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I hate to Love him. Episode 3

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I Hate To Love Him

episode 3
A morning stroll

From another person’s POV
It was drizzling slightly as rose walked down the street, she was going to meet Noah. She had lots of work to do for the day and it was still early in the morning,Noah had called her that he wanted to talk to her about something important, which she knew the ‘important’ thing was Lola. She saw Noah and another guy near a shop where most students who lived outside campus bought something, he waved at her and she approached them. She noticed the guy looked handsome from a closer look, he had beautiful eyes, with long eyelashes, he had the eyes of a woman but he still has a tall , athletic built, he had a nice pointy nose too and a tattoo on his lower arm.

“ahem ahem” Noah made a sound.

She looked up at Noah and realised she had been staring and checking noah’s friend out for God knows how long.

” yea…. Noah ..Uhm. .. what’s up?, I hope what you want to tell me is important”he smiled at her,he looked towards his friend and back at rose ” meet my friend, danladi” he said .

” hello, it’s nice to meet you”.

“Uhm …m… Hi” rose stuttered and took her eyes away before dragging Noah away from danladi. She looked back smiled and flashed him a smile.

” what was that about?” Rose asked.

” he likes you, he saw you just once and he’s been crazy about you ever since” rose looked in danladi’s direction and bit her lips.

“ohh you could have told me you had company, especially someone who likes me. I would have had my bath at least. My breath stinks”. She breathed out on her palm and tried to smell her breath .

“its no big deal , besides isn’t it better he saw the real you?” He laughed . “anyway how is lola?”

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“she’s fine” she looked at him trying read his mind.”do you like her?”

“what- no I don’t” he lied.

” look you can tell if you do”

“I don’t know-how really. I just find her fascinating, you know?” He scratched the back of his head, hevdudnt want to disclose too much. Hevwasnt comfortable talking about this with a girl. He preferred having talks like this with his friends.

“okay then, let’s go back to your friend . He looks tired from standing” she said and they approached danladi.

“so-oo danladi it was nice to meet you, am rose by the way”

“Ehn wait, can I have your number ?” He said pointing his phone to Rose which she collected and pressed her digits. She returned it. She smiled at danladi, waved at Noah before walking away.

“oh! We’ll be visiting you this evening, I hope you won’t be busy” Noah said.

“no, I won’t be.” She replied.

” okay I’ll cal you”he said before walking away.


“Where did you go now – you couldn’t even wake me up to lock the door” she yawned half awake.

“sorry, I went to get bread”

“oh thank God” she looked at her friend, delighted .

“for food only” rose laughed,she looked around and picked up the broom to sweep, just then her phone rang.

“hello” she said.

” Hi , it’s me danladi”

“hey , how you”

“am good, are you home yet ?”

“yea I am” she chuckled

“okay , I just wanted to say hi, this is my number”

“okay I’ll save it” she grinned and dropped the call.

“danla-diiiii” Lola raised eyebrow.

“he’s just a guy I met down the street when I went to get bread”.

” no he’s not just a guy, you were smiling sheepishly when you were on phone with him” . Rose looked at her friend and smiled, she always feel embarrassed when talking about boys. She didn’t have much experience .

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“he’s coming in the evening” rose blurted

“wow! So fast? You guys are getting down to business sharp sharp . Please make sure you use a condom ooo” she wiggled her tongue at her friend. Rose eyes widened in shocked, she laughed and threw a small plastic spoon that was on the floor at Lola……..

Noah’s POV

Danladi and I were ushered in by rose. I must say the room is really beautiful and very feminine, which I like. The wall were painted peach an it had cream on every knobs as well as the bed spread, I looked around the room until my eyes locked with someone seated on a plastic chair…….

From another person’s POV
Her brown eyes narrowed ” what is he doing here ?” Rose smiled slightly and sat on the bed. She didn’t know what to tell her friend.

“I said what is he doing here?”

Rose voice croaked as she tries to explain to Lola.

“answer me now” Lola stood up, her small hands balled into tiny fists and her eyes filled with angry colour. Rose worsened everything with her response ” they are my friends- I- have the right to invite anyone here”.

Lola saw heat coming into her face, she was ready to throw them out “we both have the right, you should have asked me first”

Rose anger was just below the surface, so she kept silent.

” how would you bring this devil into our room”. She looked over at Noah and his friend who were already sitting on the bed.

Rose shouted at her in a loud and unpleasant way ” you know what, if you don’t feel comfortable- then leave, we both paid for this room”.

Lola glared at rose ” wow! So this is it, I should leave?” She asked in a softer voice.

” yes go” she waved in a ‘whatever ‘ kind of way.

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Lola stuffed her bag with some book,her library card and her phone. She stormed out of the room grumbling as she slammed the door.


Lola opened the library door and went straight into the reception,where the libarian sat, she showed the woman her library card. The woman fixed her glasses on her nose bridge as she read out her name, she returned the library card to Lola and smiled at her which Lola returned with a quick smile.

Lola walked away from from the librarian, she went straight and turned right where there were empty seats, with lots of books on the shelves. She spotted a corner and walked there, she took out her phone and put it on silence mood. She also took out her.chemistry 101 text book and began to srudy. Five minutes into studying, she noticed she was blocked from the natural light the window provided, she looked up and saw Ade staring down at her.

“hey” his voice was deep and hoarse. She flashed him a smile.

“it’s been a while I saw you” he said

“it’s been a while I saw you too” she gave him am accusatory look.

” yea, am sorry I didn’t call you. I have been busy” he explained with all sincerity.She say with her and they chatted silently. He asked lots of questions, which included some personal things.


“I had a nice time Ade” she said in a soft voice, which made him smile, he lean In and kissed her on her fore head.

“I hope to see more of you Lola, I dark”>promise I’ll call you this time.” He said and Wales into the darkness, she walked into her compound and knocked the door. A frowning Rose opened the door which made lola’s smile disappear. Lola walked past her and lay on her bed until she slept off.