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Brown Skin Girl. Episode 22-25

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BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 22 ????????????????????

???????????????? Mr Morris’s p . o . v ????????????????

It’s Friday already and me and Skylar are going home.
actually we went out to have a father and daughter time.
it’s raining.

“this was the best father and daughter outing everrrr” Skylar said gleefully.
I chuckled and tightened my grip on the sterling wheel.

“how’s Logan doing sky?”I asked hoping that she would give me a good answer ,cause I have noticed that she doesn’t call him anymore and he doesn’t come over for lunch or dinner which has got me worried.

I noticed that her facial expression changed when I called his name.

“Is it a couple fight dear?”I asked again.
she sighed and brushed her hair backwards with her palms.
I noticed she does that more often these few days.

“well yeah !,we are kinda fighting and for the record his not my boyfriend.”

“you say it achieve it’s a bad thing dear,okay what’s the cause of the fight between you two?”I asked cause am so curious to know.

she brushed her hair backwards with her palms again and sobbed.

“well it all started when you left for that business trip and you decided I stay at Logan’s”she said with her voice creaking.

“go on dear,you can tell me.”

she glance at me and continued.

“well we went for a party and I played truth or dare .I was dared to kiss a guy I actually like and Logan wasn’t cool about it so he caused a scene.
I was so furious ,we had a fight and I told him I don’t love him.”

she said and wiped the tear of her cheek.

“Well do you love him?,cause it’s not good to play with someone’s feeling ,look kid have known Logan since he was a kid and I believe if he told you he loves you ,it’s really genuine cause it seems he really changed for you .well I hope your making the right decisions sky cause one wrong move can make you lose someone like Logan forever”I said and smiled at her.

she just smiled back faintly .I knew she wasn’t telling me all the details but at least she did open up a little.

“Dad ! stop the car”Skylar yelled at the top of her voice.

“why ?.is anything wrong sky?”I asked cause I almost died if fright by her voice.
look Dad it’s Nicky and her Mom ,you have to pull over and carry them”she said happily.

“we’ll as long as it’s Nicky no problem.”
I parked the car close to the coffee shop where they stood and they quickly hopped in.

I quickly started the car and drove away,since the rain wasn’t gonna stop and we’re almost close to the Mansion.
I guess they are gonna spend the night at our place ,cause it was already dark.

“here ,clean yourself with this”I said giving my spare face towel to Nicky’s Mom.
she’s extremely beautiful just like her daughter.

she took it from me and the moment our hands touched we just kept staring at each other.

“hmm Dad if you keep staring at a beautiful lady like that she might disappear you know”Skylar said laughing.
I slowly dropped down my hands and focused on the road.

“Thank you Mr Morris ,your so kind hearted just like your daughter”she said.

I smiled ,finally for the first time someone said a good thing about my sky.

“it seems it’s gonna continue raining so I suggest you both spend the night at our place “I said and quickly glanced at them.

I drove inside the estate and sped up.
there was silence for a while before Nicky finally spoke up.

“of course we will Mr Morris,thank you”Nicky said happily.
I noticed that her Mom wasn’t so happy about it.
Minutes later,I drove inside our Mansion and parked my car at the garage along with my other cars.

we all came down and quickly ran inside.

T . B . c
written by Authoress Nicky Bella ????????
love you all????????
everyone this is Nicky’s Mom



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL (my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl ????????

???????????????????? Episode 23 ????????????????????

???????????????? Author’s p . o . v ????????????????
Skylar and Nicky ran upstairs to Skylar’s room, leaving only Mr Morris and Nicky’s Mom alone.

The whole house was quiet and Mr Morris kept stealing glances at Nicky’s Mom.
“hmm am I gonna sleep here sir ?”Nicky’s Mom asked inquisitively.

“oh! am sorry please follow me”Mr Morris said quickly.
They both started climbing the stairs slowly.

“it’s really a blessing that your girl met my daughter .she changed Nicky for the better and she is the sister Nicky never had am really grateful to Skylar .she really is a treasure “Nicky’s Mom said happily.

“Thanks you .she took all that traits from her mother “Mr Morris said in a low sad tone.

“am really sorry sir,Nicky told me.”

“it’s all right ,here you are .this is your room close to mine,I’ll go now excuse me”Mr Morris said.

She was so wowed by is strong Aura and he was still young .she wondered if she married at a young age and it felt achieve she had known him forever.

“I’ll leave now goodnight Miss Flora”he said and left.

She got in and glanced at the room ,it smelt wealth.

Mr Morris is so stinking rich.

???????????????????? Logan’s p . o . v ????????????????????.

2weeks has passed since me and henry fought and I stopped going to school .Dad was really worried for me but I don’t give a f**k.

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I Can’t believe a girl actually made me miserable.
it’s Saturday and my friends came to see me cause I haven’t been answering any of their calls and I always got into a fight with one or two guys I don’t even know.

now my face his all bruised and covered with plasters.

“what happened to you men?,you look horrible”River said and stared at me in a weird Manner.

“am fine okayyy!.I really am happy that you guys are worried about me”I said and brushed my hair backwards with my palms.

“your so messed up Men,I can’t believe this is really you and I hope you have a good reason for skipping school for the past two weeks now”Luke said and pushed my head.

“aren’t you guys gonna ask me what happened? or why am so messed up hah!?.”

“oh! don’t mind them .I was gonna ask you that ,wait I know what’s bordering you and it’s a girl right?”Luke said smiling Mischievously.

I smiled and played with Luke’s hair.

“such a smart kid ,your always gonna be my favorite person.”

“oh! come on ,what about us hah!?”Mason said making a puppy face.

“don’t try to change the topic young man,his there something your not telling us?”Troy asked staring at my eyes ,as in he does that whenever is curious about something.

everyone kept quiet and stared at me,only their looks could kill.

“fine!,I give up “I said and lifted my hands up in the air.
I told them everything that has been going on between me and Skylar .

“wow! am so proud of you bro,you fell in love with Skylar .come let me buy you a drink”Derek said and knocked my head .

“oh! come on you guys should be happy that I fell in love for the first time in my life you punks. ”

“hmm his right but wait is that the reason your so messed up ,am so disappointed in you men!,I here by banish you from the playboy hood “Luke said with a serious face.

“no please don’t banish me,I bet when you fools fall in love your gonna act much more worst than me”I said and knelt down crying.

They all laughed and helped me up.

“it’s gonna be fine Logan .I bet your girl is out there somewhere and Skylar doesn’t deserve you ,cause if she did she would never hurt you “Mason said and hugged me tight.

I cried more and reciprocated the hug.
“I love you guys”I said and we all hugged each other .
minutes later they were all ready to leave.

“so what’s your next move Logan? “Troy asked.

“well I can’t go to school for sure .I can’t bare seeing her with Henry. ”

“so what do you wanna do? “Luke asked.
I smiled mischievously and said “I wanna get wasted .we go clubbing tonight guys.”

They all smiled and punched me playfully on my elbows.

“that’s our Man,now go get dressed idiot,we are waiting “Mason said .
I smiled and ran upstairs.

am gonna forget about Skylar tonight and have fun.
T .B . C

Logan wants to have fun ????????.
I think sky is loosing him already or has she already lost him.

the next episode is gonna be amazing ,u do not wanna miss it .



????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 24 ????????????????????

???????????????? Henry’s p . o . v ????????????????

Skylar’s really been so nice to me without knowing that am really a devil.
I wanna go clubbing with my friends and Skylar’s coming too.

I just don’t feel any pity for Logan .

she’s gonna regret rejecting someone like Logan for me.
even if she doesn’t wanna admit ,but I know she loves Logan.

she barely knows me,does she even know what love is?.
I smiled to myself and ran my eyes searchingly in the Crowd.
wow!.I saw Skylar walking towards me and my changed when I saw Nicky ,must she always bring her along.
she’s dressed so crazy ,just like a fashionista.

she wore a black long sleeved crop top with Babe boldly written on it,black crazy ripped jeans that hugged her body perfectly and a black Nike canvas ,her stomach was exposed.

“hey! baby,your looking so hot tonight”I whispered into her ears.
she blushed and kissed my lips .I tightened my grip on her waist and kissed her hungrily.

damn!!,, I just can’t wait to have her and get this over with.
I slowly disengaged from the hug and we both sat down with my friends.
An hour later
The party was going smoothly and it seems Skylar and Nicky were having fun.
great !,that douch bag just showed up,I fucking hate him so much.

it seems they were gonna walk past us,just a few more steps ,they finally got to where we are.

Derek greeted my friends and walked away,unlike Logan who didn’t even steal a single glance at Skylar ,but I noticed her staring at him.

???????????????? Nicky’s p . o. v ????????????????

Logan’s so handsome .Logan and his friends wore matching outfits.
I really wished Mason would notice me tonight.

I smiled when I saw him walking towards me,I quickly flipped my hair backwards and adjusted my dress.

“hey! Nicky ,your looking beautiful tonight,well not that you don’t always look this good ,but tonight ,men! your so beautiful.”

I blushed and chuckled.
he stared at me and I was feeling hot all of a sudden.
Those beautiful eyes of his can make a lady beg for his love.
“so Nicky would you mind dancing with me?.”
who wouldn’t agree to dance with you,without thinking twice I put my palms on his and he drew me to himself.

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I think my nostrils are gonna explode cause he really smells so good.
we both stood in the mist of the crowd and danced.

Thank God I was really a good dancer ,if not.

“I would have fucked my style up.”
well I know that cause Skylar told me.

I felt shivers down my spine when his hands moved slowly and expertly down my waist.

I turned send faced him and he looked at my eyes.
I think I wanna pee.
“am I falling for you Nicky?”he asked in a slow and seductive voice.

I smiled shyly and wrapped my hands around his neck.
he slowly bent his head down and kissed my neck.

he licked my ears not minding the crowd of people around us.
God!,it felt so good and I didn’t notice a Moan left my mouth.

I slowly pushed him off and adjusted my dress.
“hmm Mason .I wanna use the bathroom ,excuse me”I said slowly and quickly walked away.
I noticed he was still staring at me.
minutes later.

I came back from the toilet and noticed that two people were fighting,I was so shocked when I saw their faces more clearly .
“Logan and henry.”
The guys were trying to separate the both of them but they just won’t give in.

I wonder what happened again?.
T . B . C
sorry it’s short .
Nicky and Mason hmm????????.
I wonder what’s the cause of their fight…???




????????????????????BROWN SKIN GIRL(my crazy girl)????????????????????

????????She’s crazy but she’s still my girl????????

???????????????????? Episode 25 ????????????????????

???????????????? Skylar’s p . o . v ????????????????

Me and Nicky were talking and playing games when my phone started ringing.
I sighed and answered the call.

“????hey Baby????

????what !,a club ????

????Sure,I would love to come????

????of course I’ll wear something hot ????

????okay meet you there????.”
I dropped my phone on top of my bed and dashed inside the bathroom.

“We are going clubbing Nicky,I’ll come pick you hurry”I yelled from the bathroom.

“Sure,I was bored anyway.”
I heard footsteps ,I guess she left.


Logan’s looking so hot as always ,he really likes looking good.
I notice the way Henry was staring at Logan and it wasn’t good.

⏰⏰⏰Minutes later

I saw Mason and Nicky dancing ,I was happy for her.

I can’t explain it but a part of me was hurt when I saw Logan dancing with another girl.
She touched him seductively and he wasn’t pushing her away ,it seems his enjoying himself.

Henry walked towards Logan and I knew he wanted trouble .

“Hey men ,nice chick,I thought you said you loved Skylar ,but look at you dancing dirty with this slut,did you really love her in the first place?”Henry said at the top of his voice.

Logan paused and held him by the collar.
“Mind your god dam fucking business henry ,am really fed up of your childish rantings”Logan said angrily.

“I wonder why your skipping school?,oh! I know ,maybe your afraid to admit it that for the first time you actually lost to me.”

“Look here Henry,I bet if Skylar finds out what your up to ,she would leave you in a twinkle of an eye ,no wonder coach never made you the captain ,cause your so fucked up” Logan said and wanted to walk away but henry drew him back and punched him ,the both of them started exchanging blows.

People just video what was going on,this is really gotten out of hand.
I ran towards them and stood in between the both of them.
“Please henry that’s enough “I pleaded .
I stared at the both of them ,their faces were both bruised and they were bleeding seriously.

“It’s on henry ,you started this shit men!,and am gonna end it” Logan said and walked away.

I helped Henry up and used my scarf to clean his wounds.
“You shouldn’t have done that henry,it isn’t nice to say such mean words to Logan” I said .

He chuckled and yanked my hands off his.
“Since you care about him so much why not date him then,girls are so annoying”Henry said and walked away.

I was so shocked and confused ,did henry just push me away.

I really hope his okay and I hope he doesn’t get into trouble with his Dad.

???????????????? Mr William’s p . o . v ????????????????

I was in my office when one of my staffs came and showed me a video of Logan fighting at a club.
The news had already gone viral and they were so many comments.

I Read one out of the comments and sigh.

????????”Isn’t that Mr William David’s son Logan ,he doesn’t have shame at all ,the boy has no home training”????????one of the comments Read.

Mr Williams was very furious ,he angrily threw the iPad on the wall and it broke to pieces.

“Sir!,i Can go and bring Logan here “the staff said.

“No don’t worry Mike,it’s high time I have a word with Logan ” I said .
I picked up my suit jacket ,my car keys and angrily walked away.

⏰⏰⏰Minutes later

I was already home,I angrily came out of my car and rushed inside .
The house was empty ,where could Logan be?.

“Logan come down here right now ,you good for nothing brat” I yelled at the top of my voice.

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Now I regret always leaving him on his own and he always had what he wanted ,but not today.

“Logan I said come down here now!,don’t make me come get you myself” I yelled fiercely.

⏰⏰⏰ Minutes later I heard footsteps ,I turned and saw Logan ,he climbed down the last step and walk towards me.

“What’s the matter Dad ? and I hope you have a good reason for shouting my name like that ” Logan said and frowned his face.

I wasn’t gonna let him act like the boss today ,cause as long as he stays under my roof and I feed him his gonna obey my every word.

“do you realize what have done hah!!?.”

He stared at me inquisitively.

“Oh! don’t give that look ,what’s that stunt you pulled at the club hah!?” I yelled in frustration.

“Look here old man,I don’t have anything to say to you so please just let me be and you have no right to talk to me as you see fit” he yelled back at me and I slapped him.

He sighed and ruffled his hair .
“Wow! ,this is really history ,for the first time you finally notice what I did ,maybe this one was really bad ,all you ever think about his money .when last did we have family dinners hah! ,or go for family vacations or even a father and son time,am so ashamed to call you my Dad ,cause you only care about your money and yourself .please excuse me”he said and started walking away.

“I did everything for you and your mother Logan,I want my son to have a luxurious life and since your so ungrateful ,stubborn ,arrogant and spoilt, you leaf me with no choice but to send you back to your mother in California” I said strictly.

He paused and told me he wasn’t going anywhere.

“All the arrangements have already been made and your mother’s aware that your coming .any child that thinks his too big for me to handle isn’t fit to stay in my house.”

“So your kicking me out ,what a Dad have got” he sighed.

“And you aren’t going anywhere till tomorrow,your room door is gonna be guarded by four bodyguards ,your phone,wallet,credit cards and car keys ,give it to me now!!” I yelled at him.

“I guess I have no property in this house and the clothes were even bought with your money,so here you go” Logan gave me everything and climbed up the stairs.

“Billy,Edward,Philip and Marvin guard his room and don’t let him leave the house ,nor his room,am I understood.”

“Yes sir!!”They all chorused.

“Good am leaving”I said and left the house.

Was I too harsh on him.,i know I made so many mistakes in the past because of my actions my once perfect family was separated.

???????????????? Logan’s p . o . v ????????????????

I still couldn’t believe that Dad would lock me up and keep me as a prisoner.
Am I really am gonna go back home ?,am really gonna see Mom and Alana.

A part of me was sad cause I wasn’t gonna see my friends anymore ,but at least it’s a good thing cause I won’t have to see Skylar’s beautiful face.

“I better call River and tell him everything ” I said and dialled Rivers number ,he picked at the first ring and I told him everything.

????”so your really going back to California.”????

????”yeah,am really sorry men but my Dad is really serious about this and right now am locked inside my room and he even took my credit cards ,my favorite phone,wallet and car keys but thank God I had a spare ,if not I wouldn’t have called you men!”????i said almost in a whisper.

???? “That’s bad men!,this is all Henrys fault ,that D**k isn’t gonna get away with this “????i sighed and ruffled my hair.

????”it’s fine River ,don’t do anything nasty okay! and I accepted my faith when I punched him .maybe this is for the good of everyone”????i said and cracked.

????”Are you sure about this bro?”????

????”yeah! and besides I miss my Mom a lot but am kinda scared cause my Mom is so strict. “????

????”at least it’s better than staying here and crying ???? like a baby ,and everything that has been happening for some weeks now,this is really what you need ,a vacation.”????

????”you really have to support that old man didn’t you?”???? I said and frowned my face.

????”you need this vacation men! , shut up! and quit acting like a child,am gonna tell the others that your going on a short vacation ,although it’s short you may never come back”????he said laughing.

I chuckled ,I really can’t believe am not gonna see my friends anymore and why do I even bother they are gonna come see me.

????”bye Logan and am gonna tell Nicky your traveling ,safe trip and say hello! to Alana for me okay”????

????”I’ll you punk and don’t forget about my birthday.”????

????”yeah I won’t forget ,it’s one month from now,but wait how are you gonna cope with school?”????he asked worriedly.

????”you dum ass ,am gonna take online classes with Mrs Victoria ,don’t worry I won’t miss the exams.”????

????”okay am relieved ,we are gonna miss you,bye “????he said and hung up.

I sighed and glance at everything in my room.
Should I really miss Skylar ?,no she isn’t worth it .

I pulled off my shirt and started packing.