concern you”she said using a disgustful tone.

I was so upset ,Skylar always has something to say .what a fool.
“you better pray they don’t expel Logan nor Henry cause if they go,you go too ,don’t forget that black maggot”I said.

Skylar’s presence always suffocates me and the fact that she’s so beautiful no matter what she wears always gets me angry.

“now please would you excuse me ,it seems you don’t have anything reasonable to say” Skylar said.

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“Hmm Skylar your actually an hypocrite ,you claim to care for Logan but your already having Sex with the school hottest boys.,I know you already know them.
isn’t Logan good enough for you?,is this how black girls are?”I asked staring at her with my brows raised.

“How dare you judge me slut”she angrily slapped me hard on my cheeks and punched me on my stomach.
I groaned in pain ,too bad am not a good fighter.

“His that all you’ve got Skylar “I asked .
The both of us started fighting ,the others just watched us in awe.

I felt Skylar’s body being dragged off me .
it was Nicky.

“Sky it’s Okay ,please don’t get into a fight .I don’t want you to get expelled too”Nicky said pleadingly.
she sighed and stood upright.
“The next time you would talk to me carelessly, I won’t be so Merciful you bitch!”Skylar said and walked away.

???????????????????? Logan’s p . o .v ????????????????????

Am never gonna forgive Henry for what he did .
he literally went too far,putting my family into this.
right now we’re in the principals office.

“Well since both of your parents are well known and respected business tycoons we would pardon you both by giving you detention,you may both leave”Mrs Dora said .

I glared at Henry and walked outside .
we walked past some classes before we arrived at an empty class room , we both sat down and stared at the white board.

“Hey Loser ,hope your happy now after everything you have done”Henry said Mockingly.
I scoffed and laughed.
“see who’s blaming who ,listen Men this is all your fault and not mine .stop acting like a child and act matured for once,I really can’t believe am stuck here with you till closing hour” I said.

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“you had better shut that big mouth of yours before I shut it for you ” I said fiercely.

“oh! really,I would love to see you try ”
immediately I pounced on him and the of us exchanged blows again.

My face was already bleeding so was his and my lip was cut ,blood was dripping from my left eyebrows but I didn’t care and my face was all swollen.

His face was worst.
Minutes later Mr Luke our History teacher came and separated us.

we were both panting heavily.
without saying another word we both sat down far away from each other as possible.

????⌚⏰An hour later ⏰⌚????

School was over for the day ,finally detention is over .I picked up my school bag and hanged it around my shoulder ,picked up my jacket and walked out without stealing a single glance at Henry.

minutes later I was already at the school yard,when I heard that familiar voice.

“Logan please wait up”Skylar yelled and ran to meet me.
she paused and bent down to catch her breath.
she stood up properly and stared at my face,she quietly sniffed.

She tried touching my face but I moved back ,she sighed and dropped her hands.

“are you okay Logan ?,does it hurt ?”She asked me innocently.
she’s really my weakness cause I can’t stay mad at her for long.

“don’t touch me Skylar cause you lost the right to do that and don’t act like you care.
why don’t you go and take care of your boyfriend cause his face is more bruised than mine”I said sounding pissed.

I never really believed Skylar changed a lot.
Love really is Evil.

“I care about you Logan ,have you forgotten we are friends and friends have to take good care of each other”she said and sniffed again.

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“friends Skylar,look I don’t wanna be your friend cause anyone that is a friend of my enemy not to talk of being his girlfriend isn’t my friend so please just leave me alone”I yelled at her and she started crying.

“Logan please don’t push me away”she pleaded holding my wrist.
I forcefully removed her fingers from my wrist stared at her beautiful face.

“you’re the one who Broke my heart ,you’re the reason my world fell apart ,you’re the one who made me cry ,yet I’m still in love with you and I don’t know why..??”I said crying.

“Logan what happened to our friendship ?,you mean everything to me please don’t push me away”she pleaded .

She wasn’t the real one hurting I was.

“Look me in the Eyes ,and tell me you have no feelings for me and I’ll leave you alone for Good.
I still remember how we started talking ,you made me talk about things I’ve never told anybody and then you left,there is love in my heart ,pain in my soul! ,tears in my eyes ,Skylar just tell me now “I said crying.

“am really sorry Logan but I don’t Love you”she said crying.

“oh! well thank you for being honest and good bye”I said and walked away.

“Logan please don’t go ,don’t leave me “I heard her say but I didn’t stop cause she just broke my heart into two ,for that moment it felt like I couldn’t breath .

I entered my car and drove away .
I think am gonna die cause it feels achieve my heart just stopped beating.

“Skylar is so wicked”I said and cried uncontrollably.