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Brown Skin Girl. Epilogue

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Epilogue ????????????????????

❤❤???????? Authors p .o. v ????????❤❤

They all came down from their car.
“So this is where you grew up Skylar! Impressive” Alana said scanning her eyes around the environment.

“The house is pretty big” Luke said removing their luggage’s from the car boot.

“I feel so hot! ” Logan said using his face towel to clean his face.

“We all know your hot Logan .i think i should work out more to improve these babies” Luke said and kissed his both muscles.

Everyone stared at him in disgust.

“What can’t a man love himself?” Luke said rolling his eyes.

“It’s not that you guys, i meant the weather, it’s hot” Logan explained.

“If your just gonna complain about everything , please your free to go back to America” Alana said.

“I was just saying” Logan said and rolled is eyes.

“Just let Logan be Alana, and his not the only one feeling hot.
Nigeria has a very angry sun” Luke said and winked at Logan.

“Thanks for having my back Luke, your like a sun to me” Logan said and hugged Luke.

“Seriously! I can’t handle this shit no more” Alana said and rolled her eyes.

“And Logan your like the Moon to me” Luke said and they both smiled at each other .

????????????Minutes later , they were all finally inside.
Skylar greeted her grandma , well so did the others.

“It’s an honour to have you come to my country to spend your holidays .I’ll just leave you people.
Skylar am going out so you know what to give to them” grandma said and walked away.


They had all finally arranged their belongings in their various rooms.
Now they were all in the sitting room watching a movie.

Skylar walked into the sitting room with different baked snacks.
Meat pie, Egg roll and sausage roll e.t.c
She kept them on the glass table and dropped the bottles of lacasara’s on the table too.

“All Nigerians love this, i hope you guys like it” Skylar said and picked a meat pie .

They all quickly took one each.
“Wow! It tastes great, Skylar can i have more?” Luke asked with his mouth full.

“Yeah why not” she said.

They all ate and drank gisting amongst themselves .
Some minutes later.
“What’s that noise?” River asked and slowly took off is headphone from his ears.

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“I think it’s a female voice” Mason said.

“You know I’ve been dying to see more black beautiful girls and i heard they’re a bunch of hogties” Luke said and licked his lips.

“I knew we shouldn’t have brought Luke along” Nicky said.

The door quickly opened and 4(four) beautiful girls walked inside.
Skylar ran to meet them, she hugged them very tight.

“Chai! See our babe oh! Bani don go fresh come back” Femi said grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah! I know ” Skylar said smiling.

“See as your yanch big”
Skylar just laughed hard.

“I’ve really missed you guys and you too cardi” Skylar said.

“Thanks for the stuffs you left for us Skylar” Sisi said.

“Babe turn ma see you well” Femi said.

Skylar turned around slowly.
“Babe you con add for back oh! Chai bad girl” Sisi said and spanked Skylar’s Ass.

“Please you guys should stop this and besides we’re no longer kids”

“A girly your English dem don tire me oh!” Cardi complained.

“Hmm Skylar can you introduce us please” River said staring at the girls in a weird manner.

“Babe you no tell us say you carry oyinbo pepper dem come oh!”

“River, Nicky, Alana, Mason, Luke, Derek and……..hmm where’s Logan?” Skylar asked.

“Am right here! sorry was bathing” Logan said putting on is shirt as he walked closer to us.

“Skylar na who be this fine bobo?” Femi said checking Logan out.

“Oh! His my boyfriend ” Skylar slowly said.
Her facial expression suddenly changed when she say the way her friends were staring lustfully at Logan.

“Wow! Skylar are this your friends that you always talk about?” Logan asked standing beside Skylar.

“Yeah! She’s Femi, Sisi and Cardi, girls meet Logan my boyfriend”

“Your boyfriends so cute” Femi said and giggled.

Sisi just winked at Logan.
Before Logan could shake any of them , Skylar stepped on his foot hard.

“Ouch! What did you do that for?” Logan cried.

“Come on girls”

“Wait are you this guy? I mean this male model ” Cardi said showing Logan a picture of him on her phone.

“Yeah! I took that picture last month” Logan answered.

“O .m. g. i finally met my favorite model” Cardi yelled happily and hugged Logan unaware.

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Skylar just glared at Logan and walked away.


Skylar was angrily packing little clothes (her swimsuit and other stuffs).
Logan just stood at a corner staring at her.

“Skylar aren’t you gonna talk to me already”

She didn’t answer me , she just kept quiet.

“If it’s about the stuff that happened earlier, am sorry okay! and besides what was i supposed to do….push her off” Logan explained.

“Am not mad at you but this is Nigeria and they’re a lot of girls with big Asses and boobs , so you had better control that thing down there.
If you dare cheat on me I’ll kick you down there ” Skylar said fiercely.

“The rate of your jealousy is getting me scared and why do you think I’ll cheat on you? ”

“Come on the others must be waiting” Skylar said and they both walked out.

“My B.a.g come back here”

She paused and turned to look at me.
“And what’s B .s. g supposed to mean ?”Skylar asked.

” my big ass girlfriend ” Logan explained and smirked.

“i don’t like that name, it’s horrible ” Skylar said and walked away.


They all went to a bikini pool party.
????????Some minutes later.

“Skylar i don’t like the way some people here are staring at me” Logan complained.

“It’s fine .they just haven’t seen an American guy before.
Just enjoy the attention like Luke and Derek” Skylar said and went to meet Nicky.

“Okay” Logan said and sat down .he brought out is phone from his pocket.
Actually he was only putting on white jean shorts.

A girl suddenly sat down on Logan’s lap.
“Hey handsome”

“Hmm hi! Can you please get up”

“You’re just so perfect in every way, can we be friends ?”

“Sure .the name’s Logan ” Logan said .

“And am Ella” Ella said seductively and quickly kissed Logan unaware.

Logan wanted to push her off but it felt nice.

“What the hell is going on here Logan!?” Skylar yelled and angrily dragged the girl off Logan’s and slapped her hard.

“You dey mad?you no know who i be for this estate?.
A girly no just try me oh! Before i close my eye open you don carry ya expired yanch commot for my front.
Boyfriend snatcher, ashawo!” Skylar yelled.

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“Skylar! calm down ”

“Oh you shut up!” Skylar yelled and walked away.

Alana and River stared at Logan.
“Logan are you two okay?” Alana asked.

“Yeah it’s nothing , we’re good” Logan answered and ran after Skylar.

“Guys let’s go home!” Alana yelled at them.

“But Cardi and i wanted to have fun, this is not fair” Luke whined and followed Alana and so did the others.

????????Written by Authoress Nicky Bella


Logan and Skylar has been quarreling Non-stop .

“Why did you kiss her Logan?” Skylar asked .

“I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me” Logan answered.

“You could have just pushed her off and tell her you had a girlfriend”

“She kissed me unaware Sky! and you shouldn’t have slapped her”

“Why are you taking her side?” Skylar asked.

“What’s with you and side?.
I know i shouldn’t have reciprocated the kiss and am sorry for that , but why can’t you just trust me”

“Logan!” Skylar called.

“I regret coming on this vacation with you” Logan said and wanted to walk away but Skylar hugged him from behind.

“Am sorry ” Skylar said and sniffed.

He slowly turned and whipped off her tears .

“Am sorry too and i shouldn’t have said that” Logan apologized.

“So what do you wanna do for fun since every one’s asleep?” Skylar asked.

“Let’s play video game”

“I would love that” Skylar said.

????????????Some minutes later.

“Logan just let me win once” Skylar said pleadingly.

Logan had won 7rounds in a row.
“Not a chance Skylar, your gonna do all the laundry” Logan said laughing hard.

“Oh! Really?” Skylar said and quickly buttoned down 4buttons of her shirt , her boobs was all exposed.

“Skylar that’s cheating ” Logan said lost staring at Skylar’s boobs.

“And i win the game, Logan your doing the laundry” Skylar said and jumped up happily.

Actually he said if she could beat him once he would do the laundry and if he beat her 10times she would do the laundry till their vacation was over.

“But Skylar you cheated” Logan whined standing up.

“Nope! I used what i have to get what i want” Skylar said and laughed hard.
She quickly ran out of the room.

“Come back here you cheat” Logan yelled and chased after Skylar.

❤❤THE END ❤❤