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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 14-15

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????????Episode 14????????????????

????????????????Skylar”s p.o.v ????????????????
I really had a good time at Nicky’s place and her mom is so nice.
“I just wish my Dad gets married to someone like Miss flora,she seems to be a pretty nice person”I said to myself as I dress up for school.
minutes later me and Logan left for school.
Finally English class was over and it was time for geography but I had to take something from my locker ,so I left the class hoping that I would see Nicky and thank God I saw her but she doesn’t seem to be happy to see me.
when she reached where I was ,she gave me two hot slaps on my cheeks and normally I wasn’t a person that would let anyone slap nor hit me and go free but I just couldn’t slap her back.
what is she even saying ?,I didn’t say those awful things about her and her Mom.
immediately she showed me the video I knew that it was a set up.
“Sheila’s gonna be sorry”I said within me.
I thought Nicky would just believe me when I said I didn’t say such things ,but no..!! she believed everything she heard in the video.
seems my pleading wasn’t doing any good so I stopped pleading.
she deleted my number right in front of me and told me she was going to return my clothes and everything I bought for her.
my pride won’t just let me go down on my knees and beg but I still said no such thing.
After she left I couldn’t hold back the tears in my eyes anymore.
at that Moment there was only one person that I could talk to and that’s Logan.
I ran outside looking for him but I didn’t see him so I asked his friends and they told me he had class.
I quickly ran to door “b” which is Math class.
thank God it was over,he was talking to a group of girls but I didn’t care,I dragged him out and pleaded with him to talk to Nicky on my behalf.
I don’t think I can stay without her and why did she delete my number that’s the worst if them all.
I feel so useless without Nicky,how could Sheila do this?,she has gone too far.
I was so shattered and I really needed a hug so I hugged Logan tight.
finally I was feeling a little bit better until that ass hat showed up.
I just couldn’t stand her presence and it seems she’s here for trouble,am in no good mood today so she had better be aware and mind the way she talks to me.
That word “Black ape” really did the trick,i was really gonna teach her a good lesson today.
that’s when I remembered that I had a bottled drink in my bag,how it got there I really don’t know but i seriously am gonna show her who I am today.
the next thing I saw ,she was lying down on the floor crying and blood was all over her face.
serves her right.
I angrily walked away after telling her a peace of my mind.
I could hear Logan calling my name but I wasn’t in the mood to talk,I quickly walked towards our car and before I could get in my phone started ringing.
“hello! Dad ,how are you?”I asked trying to Sound lively,I sniffed and wiped my nose with the back if my palm.

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“are you okay Skylar?,why do you sound like someone who’s sick?”
I sighed and saw Logan and his friends walking towards me.

“are you still there sky?,say something my girl”Dad said worriedly.

“am fine Dad,I really Miss you and I mean it old man..!”I said smiling.

“oh!,now that’s my girl,Good news sky I miss you too and am coming back home tomorrow and please don’t trouble that poor young man”
I laughed and jumped up for joy forgetting that I was sober minutes ago.
“I love you Skylar and be a good girl for Daddy okay! .please don’t get into trouble”

I sniffed and Nodded.
“sure Dad ,now hang up Logans here”I said slowly and stared at Logan and his friends.

“how’s Nicky doing sky ?,it’s quite strange you didn’t talk about her today or did you guys have a fight?”

“yeah Dad but don’t worry am gonna be fine and Nicky’s okay I guess”

“you two should settle it as grown ups okay and don’t fight”

“sure Dad have gotta go bye!, I love you”I said.

“I love you too my little sky”he said and hung up.
I sighed and tucked my phone into my pocket and stared at Logan.

“that was really crazy Skylar ,you got some guts”one of Logans friend said.

“if only you guys where there to see the look on Sheila’s face”Logan said laughing hard and his friends joined him and they where laughing like fools.

“is this what you bunch of fools came here to say ? and Logan shouldn’t we be going home”I said and opened the car door .

“that was really fucked up River ,I bet that’s gonna send the message to sheila that her worst nightmare has come true”
I closed the car door and rested my back on the car.

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“men this Bitch is really something”the other one said.

“call me a Bitch one more time and I’ll show you what a real one is”I said angrily.

“sky there’s a party tonight at Rivers and he was wondering if you would love to come”Logan said scratching his hair.
This is really what I needed ,a sweet distraction to forget about Nicky.
“sure I’ll love to come and thanks for inviting me guys ,now can we go now ..!!!,am so finished”I said and slapped Logans head.
I don’t like geography anyway so I really wanna go home and besides I don’t have any class after that.
“the princess wants to go guys ,see you at the party guys”Logan said .
he entered and closed the door.

“shut up and drive Logan “I said and he started the Engine and drove away.
hmm so how do you see this episode and i really hope they settle oh!.
this party ,hmm I hope nothing happens oh!!,just saying????????????????????????.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????????Episode 15????????????????

????????????????Logans p. o .v ????????????????
The drive home was really quiet .Skylar didn’t even steal a glance at me, while driving
I would always steal a glance at her,I get to admit she’s really pretty.
She swam out of the swimming pool and picked up her glass of wine on the small glass table.
she wrapped her hands round her body and sobbed .she angrily smashed the glass of wine on the tiled floor.
I slowly picked up a towel and walked towards the white glass door ,I pushed it and it slides open.

I walked closer towards her and gave the towel to her,she slowly took it and tied it round her half naked self.
I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her exposed cleavage and fine ass.
she really has it all.
“it’s gonna be okay okay,Nicky’s gonna come to her senses and see that she just lost a great friend.”

“thanks Logan .even if am pretty mean to you ,you really are my new best friend,your always there for me .thank you and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”she said and hugged me tight .I slowly caressed her back seductively.
“this hug is longer than I had expected Logan”she said.

“can’t we just stay like this for a little bit!”I asked.
she quickly pushed me away and laughed hard.
“you see ,your laughing and isn’t that a smile I see?”I asked pointing at her lips.

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“yes Logan ,you made me laugh .congratulations”she said and bent down to pack the pieces of broken glass.

“don’t worry I’ll help you clean it ,just go get ready we leave in a minute”

“thanks Logan and please be careful ,don’t want to hear that you injured yourself”she said and started walked away.

“sure baby ,it seems you care about me ,hurry and wear that cloth I dropped on your bed okay!”

“sure,as long as it’s beautiful”

“I promise you would like it “I said smiling as I continued picking up the pieces of glass.

????????????????Nicky’s p .o .v ????????????????
When I heard what Skylar did to sheila ,I was so shocked.

“how could she do such a thing?,has she gone mad?”I thought to myself.
sheila has really been nice to me ever since me and Skylar had a fight.
sheila really is nicer than I thought ,even if she did bully me in the past at least she’s better than Skylar the hypocrite.
But I still couldn’t deny the fact that I miss her.

Actually am at Rivers party ,sheila personally invited me.
seems am hanging out with the popular kids now.
I walk towards the swimming pool and it was filled with girls in their Bikinis and guys in their boxers. everywhere reeks of alcohol ,loud music and drunk teens (school seniors) few were making out.
“hey Nicky ,how’s the party?”Mason asked pulling off his jacket.
just then Skylar and Logan walked towards us.
They were both wearing Matched outfits ,I was really jealous of Skylar .she really was born with a silver spoon and she had it all,no wonder Logan steals glances at her all the time.

“it’s fine but am bored Mason,have been here for like an hour now and nothing here really gives me that feeling Of Deja vu “I said and walked past Skylar.

“Nicky are you really gonna end our friendship like this?”Skylar asked.
I scoffed and laughed mockingly.
“friendship !.what do you know about friendship? and don’t talk to me sky cause being Nice doesn’t suite you”I said and walked away .I really need a drink.

“did you just see that Logan ?,Nicky’s really serious about this,well no problem I’ll give her what she wants”Skylar said .

“I know what will make you forget about Nicky ,let’s go join that game Truth or dare “Mason said and dragged the both of us away.