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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 26-30

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????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 26 ????????????????????

???????????????? Skylar’s p . o . v ????????????????

I haven’t heard from Logan ever since that party and he isn’t answering any of my calls.
Did I do the right thing by always shutting him out?.

“Do I really love Henry?”
I sighed and lay properly on my bed.

“What nonsense are you talking about ,henry loves you his just angry about the club thing.”

“But it’s three days already and I haven’t heard from henry nor Logan “I said tearfully ????.

“Even if you wanted to talk to him so bad ,he isn’t gonna talk to you,his Logan ever gonna forgive you?”she said and sat down on my bed.

“I don’t know and Henry’s really hiding something ,wait there’s something I wanna tell you but forgot.”

“What is it dear?,okay! Wait you want me to cook jollof rice and fried Dodo”I said smiling.

“No it’s about Logan ,oh! Yes Logan traveled to California and I don’t think is coming back.”

Immediately I finished saying that,she sprang off her bed and quickly picked up her phone and ran down stairs.

“Wait up Sky ,Logan’s already gone,it’s been two days already”Nicky yelled and ran after me ,but I didn’t stop.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if Logan doesn’t answer my calls ” I said and sniffed.

Is line is busy ,I can’t believe he didn’t inform me himself ,I would have come to bid him farewell.

“I really lost Logan Nicky ,it’s all my fault that he had to go far away ” I said and burst into tears .
Nicky hugged me and told me it was gonna be fine.

????????Written by authoress Nicky Bella ????????

???????????????? Author’s p . o . v ????????????????

The next morning Skylar dressed up and walked out of her room.
She sighed and slowly shut the door ,she walked down the second stairs to join the others for breakfast in the dinning room.


“Good morning grandma ,how was your night?” Skylar asked nicely.

“Good morning my dear ,it seems you didn’t have a good night rest “her grandma said and continued eating her meal.

Skylar sighed and sat down ,she stared at the fried beacons,fried egg,sliced fruits,toasted sliced bread and a hot cup of tea.
She picked up her tea spoon and put two more sugar cubes into her tea cup.

Mr Morris just stare at her bewildered.
“Good morning Dad,how’s work ,aren’t you going to work today?”Skylar asked and ate a chunk of bread.
The whole room was quiet before Mr Morris finally spoke up.

“Am going to work dear,I heard Logan traveled to California and how are you coping with that news?” He asked and sipped his tea.

Skylar stared at her Dad and grandma before sighing and dropping her spoon inside her tea cup.
“Dad what’s so important about Logan ?,he left Dad! and please don’t call his name here or I might get sick” Skylar said and sobbed.

“Honey your Dad just asked because he cares about you ,and I also noticed your mood these days “grandma said and caressed her shoulder .

Skylar bent down her head and wept bitterly.

“I pushed him away Dad,he was my everything and I let my big mouth make decisions for me when I should have followed my heart” Skylar said and wiped off her tears with the back of her palm.

“His he your boyfriend my child?” Grandma asked Skylar.

“No but he was more than a friend grandma ” Skylar said and sniffed.

“Then if his just a friend ,why cry this much?” Grandma asked her.

“Dad ,grandma ,am sorry but please excuse me”Skylar said and stood up from her chair.

She stared at them before hurriedly walking away.
Mr Morris sighed and sluggishly stood up.

“Am sorry Mom,but I have to leave early today .I feel guilty mother ” Mr Morris said and picked up his car keys.
His mother stared at him inquisitively.

“I was the that came up with that stupid plan for two of them to end up together and this happened .
Mom will sky be able to bear all this ?” Mr Morris said Sadly.

“It’s okay my boy ,all this isn’t your fault .remember we all had hands in this,I know Skylar’s a strong girl but her ignorance caused all this.
If only she had accepted the fact that she also loved him then may be he wouldn’t have left.”

“I really want my old Skylar back ,she would always make me laugh and always cause trouble ,I miss complains from her school mother” Mr Morris said and smiled.

“She’s a stubborn kid ,but maybe this would teach her a lesson to value what she has or even something better.”

“I hope so too ,even if she’s all tough and abusive ,a bit disrespectful but she’s still my little sky and I’ll always be there for her” Mr Morris said and walked away briskly.

“Bye mother” he said and Walked away.

“I wonder where that girl went to ?” Grandma said continued eating her breakfast.

T . B . C
????????Written by authoress Nicky Bella

Skylar’s now regretting ,I hope nothing happens to her.

I miss Logan already????????.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????
????????she’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 27 ????????????????????

???????????????? Sheila’s p . o . v ????????????????

Shelia hissed and scoffed at Skylar’s picture on the Bright daily magazine .

“What a raving lunatic ,I Hate her so much .she took everything away from me” I said and threw the magazine away.

Blair picked up the magazine and kept it on Sheila’s study table.

“Where’s my coffee Blair?” I asked fiercely .

“Hmm I thought you sent maria to make one for you like 10minutes ago.”

“Of course I sent Maria ,who told you I forgot hah!?” I said .
Blair scratched her hair and said she was sorry.

Kira finally walked in with my pizza.
Wait! ,I sent Kira to buy me pizza.
Oh! ,Yes I did.

“What took you so long Kira ?” I asked her angrily.

“Well I just ,it’s just ,he just ……”

I was so angry ,these are my friends ,a bunch of scallywags ,dummy’s and so good for nothing.

“Oh shut up! you idiot and i hope it’s hot ?” I asked her hoping to have a good answer.
She looked at Blair before shaking her head side ways.

“Am sorry but it got cold on the way since you wouldn’t let use your car,I had to walk all the way here ,am sorry ” she said and bowed her head .
I hissed and yanked the pizza off her hands and threw them inside the waste bin.

“Why can’t you guys ever do something right hah!?”

“Am sorry sheila ,it won’t happen again”she said and knelt down.
That’s when Maria came in sweating with my coffee in her hand.

“Am sorry sheila ,when I was coming the coffee got cold so I had to climb back down the stairs like 5times to make another ,since you like it hot” she said and gave me the coffee but I didn’t it .

I was literally so furious,why did God have to punish me with these losers.

“You know what?, all of you should just get the fuck ! Out of my room and said go make yourselves useful .good for nothing fools that can’t do a single thing right” I yelled ,but they still won’t leave.

“The coffee sheila” Maria said and gave me the coffee.
I took the coffee from her and splashed it on her face.

“My eyes !!!!, Kira the coffees hot” maria cried.
I scoffed and entered my bathroom to get ready.

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I wanna go see Logan ,I bet he misses me.
“Are you okay Maria?,does your eyes hurt?” Kira asked .Blair also helped her up.
I peeped from my bathroom door and saw her help Maria up and they both walk away.
Achieve I care if her eyes hurt.


Sheila walked inside Logan’s house ,she could never get tired of seeing this wonderful master piece.
She closed the door quietly and walked towards the sitting room.

She saw Logans father Mr Williams having a meeting with some men dressed so elegant.
They all wore black tuxedos and their shoes were shining.

????????????written by authoress Nicky Bella

Immediately Mr Williams saw,he paused and excused himself ,he walks towards her.
“Good day Mr Williams am sheila logans girlfriend and I bet Logan’s told you a lot about me” sheila said smiling a sheepishly .

Mr Williams stared at her again and Burst into an uproar of uncontrollable laughter.

“What’s so funny sir?” Sheila asked trying so hard to be nice.

“Well Logan never told me about you my dear ,but I know your father Mr Marvin Blake” Mr Williams said.

“Oh! So what if he didn’t make mention of my name ,so his he in?” Sheila asked rudely.

“Well no and don’t Blame me if he didn’t tell you about it,sorry dear but he his in California right now with his mother” Mr Williams said and pat her shoulder.

“Are you serious Mr Williams? ,since when has he been gone?” Sheila asked.

“Hmm well it’s been 3 days already and I don’t think his gonna come back if your gonna ask that”

“Well I wanna take something inside his room can I ?” Sheila asked.

“Sure since your his girlfriend,I guess I can’t stop you ” Mr Williams said and walked back to meet his business associates .

I smiled and climbed up the stairs .
⏰⏰ 2 hours later

Skylar walked in with some documents in her hand.
Mr Williams sent her on an errand to to his company and take these files from his secretary.

“Your such a good girl Skylar,thank you” he said and took the files from sky’s hand.

“What’s your name my dear?,you seem like a nice bride for my son”one of Mr Williams comrade said.

“If your son is really looking for a girlfriend or fiancee ,next time tell him to look for one himself ,metcheew ” she hissed and walked away shaking her butt in a mocking manner.

“Who’s the father of that hottie?”

“Mr Morris you fools !!!” Mr Williams said ,he was so disappointed .

“Am gonna take my bag and leave Mr Williams ,I forgot it upstairs if you would all excuse me” Skylar said and climbed up the stairs.

T . B . C

Sheila’s so mean and not a good friend????????.
Little sky everyone.⬇⬇⬇

I wonder what’s gonna happen between Skylar and Sheila????????.



????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 28 ????????????????????

???????????????? Skylar’s p . o . v ????????????????

Immediately I left Dad and grandma ,I decided to visit Logan’s father ,cause I knew his gonna be at home.
I wanted to ask him if he had logans new number.

And thank God he gave it to me ,in return I had to run a little errand for him.
When I came back ,I gave him his documents.

That weird man couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
I mean if his son is looking for a wife ,he should look for one himself.

I excused myself,i need to take my bag I left in logans room.
Before I left for the errand ,I went to logans room to just stare at everything.

I miss him so much,when I heard Mr Williams calling my name,I quickly dropped my bag on logans bed and left.

????????Written by authoress Nicky Bella


I slowly opened the door and I was shocked by whom I saw.

What the hell is Sheila doing here? ,and why his she holding my bag?.

I was so angry but I need to find out what she’s up to,so I still stayed quiet .
She’s just so foolish to have not noticed my presence.

Invading others privacy is what I hate and I can’t believe Mr Williams would let her in.
She opened my bag zip and poured out all the contents inside. She bent down and picked up my phone before standing up.
Then she spit on other items on the floor .
Oh! She’s so gonna get it today.
I was so curious and if she wanted logans digits she should have asked.

I couldn’t Endure it anymore so I walked in.

“What the hell do you think your doing here?,and why on earth were you holding my bag?” I yelled trying so hard to be calm.

I glanced at my stuffs on the floor before looking at her
She laughed hard before throwing my phone hard on the floor.

It shattered to pieces.
I was so shocked ,my Dad just bought that.
How dare she ?.
I looked at her before taking a quick glance at my phone.

I wouldn’t cry because it’s ruined ,but for the fact that my Dad bought it with so much love .she’s gonna pay.

“Ooops ????,am sorry but it kinda slipped,don’t worry my love I’ll get you a new one” she said rudely.

Is she trying to get on my bad side?,oh! I guess it’s kinda working.
“Who told you I need your filthy money and you know what ?,am so tired of this your bitchy attitude and trust me clam but I won’t hold back today.
Nicky isn’t here to save you ,so why don’t we solve it right here ,right now!” I yelled and smirked .

“Am not scared of you Skylar ,and your just making empty treats,no wonder Logan left.”

You have to be strong Skylar ,this little shrimps words can’t get to you.
Your more than this.
I know if I let her words get to me ,i might kill her with this anger.

“You don’t know what I can do sheila ,am very evil ” I said and frowned my face .

“Hmm I know why your so foolish and hot headed ,your mother’s also a fool ,your good for nothing fathers, in fact your family sucks” she yelled and spit on my face.
She brush her hair with her hands and smiled.

“Wow! ,I really left the whore speechless .oh! Skylar why don’t you just go back to your good for nothing country,your a pig and you will always be a pig” she said and started laughing.

“Wait what did you just say ?” I asked her again cause it seems I didn’t hear her properly.

“It seems your not only stupid but deaf,I said your foolish and hot headed ,your mother’s also a fool to have given birth to you ,maybe nemesis caught up with her and she died and you faa_____

Before she could complete her statement ,I punched her and she fell on the floor ,her nose was bleeding.
In fact I think am loosing my mind ,her words echoed in my head.

How dare she say such about my family.
I don’t joke with them and am not gonna take it lightly with anyone that insults my Mom.
Even if I didn’t spend much time with her ,she means a lot to me and I will be forever grateful to her for bringing me into this world and Giving my Dad happiness.

“You dey mad!!!!!?,you know who I be?,as he stands now ehn my blood dey hot.
My papa and you na mate ?,you no even senior Femi or Sisi na you dey con follow me talk any how,as you see me so I wicked oh! .I fit beat your Papa ,your Mama,your brother,your aunty and your grandma ,even your whole generation” I said with an evil grin.

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My face turned evil and serious.
I stared at sheila like a lion who was ready to devour it’s prey.

“What on earth are you saying ?,your such a local bitch” she said crying.

“Na this local bitch nai won beat you black and blue now,e don too much for you.
I won show you say na me be oga” I said and climbed on top of her punching her like my life depended on it.

She was bleeding seriously ,so was my knuckles .
I sprang up from her and picked up logans lamp,I hit it on her legs and her head.

She was crying and shouting in pains.
“Next time you go respect me ode!” I cursed.
I pulled her up and hit her head on the table.

The whole room was in a big mess.

⏰⏰⏰Minutes later I felt someone’s hands dragging me off Sheila.
Am not leaving her today oh!,we die here.
“Please Mr Williams get her off me” sheila said slowly ,still crying.
I thought she was ready to fight me,such a big mouth.

“Skylar that’s enough,your gonna kill her,do you want to be a murderer?” He asked.

I slowly let go of her and he helped me up.

I stare at her with so much hatred .she was crying bitterly and I couldn’t help it but laugh at the black eye on her face.

When he got to the door ,I slowly walked closer and picked up my phone.
Before I could stand up someone pulled my hair.
I angrily held her wrist and slapped her.
Mr morris was trying to hold me but I was fast enough to release a final blow but Mr Williams got in the way and it landed on his jaw.

Sheila tried to slap me but Mr Williams dragged her downstairs.
I ran after them and yelled “ode!!! Bolekaja”
(You fool,come let’s fight it out)
She was scared cause it seems she ran faster.

“Your whole generations are egungun(masquerade ) ,idiot!!.why you no come ma garnish your face with more slaps” I yelled running after them.

They where already close to the exit .
“Your really a fool,whore” sheila cried.

“Ehn! ,Wet in you call me?,na God ho punish that your smelling mouth ,na your mama be whore ,in fact your whole generation of girls nai be whore” I said and ran faster but she had already entered her car and the driver drove away.

Mr Williams came back and he
Was so angry.
“Don’t try and scold me oh!,cause I really need to go home and call Logan ,I bet Nicky’s waiting for me.”

T . B . C
Skylar beat sheila wella????????????.
This girl dey crase .
And I pity Mr Williams.
My new favorite episode????????????.
What are your thoughts and views of this episode.????????????
Love u guys????????????.



????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 29 ????????????????????

???????????????? Logan’s p . o . v ????????????????

A few days has passed already,time sure runs fast.
It sure is boring here in California without my friends,not that I don’t have friends here,but it just isn’t the same without them.

Mom’s been worried sick about my health .she’s really complaining.
“Logan what happened to your hair? ,and since when did you start piercing your eyes?” She said dryly.

I sighed and brushed my hair back with my palm.
“Mom am old enough to take Care of myself ,am not sick am just suffering from boredom phobia ” I said and get off my bed.
My room’s in a mess ,clothes are littered everywhere .my play station was a bit close to my bed.

god hand displayed on the flat screen ,actually I paused it.
I couldn’t beat that my dumb brother, devil hand .it isn’t hard for me cause am a pro at all video games, but my mind was occupied by something else.

I love god hand so much, and the part were he spanks the lady’s butt is always my favorite part of the game.
My boxers are all over the place,snacks,energy drinks,popcorns and cheese balls ,name it.

My room was indeed dirty .
My mom stood at akimbo ,and glanced at every corner of my room .she glanced at me from head to toe and sniffed.

I know am miserable .I don’t sleep like I used to ,always busy with video games and staying indoors.
She walked closer to me and placed her palm on my cheeks .she caressed the both sides ,and blinked her eyelids rapidly,trying to force back the hot tears that were gonna pour any moment from now.
“Logan are you still taking drugs?” She asked me.

The whole room was quiet for some minutes before I finally spoke up.
“Nope ,not anymore Mom!,I promised remember” I answered slowly.
She shock her head and hugged me tight.

“Am really sorry honey,I shouldn’t have left you with that man” she said dryly.

“Mom?,Dad his really a good man,even if we don’t get along that much,I still love him,and I know he loves you ,I bet he doesn’t want to admit it” I said and bent down to pick the empty cans of soda drinks .
My mom helped me, and we talked and laughed about random things.

Minutes later we were already done ,she held the trash bag in her hand and walked towards the door.

“Logan I think you should pay your cousin a visit,she has been calling me non stop” mom said smiling.
I stood close to my room bathroom door and laughed hard.

“Sure mom, that’s that’s what I really need ,and thanks for letting me keep this ” I said pointing at my dyed hair.

She paused and gave me an evil stare.

“I almost forgot you better wash that off,I don’t know how your gonna do it ,but I don’t wanna see it Logan ,now go bath ,you stink” she said dryly.
For a minute I was scared but how could I forget that ,that’s my mom.

“Okay boss” I said and smiled.

???????????????? Mr Morris’s p . o . v ????????????????

“I hope your seeing this Morris ,your daughter and some strange girl wanna destroy my house ,and take a good look at my face.
Damn! It still hurts.
Is your daughter like some female boxing champion ,you would have seen the way she punched .
A piece of advice friend,you better send her back to Nigeria before she ruins your reputation.
Watch it okayyy,have already sent it to Logan,I hope he has a good explanation,am out” he said .

I watches the video again and smiled .

I dropped the laptop on the glass table and chuckled.
My mom was so furious ,I could tell by the way her lip was twitching.
I know Skylar,she wouldn’t have fought that girl ,if that girl didn’t say words that annoyed her.

⏰⏰. An hour later me and my mom was already tired,when is sky coming for goodness sakes.

“Hmm mom ,aren’t you gonna go home?” I asked tiredly.

“I know your trying to save your daughter again but it’s not gonna work today,don’t you get it Morris ?.
Why aren’t you scolding her?,too much of pampering caused all this,you know your an influential man.
Imagine your daughter acting like a savage” mom said and angrily Sprang up.

“Mom am sorry, but I just don’t wanna hurt Skylar,she’s the only treasure I have that Erica left for me Mom! ,and it’s not like I have another child waiting for me at home.
Only Skylar mom,she cooks for me,put a smile on my face ,and thanks to her my female employees are Now dressing decent to work” I said and laughed hard.

“Your so unbelievable Morris but don’t say I didn’t warn you” mom said dryly.

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“Hey! ,Gran Gran what’s up?”
We slowly dart towards the direction of the voice ,and Skylar was standing close to the fridge.
When did she get in ?.????

“Skylar we need to talk” my mom said sounding pissed.

“Calm down grandma ,I know what we’re gonna talk about.”

“Why did I beat the hell out of Mr Marvin Blake’s daughter ?, oh! Please she deserved it ,and you know me Gran Gran, little things annoy me.”she said ,and drank a whole bottle of water .she squashed the bottle and threw it in the waste bin.

“If my son ,your father isn’t gonna scold you then I’ll young lady.”

“Seriously ! ,cause I thought you were gonna give me a price for a job well done” she said and chuckled.
I think Skylar’s annoying my mom.

My mom cracked and pulled Skylar’s ears.
“Arg! ,Gran it hurts ,my ears are gonna pull out if you keep pulling it like that” Skylar said taking tears.

“Mother please take it easy” I pleaded .

My mom really is angry with Skylar ,but it’s only temporary.

“Okay ,Gran am sorry ,I won’t fight again ,but it’s not a promise ” Skylar struggled to say.
She slowly picked up her purse.
She hit it on my head and walked away.

” but mom am a man,you shouldn’t hit me in front of sky” I said.

” partners in crime ,oh Shut up! Morris ,excuse me” she said and twisted the door knob.
She opened the door and walked out before banging it loud.

I held Skylar’s wrist , and dragged her upstairs.
“So tell me dear ,why did you beat her so bad just because she insulted you”I asked with my brows raised .

Her smile slowly turned into a frown when she saw the seriousness in my eyes.
“Oh! Come on ,not you too” she said.

“Am serious sky ,please don’t push me cause I don’t wanna be strict with you” I said.

” look Dad,she insulted mom and you ,and that’s something I won’t take lightly” she said,and I sensed that she wanted to cry.
It seems that girl really said more than she should have.

I smiled and hugged her.

” I hope you beat her well? ,how dare she” I said angrily.

“Dadd !, no need to worry ,I gave her the beating of a life time .
No one dares messes with any member of my family ,and most especially you Dad” she almost said tearing up.

” don’t cry sky,you did what your mother would have done” I said, and ruffled her hair.

” really Dad?.”

” yeah,come on give daddy a big high five” I said.
She gave me a high five ,and laughed .

“That’s my girl”
And we both laughed hard.
T . B . C

Skylar and her father ehn!????????.
Sorry Mr Williams ????????.




????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 30 ????????????????????

???????????????? Nicky’s p . o . v ????????????????

Mom has really been going out a lot lately,that sometimes I wonder where she’s going to or whom she’s going to see,cause she always dresses nice.

As usual mom isn’t at home and am the only one at home,I was watching my favorite cartoon series spongeBob .
I just love that little squared yellow sponge.
Actually you wouldn’t believe it ,but Skylar also likes spongebob ,and before I forget she called me and told me that she was coming to see me,and I wonder why?.

Oh! God,I miss mason so much ,and great news guys we’re finally dating and I haven’t told Skylar yet,I bet she’s gonna be so happy for me.
But there’s something that has really been troubling me.

Logan was so sincere when he confessed his love to sky ,and she just rejected without even thinking twice.
Henry doesn’t seem to be a good guy for Skylar and the worst part is that ever since she rejected his offer for them to have sex .it became worst ,he stopped picking her calls.

“Where’s your mom Nicky?,cause anytime I come to visit you guys she’s not always around?” Skylar asked and sat down beside me.
Her hair was a bit tattered and her clothes were rumpled.
She looked so calm ,but I knew something was wrong and it seems she isn’t getting enough sleep ever since Logan left ,she just became so miserable.

“Nicky are you okay ?,Cause I just asked you a question and you have been staring at me without giving me an answer” she said.
I sighed and stared at her eyes deeply ,she’s always trying to put a smile on her beautiful face even if she’s so hurt inside .

It seems she was gonna cry any moment from now.
“What am I gonna do Nicky ?,henry isn’t picking any of my calls .I feel so useless and stupid ” she said and sobbed.

I put my arms around her and hugged her.
“Sky this isn’t about Henry right?” I asked her slowly.
She slowly raised up her head and sniffed,i couldn’t endure seeing her tears.
It really hurts my heart.

“I didn’t see it before ,but Nicky ,Logan was right all along .I miss him so much and I just realized that I love him too Nicky ,if only I had told him that sooner then maybe,ma……..a..y..” She stuttered and wept bitterly.

I couldn’t help it but cry too,I can’t imagine the pain she must be going through.
“Sky have you tried to contact him or even send him a message,I know he will reconsider ,cause he loves you” I said reassuringly .
Her face suddenly beamed up.

“Are you sure Nicky?,you think it’s gonna work?” She asked me.

I nodded ,then she told me that she and sheila fought again.

I really laughed hard cause of the way she explained everything .

Skylar’s just so funny.

“I can’t do that Nicky,cause am still dating henry ,it feels wrong” she said and her mood suddenly changed.

“Oh!,can you hear yourself sky ?,fuck ! Henry ,he doesn’t deserve you at all ” I said.
She nodded and hugged me tight.

” I don’t know what I’ll do without you sister,thank you ” Skylar said calmly.

” sky guess what ?” I asked her happily.

She stared at me inquisitively and sighed.

“You know I hate guessing Nicky,so please just tell me instead.”

“Okay fine!,Mason asked me to be his girl friend” I said gleefully.

“And what did you say ?.”

“I said yes of course,damn! I love him so much ,am just so happy Skylar” I said and hugged her.

She smiled and sniffed.
“You know what bee ?,I wanna visit henry and talk things out ” she said and smiled faintly.

“Sure that’s a good idea ,you better do that ” I said smiling.

“And congratulations love,I pray you remain happy forever.”

“Amen and you too ,wait you know what why don’t we send it to him now” I said happily.

“Are you sure it’s okay to do that,since me and henry are still a thing?” She asked calmly.

“Let’s just wait for his reply Skylar,I know it’s gonna be good and your gonna have Logan back” I said reassuringly.

She smiled and nodded.

“I better leave Nicky ,my Dad might start getting worried,I’ll call you okay!”she said and I nodded.
She hugged me again before walking away.

Am really honoured to have met someone like her.
Blacks are so nice and good people,I wonder why other white countries don’t see that?.

We’re all equal right?.
God please let Logan forgive Skylar ,cause if she gets rejected she’s gonna be so hurt and might fall sick.

“Logan please don’t say no ” I said and resumed watching my cartoon.