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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 5

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s troublesome and crazy but she’s still my girl????????

????????????Episode 5????????????

????????Skylar’s p.o.v????????
“Dad really has to be careful with women around him.”I said to myself.
An hour later Dad came back and we both left for home.
1 Week Later
“Skylar you can’t be staying home with me all the time you know.”my Dad said worriedly.

“it’s fine old man ,am not complaining am I ?”I asked smiling.

“But still have already enrolled you into one of the best schools here for rich kids and you start tomorrow.”Dad said
immediately he finished saying that my eyes popped out.
“what in the world ,am not going anywhere”I shouted angrily.

“oh! yes you are going young lady and that’s final”Dad said and left me in the car.
actually me and Dad went out.
I know that he was very angry but who cares ,I don’t wanna go to that school.
I angrily ran inside the house and shouted my Dad’s name.
“Mr Morris ,Mr Morris ,Mr Mo……o..o..r…rise”I yelled at the top of my voice.
my Dad quickly ran down the stairs ,it seems he was tired.
maybe I wasn’t being grateful ,Dad only wants the best for me and I made him feel bad .
“my knight in shinning Armor am so sorry ,please forgive me and I promise I’ll go to that school”I said and sniffed.
he smiled and hugged me tight .
“that’s what I like to hear and next time don’t be so stubborn”he said and I nodded.
I really love this young man who happens to be my Dad.
“and Skylar please don’t do anything that would raise an alarm or tarnish my image. am I understood?”Dad said with a serious tone.
this is really gonna be harder than I thought,I can’t keep a promise like that cause I can’t just stand and allow some cow poop insult or intimidate me,
cause tomorrow anyone be it a boy or a girl who dares look for my trouble or abuses me would face the wrath of Skylar.
I smiled and nodded.
“Good everything has already been set so control yourself for the last time “he pleaded.
I smiled and ran to my room to sleep ,what a day.
it’s already late ,tomorrow’s gonna be a good day.
I feel on my comfy bed and closed my eyes.
“let me just rest a little “I said slowly and slept off.

“Skylar your late for school”I heard a voice which I recognized to be Dad’s .
I mumbled some words that even I don’t understand and slept again.
“come on young lady get your lazy ass up right Now”the voice said again.
I quickly jacked up from the bed and dashed inside the bathroom.
“you better hurry love,you don’t wanna be late for your first day”my Dad said and walked away.

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“okay Dad but aren’t you going to work today ?”I asked from the bathroom.

“oh! don’t worry my driver will take you to school and be a good girl for daddy okay “my dad said.

“yes I’ll try”I said and I heard foot steps I guess he left.
minutes later I was done ,I wore a white t shirt and a black jean ,white sneakers and black school bag .
I packed my hair up in a pony tail and wore a white hair band with my name boldly written on it.
I looked at myself in the mirror and I was satisfied with my appearance,I quickly ran out of my room.
“God am so late”I lamented while walking.

“your Dad left mam”one of the maids said.
I ignored her and ran with all my might,l.
finally I was outside the mansion.
“where’s that driver ?”I asked breathing heavily.
a white range rover parked in front of me,without thinking twice I quickly opened the car door and sat down and shut the door.
“Good morning madam ,seat belts please “he said nicely ,well yeah since I sat at the front.

“look here Mr I don’t care about any of those protocols right now, just drive”i yelled at him.
he flinched and drove way.
what a drive finally we arrived ,he drove inside the school premises and parked the car.
I quickly got out and closed the door.
“Goodbye mam,I’ll come pick you up after school “he said smiling faintly before he started the car and drove away.
I nodded ,for the first time in my life I felt in secured, but I can’t let that feeling bring me down ,No way.
I heard students murmuring about me.
???? “oh! my God look at her hair,I love it”

???? “wow!,Sheila’s no match for this new girl”

???? “how can she be this pretty?”

???? “I hate her already,what a bitch”
I ignored their comments and walked inside the school holding my school bag tight.
anywhere I passed students would start gossiping or laugh at me,but their words can’t get to me ,am beyond it.
I entered the principals office ,actually it was a lady and she’s so happy to see me.
“look at you ,all grown up sky”she said smiling sheepishly.
she squeezed my cheeks and laughed loud.
“hmm mam I don’t find this funny but rather annoying “I said staring at her,
she slowly let go of my cheeks and apologized.
“am sorry ,I was just happy to see you that’s all .”

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“oh! really”I scoffed and she quickly gave me the stuffs I needed.
she asked me to follow her, she was going to show me. my class.
I slowly plodded behind her.
we entered a class room and immediately everyone stopped paying attention to the teacher and stared at me.
some of them where glaring at me, while some looked at me with so much hatred and disgust.
I introduced myself to the class and sat down at the front close to a girl called Nicky.
she seems nice cause she was the only one that was explaining what the teacher had said to me.
the teacher wrote an equation on the board and told me to come out and solve it.
I stood up and was walking towards the marker board when I felt someone’s leg block my path .
my legs hit the persons leg hard and I stumbled and fell down.
all the class burst into an uproar of laughter only Nicky wasn’t laughing.
I slowly got up and dusted my jeans.
I solved the maths on the board and the whole class was amazed.
“wow!, it seems the pig got some brain”a girl said.

“your right sheila ,I never knew ,look girls her skin stained her shirt”the one with blonde hair said.
I laughed inside of me and walked back to my seat.
this is all for you Dad ,but if another word comes out of that gutter mouth ,I swear I won’t hesitate to beat the hell out of her.

“excuse me are you from a village cause your so not fit to school here “sheila said.
I rested my head on the desk and avoided her eyes.

“wow! this is really nice aren’t you gonna talk back at her?”Nicky asked .
I smiled and stared at sheila and her good for nothing panthers.

“it doesn’t matter what people say about me,it matters what am going to do to them after they say it”I said and walked out of the class cause it seems it was a free period

“I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be back okay?”I asked and she nodded ,I slowly opened the school map and walked away.

????????Nicky’s p.o.v????????
My name is Nicky Hays ,my father left my mom when I was 5 but who cares as long as I have my mom by my side nothing can go wrong.
am very weak,sheila and her crew bullies me all the time but am now used to it.
immediately I saw Skylar my whole body felt peace.
for the first time in my life am comfortable with someone that’s not my family.
she seems tough but why would she let sheila make fun of her.
she shouldn’t be like me who’s a scarred cat.
after Skylar left sheila and her crew came to bully me again and this time I knew I was really in big soup .

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“how dare you talk to that black kettle hah!”she said angrily.
I slowly walked backwards till I stumbled and feel down.
all the students present started laughing at me .
“too weak to stand up loser?”sheila asked mockingly.
I was very scared of what might happen if I talk back at her .
I was so terrified that I peeped on myself .
“gross,I can’t believe it,what a dirty pig,she peed on herself”sheila said with disgust.
nobody pitied me instead they were all laughing .
soon they started throwing trash at me for no reason.
I used my hands to cover my eyes,I couldn’t endure it again and I was already loosing consciousness when I felt someone pull me up and cleaned my face.
“it’s gonna be alright Nicky ,Skylar’s got you”Skylar said.

“thank you”I said slowly.
she nodded and left me ,she walked towards sheila.
I knew that something bad was about to happen cause Skylar’s facial expression had changed.

“this is none of your business newbie “sheila said.

“there’s one thing I hate most ,it’s seeing bad things happen to good people like Nicky”Skylar said .
wow! the hall was so quiet.
“I don’t fucking care bitch,now get out of here before I do what you wouldn’t like”sheila said.

“I would love to see you try”Skylar said and crossed her arms together.

“you know your crazy right?”sheila asked.
“don’t call me crazy I prefer the term mentally hilarious”Skylar said.
sheila laughed and pushed Skylar so hard that she fell and bleed out from her lips.
immediately Skylar sprang up and pounced on her.
Skylar was now on top ,she punched Sheila’s face and stood up

“the next time you would bully my friend or anyone in this school I’ll come for you and you better run whenever you see me,ode like you”Skylar said breathing heavily.
I held her hand and we both walked away.