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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 51-55

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

???????? She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl ????????

???????????????????? Episode 51????????????????????

❤❤???????? Nicky’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Two days had already passed since Logans birthday party.

Logan ,his Dad and Mom went for a family vacation since his Mom and Dad had reconciled.

Right now me and Skylar’s at home
Today’s our B .S. D (Besties and sisters day).

My Mom went out with Mr Morris and I don’t know where they went to cause they won’t just tell us.
Me and Sky only wore Big T-shirts with B .S. D boldly written on it’s back.

We had our own private sitting room where we watch cartoons and anime,still cartoons.

Right now we’re watching a marathon of sponge Bob on Nickelodeon.
No boyfriends just us.
They were so many snacks on the 3D tiled floor.

Today’s gonna be the best day ever.

❤❤???????? Mr Morris’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Today’s the day am going to propose to Flora and I pray she says yes.

I know what you guys might be thinking .

“isn’t it too early ”
Well if you found the right one ,you feel the zing right away.
She really is the one for me and am also glad that Skylar loves her.

Finally a perfect family that I always wanted and I know Erica’s gonna be happy in heaven.
I took her to a fancy Restaurant .she kept on complaining ,saying a small eatery was fine.

But I still declined,she’s married to Morris gilbert, so she has to be handled with a lot of care ,love and attention.

She’s just so beautiful ,kind hearted ,understanding ,Respectful and I always wonder why her good for nothing husband left her.

“Morris! What have you been thinking about?” She asked.

Her little voice is just so perfect and heart warming.

“Oh! It’s nothing ,am fine and I was wondering if you need my help in your fashion line or your shoe company?” I asked and it feels achieve I know what her answer would be.

She slowly dropped her fork on her Gold designed ceramic plate and stared at me intensely.

“No Morris ,it’s fine and you have already done enough.
Only your love is enough for me”she said sweetly.

“You are sure?” I asked.

“Yeah! am sure” she nodded and picked up her fork to continue eating her meal.

“Your just so unique ,you really are different from other women who just want my money”

She smiled lightly exposing her shiny small looking teeth.

“Not every woman’s the same you know!”

“I guess you proved that wrong ” I quickly pinched her fingers and she laughed lightly.


⏰⏰⏰ 5 minutes later ,we were already through with our meal and talked about random stuffs.
I think it’s time.

“Flora!” I called and she quickly raised her head up to look at me.

“What is it Morris?”

I slowly stood up from my chair and knelt down.
I slowly brought out a mini pure glass box and opened it.

“Oh my God! Morris!” She said and used her palm to cover her mouth.

“Flora for the past few months that I’ve known you,my life has never really been the same.
The day I saw you in the rain standing close to that coffee shop ,I felt your really the one.

I know it hasn’t been long since we started dating but I have that feeling that your really the woman I needed.
Whenever I look at your beautiful face ,I see my Erica and the way your so free with my Sky remind me of her mother.

Please marry me and make me the most happiest man on earth,please say yes” I said and brought out the pure diamond ring.

A tear slide down her cheeks and she quickly helped me up.

“I’ll marry you” she said slowly and I smiled broadly.

I slowly wore her the Ring on her engagement finger and it fits her fingers perfectly.

Immediately people sitting in the other table started clapping ,while some persons took pictures and videos.

????”it’s really Morris and his fiancee ,I have to take a picture of them together” ????

????”She’s so Lucky” ????

???? “oh please! She’s just a gold digger” ????

????” I heard she cheated on her husband” ????

???? “I pity Morris ,that his married to such a cheap woman”????

“Okay! Everyone that’s enough! ,you all came here to eat and not to poke your noses in someone else’s business” a lady said and everyone slowly sat down on their chairs.
While some kept stealing glances at us.

I wanted to book the whole place ,but later changed my mind because of Floral.

She would always say I spend money carelessly.
The lady walked closer to our table ,just some few more steps and she was finally in front of us.

“Am really sorry about this and I promise you that it won’t happen again and am Miranda by name, but you can call me Mimi” she said and winked at Me.

“Nice to meet you Mimi” I said and shake hands with her and so did Flora.

“Nice Necklace ” Flora said slowly staring at the lady who’s cleavage was all exposed.

The necklace on her neck is really special and not too expensive.
I think it’s a diamond Tennis necklace of $50,000.

“Well thank you ,now if you would please excuse me” she said and slowly cat walked away.

Flora just kept staring at her until she was out of sight.

“Are you okay!?”

She quickly adverted her eyes from the lady and stared at me.

“Yeah! Am fine Morris,I wanna use the restroom .excuse me!” She said and carried her designers hand bag before walking away.

“Something feels off ” I said and checked my phone for any miss call from sky .

T .b. c

I have a feeling this Miranda is up to something…????????????.


????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 52 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Flora’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I really didn’t like the way she was behaving with Morris,but still I trust him and I know he would never cheat on me.

God! am so happy .I can’t wait to tell my Mom about this.
I smiled to myself as I washed my hand on the flowing water coming out from the pipe.

I cleaned my hands with my towel and admired the beautiful Ring on my finger.


“Hi” I replied and stared at the lady that called herself Mimi.

“Your really lucky to be Morris’s soon to be wife” she sputtered and pushed me lightly with her shoulders.

I stumbled and balanced myself.
“What’s really your problem?” I asked glaring at her.

“Am really sorry ,I didn’t mean to push you ” she muttered.

“O-Okay” I stuttered.

“Here’s your hand bag .it fell down on the floor when I mistakingly pushed you,here!” She said and slowly gave it to me.

I stared at her before slowly taking the hand bag from her.

“Thanks” I said and quickly walked away.

I still can’t believe she pushed me on purpose.

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⏰⏰ 2minutes later .
Morris kept on staring at me and I bent my head shyly.

“What was Erica like Morris?” I asked.

He sighed and smiled lightly before placing is palm on mine and slowly caressed them.

“Not much really ,but she’s a lot like you ” he said slowly.

“I love you ” I said affectionately.

“I know” he replied.

“Oh no! I can’t find my Necklace!” A feminine voice said.

We both darted our eyes towards the direction of the voice and saw that weird lady Miranda.

“What’s the need of yelling and seeking attention ,when she could have forgotten it somewhere or it fell off her neck” I muttered.

Morris just took a quick glance at me before sipping from his wine.

“Calm down man! ,this is a serious case” a worker said.

“How dare you tell me to calm down? ,do you know how much I bought that Necklace?.

am telling you that someone in this Restaurant has stolen my Diamond Necklace” she yelled.

“This is a serious accusation Mam! and you might be arrested for false accusations ” another worker said again.

“I don’t care ,now I want you to help me search everyone’s bag to prove that am not lying” she exclaimed.

“Okay! Mam”

Everyone started Murmuring

????oh dear! I feel pity for the third.

???? There’s no thief .I bet she’s just doing this to seek attention.

????if she’s so Rich ,why can’t she just let. It go.

????who the hell! Does she think is?.

The workers helped her search everyone’s purse and hang bags.

⏰⏰3Minutes later .

“Am sorry Mam! ,but we didn’t see your Necklace in anyone’s bag ”

Some customers were so angry and quickly picked up their stuffs (purse or hand bags) to leave.

“What about that Lady over there ?”she said pointing at me.

“W..e….l…l M… that’s Mr Morris’s fiance ” he stammered.

“I don’t care and besides she was the first person who had shown a keen interest to my Necklace”

“Okay mam! ” he said and walked closer to me.

“Your hand bag Mam”

“What’s the meaning of this john!” Morris asked calling him by his name.

“Am sorry ” he said .

“Morris! It’s okay! .I didn’t steal any necklace so there’s nothing to hide” I said and gave him my bag.

Miranda snatched it from johns hand and quickly opened it ,she poured all it’s contents on the floor.

“Oh my God! You thief!,you stole my Necklace” she yelled and raised it up for everyone to see.

“What!, I didn’t steal your stupid necklace!” I sputtered.

“Then how did it end up in your hand bag?”

“Oh! Stop playing games ,you must have put it there to frame me up and call me a thief ” I explained.

The people inside started murmuring

???? I knew she was a thief!.

????it really hurts that a beautiful lady turned out to be a thief.

???? Morris’s Reputation’s gonna be ruined.

“Enough! This absurd,I know that Flora would never steal and she didn’t take your cheap Necklace!!” Morris yelled in anger.

???? I can’t believe his blinded by love.

????she’s a thief!.

????she’s a thief!.

The angry people shouted at the top of their voices,while some videod.

“Am not a thief! ,just because you saw the Necklace inside my bag doesn’t mean I was the one that put it there!”

“Come on! Let’s go” Morris said and dragged me outside.

They kept running after us yelling.

“She’s a thief!”

“Come back here! You thief!” Miranda yelled and threw a Rotten egg at me.

Immediately everyone started throwing Rotten eggs at me.

“Come on!” He yelled and I quickly entered the car.

I used my palm to cover my face and wept bitterly.

“Why are people so hell bent in making my life miserable ?” I cried.

“It’s okay! They’re just jealous of you” he said and caressed my shoulders.

“Mark please drive us home”

“Yes sir!”

T .b. c

Poor Flora ????????.
I wonder who did this??…????????????


????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

❤❤????????????Episode 53 ????????????❤❤

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

“No more food, am so tired” i cried and forcefully ate the last piece of chips .

“What! But you ate only one bag of chips”

“At least one is pretty big”

“Yea! i won” Nicky said happily.

“Am never doing this again” i lamented and slowly picked up the tv remote and quickly changed the channels.

“Skylar wait!”

“What! Nicky” i asked slowly.

“Go back to C.N.C (celebrity news channel)”


I quickly pressed the previous button on the remote and at C .N. C.

“Oh my God!, look at the headlines Sky!”

I quickly read the headlines.

“What’s the meaning of all this Nonsense ?” I yelled and we both quickly ran downstairs.

???????????? 3minutes later , we were finally in our family sitting room.
That moment my phone started ringing .i checked the callers ID.

“Skylar! Who’s that?” Nicky asked putting on her sneakers.

“It’s Logan ”

“Hey! Sky”

” Hi! Babe , what’s up?” I asked and smiled to myself.

“Serious matters up, have you seen the news?.
It’s all over the net”
“World Famous business Tycoons Fiance Flora was accused of theft , and it later turned out that she’s really a thief”

“What! , come on Nicky let’s go” i yelled and we both walked faster.

Before we could open the slide glass door , my Dad and Nicky’s Mom beat us to it.
They both walked inside and their facial expression wasn’t so good.

“Yucks! What’s that awful smell?” I said covering my nose.

“It smells like Rotten eggs” Nicky said.

“Dad what’s the meaning of all this rubbish? and why is this human talking gibberish?” I asked showing them the news on my phone.

“That Lady talking on the news , her names Miranda and all this is her fault.

She framed me up and accused me of stealing her Diamond Tennis Necklace.
I have never stolen anything from anyone and i feel so hurt.
Morris am so sorry! Now your Reputations all ruined because of me” Flora cried.

“It’s alright, and it’s really not your fault” my Dad said.

“How dare she try to ruin my families reputation.

How dare she hurt my Mom!”

“Skylar! You just called me Mom!” Miss Flora said smiling sheepishly.

“Skylar! You just called Miss Flora mother!” My Dad exclaimed.

“Of course i did , and besides she’s soon gonna be my Mother ” i said smiling.

“Sky! ” she called tearfully and wanted to hug me but i quickly shifted back.

“No offence but you stink Mom! , go bath” i said.

“Yea sure! Your right ” she said and slowly started walking away , before my Dad could follow .i quickly held is hand.

“Wow! I still can’t believe you took my advice and decided to finally start letting things go”

“Let what go!?, do you seriously think i can let this go?” I asked inquisitively.

” no i guess ”

“Dad! so her names Miranda and do you have her digits?”

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“Yeah! I do , when Flora went to the restroom , she came back and gave it to me, here!” He said and gave me his phone.

“Thanks Dad, come on Nicky we have a lady to visit” i said smiling mischievously.

❤❤???????? Miranda’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

“The job is done and dusted” i said smiling.

“Good job Mimi , now here’s your money”

“Thanks Devika and you know I’ll always help you ” i said counting the Money.

“Now excuse me” Devika said and walked away.

I smiled and kissed the money.


It’s already midnight and i was already on my bed.
I just couldn’t sleep, my conscience wouldn’t just let me.

I can’t believe i did this to Morris.

I kept rolling on the bed.
???????? 1minute later.
I saw two figures standing in my room. I jacked up and quickly switched on the light.

“Please don’t kill me!, i swear i didn’t wanna do it” i cried.

“Oh! I shouldn’t kill you , why won’t i ?” One of them yelled.

“Calm down Skylar” the other girl said.

“What’s really your problem? .how can you be so self centered and heartless”

“Please forgive me and i swear i didn’t mean to do it.
I did it because of the money .please forgive me” i pleaded.

“It’s alright I’ll forgive you , only one condition ” The brown skin girl said.

“Please tell me , I’ll do anything”

????you will tell everyone , i mean the whole world that my Mom isn’t a thief and that it was just a miss understanding , your broadcasting it Live.

✌also your gonna tell me who sent you to do this Nasty job” one of them said strictly.


“Go on”

“I can’t tell”


“And you already promised you will do anything”

“Am sorry but i can’t tell ”

“What if i offer you a job at my Dad’s company and you have to work for me , I’ll pay you 4million per day” the pretty looking Rich girl said.

“Skylar! Your serious?” The other one asked.


“Sure I’ll do it”

“Good so who sent you?”

“Devika , her names Devika ”

“Devi what!?” Skylar yelled.

T .b. c

Few more episodes to go .
Am sorry i didn’t post it sooner , am ????sick.
So what do u think is gonna happen next….?????



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl) ????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 54 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Nicky’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

I still can’t believe Skylar actually forgave her so easily.

I can’t believe Devika would do such a thing .so she’s really been pretending to me all along.

“I don’t know what your thinking about Nicky but don’t blow our cover” Skylar whispered.

“I know”

We’re actually tiptoeing upstairs to my room .
Thank God Dad is a very heavy sleeper.

????????????Some seconds later .i thought it was gonna take forever .
We’re finally inside Skylar’s room, we both quickly fell on the bed and used the duvet to cover ourselves .

“Skylar!” I called.

“Yeah! What?”

“Are you really gonna be paying that Miranda 4million per day?.
Isn’t that too much?”

She suddenly laughed like a maniac .
After laughing and laughing , she finally stopped laughing.
What an annoying laugh.

She quickly raised one of her brows up.
“Do you seriously think am gonna pay that crook 4million?”

“Okay! I still can’t believe Devika could do such a thing” i said in a low tone.

“Even from the first day i met her , i knew there was something fishy about her.

I fear this isn’t gonna be the end of all this charade.
We will have to keep a close eye on her”

“I guess your right , do you know the wedding’s next month?”

“Nicky am sleepy” Skylar said.

“Tomorrow am going to visit Mason .what about you Sky?”

“Am gonna go to the company cause tomorrow Dad’s not going to work, so it’s gonna be fun being the boss !” She said and smiled.

“Good night sis and sweet dreams ” she said again and turned to face the other side.

“Awn i love you so much” i said and climbed on top of her body embracing her tight.

“Nicky! Your choking me!” She cried.


❤❤???????? Author’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

“Bye Dad , Mom! am off to visit my boyfriend ” Nicky said and ran outside.

“Be careful dear!” Flora yelled.

“Skylar’s still not up yet”

“Am right here!”

They both stared at Skylar in shock????.
“Where are you going all dolled up ?” Mr morris asked.

“Am going to work Dad, i told you remember”

“Of course and please don’t cause trouble in my office” morris pleaded????????.

“You can trust me Dad! and Mom have you checked the news?”

“No! Why?” Miss Flora asked staring at Morris.

“Here! , Watch this ” Skylar said and gave her , her phone.

“Wow! Miranda’s apologizing for accusing me of what i didn’t do.
Just look at the views and comments”

“Mr morris am really sorry and miss Flora i really am sorry .
I was paid to do it” one of the comments read.

“How did you do this Skylar?” Morris asked.

“A girl has her ways???? , bye Mom and Dad” Skylar said and walked away.

“Come on Flora, lets go”

❤❤???????? Devikas p .o. v ????????❤❤

That Mimi’s useless.
“Miranda your so useless!” I yelled at her.

Actually we’re both in the female rest room.

“I’ll never betray you Devika and i only accepted to clear Flora’s name so Skylar would think am really on her side” Miranda said.

“Skylar isn’t so gullible you know” i said and bit my fingers.

“Then what are you planning on doing now!?” Mimi asked.

“Wait a minute , who hired you here?” I asked suspiciously.

“Skylar! did, I told you she thinks of me as a friend” she said smiling like a fool.

“Very well, i have the perfect plan that’s going to end Skylar once and for all .
If she’s out of the way , no one in that family can stop me from getting what i want” i said dryly.


I quickly adjusted my Skimpy dress and walked inside Morris’s office without knocking.

“What the hell! are you doing in Mr Morris’s office?” I barked.

“This office belongs to my Dad!.this company also belongs to my Dad , so mind the way you talk to me, you low -life pig” Skylar said and placed her legs on Mr Morris’s glass office table.

I forcefully swallowed the words back into my stomach.

I promise I’ll ruin you Skylar.
“Quit staring at me like that , and get me a hot milk filled coffee”

“Sure Mam!”

“Good dog! , now get out!”

“bitch!” I cursed under my breath and walked away.
Becky walked in , while i walked out.

????????????Written by Authoress Nicky Bella

“Oh! Becky , what are you doing here? and why are you dressed like a whore?”

“I came here to see sir Morris!” Becky answered.

“And why?” Skylar asked with her brows raised.

“Well i wanted him to sign this files” Becky said and gave the files to Skylar.

Skylar quickly glanced through them and glared at her.

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“These files had already been signed .what exactly is your problem , can’t you get it into your tiny skull that his getting married.
What a desperate chick you are, No wonder you wear skimpy skirts to work”

“But Mr Morris never complained about what i wore” Becky whined.

“Oh shut up!, do i look like Mr morris?

Now go change into something more descent before you talk to me .Barbarian!” Skylar cursed.

Becky angrily left Mr Morris’s office with the documents in her hand.

“What in the world is going on here?” Skylar yelled.

Some minutes later.
Devika walked back into the office with the cook.

“Here’s the coffee Mam!” I said handing her the coffee ☕.

She took it and stared deeply at it.
“Drink it first ”


“How would i know if you didn’t poison it, so drink” Skylar said.

I angrily took the coffee from her and gulped down all it’s contents.

“It’s poison free” i said showing her the empty glass of coffee.

“Go make another coffee”

“But i just got you coffee “i complained.

” you would have told me you wanted coffee instead of finishing mine”Skylar said.

“But you told me to check if it’s poisoned ” i whined.

“Oh shut up! I didn’t tell you to drink all my coffee.
I said taste not drink it all, in fact i don’t need a coffee anymore , go get me some snacks and a soda drink and it shouldn’t come from the company’s canteen ” she warned .

“But we have snacks and soda drinks here!”

“Am your boss , now get out! Of my office and don’t come back without my snacks and soda drink , coffee thief!”

“Yes ma!”
I just hate her so much and can’t wait to get rid of her .

T .b. c

Skylar get problem oh!????????????.


????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 55 ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Skylar’s p .o. v ????????❤❤

Messing with Devika really is fun????.
Maybe i should come to work more often .i quickly brought out my phone and dialled logans number.
He picked at the first ring.

????” Hey love ❤”????

????” how are you doing babe? I miss you so much”???? he said.

????” when are you coming back so we could spend some quality time together?”???? i asked .

????”On Friday cause on Monday our Exams are starting “????

????But Friday’s too far” ???? i whined.

????” i don’t think so cause it’s just 3days from now”????

????”okay whatever”????i said and rolled my eyes.

????”I’ll call you later Babe, gotta go and i love you”????

????”love you too”???? i said and Ended the call.

I sighed and stared at Logans picture on my phone. I really miss him????. i slowly kept the phone back on the glass table.

Seriously what’s taking Devika so long.
My phone suddenly beeped and i slowly took it to check the message.
I bet it’s Mimi .i scan my eyes quickly reading the whole message.

???? “Skylar! Devika’s up to something , you really have to be careful being alone with her and don’t trust Becky too”???? The message read.

Devika’s so ungrateful , after everything my Dad has done for her.
I darted my eyes towards the direction of the door when i heard it open.

” Devika! You finally came with my food”

She slowly kept it on top of the table and walked out.

⏰⏰⏰ Some Minutes Later i heard some voices yelling outside the office door.

“Tell Morris i need to see him immediately!”

“Am so sorry sir! But you can’t go in there”


“Well sir Morris isn’t in , it’s _______

He quickly cut her off.
” oh please! Spare me that rubbish , you guys are doing this all the time.

Morris is Inside and None of you are going to stop me from seeing him” The male voice said and some group of persons walked inside.

“Am sorry Mam Boss , i tried to stop them but they won’t just listen”

“It’s fine sofie , you can leave” i said and she quickly walked out.

“Sheila! What’s she doing here?” I said to myself.

“Your not Morris and what are you doing in his office?” He grumbled.

“What! Am i not famous enough? am ‘Skylar’ Morris’s daughter” i explained.

“Achieve i care , where’s Morris!”

I furrowed my forehead in anger.
“What’s really your problem Mr Marvin?” I asked him.

“How dare you ask me such a stupid question.
Take a good look at my daughters face, skin, in fact everywhere, do you know how much i spent to treat her?” She sputtered.

Sheila just stood behind her Mother . guess she finally learned her lesson.

“Why are you always attacking my only pearl , are you some sort of Barbarian?” Mr Marvin asked .

“You might look all flashy and expensive but you behave like an uncivilized person” Mrs Jane said.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

” shut it! Old lady , your daughter is really a wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

I can’t believe you two came here to talk to my Dad about this shit!” I Exclaimed.

“Am not old! Am just 37” Mrs Jane yelled.

I quickly raised one of my brows up.
“Seriously 37, your still old” i drawled.

“Quit all this Nonsense , we’re here to talk not to chitchat ” Mr Marvin barked.

I quickly told them everything that has been going on between me and Sheila from day one.

“am sorry Sir! But to be truthful, i never really wanted to attack or beat up your daughter but she crossed the limits, and a simple peace of Advice .

If your daughter reports anything to you , please ask her properly about what happened before barging into someone’s office” i said calmly.

They both stared at each other.
“We never really asked her what happened, we just saw her all bruised and she was crying , since she’s our only child we believed the little story she told us.

We’re really sorry and you really are Morris’s child” Mr Marvin said.

“No i should be the one apologizing .i never should have hit her, am sorry and i promise it won’t happen again” i said and smirked.

“We apologize on Sheilas behalf and you really are matured by accepting your mistake”

“Looking forward to seeing you again miss Skylar.
We will take our leave now” Mr Marvin said and they started walking away except Sheila who just stared at me.

She was so furious. i raised my brows up rapidly and stick out my tongue.

“Daddy she just stick her tongue out at me!” Sheila cried.

“Stop saying such Nonsense and come on” her mom said.

“Yeah! Stop such Nonsense Sheila” i said and cracked.

“You won’t get away with this” she whispered .

“I already have sweetie ” i said and sat down like a boss that i am.

“Come on honey, lets go”

“Fine Mom!”

“Bye Sheila” i said waving her goodbye.

Work is so much fun .
I should really be think of starting an acting career cause am so good at thing.

I should really come here more often.