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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 16-20

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????????Episode 16????????????????

????????????????????Skylar’s p. o .v ????????????????????
What Nicky did really hurt me,it seems she doesn’t want us to be friends anymore.
I guess I’ll just keep my distance and stop bothering her.

I sat down close to Logan and Jace spined the bottle.
I just hope the bottle doesn’t point at me.
Logans so happy ,Good for him .
The bottle stopped at Logan and he was dared to kiss a girl,he quickly kissed her and the game resumed.
the bottle pointed at Henry and he chose truth.
he was asked who was his crush and I was so surprised when he called my name.

He was really handsome and he seems to have it all.
the girls present were glaring at me but I don’t give a damn what they think .

The game was really interesting and fun too ,it seems I was dared to kiss Henry.
“I can’t believe Henry’s gonna kiss me”I said in a low tone ,smiling sheepishly.
Henry’s lips were already close to mine and I was already in heaven but I was brought back to reality by Logan.

He seems to be very angry ,he dragged me out of the circle to the swimming pool side.
I was already mad at him,he had better have a good explanation for this.

He quickly let go of my wrist and pushed his hair backwards,it seems he does that whenever he is Mad.

“what do you think you’re Doing hah!!?”he yelled at me.
I sighed and looked away “look here Logan ,what I was about to do is None of your fucking business,for heavens sake it’s my lips we are talking about here not yours”I yelled in frustration.

“oh!,so it’s okay when he says he has feelings for you,it’s okay when he tries to kiss you but whenever I try to make a move you always push me away.”

“it seems your drunk Logan ,why don’t you just go home and have a good night sleep”I said and started walking away.

I felt Logan’s hands drag me back and he did the most stupidest thing ever.
he kissed me,I struggled to remove my hands from his but is grip was just too strong,with the little strength I had ,I pushed him off me and gave him a hot slap on his cheek.

“how dare you kiss me hah !?,you had no right to do that to me Logan .how could you ?,don’t you ever talk to me .I hate you”I said crying.

“oh!,so it’s fine when Henry almost kissed you but when I kissed you it’s wrong”he yelled and held my wrist.
I angrily yanked my hands off his and slapped him again.

“why did you do that Logan ?.what has gotten into you?”I asked still crying.

“can’t you see am loosing my mind ,everyday I watch other guys flirt with you or even ask you out,I just stand at a corner feeling jealous cause I know I can never have you .”

“I can’t love someone like you Logan ,your a playboy ,all you want is to get under girls skirt and don’t you ever talk in matters that concerns me”

“Henry’s no different from me sky,in fact his even worst.”

“how do you know?,I really can’t believe am still having this conversation with you and even if his a play boy .why do you care?.”

“well it’s because______.”he paused staring at me.

“it’s because what?,lost your tongue Logan.”

“well it’s because I Love you okayaay,your the only girl have ever loved .please love me back sky ,you not loving me it’s killing me”he said crying.
I really pitied him but I don’t fucking care and I have no special feelings for him.

“am sorry Logan but I don’t love you back”I said and walked away crying.
I turned and saw him crying ,he knelt down and buried his head in his knees.
I cleaned my tears and ran back inside.
T. B. C
Skylar please love Logan back oh!????????????????.
the play boys in love ????????????.
I have a bad feeling about Henry oh???????????? ,just saying ????????????????.
????????you guys and Goodnight,sweet dreams .



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????????????Episode 17????????????????????

????????????????Nicky’s p .o. v????????????????

I saw everything that happened between Skylar and Logan.
I really pitied him,I mean which guy wouldn’t fall hard for a girl like that.

I followed her and I saw crying ,I slowly walked towards her and tap her shoulders.
she turned and it seems she wasn’t happy to see me.
“I don’t want to see your face Nicky ,get out of my sight “she said still crying.
I sighed and hugged her tight.

“am sorry for not believing you sky ,you where right it was all Sheila’s doing”I said caressing her back.

she angrily pushed me away and ran outside.

“I hope Skylar forgives me,it’s best I give her sometime to calm her nerves “I said and walked away.

????????????????Logan’s p. o .v????????????????

I really can’t believe I love her and she really chose henry over me.
I angrily picked up my jacket and walked outside,it’s best I just go home.
I was already close to the exit door when Sheila called my name.

“the party isn’t over yet Logan “she said and continued chewing her gum.
I stood straight and ruffled my hair,am really not in the mood to argue with her right now.

“I have to go home early Sheila cause am feeling sleepy”I said slowly.

“are you okay Logan ?,you seem too dull for my liking,did one of your whores break your heart?”she asked.

I sighed and ran my eyes searchingly in the crowd,I saw Skylar kissing Henry ,his hands were wrapped around her waist.

“you can spend the night at my place Logan”she said Shyly.
I didn’t hear a thing she said because I was lost staring at Skylar kissing Henry .

Have never felt so much pain in my life.
she really is right ,am no different from Henry.

I sighed and hugged Sheila tight,she was shocked ,it really was unexpected.

“are you okay Logan?, did Skylar hurt you?”she asked in a low tone.
even if sheila was a mean bitch at times and had such a bitchy attitude ,she still was a good person.

“am really sorry for everything I said about you Sheila ,am really sorry”I said and cried.
she caressed my back and told me it was okay .

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for a minute it felt achieve I couldn’t breath ,I think am going to die if she doesn’t love me back.
I slowly disengaged from the hug and ran away.
I really need to go home.
if this is how love makes you feel ,then I hate it.
I remembered what Skylar said and burst into tears.
I entered my car and drove away.


I was already home,I slowly climbed up the stairs and walked past Skylar’s room before entering mine.

I closed the door and slide my back on the door .
I sat down on the floor and brought out my phone from my pocket,I entered my gallery and stare at pictures of Skylar that I took without her knowing.

she really is pretty.

“I can’t love someone like you Logan, your a play boy all you ever want is to get under girls skirt and don’t you ever talk in matters that don’t concern you”.

Those words Skylar said really did hurt me.
I angrily scattered everything in my room .I angrily pulled off my shirt and jeans and entered the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and the warm water poured all over my whole body.
minutes later I was done ,I came out and changed .
I climbed my bed and slept off ,I really hope I don’t see Skylar tomorrow morning.

????????????????Skylar’s p .o .v????????????????

What’s up with Logan ?,I just hope his okay.
whatever things I said to him was the absolute truth cause I don’t love him am in love with Henry.

After the party was over Henry dropped me at our mansion and drove off.
I waved him good bye and entered the Mansion .
minutes later I reached the glass door and slide it open.
I walked inside and every where was dark,I knew Logan’s upstairs in his room.
I climbed up and stood outside my room door.
I opened it and entered ,shut the door and fell on my bed and immediately i dozed off.
The next morning I woke up really late.
I bath and dressed up then came downstairs,I saw Logan talking to his friends ,he doesn’t seem happy.
he was just playing with his food.

“are you for real Logan ,I really can’t believe Love made you like this men!”River said laughing.

“so what if she doesn’t love you ,they are a lot of girls who would die to hear those words from you”Mason said frowning.

“you guys don’t understand she’s different”Logan said and sipped is juice.

I coughed and they all stared at me,Logan’s eyes scan me from head to toes before he looked away and continued eating his meal slowly.

“I don’t like the new Logan guys”Roy said.

“I now give you the permission to continue being a play boy”Luke said and crossed his arm together.

“isn’t he already a playboy “Luke said Laughing.
for the first time Logan didn’t laugh.
I made my own breakfast and sat down close to Logan,he sighed and rested his head on the table.

“go sleep inside Logan and am kinda scared it seems what’s actually wrong with Logan is kinda contagious”Luke said.

I just steal glances at him,he really his handsome.
he only wore a white singlet and blue shorts with long white socks .

“you really should stop staring at me okay!”Logan said and walked away.

“I wasn’t staring at you idiot”I said and continued eating my food.

“you two just had to spoil the mood didn’t you? and what’s going on between you two”Luke said suspiciously.

“nothing and mind your own god damn business”I said and walked away.

????????????????Author’s p .o .v????????????????

Logan walked outside ,he opened the glass door and closed it slowly.
he sighed and closed his eyes,he loved the way the morning breeze danced with his hair.

“hello Logan ,you love here too?”a voice asked and Logan slowly opened his eyes.
his facial expression suddenly changed.

“what do you think your doing here?”Logan asked furiously.
Henry chuckled and tucked his hands in his pocket”.

“well I just came to see Skylar ,where is she?”he asked looking around .

“enough with the pretence Henry .why are you doing this ?”Logan asked.

“well finally you asked ,this is for sure going to be fun.,I can’t wait to have her”Henry said lustfully.

“don’t you dare hurt Skylar .it seems she Loves you ,I promise you this if you dare hurt a single hair on her head you will be in so much trouble”Logan said angrily.

“don’t act like you have forgotten ,you were my best friend,I trusted you Logan .how could you sleep with my girlfriend hah!,not once nor twice and I don’t really love Skylar let’s just say it’s revenge and look how miserable you are”Henry said and laughed.

“am sorry Henry ,forgive me please and don’t drag Skylar into this”Logan please.

“excuse me but no matter how many times you beg it won’t change anything .I really can’t wait to get a taste of her”Henry said and immediately Logan punched him hard.
he didn’t stop ,he continued punching him until Skylar saw them from the window and ran out.
Henry’s face was all covered in blood.

T .B .C

so u know what Henry is really up to and I don’t think Skylar’s making the right decisions.
sorry that it’s coming late????????



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????????????Episode 18????????????????????

????????????????????Logan’s p . o .v????????????????????

I was panting heavily and I really was very angry ,she should have just allowed me beat him up mercilessly.
I just stare at her as she cleaned Henry’s face with her towel.
how could she care only about him,can’t she see that I really love her.

“what was that about Logan ?.who the hell do you think you are?”Skylar yelled at me.

“what are you trying to say Skylar ,I love you more than that Dude .the sooner you know it the better”I yelled at her.

she slapped me hard on my face.

“don’t be such an ass Logan,stay away from me,thank God am even leaving today”she said and dragged Henry away.
I was so angry ,why is she supporting Henry?.why did I fall in love in the first place.

I really need something to forget about Skylar.

I angrily walked inside ,I really need a drink.
An hour later ,I sat down on the kitchen stool and drank my favorite wine.
minutes later I was already drunk and very tired.
I know Henry had left cause the house seems quiet.

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I flinched when I heard footsteps approaching.
“Skylar what do you want haha!?”I asked staring at her with my eyes half closed.
she only wore a white singlet that exposed her boobs and a short knicker.

I was just staring at her.
she ignored me and walked towards the fridge.
she took a bottled water and drank little.
“am I really that ugly Skylar?”I asked staring at her pretty face.

I slowly stood up.
she walked towards me and sighed.

“don’t love me Logan and I will never love you back “she said and wanted and wanted to walk away but I drew her back and kissed her.

she reciprocated and kissed me roughly .I quickly carried her and dropped her on the table .she opened her legs for me.

I kissed her roughly.
she slowly took my white T-shirt and touched every part of my chest.

” I really love you sky”I said .we both climbed up the stairs.
we entered my room and I immediately continued kissing her.
we both fell on the bed and I felt her on top of my chest.
I was so tired that I slowly slept off.

????????????????????Skylar’s p . o v ????????????????????

Henry and I talked a lot .I noticed that he was staring at my body through out our conversation.
Thank God he left cause I really needed a drink.

I took two shots and I was also drunk,I was thirsty and needed water so I went to the kitchen and I was surprised to see Logan.

He looked so handsome as always.
I was shocked when he kissed me and I couldn’t help it but kiss him back.
I really feel weird whenever Logan touches me.
The kisses got more and more intense and I didn’t oblige when he climbed the stairs .I just followed suit.
we entered his room and we both fell on his bed.
I was also tired that I immediately slept off.

The next morning I was woken up by the chirping of birds and the rays of sunlight that shine brightly.
I quickly got up and cleaned my eyes with the back of my palm.
I glanced at everything in the room and my eyes finally stopped at Logan who was sleeping peacefully on the bed,his hair covered his face and he was shirtless.

immediately my cheeks heat up.
“did Logan and i ?…….. no it can’t be”I quickly ran out of the room .
I ran inside my room and arranged all my stuff.
I really need to leave this house.
after everything I quickly bath and brush my teeth,I applied cream on my skin and quickly dressed.

I dragged my Luggage and walk out of my room.
am really gonna miss this house.

“Thanks for being my friend Logan”I sighed and walked away.
I dropped a note on top of the kitchen table before walking away.
T .B . C
hmm do u think Skylar made the right decision .
and I pray she doesn’t lose him.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????????????Episode 19????????????????????

????????????????????Mr Morris’s p .o. v????????????????????
I wonder where Skylar is?,am just worried cause she told me she’ll be coming home yesterday.

I came back yesterday to an empty house.
where could she be? and no one’s here to cook for me.
I climbed down the stairs and was shocked to see Nicky.

“Good morning Sir!,is Skylar in?”she asked in a tiny voice.

“no,actually I haven’t seen her”
The door knob twist open and Skylar walked in with her Luggage.

“Good morning Dad,I really missed you Mr Morris “she said and quickly ran to hug me.
she hugged me tight and pecked my cheeks.

“your handsome as always Dad,did grandma call? and is their any message any message from home yet?”

I sighed and nodded .I noticed that Skylar didn’t even steal a glance at Nicky.

are the both of them fighting?.

“Skylar am really sorry for being a fool and I promise I’ll change,please sky find a place in your heart to forgive me cause my life isn’t the same without you”Nicky said and a tear slide down my cheeks.
she glared at me and hissed.

“when you have finished crying your eyes out ,pick a mop and Clean your tears on the floor okay!”Skylar said.

ouch that was Mean .I never really knew Skylar grew up to be this Mean.

“your right Sky,I should clean the floor.”

I just stared at Nicky as she walked away and later came back with a mop stick and bucket.

before she could start cleaning ,Skylar ran towards her and took the mop and the bucket from her.
she dropped it on the floor and hugged her tight.
“you fool!.I was only messing with you,come on hug me back”Sky said laughing.
Nicky hugged her crying.

“come on I’ve a lot to tell you”Skylar said and the both of them walked upstairs.

“now that’s my girl,sky please come cook for me am starving”I yelled at the top of my voice.

????????????????????Logan’s p .o. v????????????????????

It’s been two days since Skylar left and I think my heart is breaking .she didn’t even say goodbye.

even if I wanted to hate her ,I couldn’t .my love for Skylar wouldn’t let me.
what sought of wicked feeling is this?.I can’t believe this is love.

I hate this new Logan ,in fact am really confused, all girls love me except the only girl I love which is Skylar .

“This one-sided love is killing me”I yelled and walked down the stairs with my bag.

“your late for school young man”my Dad said smiling at me.
I ignored him and walked away.
T .B. C
Skylar and Nicky are finally friends again ????????.
Logan’s trying to forget Skylar,can he…????.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????????????Episode 20????????????????????

????????????????????Author’s p .o. v????????????????????

The math teacher solved an equation on the board and started explaining.
the class was so quiet because everyone was scared of Mr Noah.

he his the most strict teacher in the whole school and you do not wanna get on his bad side.
minutes later a girl at the back row blew a chewing gum bubble and started making annoying sounds with it.

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Mr Noah paused and turned to face the class.
immediately everyone fixed their eyes on the board and behaved achieve they were seriously paying attention.

“Rebecca Jones please leave my class”Mr Noah said dryly.
The whole class was shocked,how did he know it was her?.
Everyone stared at Rebecca as she slowly picked up her stuff and hanged her bag around her shoulder ,she hissed before walking out of the class and that’s was when Logan walked in.
Skylar just stared at him ,his hair was neatly kept and he was so handsome.

“you know your late for class right ?”Mr Noah asked.
Logan kept quiet he didn’t answer, instead he just walked to an empty seat and sat down.
“don’t you dare give me that attitude Logan ,you better answer me.”

it seems Mr Noah was losing is cool cause his eyebrows had suddenly curved into an evil style.

“if you won’t answer me or you feel your too cool or handsome to be in this class ,please get up and leave “Mr Noah said gnashing is teeth.
Logan sighed and ruffled his hair,he glanced at Skylar and looked away.
“it’s okay Mr Noah ,no need for you to shout am leaving cause I hate Maths anyway”Logan said and chuckled.
he slowly walked out of the class.
“what a spoilt brat”Mr Noah said and continued his teaching.

????????????????????Skylar’s p .o. v????????????????????

The maths class was really boring but I had to keep quiet and Endure it until the class was over.
I looked at Logan’s empty chair,I imagined the old times.
he would always disturb me by dragging my hair playfully or flirting with me always but now it seems we have both started drifting apart slowly.

I already Miss him cause it’s been two days since I saw him last.
after Rebecca left the class Logan walked in.
I couldn’t help it but steal glances at him ,he’s always handsome.
I noticed he steal a glance at me and he quickly looked away.

it seems he wasn’t in a good mood,am the one that really changed him.
I was shocked cause I noticed that Logan has really become weird.
he left after telling Mr Noah that he hated Maths .


It was lunch time and everyone was at the cafeteria.
I sat down with Henry ,he kept on talking and talking that I literally lost interest in his story cause he always talks about himself.
“such a show off”I said in a low tone.

I wonder why Logan didn’t come to the cafeteria today.

I really miss him.
minutes later I heard some group of girls saying that Logan is coming.
I quickly turned towards the door and stared at him,it seems he changed what he wore in the morning ,maybe they had football practice today.
I noticed he also stared at me and I quickly looked away.
Henry caught me staring at Logan ,he just sighed and did the unexpected .
he kissed my lips ,I noticed Logan stared at us ,I saw the hurt in his eyes and I still couldn’t stop Henry cause a part of me actually likes him.
he broke from the kiss and smiled charmingly.
“are you lost Logan?,don’t you have better things to do rather than staring at couples kissing”
I was shocked at Henry’s outburst.
Logan tucked is hands inside his pockets and walked past us ,at that Moment a girl was standing close to our table with a tray in her hands.
I noticed that Henry used his leg to block Logan’s path,I guess Logan didn’t bother to look.
he staggered and bumped into the girl and the tray in her hands slipped and all the contents fell on Logan’s white shirt.

immediately everyone stood up , even myself was shocked.
Logan angrily grabbed Henry by the collar and punched him.
Henry bled out ,just one punch what if it was two?.
“you have really got guts men!,the next time you would do that I promise I won’t spare you “Logan said and slowly let go off Henry’s collar’s.

But it seems Henry’s a coward.
“don’t act all tough Logan,this is just a little of what I have planned installed for you”Henry said with an Evil grin on his face.

“look who’s talking ,Henry you had better watch your tongue and if you dare hurt a single hair on Skylar’s head you are going to be sorry”Logan said with a gritted teeth.

Henry wasn’t scared of Logan at all,I became curious ,I really need to know what they are talking about.
I walked towards them and stood in their middle trying to separate the both of them.
I noticed that the entire cafeteria was quiet and everyone was now staring at our little drama.

“the cute boy seems to be so lonely these days which makes me wonder why?,oh!! I know it seems his friends left him”Henry said and laughed Emily.

“Henry that’s enough ,stop saying such mean words to Logan “I said pleadingly cause I know if this continues they are both gonna hurt each other.

“and why do you care Skylar ,aren’t you suppose to support your good for nothing boyfriend,Look here Henry you were always jealous of me no wonder your the school freak ,you may be fooling everyone with your stupid act but you can’t fool me cause you will always be a nerd”Logan said and chuckled.
it seems those words really did the trick.

“oh! I see,well no wonder your families complicated ,sometimes I wonder why your Mom left your Dad,oh! I know Maybe your Dad was having an affair with his secretary and your mother found out.
she couldn’t stay in the same house with that womaniser who you call a Dad so she had to leave her only son to stay with his father who barely has time for him ,your family sucks Logan”

The next thing I saw,Henry was already in the floor and Logan was on top of him punching the hell out of him.

I was so scared cause I have never seen Logan so angry since have known him.
all the students video’s the fight scene.

The next thing I saw,Henry was on top of Logan punching his face.
I was already crying cause I was so scared.