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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 31-35

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????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 31 ????????????????????

???????????????? Author’s p . o . v ????????????????

“Hey! Guys,look it’s Logan” Alana said and ran to hug him.
He wore a white hoodie sweater ,light blue pants and white hi – top Nicks sneakers.

They both disengage from the hug and he greeted the others.

“Look at you Logan ,I couldn’t even recognize you until Alana said it was you ” Stefan said.

“Yeah Stefan’s right Logan ,come on sit down,we have a lot to discuss ” Ryan said and gave Logan a chair.

Logan sat down and removed the hoodie from his head.
” so how’s those crazy friends of yours doing ?” Ethan asked.

Logan smiled lightly and said ” they are all fine,I really missed you guys and especially you Alana” Logan said and winked at her.

The others rolled their eyes ,and laughed .
“Stop Logan ,she’s your cousin that’s gross!” Ryan said and sipped from is milk shake drink.

” so how’s your girlfriend men?” Ethan asked and glanced quickly at the others.

” I don’t have a girlfriend guys,I guess dating dating. Isn’t Isn’t really my thing” Logan said dryly.

“Still a playboy ?” Alana asked.

“I don’t even have an answer for that question” Logan said and sipped is drunk.

The others stared at each other before fixing their gaze on Logan.

“So what’s the offence that your Dad decided to send you back home?”

” well it’s simple,he was just scared that I’ll ruin his reputation with my little shows” Logan said and smiled.

” so wait,I saw the video ,you actually fought with henry,not cool bro and why would you even fight him in the first place?” Stefan asked staring at Logan ,waiting for an answer.

Logan sighed and ruffled his hair before he finally spoke up.

“Well he said some shits i didn’t like and he took her away from me” Logan said and squashed his plastic cup of milkshake .it’s contents slowly slide down his hands and dropped on the floor.

” hey! ,calm down Logan and you sound achieve you love this girl .I bet she’s just one of your f**k mates” Ethan blurted out and the others nodded.

Logan was so angry ,he thought his friends knew him,he used a hand towel to clean his hands.

“Oh! Come on ,I love her okay!” Logan yelled and hit his fist on the table.
The whole cafe became quiet ,everyone just stared at their table.
Logan quickly covered his face with is hoodie.

The others still couldn’t believe it that Logan finally found love.

” so what’s the lucky damsels name hah!?” Stefan asked and the others nodded.

” well her names Skylar ,that’s all I can say ,so don’t bother me about her,she fucking rejected me and chose someone else” Logan said slowly.

” how dare she reject my bro,in fact I hope she’s beautiful and well you know? Or else if I get to see her I’ll so deal with her” Alana said chewing into nothing.

Logan laughed really hard and the others just stared at him in bewilderment .

” what’s so funny Logan ?,are you saying Alana can’t teach that bitch a good lesson for breaking your heart?”Ethan asked.

” am telling you ,as long as it’s a girl you have no chance,sky’s a warrior and I bet she beats guys too” Logan said and smirked.

” I bet she’s a crazy bitch ,your always lucky Logan” Stefan said and Ryan nodded.

” believe me she’s troublesome and so sweet .a good cook ,a good dancer ,loves cartoons and football,she’s was so my type of girl but I guess we were never meant to be” Logan said and sighed.

” I bet there’s a good reason behind her decision and from the way you talk about her ,it seems you guys were so close and I bet she loves you ,but she’s just not good at expressing her feelings” Alana said reassuringly.

” I hope so and guys .I heard there’s a party on Friday at glamour” Logan said.

“You fool!,it’s my birthday party” Ryan said and punched Logans shoulders lightly.

“Oouuch !, that hurts .okay am sorry and happy birthday in advance.”

” thanks bro and I feel so great that you actually remembered my birthday this year” Ryan said happily.

“Oh! Please you told him, remember Logan always forgets our birthdays except Alana’s ,that sometimes I wish I was a girl” Stefan said sadly and the others laughed hard.

They laughed and talked about random stuffs until logans phone suddenly beeped.

” I guess you have a message and I wonder who sent it?” Ethan said rubbing his palms together.

Logan unlocked is phone and entered is inbox.
The others stretched their necks to see, but Logan was fast enough.

“I’ll read it later and what’s this?” Logan said and entered a the video.

” I bet it’s one of your flings that sent you a video of her naked and moan your name ,Logan…..ahh……yes baby ” Ethan Moaned out loudly.

Alana used her hand bag to hit his head and he kept quiet.

” oh! Please not today Ethan ,that’s gross ,your so spoilt ” Stefan lamented.

“Wait guys,I think my Dad sent it and I wonder what’s it’s about” Logan said curiously.

“Play it already” the others shouted .

Logan played it and they all watched in amusement.

????????Written by Authoress Nicky Bella


” I can’t believe that hottie’s so tough and evil” Stefan said a little bit scared.

“That’s Skylar ,she’s still fighting with sheila as always” Logan said and sighed.

“Wow!,you must really be so full of yourself,two girls are actually fighting for you” Ethan said and stared at Logan dreamily.

“Oh! no,you got it all wrong people,Skylar’s actually beating her because she actually spoke too much” Logan said.

“I like her already Logan,you better settle things with her” Alana said fiercely.

“For what Alana?,she has a boyfriend and am happy for her,I don’t wanna be a border.
I know I told her I don’t care and she shouldn’t think about our friendship anymore ,but deep down I still love her”Logan said.

The boys laughed hard.

“Yeah !,laugh all you want” Logan said and scoffed.

” we’re sorry Alana, but we just can’t help it,logans in love ” they both said and laughed hard.
Logan sighed and angrily stood up.

“Am leaving ,moms gonna be worried” Logan said and started walking .

“Black hair suits you Logan and don’t mind them ,they’re all jerks” Alana said and glared at them.

” and please don’t forget to come to my party ,lover boy” Ryan said and continued laughing hard.

“What would I expect from you fools,you guys are terrible” Logan said and walked faster.

Alana picked up her hand bag and ran after him.

” she didn’t even finish her drink” Stefan said still laughing.

T . B . C

Logan still cares for our sky????????????

Hmm and I wonder what’s gonna happen at that birthday party????????????.
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????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 32 ????????????????????

???????????????? Skylar’s p . o . v ????????????????

It’s Friday already and ever since that fight between me and sheila ,she hasn’t really being talking much to me,just evil glares that’s all.

She always wears long sleeved shirt to cover herself and glasses to cover her black eye.
Am so proud of myself for dealing with her properly.

Schools over for the day and as usual me and Nicky went home together.
My driver dropped her off before driving me home.
And I couldn’t help it but check my phone if Logan had sent a message.
I miss him so much. ????


I held my school bag tightly as I walked inside the mansion.

I opened the door slowly,I peeped before entering and then I shut it.

“Hellooo!!!,is anyone home?? ,DAD!,Mr Morris,Grandma!!” I called but no one answered me.

One of the cleaners came out of the kitchen and walked towards me.
“Good afternoon Mam,your fathers in his room and he said he doesn’t wanna be disturbed” she said and bowed before walking away.

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Oh please!,what could he possibly be doing that he doesn’t wanna be disturbed??.
I smiled devilishly and dropped my school bag on the sofa,I pulled off my shoes and kept them neatly on the floor.

Then I tiptoed up the stairs ,am gonna find out what that man is doing these days.

“My Dad is so secretive these days ,so am gonna find out what his up to” I said to myself and walked further.

This isn’t gonna be an easy mission so I have to be very sneaky and quiet if I don’t wanna be caught.
After walking and climbing stairs upon stairs ,I finally reached his room.
I stood outside his room door and breath in and out before pushing his door open.

I just froze at what I saw,my Dad and Nicky’s mom making out.
Immediately they noticed my presence they both stopped their smooching and stared at me in shock.

“So this is your secret Mr Morris and Miss flora ,now confess!” I said jokingly.

I stared at my Dads face and his eyes were begging me to leave.
Finally this old man is enjoying himself and I bet mom would be happy that Dad chose a nice lady like Miss Flora.
She was so shy.

“Okay!,fine am leaving you guys can continue smooching” I said and laughed hard.

“Skylar leave” my Dad said dryly.

” Wait but I wanna watch” I said trying hard not to laugh.

“Just go Watch your favorite movies or cartoons on Netflix and leave me alone” he yelled at the top of his voice .I winked at Miss Flora before running out.

I better tell Nicky ,oh no!,i am supposed to visit Henry today .
No postponing it,I better freshen up and leave.
As I walked down the stairs I called Nicky and told her everything that just happened and she was so shocked.

As for me I approve of their relationship and am glad she’s going to be my step mother.

???????????????? Logan’s p . o . v ????????????????

It’s already Friday and it’s time for Ryan’s birthday party at glamour.
Glamour’s a swanky hall,only the best can book places like it here in California.

I wore a white Calvin Klein T-shirt polo,white chinos pants,it hugged my legs and a white Air Jordan ||| OG.

Alana was already outside our mansion waiting for me ,she looks so dashing in her Red off shoulder flair dress and black stilettos.

“Wow! ,Your more handsome and more manly ” she said and chuckled.

I cracked and held her wrist tight
“Come on let’s go,Ryan and Stefan must be waiting for us” I said and opened the car door for her,she got in and I opened the other door for myself and got in.


We are already at the party and it’s so much fun.
Ryan actually invited River,Mason ,Luke and Drake.

They told me the latest gist at school and I listened with so much interest.

“So any new chick in your life Logan?” River asked and the others immediately fixed their gaze on me.

I sighed and shock my head side ways” no!,None for now.”

“It seems you’ve repented ” Luke said smiling.
I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice Ryan offering me a drink.

They shock me vigorously before I regained myself.
“Seriously men!,I just offered you a drink minutes ago, and all you did was just stare at me” Ryan said.

“Am sorry ,I was just lost thinking about someone.”

“Oh come on!,don’t tell me it’s that girl again ?” Ryan asked.

“I think am gonna go home guys” I said and yawned.
Ryan just stared at me in a funny manner.

“Boy!,come on you just got here like some minutes ago” Ryan said dryly.

“Am sorry Ryan and happy birthday bro” I said and gave him his present,he happily took it from me and opened it quickly.
Actually it’s a shoe.

“Wow!,you bought me a solid Gold OVO× Air Jordan,thanks bro” Ryan said smiling sheepishly.

“Wow! Logan,it seems your turning into a young billionaire ” Alana said .

Ryan was so happy,he held the shoes and quickly scan it’s corners.

“Thanks Logan,I’ll cherish it forever” Ryan said and walked away holding onto the shoe tight.
Girls gossiped when they saw the shoe and guys eyes were filled with envy.

“Is that a solid Gold OVO× Air Jordan made by artist Matthew senna?”

“I heard it costs 2million”
River held Logans hands and dragged him along.

An hour later,the party was getting hot and so many chicks flocked around me.
I mean why won’t they ?,it’s Logan Williams after all.

The guys were having so much fun as always.
I was already drunk so Alana decided that I got home.
She said she’ll call very driver to come pick me up.

“Hello!,ladies and gentleman ,longest time no see Logan.
Wow!,it’s a good thing Ryan invited me if not I would have missed all the fun.”

A female voice said behind us and we all turned to see who it was.
We were all shocked by whom we saw.

“What is she doing here?”

T .b .c

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????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 33 ????????????????????

???????????????? Sheila’s p .o. v ????????????????

Am so grateful that Ryan invited me for his birthday party.
Wow!,I can’t believe am finally one step ahead of Skylar and I’ll make sure she pays dearly for humiliating me.

I had to spend a lot of money to treat this Skin again.

I can’t let Logan see me with a black eye and bad skin.
I informed no one that I was leaving for California for a birthday party ,cause I know all my friends are blabber beaks ,so I don’t tell them important stuffs like this.

I can’t wait to see the look on Skylar’s face when she Sees pictures of me and Logan together.
It’s gonna crush her soul and I bet she’s not gonna try to apologize anymore.

“I can’t believe you could follow Logan to California ,Sheila” Luke said and they all burst into an uproar of uncontrollable laughter.

I just stared at him with so much hatred .
“I invited her guys,remember she’s a friend of mine” Ryan said dryly.

“Since when Ryan?,and you never bothered to tell us” Mason asked.

“Am sorry guys,you fools should stop laughing .it’s seriously pissing me off,sheila please don’t mind them and have fun .
Thanks for the gifts by the way” Ryan said and walked away.

I slowly stared at Logan,his so drunk,he slept on the couch peacefully,am really sorry Logan but I have to do this . In fact I don’t think am sorry cause am gonna be having Logan all to myself.

“Come on guys ,let’s partyyyy!!!” River yelled.

They all started walking deeper into the crowd,but Luke paused and glanced at Logan.
“I guess his gonna be fine,what could possibly go wrong?” He said and joined the others.

I checked if they had all gone deeper into the crowd before carrying him away.

Damn! ,he has a lot of weight,what are you eating Logan?.
We were finally outside glamour.
I walked further before I finally reached where I parked my car.

I opened it and pushed him in,shut the door and got in,then I drove away.


I already booked an hotel room.
we are already inside the hotel ,his hands were wrapped around my neck and I helped him stand up properly.

He mumbled some strange words I don’t understand.

“Hmm miss his he okay? Or do you want me to call an ambulance?” The receptionist asked.

“No its fine dear,his my boyfriend and his just drunk,he will be fine” I answered her nicely.
Thank God she didn’t bother me anymore.

I entered an elevator and typed the digits the for the up floor and it started going up.

“Hmm Alana ,is that you?” He asked slowly.

I didn’t answer him and thank God his still awake.
It stopped moving and quickly slide open,I held him tighter and walked faster.

Finally we reached my room door.
I slowly brought out my room keys and inserted it .I held the door knob and twisted it and it opened,I held him well and we both walked in before I shut the door and locked it.

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“It’s time to have some fun,max you can come out now” I said and a young guy in his early 20’s came out.
“Your gonna start videoing when I say so okay?”I Asked.

“Okay” he replied.

I actually paid him a large amount of money to do this dirty job and besides his also gonna see me Naked .
I pulled off is white singlet,pants and shoes before I started taking mine off.

I was already naked and so was Logan,I kissed him and he reciprocated .

I gave max the signal and he started videoing.
Logan kissed my lips hungrily ,things started getting hot and he hovered over me still kissing me.

We had sex that night and I couldn’t help it but feel jealous cause he called Skylar’s name before passing out
This was the best night ever.

???????????????? Authors p .o. v ????????????????

The next morning Logan slowly opened his eyes,his head was really banging.
He felt pain everywhere and quickly scan is eyes around the room.

“Where am I?,and why on earth am i naked?” Logan asked and quickly sprang
Up to his feet.

He quickly picked up is T-shirt polo on the floor and hurriedly wore it,then he picked up his pants and wore them too before finally putting on his shoes.

He put his hands in is back pocket and was glad that his phones still there.
Oh no!,15 missed calls from Alana ,mom and the guys.
Sheila slowly walked out of the bathroom door with a bathrobe in.

“What am I doing here Sheila?,and why are you in California?” Logan asked her.

She smirked and walked closer to him.

“Well let’s just say ,I came because I missed you” She said and moved her fingers seductively on his chest.

“Why on earth was I naked?,and I need answers Sheila,don’t you dare think of lying to me” Logan said dryly.

She laughed and kissed his cheeks.
“Isn’t it obvious baby,,you and I made love.”

“We didn’t make any stupid love,I bet you took advantage of me since I was drunk and had your way with me.
I can’t believe this,your cheaper than I thought sheila” Logan said angrily.

“Oh! please don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it too ,cause you were so eager to eat my whole body up” sheila said seductively.

Logan was so angry and he couldn’t believe he had sex with sheila again.

“I despise you so much and forget this ever happened” Logan said and ran out.

Sheila laughed Evilly.
“How can I forget about the best night of my life honey?,now let the show begin.

I can’t imagine the look on Skylar’s face when she sees this video and she thinks that her stupid message is gonna help bring Logan back to her” Sheila said and smiled.

I already sent a perfect reply to Skylar’s message and wait until she sees it,plus this video.
She’s gonna finally admit I won.
Logan didn’t even notice I tempered with his phone.

I started getting dressed ,it’s time to go back home and tell the girls.

Hmm Sheila’s so cheap.

I wonder what Skylar’s reaction would be when she sees that video.
Some of your guesses were correct.


????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 34 ????????????????????

???????????????? Logan’s p .o. v ????????????????

I really can’t believe I had sex with that whore again.
I really can’t believe they all left me in the care of sheila.

I was finally home,I walked into the Mansion and was surprised to see everybody there.
my friends and my mom,including Alana.
the moment they saw me,they all ran to hug me.

“Thank goodness your okay Logan” my Mom said.

“Why didn’t you stay put Logan?,we searched everywhere for you” Alana said and sniffed.

“Seriously am fine guys,I just slept at a friends”

I lied,but I knew my friends wouldn’t believe that shit even if my mom would.
my mom hugged me again and said.

“Logan please if your gonna sleep at a friends ,do try and call to inform me cause you got me worried sick.”

I nodded and my mom slowly climbed up the stairs leaving me with the others.

“So what did sheila do this time?” Drake asked.

“What else?,she took advantage of my drunken state and had sex with me,such a cheap human being” I said in a disgustful tone.

“Men! That’s fucked up and not so good but nice ” Luke said.

“That girl is so cheap,I mean she has gone too far” Alana said.

“Excuse me guys ,but am so tired and I wanna go upstairs and freshen up,I’ll be right back in a jiffy guys” I said and climbed up the stairs.

???????????????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????????????

I have to sought things out with henry and I wonder why he hasn’t been picking any of my calls.
am already inside my car and my driver is driving me to Henrys house.

He doesn’t stay with his parents.
Heard his parents are filthy rich but not as rich as Logans.
I wonder why he has been avoiding me at school?.


“Hello!,is anyone home?.Henry where are you dear?” I asked still looking for him.

I checked all the rooms and finally the last door.

I slowly twisted the door knob and pushed it open slowly,I walked inside and was shocked by what I saw.
It seems he didn’t notice my presence and kept talking gibberish.

“I can’t believe that freak is still calling me?.”

“Block her number Henry ,so she won’t dare call you again,she’s just so annoying and just because her fathers Mr Morris Gilbert doesn’t mean she’s better than us ” she hissed .that bitch his always acting cool,what a wimp.”

“I can’t believe she chose me for Logan ,she should have listened to Logan, but no she had to fall for my charms ,and once I get what I Want from her ,am just gonna dump her” henry said dryly.

I was so shocked .I was right in front of him and he didn’t even think twice before saying such mean things about me.

“Come on let’s just forget About her,kiss me baby” the girl said.

So this was the reason why henry wasn’t picking any of my calls and always treated me badly.
He thinks am gonna cry,his so disgusting and a big pervert.

He grab her ass and kissed her roughly in front of me.
I couldn’t continue watching this nonsense ,my boyfriend trying to make out with another girl.

My tears were gonna pour any moment from now.
no Skylar ,instead of wasting your time crying over this fool why not beat the hell out of him and this whore,so that next time he won’t dare try to play with you or any other girls feelings.
I smiled evilly and clapped my hands.

“So this is who you are Henry .I should have known,Logan was right about you” I yelled.

The girl beside him quickly tried to cover her half naked self.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” She asked.

“Skylar it’s not what you think,am sorry ” henry said pleadingly.

What an hypocrite,trying to pretend when I heard and saw everything.

“Oh shut up! Henry,you know what?, I heard and saw everything and for your information I ain’t gonna cry over you” I yelled at him.

I guess he hasn’t seen this side of me and if I was this girl ,I would start running for my dear life.

“Get out already you black ape” she yelled and walked closer to me.

“I don’t have time to deal with this” I said referring to her.
She was so angry and raised up her hand to slap me,but I was fast enough to hold her wrist in the air.

“How dare you try to hit me hah!?.to call you stupid would be an insult to stupid! I’ve known sheep that could out wit you .I’ve worn dresses with higher IQ’s bitch!” I said dryly .

“Who the hell are you Skylar?” She asked.

“Who I be ?,well na me be the baby Jesus way won deliver Una from una sins and iniquities.”
(Who am I ?,well am the baby Jesus that wants to deliver the both of you from your sins and iniquities).

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“What does that even mean Skylar?” Henry asked.

“Not only his she a black ape ,but a local one at that” she said.

“Wet in I talk the demon way dey inside her don dey challenge ,but no need to worry when baby Jesus is here ” I said and pounced on her ,beating the daylight out of her.

“Let go of my hair you freak!” She cried in pain.
Henry tried to push me away from her,I left her and kicked him down there,he cried in pains.

” by the time am finished with the both of you,your parents aren’t gonna recognize you guys again” I said fiercely .

” okay!,Skylar please am sorry ,now can you please just get out of my house” Henry said.

“You even have the guts to chase me out when am not yet through with the both of you.” I dragged the girls hair again and continued beating her .
He just stood at a corner watching me beat his fish black and blue.

“Skylar please that’s enough ,your gonna kill her .”

“Oh ! ,you shut the hell ! up and wait for me ” I yelled and continued beating her.

I left her for him and beat him up mercilessly ,his so not a gentleman .
He tried to throw punches at me ,but I was fast enough to block them and beat him up.

Minutes later Henry held his stomach and groaned in pains,he was bleeding and that whore was already crying like a baby that she is.

“Now you guys can continue your make out secessions and for the record ,Henry we’re through!” I yelled dryly and walked out on them.

“What a witch!!” I heard henry say slowly and I smirked.

Am glad I taught him and that girl a good lesson and for the record Logan’s far better than him.

Now Skylar has seen Henrys true self,she dealt with him good.
As promised one episode remaining????????????.



????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 35 ????????????????????

????????????????Nicky’s p .o. v ????????????????

The next day????????????????
Me and Mason are fine and I can’t be more happy.
I still can’t believe my Mom and Mr Morris are in a relationship ,and Sky’s okay with it,I thought she’s gonna try to talk her father out of it.

Right now am in Sky’s house ,????and we are in their sitting room.

“Hey sky!,I still came believe Henrys a cheat ” I said and stared at Skylar. who was busy eating pancakes.

“Now I feel bad ,Logan was right all along” she said and swallowed the food contents in her mouth.

“But it’s fine now ,and am glad you beat the hell out of Henry and that girl you caught with him” I said and ate one of the pan cakes.

“I wouldn’t have beaten that whore ,if she didn’t say anything and had kept quiet.”

“But sky are you sure his not gonna file a case ?” I asked worriedly.

“Oh please!,file what case ,or his he gonna tell the lawyers that a girl beat the daylight out of him?.he wouldn’t dare” she said with her mouth full.

“Okay!,if you say so”

Suddenly her phone biped and I immediately picked it up and entered her phone inbox .i entered the message and quickly and ran my eyes through it.
I couldn’t believe Logan sent something like this and not too long a video appeared on the screen.

I used my palm to cover my mouth ,I just couldn’t finish watching it.
Skylar was staring at me confused.

She can’t see this or she’s gonna cry ,In fact I don’t even know what’s gonna happen.

“Let me see Nicky ” she said and tried dragging the phone from my hands.

She tried and finally took it,she quickly read it out.

“Dear Skylar,
Please don’t bother me anymore with this nonsense, cause I don’t have time to read it.
do you really think I wanna date someone like you? .I hate you so.. o ..o… Much and go stick with your boyfriend and stop being a bother.
I love sheila now,so it’s best you get that into your tiny skull and don’t bother me anymore bitch!!!!” She finally finished reading it and tears slide down her face.

She tapped her screen and the video started playing .she watched for a while and the next thing I saw ,she fainted.

???????????????? Authors p .o. v ????????????????

Nicky shook Skylar’s body vigorously ,but she wouldn’t wake up.
She picked up her phone and quickly dialed Mr Morris’s number and he picked at the first ring.

Her voice was a little bit cracked ,but she was trying her best to sound clear.

“Me Morris Skyler’s just fainted ,have tried everything but she’s still not waking up ,am so scared please come quickly.”

“Okay am on my way,don’t leave her Nicky ,stay there” he said on the phone and the call ended.

I held my phone and I couldn’t stop fidgeting”

Minutes Later Mr Morris came and he quickly carried her out and I just quickly picked up her shoes and ran after him.

???????????????? Mr Morris’s p .o. v ????????????????

I was in my office when Nicky called me and told me that Skylar fainted.
I was so scared cause I don’t know what I would do if any thing bad happens to my baby.

I quickly wore my suit jacket .I called flora and told her everything ,even my mom ,but not Erica’s Mom,I don’t want her to get worried.


“She’s gonna be fine my love ” flora said caressing my back softly.

Am just so weak when it comes to Skylar . she doesn’t look sick or anything and Nicky isn’t telling me anything.
Right now we are all sitting down waiting for the doctor to come out and tell us if Skylar’s gonna be okay.

Am so worried and I think am loosing my cool already.

“Don’t worry my son ,she’s gonna be okay” my mom said reassuringly.

I slowly nod.
“I think have seen you somewhere with my son before” Mr morris mom said again.

Nicky and her mom stared at each other before they finally looked at me.
I sighed and ruffled my hair before finally speaking up.

“Well Mom there’s something have been wanting to tell you.”

“Don’t tell me Skylar did something worst and our images had been ruined ” she yelled.

“No mother,it’s something more important and am sorry I didn’t tell you sooner” I said apologetically.

“And I guess it has to do with this young beautiful lady standing over here” she said pointing at Miss Floral.

“Well your guess is correct mom,this beautiful lady standing there is my fiancee .I love her so much and am gonna marry her” I said and smiled at her.

“Well am surprised ,congratulations my dear and please come closer” my mom said.

Flora walked closer to her and she hugged her tight.

“Am glad that you stole my sons heart beautiful lady and I know Skylar’s gonna be so happy ,then this all happened .I wish…….I…I..I_____

She was cut short by Nicky.
“It’s gonna be fine,Sky’s strong and I can’t believe Logan leaving hurt her so much and that message came as a shock” Nicky said and showed it to me.

I read it and sighed.
“My baby’s in love ,Erica’s gonna be so happy” I said smiling into nothing.

Finally the doctor came out and removed is face mask before talking to us.

“She’s fine,so their wasn’t any need for operation .she only needs good rest some drugs ,I guess your a family so it’s best I say this here,well she’s suffering from depression and it isn’t good .
She’s too young for this ,I suggest you take good care of her and make her happy always.
There’s no need to fear ,she only fainted out of shock,you can go and see her,excuse me and it’s an honour having u here in my hospital Morris”he said and Walked away.

Am so scared right now,I don’t want this to happen again and am also glad she’s okay.

This is getting out of hand.