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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 10&11

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????Episode 10????????????

????????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????????
she’s very beautiful,I slowly bent my head down and kissed her neck.
she quickly shifted her body and pretended that she was still sleeping.
I smirked and bent to kiss her lips and before my lips could touch hers ,I received a very hot slap and she kicked me down there.
I groaned in pain and tried to stand up.
“Skylar you have killed me”I said almost crying,God damn! it was painful.
she laughed and ran outside .
“serves you right “she said.

“am gonna make sure you pay Skylar,you witch!” I said and slowly bent down to pick up my singlet.
I walked outside and closed my room door.
today’s Sunday and I know my friends are here already .
it’s gonna be really a perfect day cause Dad traveled for a business meeting.
I quickly ran downstairs and saw sheila ,Troy,Derek,Mason,Luke and three other girls.
“what’s she doing here?”I asked getting pissed.

“well she just wanted to come spend some time with you men,relax”Derek said.

“whatever ,I guess she can stay”I said and walked away.
minutes later we all went to the swimming pool to swim.
Troy,Derek and Luke were all playing with their girlfriends .I just sat down near the pool and put my legs inside the water.
it felt really nice and I could really see sheila stealing glances at me every time,what does she really want?.
“where’s my phone you punk?”a voice said behind me which I recognized to be Skylar’s.
what does she want now or does she want to give my my final kick that would lead me to my early death.
I better start avoiding her.
” wow! , Logan you didn’t tell us you had a girlfriend” Mason said laughing as he stared at Skylar who made a funny face.

“what are you staring at block head ?”she asked and quickly walked towards Logan.
Mason immediately hid is face ,what an attitude.
I feel pity for him ,I feel it too men.
“here’s your phone Skylar ,now can you please just go away”I said slowly .
she hissed and pushed me inside the water.

“now am okay,how dare you pick my calls hah!? and who told you my password?”she said angrily.

“I didn’t pick any of your calls you dummy and I can’t believe I would have to tolerate your evil behavior till Friday .I wonder if am gonna survive”I said almost crying and swam out of the pool.
“what! and who even told you I wanna stay here with you ,you …y..o…o..o ..you_____.

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“you what Skylar,why didn’t you tell me you’ll be meeting up with the hottest guys in school?”Nicky said smiling sheepishly at Mason.
Nicky’s finally here ,this is really gonna be fun.
“how dare you come here Nicky ,Baby why did you invite her over?”sheila said with disgust.
it seems Skylar didn’t see her before but I think she recognized the voice to be Sheila’s.
“beware i’m not in my greatest mood today sheila”she said and walked away but sheila was a fool to drag her back.
why can’t she just let trouble go now before it’s too late.

“why don’t you understand me like my iPhone does?,how many times must I tell you that am not in a good mood today or do you want me to buy you a lollipop ????????and next time don’t touch my hand again”Skylar said and walked away.
for a minute everywhere was silent.
“your really crazy you know that”sheila shouted.
it seems she’s fed up of Skylar’s behavior.
Skylar turned and smirked.
“I’m not crazy ,I’m just special unlike you who’s stupid .it seems your stupidity has finally reached it’s peak,what a shame”Skylar said and walked away with Nicky .
we all laughed at sheila who was going to cry any moment from now.
she quickly picked up her bag and ran away.
“this is really funny guys ,a fearless bully is being bullied by another bully .it’s doesn’t make any sense but I kinda like it”I said laughing hard.
my friends joined me,I till my stomach pained.
Skylar fits Sheila.
sorry for not posting early
Skylar go finish this girl oh!????????????????
little sky and am sorry it’s coming late.



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????????Episode 11????????????

????????????Mr Morris’s p.o.v????????????
“I don’t know what would have happened if Logan wasn’t there on time?”I said smiling.

“but he got there on time so that’s what mattered and it seems the boy is a nice guy,he seems fit to be Skylar’s boyfriend Morris”Mom said.

“do you really think it was a good idea to leave both of them alone in that big Mansion ?”I said staring at Logan’s Dad.

“it’s fine Morris ,relax “Logan’s Dad said .

“we better travel out before the children suspect anything”I said .
we all nodded and started packing,I actually wasn’t scared of anything but I was scared of what Skylar would do to Logan in that house.
“come let’s go people “Mom said and laughed an old cranky laugh.
we all walked outside laughing amongst ourselves.

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????????????Sheila’s p.o.v????????????
She really is a bitch ,she enjoys saying catty things about people.

“how dare she embarrass me like that in front of the boys”I said blowing my nose.
my room floor was littered with the pieces of tissues I used to clean my nose.
I have been crying since i got home and my stupid friends aren’t helping matters either.
“it’s okay sheila and besides no one messes with you and go free,your the queen of Brim wood high and are you really gonna let that garbage of a girl take that title from you?” Dora said.

“I know what to do girls ,we would have to create a rift between Skylar and Nicky ,too bad Nicky cause Skylar wouldn’t be there to fight for her anymore”I said and we all laughed .

????????????Skylar’s p.o.v ????????????
Finally it’s Monday morning and am already set to go to school.
I was outside the Mansion waiting for Logan.
minutes later he walked down the stairs,he really is handsome ,he wore a white jacket a white singlet ,white short jean necker,white sneakers and a white bing earphone.
I couldn’t help but drool over him.
“come on let’s go, am sorry for keeping you waiting”he said and entered the white Lamborghini.
I sighed ,entered the car and the car drove away.
An hour later we finally arrived at school.
the driver drove inside the school compound and parked at the parking lot.
Logan came down first and shifted the strands of hair that was covering his eyes.
immediately all the students saw us they started murmuring and they took pictures of the two of us.
Logan was actually enjoying the whole charade.
“you fools should really mind your own business “I yelled and walked past them ,Logan just followed suit.
what an annoying class.
it’s biology class and I really hate biology .
I could only hear echoes and I also saw the teachers mouth moving.
“what’s she even saying ?”I asked Nicky who was sitting beside me.

“you have got to be kidding me,is this a joke or what sky”she asked me .
I sighed and pat her shoulders
“relax girl, am not gonna force anything out of you okay!”I said.

“sky if I tell you would you follow me to my house and see my mom ?”Nicky said softly.
I nodded and I was happy that she’ll help out.

“I really can’t wait to see your mom”I said smiling sheepishly.
she laughed and told me to concentrate on what the teacher was teaching.
“I really like you Skylar ,your like the sister I never had,I just pray we be like this always”I almost cried but truth be told I really had a different kind of feeling for Nicky.

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????????????Logan’s p.o.v????????????

Me and Skylar has really been the talk of the whole school.
finally practice is over,I quickly hanged my school bag and entered the bathroom to wash up.
I pulled off my clothes and turned on the shower.
am really gonna have a long bath.
I closed my eyes and ran my hands through my wet hair.
I put my hands on the tiled wall and sighed.
I thought about Skylar and a smile escaped my lips.
minutes later I was done ,I quickly tied a towel round my waist and walked out only to see Skylar going through my stuff.

“what are you looking for Skylar?”I said and held the hem of my towel .I don’t trust this girl.
she quickly turned around and she stared at me achieve she had seen a ghost.
she slowly glanced at my body and walked closer to me.
“your gonna go home by yourself today cause am gonna be late”she said trying her best not to look at my body.

“feed your eyes baby I won’t stop you ,bet you haven’t seen this sexy and muscular body before hah!!?”I said with a big smirk on my face.

“oh! keep quiet there’s nothing special about your dried chest okay and besides I have way better things to do “she said and turned her back on me.
I smirked and could feel my breath on her skin.
I slowly wrapped my hands around her tiny waist and I felt her body respond to my touch.
I kissed her neck and she breath heavily,I sucked her neck and she moaned out.
the water on my wet hair dropped on her bare skin before I knew it,she quickly kicked my leg and ran outside.
I groaned in pain and laughed within me .
I started dressing up.
“it seems my touch has an effect on her but damn! my ankles still hurts,I wonder where she’s going after school ?”I thought .
I was about walking out when someone pushed me back inside.
“what do you want sheila ?”I asked her,she slowly held my belt and stare at me seductively.
“why are you avoiding me Logan?”

“well I was busy and please stop this am not in the mood today”I said and removed her hands from from my belt and walked out on her.
I could hear her sob but I don’t care.